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Title: Aboard the Wagtail's Shadow, Smugglers Ship
Post by: B1ondeange1 on January 30, 2014, 04:29:39 AM
The Wagtail’s Shadow is a modified YT2400 Corellian Freighter made by Corellian Engineering Corporation (CEC). It is owned and piloted by Captain Belyra Vekraa, a flirty and attractive redheaded human Corellian smuggler. This particular YT2400 has been outfitted to suit its owner’s profession, with even stronger engines, shields, armour and weapons, as well as numerous hidden places to stash smuggled goods when necessary. The vessel also contains a very illegal transponder unit that allows the transponder code to be changed. As a result the ship has many registries under different transponder codes across the galaxy, and Belyra has several alias.

Currently the ship is operating under the name Firebird as Belyra and her new team mates head to Alvor to complete their part of the Rebel’s mission to prevent the construction of another devastating Super Weapon.



CHANGES FROM THIS LAYOUT: Room 13 opens into the cargohold, not the airlock passage, and is a store room not guest quarters. Rooms 14 and 15 are crew quarters which are usually used as storage rooms.

Title: Re: Aboard the Wagtail's Shadow, Smugglers Ship
Post by: B1ondeange1 on January 30, 2014, 04:33:09 AM
:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler ::

With the ship in hyperspace and the autopilot having taken over, Belyra swung around in her chair to face the others. The bothan was busily playing his fur looking very anxious and a little angry, his fur still rippling. Something was bothering him and it was time to find out what it was, unless they wanted it to potentially impact the mission. Belyra sighed softly and spoke to the point in a quiet but kind voice to Tyy’n. “Ok hun, what’s going on? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bothan as agitated as you are right now, so spill. Is it the ship? Is it me?” She sat back in her very comfortable and familiar seat and waited for the reply.

Title: Re: Aboard the Wagtail's Shadow, Smugglers Ship
Post by: Xaeyon on January 30, 2014, 05:30:09 AM
:: Tyy'n, bothan, Wagtail's Shadow ::

Tyy'n accepted the drink from Vekraa, but he couldn't hope the container still enough to unscrew it, let alone sip out of it. As the ship jumped to hyperspace, his tremoring hand dropped the flask and it rolled under the copilot's chair. The starlines warped into a mottled, hypnotic background. Tyy'n had to tear his eyes away from the viewport to stop his knees trembling.

Luckily he had control over his stability when the smuggler rounded on him. Unable to exercise restraint on his fur, it quivered uncontrollably, telegraphing his shame to the human staring at him, demanding an explanation.

Tyy'n closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The silence of the cockpit did nothing but allude to the desolation of empty space, but it did let him command a slower ripple though his fur, rather than the frantic pace it had been when the engines fired up.

Opening his eyes again, Tyy'n looked hard into the smuggler's eyes. Vaguely, he indicated to his left side, "I used to have an arm and an ear. But thanks to misplaced trust, I progressively lost both. I have also been shot out of hyperspace, realspace and air more times than you've refuelled this ship of yours, Captain. Believe me when I say, I don't like being in a vessel off the ground."

Not exactly the truth if it was interpreted literally, but the bothan believed every word he said. 

Title: Re: Aboard the Wagtail's Shadow, Smugglers Ship
Post by: B1ondeange1 on January 30, 2014, 05:57:56 AM
:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler ::

Belyra's eyes widened slightly in surprise. So THAT'S why the little bothan was so upset! It wasn't exactly something she could relate to, she had grown up around ships and loved the exhilaration of flying, either through space or air. Most of her adult life had been spent in space. She looked at Marik, then back at Tyy'n. How could they station him on a ship when he was terrified of flying? "Ahh" was all she could say.

She didn't miss his emphasis on her title nor the comment about misplaced trust, but she managed to bite her tongue. To get paid for the job meant completing the job and for that they needed to work together, though she didn't fancy the idea of working with a being who couldn't stand flying. As she glanced sideways out of the viewport at the starlines that terrified the furry being she felt something roll and hit her foot. She bent down and pick it up realising it was the flask she'd given to the bothan just before, he must have dropped it. She shook her head slightly and looked at him. His fur was quivering a little less that before, but he was still clearly ruffled. Though if he was this worried by space travel that wasn't about to change any time soon.

"Ah, perhaps we should move to the lounge then hun? There's no viewport in there so you might feel a bit... less worried. The autopilot doesn't need me in here after all" she said trying to sound polite and understanding as she replaced the flask in its spot under the console. She stood and lead the way back down to the lounge and galley.

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Post by: Xaeyon on January 30, 2014, 06:28:41 AM
:: Tyy'n, Bothan, Wagtail's Shadow ::

Tyy'n was taken aback by the smugglers sensitivity. Cautiously, he nodded in agreement and followed Vekraa out of the cockpit and into the lounge, with Thal bringing up the rear. True to the smuggler's word, the lounge had no viewport. Tyy'n thought it odd that a ship with the crew of one to be more than accommodating to the extra passengers.

Keeping his thoughts to himself, followed Vekraa's example and found a seat with his satchel resting on his feet. His posture was still at attention, unlike the casual slouch of the smuggler or the Warrant Officer. He chose his seat carefully, cautious to sit far enough away as not not offend the smuggler by the distance but also for him to have an unobstructed dash to the door.

Tyy'n reminded himself that this was he was going to have to work with this woman for the duration of the mission, so the least he could do was muster some respect for the individual if he wasn't going to give it for the profession.

Tyy'n mumbled his thanks, even though he didn't feel any better. With time it would slip from his mind that they were in space, but the swirling image of hyperspace was still fresh in his memory. Taking out his last nutrition cube, he ate gingerly.

Title: Re: Aboard the Wagtail's Shadow, Smugglers Ship
Post by: B1ondeange1 on January 30, 2014, 07:48:05 AM
:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler ::

Belyra couldn't help but laugh at the bothan's stiffness as he sat, while she lounged comfortably. "Relax" she chided him teasingly. "Ship ain't gonna just fall out of space." Watching him nibble on his nutrition cube was too much for her, she swung her legs back off the couch and stood in one fluid motion then walked over to the galley. Rummaging in the cupboard she found some snack bars, more than just protein they had actual real fruit and grains in them, something she delighted in keeping on hand when she could. She enjoyed a few luxuries.

"Here" she said as she tossed a couple of different types onto the table near him, keeping one with some type of berry for herself. Something to eat sounded like a good idea. "If you prefer I've also got some plain old protein bars too. Or you might be able to find some real food that’ll take your fancy in the cupboards if you feel like preparing something. I dunno what you bothans like to eat. There's water there as well.”

She removed her jacket and laid it over the arm of the couch before lounging back on the couch again, removing the wrapping from her snack bar and taking a bite. She leant her elbow on the back of the couch, her head resting in her hand. “So, what are our plans? You wanted to work out cargo sizes or something right?” she directed at Marik after she finished her mouthful.

Title: Re: Aboard the Wagtail's Shadow, Smugglers Ship
Post by: Xaeyon on January 30, 2014, 08:39:05 AM
:: Tyy'n, bothan, lounge ::

Interdictor ambush, was all Tyy'n could think as the smuggler got up and wandered away. It's happened to him before. His dark thoughts were interrupted by a crisp crackle/smack. Tyy'n gave a start. He let his nose choose one of the wrapped bars, wordlessly moving it to the closer edge of the table, but otherwise leaving it untouched; the bothan still needed all the sustenance he could get from the cubes before being liberal with what he ate.

Tyy'n noticed that his unease was having its own effect on Vekraa. Stress or frustration, he couldn't tell. She was right though, he did need to relax. Tyy'n attempted to relaxed his posture, but the end result was still unnatural.

When Vekraa asked about the mission, Tyy'n perked up. He, too, was eager to be filled in. "What is all this babble about tea?"

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Post by: Master Rel on January 30, 2014, 09:12:54 AM
:: Technical Warrant Officer Marik Thal, damage control/engineering, modified Human...armory ::


Mr Thal looks up from his notes.

"Tea" flips a page "And more tea"

Smiles, sort of.

"We are the mundane distraction to draw a minor point of attention without drawing too much attention so that the others can slip through undisturbed for their missions, we have a few points of interest to look out for but for the most part we are a band of fairly mundane purpose to supply wealthy clients with exotic cuisines and delicacies" flips page his page "Case in point, how much tea can we pack into this fine bird wife of mine?"

Title: Re: Aboard the Wagtail's Shadow, Smugglers Ship
Post by: B1ondeange1 on January 30, 2014, 10:19:28 AM
:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler ::

Belyra wore a bemused expression. She finished off the snack bar before sliding along the couch until she was right next to Marik. She patted him on the cheek. "Hun you're sweet, but the wife thing? Doesn't work for me. Can you see me held down with one guy for long? Sides, you'll cramp my style. Beings might ask questions if you have such a flirtatious wife, and we might have need of my... skills. That and I don't remember the good Captain mentioning I'm going in as your wife."

She tucked her knees up and rested her hands on them. "As to capacity, I think it might look a little weird if you were to fill the hold of this ship with tea, she can take a bit. If we are acting as suppliers to wealthy clients, I suggest we start with a relatively amount, with a plan to set up regular shipments? Buying large shipments might raise some eyebrows."

Looking over towards Tyy'n she added to Marik's explanation of their mission "we are also looking for proof of a communications centre or laboratory either on the satellite city we are headed to, or on another. If we find said proof we let the infiltration teams know, then we sit back and wait til we are told what to do next. Or in other words, find ourselves a nice little cantina and kick back." The last comment was made with her usual grin.

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Post by: Master Rel on January 30, 2014, 10:27:16 AM
:: Technical Warrant Officer Marik Thal, damage control/engineering, modified Human...armory ::


Mr Thal looks up and snaps his fingers, then laughs.

"Well you can not blame a guy for trying!"

Laughs loud.

"It was a short marriage, but I will hold the memories...bittersweet as they are, forever"

Looks at his notes again.

"We will be looking for a metric ton of tea, purchased at wholesale prices should be somewhere around 200,000 it should not take up too much space, is there something else a bit more bulky we could be looking for, that they would most likely not have, to create a wish list for another trip?"

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Post by: Xaeyon on January 30, 2014, 10:47:59 AM
Tyy'n visibly deflated at the news; trained in infiltration  for more than a dozen years, after all the missions they'd had in space, the first time he had been ashore in months, and his orders were to sit tight in a cantina. But, orders were orders.

The bothan sighed. "Sir; how is buying tea on one satellite supposed to distract Imperials from our parties on the other satellites? Much less, how are you planning on funding tens of tonnes of tea?"

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Post by: B1ondeange1 on January 30, 2014, 08:38:49 PM
:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler ::

Belyra noticed Tyy'ns shoulders droop, he didn't seem impressed. "Oh, there will be plenty of sneaking around required, that's our primary objective after all. Posing as tea buyers just gives us a legitimate reason to be there, and if the other teams require a distraction we are to provide it. Dunno what kind of distraction they are gonna need though, or how we will pull off a big enough distraction." She sighed and lounged back on the couch again "course it would be far more fun if they let us blow up things ourselves instead of leaving it up to the other teams. But I suppose your Captain doesn't want to trust something like that to some unknown smuggler."

She looked at Marik, eyes narrowing "you aren't actually going to buy that tea are you? Coz I can promise you, I don't have a spare 200 000 credits laying around, nor do I think any fool would be silly enough to be carrying any amount like that just in his pockets for me to steal." She chuckled slightly as she remembered something, and a mischievous glint came into her eyes. "Though one time I did lift more than 3 000 credits off a drunk twilek who had walked into a cantina boasting about having just won some big bet. Stupid fool, anyone knows better than to do that. He must have really thought it was his lucky day when a beautiful redhead walked up to him and started chatting him up and buying him drinks. Needless to say by the time he woke up with a hangover the next day and realised his credits were missing I was long gone. I'm guessing he hasn't made that mistake since" she smirked with a wink.

Chuckling some more her thoughts returned back to the matter at hand. "If you want a 'wishlist' of bulky items we are procuring for some fancy rich clients, you could have almost anything on there." Belyra shrugged. "If you want to stick to your current theme, perhaps some rare creatures? You'd be surprised what someone will pay for a rare animal to add to their collection or to their banquet table and I doubt you'll find many creatures on Alvor."

"Now" she said waving her hand in the air "are you two just going to stick with your names? Personally I don't like running any kind of con using my real name. If I hear either of you call me Belyra from here on out I wont be impressed, stick with Nali Miran until this mission is over."

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Post by: Xaeyon on January 30, 2014, 09:05:36 PM
:: Tyy'n, Bothan ::

"...I suppose your Captain doesn't want to trust something like that to some unknown smuggler."
Good on you Captain, Tyy'n thought sourly, trying hard to keep his emotions off the surface, though he doubted the human could read past his anxiety.

As Vekraa boasted of her con, Tyy'n groaned inwardly. He found her vanity irritating, and the story did nothing to suggest he should trust her further than he could throw her. He shuffled awkwardly, then finished his nutrition cube. He poked cautiously at the food-bar he had selected earlier but didn't pick it up.

Nali Miran; Tyy'n made a mental note. Giving a sideways glance to Thal, he ventured briskly: "Ma'am, Tyy'n is a name shared by all in my family. There's enough of us out there to not raise suspicion, the fact that I'm a bothan would be more suspicious than any name I could adopt."

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Post by: B1ondeange1 on January 30, 2014, 09:32:12 PM
:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler ::

"Nali" Belyra corrected the bothan. "Or Captain if you really must, though I usually prefer a first name basis. But don't call me ma'am. Us 'civillians' don't tend to use it, and you don't want to give away that you aren't a civilian. Best to get yourself into it now and used to it, less chance of slipping up at a bad time. Tyy'n it is then" She gave him a little smile. Inwardly she groaned. This bothan was entirely too stiff, from what she heard and knew bothans were often good at infiltration but if he didn't change his act it'd potentially land them in trouble. She glanced at Marik. He at least seemed comfortable with joking and less formal talk, but he kind of stood out in a crowd. Once again she wondered how they would pull this off. While she personally didn't have a problem with aliens the Empire often did.

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Post by: Xaeyon on January 31, 2014, 03:52:34 AM
:: Spc Tyy'n, bothan ::

The smuggler's smile did little to soften her sardonic comments. Tyy'n wanted to vent his frustration, she may be captain of this ship but as soon as they stepped onto Alvor, she would just be another liability. Venting, however, he knew would only make things worse. He slumped into, finally, a position resembling comfort. He nodded at her, "Nali it is then."

Pointedly, he turned to Thal. "Sir, what is our first objective when we reach... wherever it is on Alvor? How are we to assist the other parties?"

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Post by: Master Rel on January 31, 2014, 05:46:16 AM
:: Technical Warrant Officer Marik Thal, damage control/engineering, modified Human...armory ::


"We are looking for a particular scientist, if we can find him and get away with him alive that would be most desired"

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Post by: Xaeyon on January 31, 2014, 06:08:20 AM
:: Tyy'n, bothan ::

"Do we know anything apart from the name; anything to distinguish him from an imposter?"

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Post by: B1ondeange1 on January 31, 2014, 06:28:43 AM
:: Belyra Vekraa, smuggler ::

Belyra looked at Marik sharply "Captain Hrental said we are doing recon only. We go in, find out where the communication systems and laboratory are, then we let the other teams go in and do the work. If they need the distraction then we provide it. That's it."

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Post by: Xaeyon on January 31, 2014, 06:48:50 AM
:: Tyy'n, bothan ::

Tyy'n didn't turn to face 'Nali', trying to avoid her seeing his nostrils flare. Typical, whet your beak enough to be able to sell us out without ever putting yourself in harms way.

Indignant, Tyy'n pressed Thal: "Is that true, Warrant Officer?"

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Post by: Master Rel on January 31, 2014, 09:23:57 PM
:: Technical Warrant Officer Marik Thal, damage control/engineering, modified Human...armory ::


"Everything noted has truth to it, yes"

Looking at both of them.

"To keep the mission on track we will be making a show of looking for the tea and high end products to transport, if we find anything on the scientist then I will decide if any other steps should be taken"

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Post by: Xaeyon on January 31, 2014, 09:40:23 PM
:: Tyy'n, bothan ::

Tyy'n nodded curtly. He was left with an unsatisfying lump in his stomach and a sense of defeat hanging around his thoughts. The bothan slumped further into his chair and took up the food-bar at the edge of the table. Unwrapping it slowly, Tyy'n carefully sniffed it; flavour unknown and unfamiliar, the scent was enticing. Taking his time, Tyy'n wearily began nibbling at it. Bitter-sweetily, he found himself enjoying the smuggler's food.

Title: Re: Aboard the Wagtail's Shadow, Smugglers Ship
Post by: B1ondeange1 on January 31, 2014, 10:52:16 PM
:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler ::

Belyra's eyes narrowed slightly as she looked at Marik. She knew what she'd been told by the Captain and what she was being paid for. She had been told recon only, that with luck she wouldn't even have to pull out her blaster. Looked like Marik would pull rank on her and order her to do otherwise, something she did not like the thought of. She was nobody's kath hound to be ordered about. Still.... it was their mission.

After a while she shrugged "fine then." She stood up and headed over to the galley to get herself a drink of water. "We've got our way in. Do we know anything at all about these cities? What they have in the way of guards, their layout? Where would be the most likely place for us to start looking for this lab and comms system? Otherwise we are gonna be flying in real blind."

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Post by: Xaeyon on February 01, 2014, 03:07:10 AM
:: Spc Tyy'n, bothan ::

"That doesn't matter, it's a civilian city. There'll be an info-terminal somewhere near the landing pads, " the bothan interjected coldly, then a thought crossed his mind to pick up his spirits, "I could slice into them and get us a complete layout. Any Imperial activity should show up as blacksites unless we can find an Imperial terminal, then I could get us eyes on the whole place."

Title: Re: Aboard the Wagtail's Shadow, Smugglers Ship
Post by: B1ondeange1 on February 01, 2014, 05:22:53 AM
:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler ::

A smile crept across the redhead's face. "City info terminals are often great at being useless when it comes to delivering the kind of decent information we are after but if you can hack them...." she poured herself a drink of water and took a sip, then decided she should probably be a good host. She poured another two cups and took them over to Marik and Tyy'n. "I've never been much good with computers myself" she admitted as she handed them each a cup. "Give me an engine and I'll sort it out real quick, but computers?" she shook her head slightly. "I know enough about shipboard computers to do repairs but don't ask me to hack anything" she said with an appreciative smile of Tyy'n's skills.

Title: Re: Aboard the Wagtail's Shadow, Smugglers Ship
Post by: Xaeyon on February 01, 2014, 07:03:29 AM
:: Tyy'n ::

'Nali's' smile seemed sinister to Tyy'n, but he couldn't begin to fathom what she had in mind. He gratefully accepted the cup and eagerly drank. He was very dehydrated and needed to replenish his fluids.

He paused for a moment to think. Finishing the food-bar and water, he eyed the smuggler carefully before opening the dorsal arm compartment of his prosthetic to produce his datapad. He waved it for her to see and asked, "Would you mind if I had a look at your ship's computer? Make sure the Imperials won't recognise this ship."

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Post by: B1ondeange1 on February 01, 2014, 08:06:17 AM
:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler ::

Belyra picked up the bothan's glass and went to refill it, he looked thirsty. After he spoke she stopped and eyed Tyy'n suspiciously at his suggestion. She really didn't like people poking about her ship, and she'd already had one lot of Rebels doing so today. "They shouldn't, I changed the transponder code back at the Qanotha. The ship should now register in this area as the Firebird owned and piloted by Nali Miran. I haven't used that alias in a few years, but I only ever used it for honest work so it shouldn't send up any alerts. Considering I just got a bounty on my head you don't think I'd be stupid enough to keep the ships ID as the Wagtail's Shadow do you?" She could see her words weren't reassuring either of them, and the bothan's fur was beginning to ripple slightly again. Obviously neither of them were impressed by her lack of trust or her attitude and that wasn't going to get them anywhere. For them to get this mission done and her to get paid she needed them to trust her.

She sighed exasperatedly and brought the refilled glass back to Tyy'n. "Argh, fine. If it will ease both your minds then go for it. But don't go poking around all my systems, ok?" She hovered near his shoulder to watch what he did on the datapad.

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Post by: Xaeyon on February 01, 2014, 09:23:05 AM
:: Spc Tyy'n, Bothan ::

Tyy'n felt a small sense of satisfaction at the smuggler's exasperation and finally yielding. He chuckled to himself, anxiety now submerged, as he activated the datapad and began creating a connection to the ship. "I'll only make sure the Imperials don't see through your new ID, Nali; transponders tend to leave a trace," Tyy'n assured her.

But of course Tyy'n was going to look through the rest of the ship's system. The datapad's screen scrolled with coded information. After only a moment of manipulation, the bothan muttered, "Here we go. Your transponder has strong hardware, but the coding is sloppy. You're lucky, no one must have run a thorough check on your ID... and there we go. This should hold up under much more scrutiny, now."

Simultaneously, Tyy'n had interweaved some insurance into the system. If the smuggler was going to sell them out, a short communication from his datapad would make sure the Wagtail's Shadow's ID would raise flags an any system a hundred parsecs from the nearest Imperial outpost. The smugger would never know. Not even a good sweep of the code would raise suspicion. Tyy'n had done well to hide it.

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Post by: B1ondeange1 on February 01, 2014, 10:28:16 AM
:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler ::

"I've never had any problems before" Belyra muttered, still suspicious. The bothan seemed a great deal happier, but whether that was because she'd yielded to him, because he'd successfully fixed a problem or he was doing something underhanded she didn't know. Her understanding of code was limited and the bothan had worked too fast for her to follow what he'd done.

"Very well, you've done that now" she said hoping he'd leave her ship alone now.

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Post by: Master Rel on February 01, 2014, 02:11:55 PM
:: Technical Warrant Officer Marik Thal, damage control/engineering, modified Human...armory ::


"Captain I understand your hesitation, but you must allow us a measure of caution when dealing with someone who operates beyond our normal parameters, just as I and we all respect your position, your resources, and you as a whole...there will be no firefights or storming the castle if I can help it"

Offering a mock hug.

"I think we could have made the marriage work you know little bird, with a little more time and effort...sigh"

Big laugh.

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Post by: Xaeyon on February 01, 2014, 07:55:35 PM
:: Tyy'n, bothan ::

Tyy'n put his datapad back in the cybernetic arm and gave a relieving sigh. He offered a reassuring smile to the smuggler, reeling off a bunch of computer jargon to explain how he had tightened the transponder's programming. It was all true, if over complicated to be a tad condescending. In reality the ID wasn't as bad as he had made it seem, but he was sure now that there was no chance of them being caught out buy a fine tooth comb.

Thal opened his arms to the smuggler and Tyy'n turned his gaze down, into his cup. He took a great gulp of the water and contemplated how Vekraa was quite hospitable despite the obvious tensions. Hesitating and begrudgedly, Tyy'n offered a small word of gratitude, thinking that it would smooth things over. If their mission was truly to sit around in each other's company, Tyy'n would have to put aside his prejudices to make the smuggler more tolerable. Once they were on the ground, he'd be a lot better at hiding it, but he had to start somewhere if things were going to get better. 

Title: Re: Aboard the Wagtail's Shadow, Smugglers Ship
Post by: B1ondeange1 on February 01, 2014, 08:47:15 PM
:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler ::

Tyy'n rattled off a bunch of jargon which mostly went over Belyra's head, she was pretty certain he was going overboard just to spite her. Then Marik offered his explanation accompanied by the offer of a hug. 'What is with these Rebels and hugs?!' she thought as she deftly slipped out of his large arms before he could close them around her. She was already slightly rattled about having someone running lose in her ship's computer, but having her personal space invaded like that for the second time that day was a bit much. "Woah there big boy" she said with a slight laugh holding out her hands as if to ward him off. "You didn't even give me any pretty jewellery to seal the deal."

Feeling the need for a little more personal space she said "I'm just going to head to my cabin, figure out what I will wear. I'm a little more well known in this" she said indicating what she was wearing. As she walked out of the galley she waved her hand loosely at them and said "it's just the next room so keep talking a little louder I'll be able to hear you."

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Post by: Xaeyon on February 02, 2014, 12:36:18 AM
:: Tyy'n, bothan ::

Tyy'n thought it a good idea with the smuggler out of the room to vent his frustration, and began mumbling to himself in Bothese and stroking Karka beneath his undershirt.
[No firefights, my ear. Someone could have told me. Why tell me to gear-up if I was going to be shelving all my expertise at a watering hole? The Vanity Girl won't be captain once we're off this ship, so don't worry Tyy'n. Thal will run a tight ship... hopefully.]

The grousing continued until Tyy'n noticed Thal was staring at him with an indecipherable expression. Even if he could understand him, the bothan was pretty sure the big man couldn't hear what he was saying. Though Thal could probably guess that Tyy'n was grumbling. He didn't know what the stare meant but Tyy'n was sure he should stop.
[Play nice, Tyy'n. If the smuggler is going to sell you out, it's going to be much harder in a cantina than sneaking around.]

Tyy'n closed his eyes and braced himself. Trying his best to sound as conversational as he could, he called out to the smuggler, "So, Vekraa... apart from lying, what other skills of yours can we count on?"
He cursed himself internally; he couldn't help the snide comment slipping out.

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:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler, Captain’s Cabin ::

Belyra opened a cupboard and rummaged around. Inside was a variety of clothing, the smuggler always made sure she had multiple outfits on hand in case she needed to wear something different. Pulling items of clothing out and looking at them, she muttered to herself as she discarded some, selected others. Eventually she decided on a tight fitting white tank top and tan coloured cargo pants that had a thin green strip up the sides that matched the colour of her eyes almost perfectly. From another cupboard she pulled out a tight fitting black jacket, made with energy absorbing fibres. It would help dissipate energy from a glancing blaster shot or a grenade at range but would do little to stop a direct hit, especially at close range or with a heavy blaster. Still, any protection was better than none.

She removed her blaster belt and laid it on her bed, then sat on the edge of it to remove her boots. She stood and stripped off her jacket and flight suit and was left standing in nothing but her underwear. Absentmindedly she rubbed at the long thin scar on her left arm. It was the most recent and while it still looked fairly fresh it had completely healed by now, but she still worried over it without realising it at times. As she pulled on the cargo pants she heard Tyy’n speak and rolled her eyes, not only at the snide remark but at the fact he’d called her Vekraa. When was the furry fool going to learn?!

“It’s ‘Nali Miran’. Not ‘Vekraa’. Remember that!” She said as she padded barefoot out of her cabin and stuck her head and half her body around the corner into the galley and lounge area. The fact the top half of her body was covered only by her bra would’ve been apparent to either being, and she was completely unfazed by their looks.  “And you mean other than my good looks and charm?” she asked with a rogueish grin. “When charm, my looks and lies don’t work I know how to get out of-or into- a situation without being seen. I’m a damn good pilot, and I know how to fix the ships I fly. And I don’t just wear my two blasters for decoration you know. I can find my way around a spaceport, make short work of tracking down the nearest cantina and drink more than a few men under the table. In short, I know what's needed for me to survive in this business. Does that answer your question?”

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:: Tyy'n, bothan ::

The smuggler's top half reappeared, bare with the exception of her undergarments. Tyy'n couldn't believe how brazen she was. Though, maybe she was just trying to elicit shock, while making a point of being so. He swallowed a groan. Tyy'n gave the smuggler a stoney look as she gave her smart-assed answer, and worked hard to keep his tongue in check, but let his jaw nibble on his bottom lip rather than speak his mind.
Worse than the pilots on the Qanotha, Tyy'n thought as she reeled though her list, at least they have honour.

"Ma'am." He stopped at the look on her face, and continued in a flat tone "Nali. I'm not in the least surprised."

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:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler ::

The look Belyra received from Tyy’n made her grin. He was clearly unimpressed and uncomfortable with her response and her state of clothing. She wasn’t worried about being seen in her underwear. She was confident with her body, it wasn’t like men hadn’t seen her naked before and the important parts were covered. There had been little personal space in the busy small freighters she’d served with when younger. And she loved the reponses she could elicit from beings.

“Well, you asked” she said cheekily, then returned to her cabin to continue getting changed. When she came back out a short while later she was wearing the tight fitting and revealing tank top with the jacket over the top and left open at the front. She’d pulled her usual boots back on, they were comfortable and practical and allowed her to walk around quietly. She was in the process of strapping her twin blasters onto their customary place hanging off her hips and she carried a hairbrush under her arm.

“Is this better?” she teased now that she was fully clothed again as she settled the blasters into place. She proceeded to brush her long wavy red hair, casually asking Marik in the process “so Marik dear, what skills other than a knowledge of tea do you bring to this little group? You already know mine, so it is only fair.”

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:: Spc Tyy'n, Bothan, Lounge ::

Tyy'n was neither surprised nor impressed when the smuggler returned in her new outfit. Tyy'n had no interest in humans, but Vekraa's aggressive and over-the-top flirtatiousness was getting under his skin; it was highly unprofessional. His fur wavered for a moment. Luckily, "Nali" had turned sultry eyes to Thal while he got it under control.

Tyy'n was uncomfortable in his chair again, but never the less, he endured, curious as to Thal's answer. Tyy'n had never worked with him before and only ever had first hand experience with him in the mess hall, however, his reputation preceded him. Tyy'n was interested in what the being would hint to confirm of the rumours surrounding some of his feats. Ripping the limbs off a Stormtrooper as a boast of strength was one of the more wild reports; though, in the short time Tyy'n had been sitting with him, Thal seamed very placid and kind; Tyy'n doubted Thal would subject any being to dismemberment by his own hand.

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:: Technical Warrant Officer Marik Thal, damage control/engineering, modified Human...armory ::


"Hmm well I can crush a human skull in one hand, make a smooth klin sauce, repair a tear in a hull while underway...that sort of thing?"

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:: Tyy'n, bothan ::

Tyy'n's jaw dropped open. He couldn't believe his ears. It took him a long moment to regain control of his face. The giant must have one hell of a temper.

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:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler ::

Belyra chuckled at the look on Tyy'n's face as she put her brush on the galley counter and started plaiting her hair into one long loose braid, her shorter fringe sections remaining out to frame her face. She was pretty certain the large strange man like being was jesting, but at the same time she wouldn't bet against him being able to crush a man's skull with one hand. Before she could reply she heard a beeping from the ships computer. They were coming up on Alvor. "Well looks like we are here" she said cheerfully. She looked at the two beings as she picked up her brush.

"Marik, please come with me. Tyy'n.... you might be better off staying here until we have landed." Marik nodded and stood to follow Belyra as she walked to the cockpit, chucking her brush on her bed as she walked past her cabin. She sat down in her comfy seat and watching the readouts on the computer brought the ship out of hyperspace over Alvor.

[continued in 'Alvor Sat. 3- Touk']

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:: Technical Warrant Officer Marik Thal, damage control/engineering, modified Human ::


"Lead the way and I follow, hmm"

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[returning from Sat III - Touk]

:: Spc Tyy'n, bothan, ventral turret ::

Starlines replaced TIEs, and then blurred into mottled patchwork. Tyy'n stared for a second before removing the headset and powering down the systems. He began breathing heavily and the motion returned to his fur. Tyy'n stared blankly into hyperspace, ice-water running through his veins as anxiety gripped him again. He was in the void again. 

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:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler, Cockpit ::

Closing her eyes for a brief moment Belyra breathed out a sigh of relief that they had made the jump and were still in one piece. That'd gotten closer than she'd liked. As she breathed in all the previous anger came flooding back to her. She opened her eyes and spun around in the chair then marched out of the cockpit and to the turret access. The stupid bothan was still sitting down there shaking in his boots. "What a kriffing baby" she thought angrily then yelled down "oi! Tyy'n! Soldier! Get your ass back up here!" He looked up at her with an expression bordering on terrified, but something made him get up and shakily climb the ladder.

As he exited it and turned around at the top Belyra's fist connected hard with his jaw, and in his dazed state all he could do was stumble backwards blinking in shock. He just about fell back down the ladder, but Belyra grabbed him by the collar and hauled him to the cargo hold, half dragging half carrying him, muttering curses and insults. When she got to the doorway she threw Tyy'n in with strength fuelled by her anger. Marik looked up startled as Tyy'n slide along the ground to a stop.

"You low life piece of bantha poodoo! You think you can pull a blaster on me, you think you can pull the trigger on a blaster aimed at me, and that I'd let you get away with that?!" The smugglers expression was murderous as she pulled out one of her blasters and levelled it at the bothan. Her body was almost trembling from anger but her arm remained steady, her finger resting just above the trigger. Marik stood up straight and went to step towards her, but she pulled out her second blaster and pointed it at him. "Don't. Move" she growled at him.

"I've had enough of this karking mission! I just about get killed along with hundreds of others trying to escape that place, then I just about get shot out of the sky. Then this idiot nerf herder threatens and tries to shoot me, me, after disobey my orders! On this ship, I'm the Captain! You don't know a karking thing about flying. You don't want to get shot down, you wanna get this mission done yet you try and force me to take on a squadron of TIEs?! You obey my commands! That was the deal! Not that it matters I guess, coz your damn Captain has just accused me of turning you lot in to the Empire, taken the Qanotha and left all of us to kriffing die! Like I'd wanna side with that scum!" Belyra was shouting by now, and motioned with a quick movement towards the Imperial officer lying on the ground when she emphasised the words 'that scum' with the blaster that was pointed at Marik.

Belyra continued on before either of the others said anything. "Now you've got a team stuck on Alvor with no way to escape, and for all we know they could be walking into a trap! I just damn well hope my warning got through to them. And now I'm stuck with two Rebels and an Imperial on my ship, and no bloody credits for my efforts! No I said don't move, or I will pull the damn trigger and unlike you, you pathetic idiot, I make sure I've got shots left before I try to fire at someone."

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:: Toen, Imperial Officer ::

Slowly a smile filled the man's face. Oh this, this was simply too perfect. Confirmation that the Rebellion had been behind the strike, that there were others moving on Alvor, and that they had been abandoned. Perhaps he wasn't so unlucky after all.

The snarky man turned to look at the Bothan and the monstrous, hairless creature and forced a false look of concern onto his face. "Are you really going to be attacked and betrayed by this schutta? She'll kill you as soon as your back is turned anyway. At least the Empire will keep you alive; they may even reward you for information. Strike her down now and there is hope for you!"

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:: Belyra Vekraa, smuggler, cargo hold ::

In one swift motion, Belyra flicked down the power level on the blaster pointed at Marik and shot the injured man in the lower leg. The shot wouldn't kill him, but it'd be damn painful. Before he could utter a sound she had the weapon pointed back at Marik and turned back up to full power. She was in no mood for this dog's snide remarks.

"I don't recall letting you speak. You are alive only because you have information we need. And you don't know me, so I'll say this plainly- I'm not about to betray them to scum like yourselves who will happily shoot down innocents without a second thought."  The smuggler spoke coldly to Toen. She glanced at the two Rebels. "But if they are stupid enough to try and betray me, I will kill them."

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:: Tyy'n, bothan, cargohold ::

Tyy'n was trembling in anger, but his jaw was locked and pain was still shooting up through his chin and the right side of his face. All he could do was let out a low growl as the smuggler stood there waving her blasters and shouting at them. Tone spoke up and Tyy'n felt his jaw unlock. He turned, ready to berate the vile spaceslug. The shot came as a surprise and Tyy'n stiffened, whipping his attention back to the heavy pistol levelled in his direction.

Anger fuelled Tyy'n's resolve. A stream of bothese lead into his ranting Basic: "–This mission is bigger than you or us, or your credit balance. You said yourself that Imperials were cutting down civilians like mynocks on a ship's hull. If your loyalty to your credits is the code we have to honour, then you better shoot me where I stand before I betray such a noble cause!"

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:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler, Cargohold ::

Belyra narrowed her eyes as she glared at the bothan, but kept the Imperial and the ape like man in within her vision. Both blasters remained trained on their respective Rebel. "Look hun, I ain't part of your cause. You guys upset the Empire, and that tickles me a bit. I'll join in with that, for the right price. I gotta earn a living and I only got one person I trust and can depend upon: me. Your Captain promised me credits and here I am, no kriffing credits! Its not my fault the job went south and your Captain took off without us. He didn't even bother to confirm my story, he wouldn't even wait for me to put either of you on!"

She glanced between the two Rebels. "I don't have a particular liking for the Empire, but this bird don't run on hopes and dreams. I need credits. And its people like me that you lot rely on whether you like it or not. We run supplies for you lot, we run weapons, hell I've smuggled some of you Rebels through a blockade before! And this is the thanks I get?! I didn't betray you idiots then, you think I'm gonna start now? I'm not stupid, the Empire wouldn't do a deal with me, they'd just take the information then kill me!" At her words Toen grinned knowingly despite the pain, and she resisted the urge to shoot him again.

"If it wasn't for me in the first place you wouldn't even be here, you wouldn't have your damn intelligence that the Empire was building some secret weapon here. The info you got? I stole it off that kriffing imp sprawled on the ground there after meeting him in a bar and going home with him. Drunk fool for an officer didn't know how to keep his mouth shut, nor how to spot a con. Good thing for me really that so many men don't think with their head." Belyra gestured towards Toen with her blaster barrel then glared at him.

"Yes ok, I stole your datachip. I admit it. You damn happy you cowardly dog?! Though I never saw the information, I couldn't decrypt something like that. I sold it off to an information broker, and I'm guessing he decrypted it and sold on your secrets to the Rebels, for a hefty price I'm sure. I knew I shoulda asked more for it. You dug your own grave when you asked me about the scientist, now I know you got the information that we need. That they need."

More quietly she muttered "If we ever get back to the ship and I get my karking pay, I better get a bonus for this. And next time I ain't gonna be stupid enough to take a job without taking payment first."

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:: Tyy'n, bothan, cargohold ::

Tyy'n was livid.

"If credits and thrills are all you care about, why don't you go join the Black Sun!" He gestured violently with his cybernetic arm. The mechanisms clicked and crunched as he worked the hand a little too hard without resistance. Tyy'n grunted, nostrils flaring, his left half-ear twitching. "No one's going to trust you either if you only care about your coin purse. We only have to rely on your lot because there ain't enough brave, honourable or noble beings in the galaxy do what needs doing without greasing your vanity and ego with credits.

"You don't deserve the credits that your life ain't worth." He spat, baring his sharp teeth.

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:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler, Cargohold ::

"Black Suns?! Those criminal scum?!" The smuggler just about choked at being compared to them. "I might get involved from time to time with organisations like that but I'm not like.... like them!" Belyra raged. Her finger closed over the trigger but she didn't pull it. She wasn't a stone cold killer like that, and something in the back of her mind stopped her.

"They kill and steal indiscriminately, they prey on the weak and helpless, I am not like them! I'll kill a man in a fair fight, or if I think hes gonna start a fair fight. Or if I'm outgunned and it's the only way out. But I won't go killing innocents like the Black Suns will just to make a tidy profit, or like.... like... those frelling Imperials!" Now her arms were shaking from her anger, her face was red from shouting, and her eyes betrayed the hurt she felt at being compared to a group like the Black Suns.

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:: Toen, Imperial Officer ::

"Now, now, sunshine, don't get yourself all worked into a lather," the Imperial said with a wicked grin on his face. "I'm sure you'd fit in finely with the rest of the Suns! Now you two," he said looking back to the Rebels, "don't you want to be rid of her? Too much trouble to deal with, and once you're rid of her, you have an Imperial prisoner without having to pay slime like her. It's a win-win."

It didn't matter how much he poked and prodded at the woman and the Rebels, either they would kill him and he'd be free, or they'd turn on each other and he'd be in a slightly better position. He was right when he said it was a win-win scenario; only he would be the one to profit.

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:: Technical Warrant Officer Marik Thal, damage control/engineering, modified Human...armory ::


"First things first...specialist, stand down, you did well back there and your enthuseasim is more than appreciated...but for now, find something to eat and quiet place to find your calm...don't let your passion become something that ruins you" hand on shoulder.

"And as for you, imperial piece of will not speak unless spoken to, or I will break your hands, and and then break them again...if you intend to live through this then I suggest taking a different approach to your situation"

Looking at the captain.

"It seems we are in a gorg pickle pot my sweet...perhaps this will help calm the moment, here is 50% of my tea credits that I had for the mission, and I will get you your remaining balance...though prudence says to hold onto the rest of this cashe until we get settled into a more stable situation, yes?"

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:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler, cargohold ::

Belyra eyed the ape like man. He was at least speaking some sense. She lowered her blasters slightly saying "it will do for now."

She looked back and forth between the two then added in a calmer voice with a touch of hurt at their mistrust "I waited for you two you know. After reaching my ship I coulda just put a bolt through this dog's head and taken off without either of you. I coulda gone back claiming you were both killed, or just cut my losses and run. But I didn't, I stayed and helped you both get back as best I could, even though it risked the Imperials bringing out backup. Which they did. That risked my ship and life."

She lowered the blasters completely and after watching the others for a moment to make sure they weren't going to do anything, she put one blaster back in its holster. The other she kept at her side in case they made any moves. She took a cautious step towards Marik and accepted the credits he offered tucking them into a jacket pocket as she stepped back again.

"We may need credits. It depends on what you want to do now. And what are we going to do with him?" She pointed at Toen with her heavy blaster.

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:: Tyy'n, bothan, cargohold ::

Thal's hand covered Tyy'n's shoulder and Tyy'n deflated. His anger fizzled but he kept his gaze warily on the smuggler. When she lowered her heavy blasters, Tyy'n noticed that she only holstered one, but he did calm down a little more. She was right, she had not just abandoned them, even though she had the opportunity to do so earlier. In fact, as much as he hated to admit it, Vekraa had gone out of her way to pick them both off Touk.

Tyy'n squirmed uncomfortably under the realisation that this smuggler had risked herself for them.

Tyy'n glanced at the Imperial prisoner, who had an expression half way between smugness and terror at the new attention. Tyy'n made a little noise, not trusting himself to speak up, for fear of saying something nice or, Force-forbid, apologetic to the smuggler. He cleared his throat with a small cough, but made no other attempt to speak.

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:: Technical Warrant Officer Marik Thal, damage control/engineering, modified Human...armory ::


"All in all, we did was a tense couple of hours, we did find out a bit more regarding the scientist, we collected a small imperial prize, but I am afraid we failed to get any tea"

Thal looks at them all with a stern stoic face...more so than usual.

"Hahahahhaha ahaarararrrrr just as well, that squid juice is just terrible"

Looking at the captain.

"Good news though, I managed to grab a couple of these, and these unlike the tea, these are tasty!"

Mr Thal pulls out a vacc sealed package containing hefty slabs of orange-red meat steaks.

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:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler, cargohold ::

What the smuggler had said seemed to work on the bothan, he was looking rather uncomfortable and slightly sheepish now. Least he had enough sense to see the truth when it was laid out in front of him.

When Marik spoke Belyra stared hard at him for a moment. After a while a small grin crept across her face, and she gave a little laugh, a hint of her usual easy going attitude returning. She holstered the other blaster but remained wary of the two Rebels.

"So, now what? Though I think perhaps we should discuss it away from that.... filth" she said referring to Toen. "I dunno about you two, but I need a drink. And I don't trust to just leave him in here. He escaped the binders once before, idiot broke his thumbs to do so I think. Either way I don't want him roaming around here."

She pointed to a large storage crate in the corner. It looked like any other crate, but older, and the lock on it appeared to be broken. It was solidly attached to the bulkhead and with the random junk piled up around it just looked like an old disused part of the ship. "We could chuck him in that. It's pretty secure, locks from the outside only. There's no way he can get it open from inside it, and you'd have to know how to access it to get it open from the outside. It's shielded too. Cramped no doubt and mightily uncomfortable, but he won't suffocate. It's got air supply, I've used it to transport beings before."

At their startled looks she exclaimed "what?! Not slaves, no way! I've smuggled people out of tight places before now as well as a myriad of other choice items and it has come in handy. One of your fellow Rebels hid in that one time." She screwed up her face at the memory. "He complained a lot afterwards, wasn't exactly a small fellow. But it was that or be caught by the surprise port inspection."

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:: Tyy'n, bothan, cargohold ::

Tyy'n's fur was not as active. Only shifting every half-minute or two.

Tyy'n shifted again. He had an idea unfolding, but was uncomfortable speaking so soon. He didn't trust his temper around the smuggler. He glanced at the Toen whom was eyeing Thal; he seemed to be waiting for his next opportunity to stir up trouble without enraging the big ape of a Warrant Officer.

He started and turned back to the pair when the smuggler mentioned smuggled sentients. Tyy'n wanted to ask who or what their comrade was, but still kept his mouth shut.

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:: Technical Warrant Officer Marik Thal, damage control/engineering, modified Human...armory ::


"We could just knock him out and restrain him...hmmm as for what next (holds up the meat), sigh, I suppose we should get in touch with the other teams if we can, see about finding our big ship, and a drink might be nice"

Looks around.

"Kark, I may just become a smuggler...worse comes to worse"  Big crooked smile.

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:: Tyy'n, bothan, cargohold ::

Tyy'n scowled at Thal's last comment. As for Toen, Tyy'n was pretty sure a human could not take much more punishment than he had already. It may be beneficial to all of them to have a medical droid look over him.

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:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler, cargohold ::

"I knocked him out last time and restrained him, and this is what resulted" Belyra commented drily, indicating the man's injuries. "I vote we just box him up for the time being. I dunno how many more hits that skull of his can take, and we need him to have some of his brains intact to tell us what we want to know. Course I got drugs you could feed him that'll knock him out, but I'll feel much better if he is secured as well."

The smuggler walked over to the crate, pushing a few smaller crates and a pile of cargo straps aside. Moving around the opposite side, she ran her fingers around the bottom edge of the crate, feeling for a small hidden latch. Unless someone knew it was there they would never find it. She found the second latch and timed pulling that one just after the first to disengage the lock. A small panel loosened on the side of the crate though it wasn't visible to a casual observer and it was hidden from the others, and she pried it open and put the correct code into the keypad underneath, followed by a second before she replaced it back.

Another latch and she pulled open the lid of the crate, it swinging noiselessly on its hinges. "A bit over the top perhaps for an old crate, but its secrets haven't been discovered yet in an inspection. The last being who owned this bird installed it." She walked back over to the little group, hips swaying slightly with her usual swagger returned. "Well Toen, your home sweet home is ready. Unless you boys just want to kill him and be done with it."

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:: Technical Warrant Officer Marik Thal, damage control/engineering, modified Human...armory ::


"We could kill him but then any potential value is lost to us"

Looks at the captain.

"If the worse comes to light then we could jettison him with garbage"

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:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler, cargohold ::

"Heh. Yeah well, no Imperial, no information. So into the box he will go." First though she knelt down next to him, removing her canteen from her belt. She unscrewed the lid and put it to his lips so he could have a drink. He glared at her with hate filled eyes.

"Hey, this is the only chance you are gonna get for a long while for a drink. I suggest you take advantage of it hun." Toen continued to glare at her but took a few long slow sips. The last he held in his mouth, and as she screwed the cap back on he spat it back at her. "You dirty low life schutta. The Empire will make you pay for this."

Belyra's eyes fired up, and she backhanded the officer across the face. As she stood up she wiped the water and spit from her face with her sleeve, mumbling curses at him. "Chuck him in the box, you don't have to be gentle about it" she ordered the ape like man. Marik nodded and did as she bid, hauling Toen over to the crate and easily lifting him into it. There was enough room that he could sit upright, but not stretch his legs out all the way. The smuggler blew him a kiss as she closed the lid and locked it. She checked it was secure, then ushered the other two out of the cargohold.

"I think I'm going to enjoy putting a bolt into his chest when we have the information we need" she mumbled through gritted teeth and locked the cargohold behind her, disabling the cargolift as well to make the hold as secure as possible. She herded the two rebels to the lounge, grabbing a bottle of corellian whiskey and three cups out of a cupboard. She sat them down on the table and slumped into a chair. Pouring herself a drink she chucked it back in one gulp, not flinching as it burned her throat. She poured a second drink and sat back, putting her feet up on the low table and crossing her legs at the ankles.

"So, what's our plan of attack?" Belyra asked as she sipped her whiskey. It was about damn time she got a drink, though she'd prefer to be lazing in some cantina somewhere not running from the Empire.

Title: Re: Aboard the Wagtail's Shadow, Smugglers Ship
Post by: Xaeyon on April 28, 2014, 08:08:21 PM
:: Specialist Tharu Tyy'n - Bothan ::
:: Cargo hold ::

Tyy'n warily eyed the smuggler as she drank her alcohol quickly. He didn't relish the idea of having to put up with this smuggler when she was intoxicated. He cleared his throat, Tyy'n turned to Thal without completely excluding Vekraa yet keeping the impression that the mission, and all its planning, was theirs.

"Sir, if the smuggler was the one to recover the information for the mission, then we should follow where she sold the information. We could then find more information about the scientist and hopefully find more leaverage over Tone–I mean Toen."

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:: Technical Warrant Officer Marik Thal, damage control/engineering, modified Human...armory ::


"Belyra, it is Belyra or Captain"

Looking at his uncomfortable agent.

"I suspect we are going to be together for a while, so at least let us let the distrust down a couple notches...she could have easily left us behind and did not, that is enough for me, and should be enough for you my friend...get some rest and I will give our situation some thought"

"Belyra, I would think to find our ship and then the rest of your payment...beyond that, a meal and some rest...what are your thoughts beyond the monkey in the box?"

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Post by: B1ondeange1 on April 28, 2014, 10:08:16 PM
:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler, Lounge::

Belyra huffed at Marik's words. "Call me whatever you want. Bel, Belyra or Captain are preferred, unless I'm going by a different name at the time." She pointed to the bottle of whiskey with the toe of her boot. "Help yourself."

"As to your ship, good luck with that. If you think you are gonna be able to find them, go for it. If I try contacting them they'll probably just ignore me, on accuse me of turning on them again." she said bitterly.

"And it all depends, if you want to help your friends, they are gonna need information. If we can't crack Toen, T'yyn's idea may have merit." She looked at the two of them. "It'll be dangerous though. I sold that information on to a broker I know on Nar Shadda. He isn't the most pleasant being around, and the smuggler's moon isn't the friendliest place. It might cost you extra, I never signed up for that." Her usual mischievous grin flashed across her face. "And it'll cost you a drink when we get there."

Just then she noticed a light flashing on the computer terminal in the corner and a notice displaying on the screen that there was a new message. The smile dropped, turning into an expression of curiosity. There were no messages when she made the jump, and it was highly unusual to get messages while in hyperspace. Unless the message came from Alvor, and the sender knew the exact frequency to send it to. She walked over to it, drink still  in hand and sat down at the terminal, openning the message. It was text only.

"Need sitrep of current situation and all events on Touk.  Shuttle Mercer landing on Radvam soon.  Need intel."

"Huh, interesting" was all she said and showed the others.

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:: Tyy'n ::

The bothan scowled at the offer of whiskey. They were not exactly off-duty, but even then Tyy'n tended to avoid such strong drinks, he had seen the difficulties alcohol had caused after the Clone Wars among his superiors during his training at the Academy.

Vekraa seemed to burry the hatchet a little too quickly; Tyy'n surmised that she must be holding her grudge beneath her usual façade. He had no doubt she held more than a few things close to her chest. At her further request for payment, his fur bristled and he sighed at her fondness for the drink.

The message she brought to them was an interesting development. He looked to Thal for further instruction as there was not much to discuss.

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:: Technical Warrant Officer Marik Thal, damage control/engineering, modified Human...armory ::


"And the spirits of the Force provide, ha!"

Looking to take the keyboard position.

Typing out a series of codes to ID his response, the Warrant gives a quick update as to the turn of events on Touk, the mass killings, and the prisoner in hand...then requesting any update on the status of the command ship, when and if they can get another data packet out.

"Looks like we may be making some forward progress after all"

Big crooked and somewhat awkward smile.

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:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler, Lounge ::

Belyra slide out of the chair when Marik indicated he wanted the keyboard, standing by his shoulder and watching on half interestedly. When he finished and sent off the message she sat back down in a chair in the lounge, placed her half finished drink on the table and removed her jacket. She draped it over the back of the chair next to her and absent mindedly ran her fingertips over the scar on her arm, rubbing at an imaginary itch.

With the excitement of earlier and her outburst she was feeling a little drained of energy, and more than a little hungry. Marik's words about a meal came back to her and she figured she probably wasn't the only one.

"Are you two hungry?" she asked suddenly, breaking the silence that had followed Marik's words. "I know I am. I'm not much of a cook I'm afraid, I've mostly got meal packs and protein bars available. I think there is some fresh food still left from my last stop over before picking up the supply run to your ship. I guess I could chuck something together, if you promise not to get upset with my cooking." She gave them both an easy grin, hiding the sudden tiredness she felt. She wasn't sure when she last slept.

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:: Toen, Imperial Officer, Makeshift Prison ::

From within the crate the smuggler had seen fit to shove him into, Toen shouted at the top of his lungs. "You fools have no idea the fire you have called down on your own heads! You'll all burn as Sh'amassi is unleashed!" He began cackling uncontrollably. "You'll all die!"

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:: Technical Warrant Officer Marik Thal, damage control/engineering, modified Human...lounge ::


The open intercom rings out with the encased officer ranting, Warrant Thal meanders back to the storage area with the others in tow.

"Toen, what are you babbling about...Sh'amassi sounds interesting, and since we are already dead (winks to the others) why don't you tell us how we are going to die?"

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:: Belyra Vekraa, Smuggler, lounge ::

Belyra followed Marik out of the lounge at Toen's muffled ranting from inside his crate, gulping down the last of her drink and grabbing the bottle on the way out. She noticed T'yyn give her a disgusted look and smirked. Clearly he didn't like the idea of her drinking, but if he thought she was going to become intoxicated easily he had another think coming.

She casually walked down the passageway, hips swaying slightly with her usual attitude returning. Toen better have something good to offer them, she had been ready to find something to eat.

She unlocked the cargohold door for Marik and followed him inside, letting the warrant office speak. She didn't move closer to the crate. The Imperial could stay in there and shout himself hoarse unless he was willing to give them what they wanted.

Game jump time lapse.  This jumps off to this thread:

Aboard the Qanotha (

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Post by: Krace on June 08, 2016, 12:57:01 AM
Continued from Aboard the Qanotha (

:: Lieutenant Commander Kardac Shalth/Kaberc Shurret ::
:: Cockpit - Aboard the Mynock’s Bane ::

~Once they were away Kardac checked that everything was running smooth and then got up from his seat.~

"OK, time to set the shifts and rules.  You best come too."

~She raised an eyebrow at him but nodded and followed.  They went back to the galley and he whistled real loud to get everybody's attention.  After doing a silent count he noticed Styg wasn't in the room and yelled for him.  A minute or so later the pilot strolled in, looking annoyed he'd been called from his bunk.~

"OK, listen up folks.  Here's the duty assignments.  The first sleep shift will be in an hour after we finish with things..."

~Bel elbowed him and then butted in, raising her voice.~

"FIRST will be my rules while you're on my ship.  Then you can do your little assignments."

~Kardac glared at her and huffed a little, then gestured for her to go ahead.~

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:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Cockpit ::

Elayne was getting a little annoyed with Kardac’s take charge attitude on her ship but so far managed to keep it under wraps. When they went out to the galley to speak to everyone that annoyance broke. It was her ship after all, shouldn’t she be the one giving orders?! She made that point known immediately as the commander started getting bossy.

"FIRST will be my rules while you're on my ship.  Then you can do your little assignments."

She received a look and a huff for that but he let her. She looked around at the assembled group.

“I ain’t one for a whole heap of rules, but here’s a few. From here on out I’m Elayne Korvani. Anyone slips up and calls me by my real name, you get an extra bruise to add to your prisoner authenticity. We dun need some fool kriffin’ this up once we hit the ground so get used to it now. On this ship I am the captain. You do what I order, because funnily enough if something starts going wrong I want to live, so listening to me means you’ll live too. I agreed that your ex-oh here is in command over all on the ship only because I have to, an’ his order only overrides mine if it is related specifically to the mission. Again, I dun need anyone kriffin’ this up on the ground, if we want to sell this con to the Empire they need to think I am in charge else it’ll look funny if the captain suddenly starts taking orders from her lackeys or prisoners.”

She could feel another glare from Kardac for that one and ignored it as she pressed on. “Other than that I’m not too fussed. I don’t prohibit drinking, though getting drunk before a mission sounds a might stupid. The refresher is at the far end of the ship next to the airlock, just go down the airlock passage and it’s on your left. Galley here is open whenever you want and feel free to help yourselves, though kindly ask before you nick the whiskey I have stored there. I canna cook so it’s mostly rations so you’ll have to make do with that. The bunk rooms, two holds and lounge here you are free to be in. That table had holo controls in the side, you can set up a few different games to play if you get bored. Depending on your tastes, you can set that up as a holoprojector or swivel the larger screen over there on the monitoring station and there's some stuff you can watch stored in that console's databanks. Unless you have a specific need to be in the engineering room I’d prefer you keep out.”

She paused a moment as she folded her arms to add “my quarters are strictly offlimits under any circumstances, unless I have expressly given you permission to enter them or unless we are under attack and I’m asleep. I keep them locked at all times anyway. Disobey that particular order and I will stick you in one of the lovely little cells in the cargohold early. Oh, and I’d take it as a kindness if no one pointed a blaster at me head and pulled the trigger while I’m trying to save people’s asses on this mission.”

The last comment was directed at Tyy’n, whose fur rippled and he seemed to shrink back a little at her blistering look.

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Post by: Molina00 on June 08, 2016, 06:49:32 AM
:: Specialist Jathan Cort ::
:: Galley ::

The Specialist listened, quite uninterested, to the rules laid out by Captain Korvani.  His eyes flicked briefly between her and Shurret as they seemed to grow increasingly annoyed as they attempted to supersede each other's instructions.  The rules basically seemed to boil down to remember her alias and stay out of her room.  Her last comment was curious though, something about being shot in the head.  It was made even more interesting when the Bothan's fur rippled in response.  There was apparently some history between the two of them.  Hopefully nothing that would complicate the mission.  Part of what she said did make him wonder, "if something starts going wrong I want to live".  Depending on how wrong things went, would she stick with the Alliance soldiers or choose to save herself and ship instead?  This wasn't as much a concern with Alliance pilots as they were all committed to the same cause, but he really knew nothing about Bel and her motivations for helping them.   

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Post by: Xaeyon on June 09, 2016, 05:39:14 AM
:: Spc Tharu Tyy'n, Bothan ::
:: YT2400 Lounge ::

Tyy'n had been nervous since arriving on the ship and with all the sounds of space-flight, that didn't calm down. As they entered hyperspace, Tyy'n's fur began a ceaseless dance.

The smuggler and Executive Officer came in and already there was tension. As the smuggler's speech continued, Tyy'n got more and more frustrated. She was lording over the mission because this was her ship, and assumed that gave her power within the Alliance. When she pointed out that orders not coming from her during the mission would blow their cover, Tyy'n got a sinking feeling in his stomach. He was afraid that the smuggler was certainly going to abuse this power.

"Oh, and I’d take it as a kindness if no one pointed a blaster at me head and pulled the trigger while I’m trying to save people’s asses on this mission.”

The stare that Tyy'n received was more than heavy. Despite wanting to be defiant, Tyy'n was well out of his element; between the thrumming of the hyperdrive and the bluntness of the smuggler's attitude, Tyy'n felt himself shrinking into his already quivering fur.

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:: Lieutenant Commander Kardac Shalth/Kaberc Shurret ::
:: Galley - Aboard the Mynock’s Bane ::

~Kardac sighed and stood by while Bel gave her speech.  When she finished and emphasized at Tyy'n he shook his head a little.  Now that she was done he stepped forward and spoke up.~

"First of all, there will be no boozing, by any of you...."

~His finger swept around the room, ending pointing at Bel as well, and he purposely ignored her look.~

"Now, for the assignments.  The first sleep shift will be in an hour once everything is settled.  Each shift will be about eight hours and we'll have about an hour in between each.  First sleep shift will be Lunelle, Styg, Cab, Tej, and Dessh.  Second sleep shift will be myself, Tyy'n, Dak'r, and Keler.  The last sleep shift will be Lunelle, Zeeke, Areta, and Cort."

~Lunelle started to protest and Kardac held up a hand.  Bel started to question him too since her name hadn't been called and he held up a hand to her while he addressed Lunelle.~

"You and I both know you haven't been sleeping as much since you took over for the Major.  You'll try and sleep on both shifts, so at least maybe you'll get a combined eight hours.  And as for you Captain Korvani..."

~He turned to her and crossed his arms, looking down at her with a stern gaze.~

"...You have pulled all-nighters recently, and there are the other issues you have spoken of.  This means you are going to try and sleep on every shift, even if it's only for two or three hours."

~Kardac turned back to the group, his voice was firm and determined.~ 

"I need everybody pretty rested and on their game.  I will not kriffing have another repeat of Alvor!  I expect to be bringing every single one of you home!"

~The ones that had been there for Alvor nodded a little, agreeing they didn't want another repeat of that mission.  They had lost two, a third was MIA and likely dead, and a fourth was still in a coma.  He continued on.~

"What you do the rest of the time is mostly up to you.  Captain Korvani mentioned extra bruises for authenticity.  Most of you still need one or two, and even I will get a couple from Lunelle that will be from you all uppity prisoners.  Remember go into the cargo hold where the prisoner cages are for applying said bruises in case you make a mess.  Try and avoid swollen eyes as well as broken noses and jaws.  Bruised cheeks and split lips will sell just fine.  Those of you sleeping first shift, hold off with getting your bruises until after you've had your sleep.  Make it easier to sleep that way.  Now, any questions?"

~He looked around at the group assembled.~

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Post by: Darth Severus on June 12, 2016, 07:56:38 AM
:: Sergeant Zeeke Da’Ra, Human ::
:: Galley – Aboard the Mynock’s Bane ::

Zeeke suppressed a chuckle as Captain Korvani and the Lt. Commander tried to show each other up. Whatever was going on between those two was interesting and amusing, but thoughts for another day as the mission was at hand.

There was obviously some history between Tyy’n and Korvani, perhaps a little gunplay that could be quiet the story. Zeeke started to smile until the Lt. Commander stated that his main hobby was off limits. Well hopefully the mission went by quickly.

The ship was fairly full with the new recruits, and Zeeke wasn’t overly comfortable going into this mission with people he hadn’t worked before. Normally he would trust a soldier to be a soldier, but after his experiences with the rest of the crew that had been shipped out to the Qanotha he wasn’t quite sure if that was true. Added to that this business between Tyy’n and Korvani and the Lt. Commanders remarks about Alvor did not fill him with confidence.

Zeeke nodded no silently when the Lt. Commander asked if there were any questions. Taking a deep breath Zeeke pushed his doubts to the back of his mind, you didn’t get to pick your assignment or your missions when you signed up with your alliance, that was the cost of joining a faction and giving up your independence. You buy the ticket, you ride the ride and there is no getting off until the end.

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Post by: B1ondeange1 on June 15, 2016, 10:51:20 AM
:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Lounge ::

Elayne gave Kardac a dark look when he forbad her from drinking. Elayne wasn’t as much of a drinker as Bel was but it was more the fact he ordered her not to on her own ship. When he continued by raising the fact she hadn’t been sleeping much and mentioning ‘other issues’ she once again gave him a dark look. She had told Lunelle and Kardac about her sleeping issues in confidence, she didn’t need the commander bringing it up in front of everyone!

There didn’t seem to be any questions, at least none that anyone wanted to bring up in front of the entire group. As the group began to split up and wander off around the ship, some to sort out final things before their sleep shift while others headed off to the cargo hold to exchange bruises the woman grabbed Kardac’s arm and pulled him to the side into the galley.

“Don’t kriffing tell me I can’t drink on my own ship, and don’t try to order me to sleep! Not like I can just sleep on command when I am like this.” Her dark look and quiet tone gave way to a slightly triumphant light in her eyes. “Besides, you want me to try and sleep, I’m gonna need a drink to help me drift off.”

Kardac slowly and purposely shrugged off the hand still holding his upper arm, arms folded as he turned to face down the self-righteous smuggler.

“What I said about drinking still stands. If I can even smell alcohol on your breath then I will put you in one of those cells myself for the remainder of the trip to Drongar.”

His voice was as quiet as hers, however his tone was that of a commander who was used to giving orders and expected them to be followed and he used his greater height to leer over her. “And I suggest you get it out of your head right smart that you are in charge here missy. This might be your ship and therefore I will abide by your general rules but you are not the boss. From the moment this ship left the Qanotha the mission started and that means everything that happens on this ship is mission related and I am in charge. Once we encounter the Empire then for all intents and purposes you will look and act like you are in charge but you are not. Lunelle will be in charge of the ground operations and when he isn’t around I am and you will follow orders or else. Do I make myself perfectly clear? Or are you going to prove to me that we shouldn’t be taking you on this mission because you can’t be relied upon to hold up your end of the bargain?”

His tone, along with the look he gave her was menacing but the woman barely flinched as he told her off. Her look got even darker and she was fighting hard not to lose her temper at him completely and start yelling. He had her backed into a corner, literally since she was now stuck in the corner of the galley with him blocking her exit. If she started yelling or said anything to the contrary of what he had just said then she could suddenly find herself in a dangerous situation. At this point removing her from the mission meant she would probably suddenly find herself playing one of the prisoners, or if they didn’t think she could be trusted to stay quiet and that she might expose the entire mission to the Imperials they might resort to more drastic measures. At this point they wouldn’t want to risk the mission cover being blown.

With a great deal of effort and self control Elayne turned her facial expression back to neutral though her eyes still shot daggers at him.

“Crystal clear Sir.”

He took a step back with his arms still folded and Bel walked away, the only thing stopping her from angrily stomping or muttering insults being her acting skills. She headed straight for the primary cargohold, her eyes glancing at the cells, more like barred cages really, that had been constructed and were sitting to the left of the hold entrance near the doorway to the storage room that had been converted into a cell. She found herself a crate to sit on as angry thoughts and insults raced through her mind. She figured she might as well make the most out of the entertainment of watching the others punching each other. It might even make her feel better.

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:: Specialist Jathan Cort ::
:: Lounge, Mynock's Bane ::

Cort was just leaving the lounge behind Zeeke and Dak'r when he saw Elayne grab the commander's arm and pull him into the galley.  He stopped just outside the door and took a couple of steps back inside, being careful to stay out of sight.  The Specialist stood silently listening to the conversation between the two.  It was greatly out of character for him to listen in on other's conversations like that, but he was suspicious of the smuggler and had questions that needed answering.  What he heard did not make him feel any better, in fact he now questioned even more how on their side she really was and if she could be relied upon to do her part.

At the sound of “Crystal clear Sir”, he silently and quickly departed the lounge before the two left the galley, and went to catch up with his fellow soldiers.  Cort fell in step beside Zeeke and Dak'r as they headed to the cargo bay for their cosmetic alterations.  He hadn't been thrilled with the mission from the start, but it was a chance to kill some Imperials and he hadn't been too worried about his own chances of survival.  Now with the increasing friction between the smuggler and Kardac, not to mention the Bothan who seemed like he didn't even belong here in the first place, he was beginning to have serious doubts about their chance of success.     

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Post by: Darth Rifter on June 15, 2016, 10:53:12 PM
::Dak'r Orta::
::Cargo Bay, Mynock's Bane

Dak'r ignored the squabble going on in the other room. It didn't involve him so it wasn't of his concern. "Second sleep shift, go it," he said quietly to himself. Sleep shifts were not foreign to Dak'r, and were logical too. It allowed crew members to always be active and have the ship run better. He put his thoughts away and turned to the current task, which involved beating each other up. As much as Dak'r  didn't want to do that, he knew he had to in order for their disguises to be believable. Upon entering the cargo bay, Dak'r turned to Cort and cracked his knuckles.

"Ready Cort?" he asked and the specialist nodded in response. "I'll go first. No eyes, no noses and avoid cracking my jaw." Cort again nodded and brought up a weak defensive stance. Dak'r lined himself up and unleashed a few punches, hitting a few in Cort's cheek, one around his mouth to cut it, and one square in Cort's chest. "Sorry about that last one, my knee made me do it," he said with a light laugh. Corts cheeks were just starting to show the tell-tale signs of a bruise, and his lip was cut a bit causing some blood to drip down.

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Post by: Xaeyon on June 16, 2016, 07:28:26 AM
:: Spc Tyy'n, Bothan ::
:: Lounge, Bynock's Bane::

After the intensity of the debriefing, Tyy'n was shaken. He needed to straighten himself up and get his head set straight. While the others peeled off, the bothan head straight for the refresher. There, he splashed the recycled water across his face and ears, watching his reflection. He tried to ignore the sound of the hyperdrive, holding his own gaze and willing his fur to calm. Tyy'n's nerves calmed and the hyperdrive was forgotten as he muttered to himself: "[This is the Alliance to Restore the Republic. I am a soldier. A good soldier. The Commander won't let that smuggler control any important aspect of this mission. She is just a figurehead...]" Tyy'n caressed his metallic cybernetic arm tenderly. He hoped he wouldn't be going without its use for too long on the mission.

Tyy'n exited the refresher with a more confident air than when he entered. He found the other soldiers already in the caro hold. Apparently they were just giving their bruises away. "You know," Tyy'n spoke up, "we could use this opportunity for combat practice as well, rather than just bruising each other."

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Post by: Molina00 on June 16, 2016, 08:01:10 AM
:: Specialist Jathan Cort ::
:: Cargo Hold, Mynock's Bane ::

The soldiers entered the cargo hold and as Cort and Dak'r were lining up to pummel each other, he saw Elayne enter and take a seat on a crate.  Apparently she wanted to watch the show.  Cort nodded to the Corporal indicating he was ready and then again acknowledging the ground rules before taking up a mock defensive stance.  The Specialist kept any sign of pain on the inside, maintaining his neutral expression as best he could, as several blows hit the side of his face and one to his mouth.  The last blow he wasn't expecting.  Cort back-peddled a couple of steps as Dak'r slammed him square in the chest.  Anger flared within him at the Corporal's cheap shot but quickly subsided as Dak'r issued a mock apology and reminded Cort of his strike to the other's knee during training.     

"Sorry about that last one, my knee made me do it."

He nodded to Dak'r and replied "Fair enough."  Cort rubbed his chest for a second, that was definitely going to be sore in the morning.  He wiped a bit of blood that was trickling down his mouth on to his sleeve and added in a slightly sadistic tone, "Your turn."

Cort proceeded to land a short series of precise blows to the other man's face.  One to his left cheek, which resulted in a laceration causing blood to trickle down the side of his face, a lighter blow to his jaw just hard enough to cause a bruise, and finished with the obligatory split lip.  When he was finished he stepped back from the Corporal, who seemed slightly surprised that his jaw had been hit.

"It would be suspicious if we all had the exact same injuries, besides I didn't crack it."  Cort said with a smirk.  Just then the Bothan Specialist entered the cargo hold.

"You know, we could use this opportunity for combat practice as well, rather than just bruising each other."

"Normally I would agree you, but this close to the mission start we can't afford to risk injuring each other...     again."  The last part he addressed towards Dak'r with a bit of a wink. 

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Post by: kewlkev360 on June 16, 2016, 08:13:54 AM
::Kellam Styg, human pilot::

::Kellam grumbled to himself after taking a seat.::

"Still got the burn scar from getting shot in the last mission but oh no! You still gotta get punched in the face for authenticity!"  ::He said with a snort.  Sleep schedule didn't start for an hour so he decided to stay out in the lounge for a bit.  He watched as the gathering broke up, and he watched with disinterest as the smuggler and Shalth went into another room, no doubt to argue again.  Shortly after he saw Elayne storm off.::

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Post by: Krace on June 17, 2016, 01:16:53 AM
:: Lieutenant Commander Kardac Shalth/Kaberc Shurret ::
:: Aboard the Mynock’s Bane ::

~Kardac sighed after the confrontation with Bel.  It was tiresome going round and round with her.  He hoped she got the point now and would play ball with the orders being given.  He left the galley area and saw Styg sitting there in the lounge grumbling.  He stopped by and patted Styg on the shoulder.~

"I didn't mention it in front of anybody else because it might seem not fair, but you are the only one exempt from the bruising.  You're playing the ship's mechanic, so you shouldn't be mixing it up with the prisoners at any point.  In which case, you shouldn't be hitting them or getting hit by them.  Try not to bring it up with anybody, but if someone gets uppity about it, they can come see me.  I am going to go get my bruises now.  Do what you like, but if you don't have anything else you want to do, you are welcome to go get some sleep right now."

~Styg seemed a little surprised at first, but then was smiling just a bit knowing that he was exempt from getting beat up.  Kardac headed off towards the cargo bay where the prisoner cages were.  When he got there he saw a couple of the soldiers doing their thing.  He heard talk mentioning bruises and training and spoke up.~

"I'm inclined to agree.  No serious training, except if you're wanting to practice holds and such.  Make sure you all vary those bruises and cuts and such.  Don't want them seeing the same thing in the same places on each person.  Make sure the other shifts after you change them up too."

~He saw Bel watching the bruisings and shook his head a little, but approached Tyy'n.~

"Specialist, I have something for you.  Show me your arm and show me how you get the power cell out."

~The Bothan looked at him curiously but then nodded and he showed where the power cell was.  Kardac let him remove it and then pulled an item out of one of his cargo pockets.  It was a slim box of metal and he held it up for the Specialist to see and then inserted it into the slot where the power cell was.  The Bothan was a little surprised when the arm powered up again.~

"Mini power cell.  The techs whipped it up.  As you see it's pretty small, and if you look in there, it looks like there still isn't one.  It's one-third the size and obviously only has one-third the power, but at least your arm works.  When we go into the facility you'll have that cell in there but there is a switch to turn it off so it seems the arm is inert and has no power.  I cannot guarantee them not removing the arm, but hopefully they don't consider it immediately and you'll be able to use it when the time comes.  I have a secondary power cell that fits in the remaining gap that you can slap in there once the jailbreak has been sprung and we meet up again.  I'll also return your regular cell at that time."

~The Specialist nodded, seeming grateful for this little surprise.  Kardac removed the slim power cell and the Bothan put his regular one back in for the time being.  Kardac put the slim one back in his pocket to hold until the time came to switch them for real.~

"Thank you sir.  This makes me feel just a little bit better about going in there."

"We can use every advantage we can get Specialist.  As you were."

~The two parted and Kardac saw Lunelle walk by, seeming like he was going for the sleeping area, which made Kardac glad.  He called out to him though.~

"Lunelle.  Stop in here a minute."

~The man stopped and came into the cargo bay and Kardac stepped in front of him.~

"OK, time to get your free hit in Captain.  Fulfill that dream every lower ranked has had of hitting their superior."

~The Captain smirked a little and nodded.  Kardac stood there with his head up and face turned slightly to the side, leaving himself purposely open to attack.  Lunelle brought up a fist and popped Kardac a good one in the mouth.  Kardac knew both his lips had been split, but he sucked on one and then the other with a little grin and nodded at the man.~

"That'll do Captain.  Now, off to bed with that satisfying image in your head."

~The man grinned a little and headed off again.  Kardac licked his split lips on occasion, waiting for the bleeding to quit.  He stopped in front of Bel and spoke.~

"Enjoying the show?"

~She shrugged a little.~

"Tell you what, in good faith, I'll let you slug me one."

~She raised an eyebrow at him and he nodded at her, then she hopped off her crate and took a step towards him.~

"Remember the rules.  If you miss and hit something you aren't supposed to, I will be returning the favor and I don't think you want that."

~Bel nodded a little and wound up a punch and let it fly.  Her aim was true and she popped him right in the jaw.  It stung, but it didn't hurt as much as Lunelle's blow.  Afterwards she seemed to be shaking her hand a little.~

"You face feels like it's made of durasteel."

~He rubbed his jaw and chuckled a little.~
"Guess I'm even tougher than I look."

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:: Spc Tyy'n, Bothan ::
:: Cargo Hold, Mynock's Bane::

Tyy'n stonily agreed with the other men's assessments. Maybe harder practice would end up with more compromising wounds for the mission, and he sat quietly while waiting for his turn to receive his dishevelment.

Surprisingly, though, the Lieutenant Commander approached the bothan. Tyy'n looked at the Commander bluntly after his request but obliged to his superior. Tyy'n twisted his arm to show the anterior compartment that housed the power cell and demonstrated its removal. The Commander interrupted his train of though when he slipped something else into his hands. After a moment of hesitation, Tyy'n followed the suggestive gesture to insert it into the power cell housing unit where the previous power cell had been loaded. To his surprise, the arm came to life again.

~"Mini power cell,"~ The Commander explained, ~"The techs whipped it up.  As you see it's pretty small, and if you look in there, it looks like there still isn't one.  It's one-third the size and obviously only has one-third the power, but at least your arm works.  When we go into the facility you'll have that cell in there but there is a switch to turn it off so it seems the arm is inert and has no power.  I cannot guarantee them not removing the arm, but hopefully they don't consider it immediately and you'll be able to use it when the time comes.  I have a secondary power cell that fits in the remaining gap that you can slap in there once the jailbreak has been sprung and we meet up again.  I'll also return your regular cell at that time."~

Tyy'n nodded slowly as the explanation was given, taking in the implications. Obviously it wouldn't be able to deliver an electrical shock or be used for slicing until full power was restored, but basic arm function was better than none. They switched out the replacement for the regular power cell and Tyy'n gave his thanks: "Thank you, Sir. This makes me feel just a little better about going in there."

~"We can use every advantage we can get, Specialist. As you were."~

Tyy'n saluted the Commander and pondered the implications of this miniaturised power cell. He wondered how it would fare in combat should he need to swing some heavy punches.

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:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Lounge ::

Elayne had been somewhat surprised by Kardac’s offer to let her hit him. She didn’t have the strength or the technique of the soldiers but she still hit him in the jaw where she aimed, cursing silently and favouring her hand a little afterwards and exclaiming that his face felt like it was made from durasteel. That had just made him chuckle in response and rub at his jaw. She somewhat hoped that was because it had actually hurt him, and not that he was putting on a show for her. She liked to think she was a little bit better than that even if the soldiers had demonstrated how inadequate her brawler’s technique was against them. The woman wasn’t sure if she actually felt a little better or a little worse after hitting him, since now her hand hurt.

She rubbed at her bruised knuckles a little as she backed up the few steps to return to sitting on the crate, keeping a general eye on the men in the room. She had been letting her guard down too much of late and that wasn’t a good habit to get into if she wanted to survive. Elayne couldn’t deny that she felt a little tired and was a somewhat glad she wasn’t stuck with the soldier’s stricter sleep shifts but she was too wound up and anxious from having twelve soldiers on her ship. It was bad enough when it was just a couple of passengers but this was something the mistrusting smuggler was barely managing to struggle against.

Keler slowly walked into the room, since he wasn’t on first sleep shift with his men. He looked around, smirking a little at the freshly bruised men.

“Hey Shurret, guess I’m gonna need a bit of bruising up if you would be happy to oblige.”

He motioned for the man to follow him over to the far side of the cargohold away from the freelance gun for hire and only a little distance away from the other soldiers, again showing disregard for rank, then spotting the Bothan called for Tyy’n to join him too. When Kardac and then Tyy’n followed him over the sergeant glanced at Elayne then back to the pair, speaking in a low tone so that only they could hear him.

”I also wouldn’t mind a bit of information. I read the reports from Alvor on the way over here and got a bit more off Lunelle about it but I wouldn’t mind some more firsthand perspective on what happened there and I know you two were on that mission. Also the mercenary woman, how much can we trust her? I’d like to know how she fits into all this. I got nothing against working with freelancers, but I like to know their motivations and I’m struggling to figure out what she would get out of it. Creds can’t be the answer, coz if it was me back when I was a merc I wouldn’t have done something like this for creds alone. I doubt the Alliance would offer enough to make it worth it.”

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:: Spc Tyy'n, Bothan ::
:: Cargo Hold ::

When the new Sergeant inquired about the Smuggler, Tyy'n felt himself stiffen. Of course she's only in it for the credits, Tyy'n thought aggressively, That's the only cause she's loyal to.

Tyy'n was about to open his mouth and blurt that out when he remembered his company, and turned to the Commander. "Sir, may I?" Commander Shalth gave him a permissive nod.

"She's only loyal to--" Tyy'n started to say, but then he remembered back to the conversation he had with her in the Qanotha's Mess Hall. He bit his tongue and thought about how to reword what he was saying. "The Smuggler is reckless, Sergeant. But, she has a soft spot somewhere but she keeps it well buried. She may have no love for the Empire, but she does have a love for credits and deception."

Tyy'n hesitated. "Back on Alvor, we got separated so I can't tell you much there. She has mentioned more than a few times about how disturbed she was by the mass murder of the Alvor citizens. Witnessing that firsthand."
"But..." Tyy'n thought hard, "we did take a wide detour to Nar Shadda. I kept a good eye on her there, but, as easy as it would have been, she never gave us away," Tyy'n's voice trailed away slightly, "She didn't abandon us."

"Us?" The Sergeant inquired.

"Warrant Officer Thal, Sergeant." Tyy'n snapped back to himself. "To my knowledge, he is not accompanying us on this mission."

The Sergeant nodded his understanding and pressed, "So you think she can be trusted for the mission?"

"You can trust her as far as you can throw her," Tyy'n spat, but after a sideways glance from the Commander quickly added "Sergeant."

"She'll get under your skin for fun. So long as it serves her agenda to work with us, she will. Particularly with credits on her side. Beyond the credits, she's not forthcoming of her motives. She said she just wants to annoy the Empire. Whatever more, I can't say, and until I know more, I can only trust her to follow her credit."

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:: Lieutenant Commander Kardac Shalth/Kaberc Shurret ::
:: Cargo Hold ::

~Kardac listened quietly to what Tyy'n had to say about Bel.  His opinion was slightly jaded due to previous altercations with her, not to mention his fear of flying.  He shook his head a few times during the explanation, but didn't interrupt.  When the Bothan was done he spoke up.~

"That is...  one way to explain her."

~He stroked his chin a bit, considering what all was relevant.~

"Elayne was the one that originally swiped the information about the Imperial Facility on Alvor.  She sold it off and then it got back to the Alliance eventually.  It seems it was fate that later she got pulled back to help us investigate.  Our original mission was to get information about some new weapon and also to get ahold of a scientist.  That didn't go as planned when the Imperials caught wind of something and then decided to slaughter most of the civilian population on a station.  We were already on mission as a separate group to infiltrate a different station.  We were somewhat successful in getting the information we needed, but the scientist didn't make it.  Out escape was not going well, but despite it not being in her original agreement, she came back and helped cover our escape off the station."

~Kardac looked at Tyy'n a moment before continuing.~

"She is not quite as reckless as Tyy'n here believes she is, she just flies a little wildly.  She is a little impulsive sometimes, but it's the nature of who she is and what she does to get by on the fringes.  She is an accomplished pilot and can handle a blaster rather well."

"As for how well we can trust her...  Well I have had a few conversations with her and I am under the belief that we can.  She has no love for the Empire anymore.  Not after Alderaan and then witnessing the Empire's slaughter first hand.  Don't get me wrong she still wants to get paid, and she is loyal to herself and her ship first, but I have a pretty good read on her that she won't just cut bait and run on us on this mission.  She has no wish to see the Empire be successful in creating some new weapon they can use to wipe out whole populations of planets."

~The Sergeant seemed to consider Kardac's words a bit, also mulling over what Tyy'n had said.  When he was ready the man opened himself up for being attacked.  Kardac popped him once on one side of his face and then again on the other, careful to hold back on how hard he swung to avoid serious injury.  The man rubbed the side of his face with a little smile and nodded at Kardac.  Kardac then turned and faced the rest in the room.~

"One last thing, and make sure you start doing it...  No more using ranks from this point forward, and try and refer to each other by the names you were given."

~He got nods from around the room and once he was satisfied he left the cargo area to spread the word.~

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:: Spc Tyy'n, Bothan ::
:: Cargo Hold ::

Tyy'n sensed immediately the tone of disagreement in the Commander's voice, and  he offered an alternative exposition of the Smuggler. Tyy'n met the Commander's eyes when he looked over at him. Tyy'n said nothing; he had already said his piece.

The Commander and Sergeant exchanged blows, and the Commander instructed that they should be using their mission names. Tyy'n thought back to the document he had received: Merith of House Valkee, but it wasn't like he would be using the first name. He was to be an small-time investor from Bothawui looking for business opportunities to expand the fortune of his wealthy uncle. Tyy'n moved back to where the other soldiers had taken a break in exchanging blows to listen to the Commander's instructions.

The bothan looked up at the humans. "Greetings. I am of House Valkee. Nice too make your acquaintance." Tyy'n thought for a moment while the others exchanged their cover names. "I am in need of my bruising, so please strike me here--" Tyy'n indicated to his torn left ear, "--The scar will break easily and it will mask the previous injury."

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:: Specialist Jathan Cort/Eatan Surrell ::
:: Cargo Hold ::

Cort watched as Kardac and Lunelle exchanged beatings and smirked a bit when Bel took her swing at the Commander.  She seemed to be the one in pain rather than Kardac.  Sergeant Keler then entered the cargo hold and proceeded to the far side with the Commander and the Bothan Specialist.  He couldn't hear what was being said but from expressions and glances in their direction they seemed to be having a disagreement over the personnel involved in the mission.  Cort glanced briefly at Elayne, suspecting it was her since she was the only one who knew Kardac and the Bothan before.  The discussing finally ended and the Commander addressed the rest of the soldiers present. 

"One last thing, and make sure you start doing it...  No more using ranks from this point forward, and try and refer to each other by the names you were given."

He nodded in acknowledgement, Kardac departed and Tyy'n approached the small group of soldiers and introduced himself. 

"Eatan Surrell."  Cort replied flatly followed by the other soldier's introductions.  "I can take care of that for you."  He replied when the Bothan brought up needing his bruising.  When Tyy'n nodded in readiness, he popped him on the ear where indicated just hard enough to open the old wound and cause blood to trickle down. 

He stepped back and sat on the crate where he had previously situated himself and inquired of the Bothan, "So what are we supposed to call you, Hey You from House Valkee?"   

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:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Cargohold ::

Elayne sat back, trying her best to look like her usual casual, uncaring self but she was beginning to struggle with it. Keler had walked in and taken the commander and Bothan over to the corner with the excuse that it was because he needed his bruising which made her suspicious, something made worse with the glances in her direction and what was obviously a low voiced discussion. They definitely didn’t trust her, she could almost feel it fizzling through the air between herself and the soldiers. So could she trust them any more than they trusted her? Would they have her back, or would they happily let the Imperials put a bolt in it and end their concerns? She hadn’t trusted anyone to fight with her and have her back in four and a half years. Sure she’d done a few jobs with others but she had always lone wolfed things, relying on herself only and always keeping a wary eye on her colleagues. There they all were, chatting, with her on the outside. Surely they would just think she was a liability, surely once her job was done getting them in they would be better off killing her, leaving them with a heavily modified ship that could be of use to them. Just like Tu’ebb tried……

The cargohold suddenly felt claustrophobic and Elayne pushed herself off the crate and left with what she hoped looked like a purposeful walk but the panic was building inside her. She turned right and headed for the refresher with the hope that she wouldn’t run into any of the others going that way, which she thankfully was right in thinking. The woman splashed a handful of water on her face and stared at the reflection of her haunted looking emerald eyes, water dripping off her chin as she leaned heavily on the edge of the sink.

“Get it together Bel. You’ve dealt with worse. Just don’t give them the opportunity. Stop letting your guard down, don’t give them any chances. You’ve survived this far, a few soldiers ain’t gonna stop you now” she whispered to herself. She’d dealt with all kinds in the past but despite all her bravado, she was beginning to wonder if this time she had bitten off more than she could chew. Infiltrating an enemy compound was one thing and something she’d done on a number of occasions, but infiltrating a heavily defended Imperial research facility and relying on twelve others to do their parts without stuffing it up and without betraying her in the process? She wondered again what made her agree to do this. Why did she have to choose now to grow a conscience?


:: Taresh Keler, Human Sergeant ::
:: Cargohold ::

Keler had slowly walked over to the small group of Qanotha soldiers, intent on getting to know them better before the mission. He listened to them introduce each other and chuckled a little at Cort’s question.

“Bothans don’t tend to use a first name basis with strangers, I doubt his real first name is Tyy’n after all” he commented, his thumbs loosely hooked in his belt and with a relaxed stance. “Though does that just mean we call you Valkee? Don’t Bothans usually do some name mesh thing with their last name or something?”

He leant back against the crates, his eyes following the smuggler as she abruptly left the cargohold. Something didn't quite seem right with her but he could't quite put his finger on it. She looked like the self confident cocky type, yet she seemed to almost be trying too hard to keep that facade. Maybe he was just tired. “As to me, just call me Keler.”

He looked at the surprised expressions he was given and shrugged. “What? I’m playing the part of a merc after all, and back when I was a mercenary before I joined the Rebels I used the name of Tarash Keler and have continued to do so on other occasions I’ve gone under cover. Better off sticking with that same alias each time on the off chance I run into someone from the old days. The story I used for disappearing off the scenes was that I finally made enough to settle down and retire with some pretty little thing on some backwater moon, not a complete lie, so it all fits.”

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:: Sergeant Zeeke Da’Ra/ Rune Sartre, Human ::
:: Cargo Hold ::

Zeeke watched as the crew milled about, some of the men working on adding fresh bruises too their cover. His mind was wandering, it had been a while since he had to be on the wagon, and to be honest the thought wasn’t exactly filling him with joy. He had done it before, many times, but the leash felt like it was getting tighter as he was aging. Zeeke cracked a slight grin, the world just seemed to get a little darker each day, the light at the far side of the tunnel kept moving farther and farther away.

Eatan Surrell” Zeeke heard Cort say flatly.

“Good to meet you Eatan,” Zeeke said nodding, “I’m Rune Sartre.”

Zeeke became lost in his thoughts again, paying just enough attention to register the new names of the crew.

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:: Spc Tyy'n (Valkee), Bothan ::
:: Cargo Hold ::

Tyy'n's fur went stiff and he scowled at the other Specialist for his cultural insensitivity. Tyy'n was trying to bite his tongue when the Sergeant came up and was able to offer an explanation that would have been more diplomatic.
   “Though does that just mean we call you Valkee? Don’t Bothans usually do some name mesh thing with their last name or something?”
   Tyy'n gave a curt nod. "Just Valkee, just like Tyy'n," his mood returned to something more relaxed, confusion really, at the question. After the Sergeant's exposition, he was still hung up on the Sergeant's question, "How did you know that Valkee is just a family name? Did you see it written down? Anyway, though uncommon, it's not unheard of that certain families would disassociate themselves with their Clan in matters of honour. It most certainly could have been political. Though whether this is an actual Bothan family, I don't know. The cover I was given didn't go into it."

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:: Tarash Keler ::
:: Cargohold ::

“Hmmm, yes, though it was the way you said it that made me think it was only the one name” Keler explained. “Back in the day I worked with a Bothan for, oh about a year. Maybe a bit less actually. I learnt a few things about you guys over that time, he explained some things I didn’t understand. Nice little guy, I even got to know his first name by the end. Though to answer your question yes, I did see it written down.”

He shifted his weight so that most of it was now on the other leg as well as the crate he leaning against. “The mission brief we got had your names, photos and aliases so we knew who we would be working with, since we would only be meeting you briefly before we left on the mission.” He grinned at them roguishly. “Don’t worry we didn’t get personal information on you all, only on the independent. She seems an interesting character. I’m surprised they didn’t bother to tell us that she is actually a smuggler under a different name but maybe it was because for the mission she is Elayne. Either way I prefer to get to know the people I’m working with in person, rather than know them by a few words on a datapad screen. Profiles have their uses but it’s nothing like sitting down and talking with someone. Always interesting working with new beings.”

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:: Lieutenant Areta Viridux Duros Pilot/Intelligence Officer::
::AKA Jad DeBrek, captured transport owner/captain::

Areta sat in the corner by the number two escape pod and pondered his situation while he dabbed at his jaw with the cuff of his modified flight suit. The Duros had no intention to let himself be struck by the other beings aboard this ship so he had quietly taken himself off and run a tautening bar used for stowing cargo across the right hand side of his face. The rough metal had left a graze and a cut along his jaw slightly deeper than intended. This along with his black eye sustained in the combat training a few days earlier gave Areta the appearance of having been thrown into something.

For the moment he let the few drops of blood splash off of his chin and onto his clothes to add verisimilitude to his appearance. All in all he was deeply unimpressed however and he had to forcibly stop himself from continually checking the suicide capsules hidden in his clothes. The Duros had little confidence in the rag tag bunch of soldiers cobbled together for the mission and if anything less in the officers based on the confused nature of the training exercises over the last few days. As for Korvani, she would be better locked up in the Qanothas brig, the exchanges between her and the Lieutenant Commander were embarrassing in the extreme.

Areta shook his head, that his life should have come to this, he rated his chances of surviving this mission to be about 1 in 5. A noise at the far end of the engineering area brought him back to the present, yet again his hand had strayed to where the suicide capsules were concealed so he decided to get up and run a professional eye over the work that had recently been undertaken on the ships systems to distract himself.

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:: Lieutenant Commander Kardac Shalth/Kaberc Shurret ::
:: Guest Quarters ::

~Kardac had made his rounds fairly quickly and was now back in his room going through his things, checking everything over yet again.  As he was doing so he heard some somewhat hurried footsteps approaching his room.  He had the door open because there was no need for it to be closed at the moment and he wanted to be approachable.  It caught him by surprise however when the person that was hurrying along was Bel.  Something was off, she wasn't running, but she was in more of a hurry than she should have needed to be and had a slightly odd expression on her face.  When she got to the refresher she practically slammed the door shut the way she hit the wall switch.~ 

~He got off his bunk and meandered over to the refresher door, hearing Bel talking inside he then put his ear to the door.  Kardac only caught every second or third word, but it was enough to make him a little worried.  After waiting a few seconds he knocked on the door and took a few steps back away from the door.  She didn't open up right away, but finally she did.  When she did he motioned her to come out.  She took a step outside and he held out his hand.  He got a quizzical look and finally she reached out with her hand too and he gently took her by the wrist and led her into the guest quarters and closed the door.~

"OK B...Elayne, what is it?"

~She gave him a puzzled look.~

"Something has got you all worked up, and don't tell me you aren't.  I felt your pulse when I took your wrist, it's racing like crazy.  Is it the mission?"

~Bel shook her head in response.~

"Is it having all these people on your ship?  Are you having an attack?"

~This time she just shrugged a little.  He was closer to an answer as she wasn't denying his second inquiry.  Having all the people on board was already starting to frazzle her.  It made him wonder though if that was the actual thing that was wrong, or was just something else eating at her.~

"Then what?  Are you worried about my people doing something bad on this mission?"

~She looked away but said nothing.  He scrutinized her for a minute, trying to connect the pieces.~

"That's it, isn't it?  You're worried about working with my people while you're on mission.  Look, if you have their back, they'll have yours."

~Bel said nothing and wouldn't meet his gaze.~

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:: Elayne Korvani/ Belyra Vekraa, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Refresher ::

Elayne tensed when she heard the knock on the door. Someone had seen her walk in it seemed, she had been a fool to think she could get away on such a crowded ship. She grabbed a towel and wiped the water from her face, then closing her eyes took a few deep breaths. When she opened her eyes again her expression was neutral and she headed over to the door and opened it, looking expectantly at the executive officer who was standing there. He motioned her to come out and she took a step forward saying “what?” He didn’t answer her and instead held out his hand, his eyes seemed to ask her to take it. That just confused her, what did want? Why was he wanting her hand?

Eventually, hesitantly, she placed her hand into his and he pulled her into the guest quarters and closed the door. She turned to face him and he began questioning her. She should have guessed, either he'd seen her or managed to listen in on her somehow and realised something was up. The woman had no real desire to voice what she felt but lying to him wasn't going to be an option when he said he'd felt her pulse was racing. She pulled back her hand at that point, cradling her arm with her other hand and scowling internally though she tried hard to keep that from her face.

”Is it the mission?” Well it kind of was, though it wasn’t the mission itself that worried her and she shook her head, avoiding verbally answering him.

”Is it having all these people on your ship? Are you having an attack?”

Damn him. Damn the fact she had told him about herself in a moment of vulnerability. She gave a little shrug, trying not to confirm his suspicions too much. He looked at her closely before questioning her further.

” Then what?  Are you worried about my people doing something bad on this mission?"

This time she looked away from him all together, though she could feel his gaze boring into her, as if trying to get the answers out of her. Eventually he spoke again and Elayne continued to avoid looking at him. How the hell was she supposed to answer him?! If she said nothing he would continue to grow suspicious of her, if she lied he would probably realise it, but the untrusting smuggler had a hard time telling the truth. When she didn’t answer he gently pushed for it.

”Elayne... Bel.... I can't help you if you won't say anything.”

“How can I trust them when they don’t trust me? When you don't trust me?!” she blurted out. “How am I supposed to trust anyone to have my back? What's to stop any of you from getting rid of me the second my usefulness in getting you inside is over?! I paid for making the mistake of trusting someone I thought was a good friend, how am I meant to trust a boat load of soldiers who are questioning my motives, my loyalty?”

She looked into his face, searching his dark exotically coloured eyes. They were an unusual colour for a human. “What's to stop you shooting me right now and ridding yourselves of one more liability?”

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:: Specialist Jathan Cort/Eatan Surrell ::
:: Cargo Hold ::

Cort watched as the Bothan clearly took offense to his question.  It was a legitimate question as he didn't have much experience with Bothan naming conventions, but just asked in his usual way of not caring what is thought of him or about offending people.  Although the start of a mission was the not the best time to be alienating his fellow soldiers.  After Keler had finished going on about how he had worked with a Bothan before and getting info on all of them, Cort chimed in.

"You couldn't get personal info on me anyway, the Empire made sure of that a long time ago.  I'm sure my personnel record made interesting enough reading on its own anyway."  The Specialist replied matter-of-factly with no hint of emotion showing.  As far as he knew, the only existing records on Jathan Cort were his arrest by and escape from the Empire, and his service record since joining the Rebellion.  Any other personal info was destroyed by the Empire during the bombardment of his homeworld.

Cort looked back to Tyy'n and extended his hand to the Bothan.

"Valkee it is then."

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:: Spc Tyy'n (Valkee), Bothan ::
:: Cargo Hold ::

Tyy'n relaxed to the sergeant as he explained knowing something genuine of Bothan culture. Tyy'n knew that Bothans had a reputation among the Galaxy, because while not an uncommon species, there where very exclusive, even among their own kind.

The other Specialist, now named Eatan, seemed very cocksure. Tyy'n doubted he had spent much time in the active units of military. Still, ego or not, he seemed to be making some sort of an effort towards atoning for the offence he had taken before to his comments. Tyy'n grasped the offered hand with his still-biological one and looked up at the human. "So what's your story, Eatan?"

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:: Lieutenant Commander Kardac Shalth/Kaberc Shurret ::
:: Guest Quarters ::

~It was frustrating trying to pry answers out of Bel, but he had slowly been getting the hang of it and was getting better and better at reading her.  Finally she responded to his words and he sighed a little, her usual mistrust coming out.  Kardac crossed his arms and spoke plainly, but not angrily.~

"You can't seriously believe that Bel, none of them would do such a thing without a super explicit reason.  Remember, we aren't the Empire.  We don't just off somebody because they aren't useful anymore.  Now some of them trust you more than others, but some of them also know you distrust them, so they trust you little.  It goes both ways.  Aside from myself and a couple others, nobody else has the experience to trust you.  However they are trusting that Lunelle and I trust you, and are willing to go along with our word.  You have given us your word, and while your motives are mostly credits, they have a pretty good idea that you don't care much for the Empire anymore after what you witnessed. You're in no mood to help them after they murdered all those people and tried to murder you too."

~He uncrossed his arms and relaxed his stance a little.~

"I believe in you to do the right thing, so you have my faith.  You also have my word that I won't allow any harm to come to you from anyone under my command, even if I have to override Lunelle's authority.  If someone thinks you're working against us, they'll have to prove it to me.  I'll have no one summarily executed on my watch while on mission unless I see you being a traitor with my own eyes.  We need all the help we can get and I plan to use all the people at my disposal.  Have faith that if you are in trouble, my men will have your back if you have theirs."

~Kardac extended his hand towards her.~

"Do we have an understanding?"

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:: Specialist Jathan Cort/Eatan Surrell ::
:: Cargo Hold ::

"So what's your story, Eatan?"

Cort began to feel irritated at the Bothan's question, he maintained his expressionless face though.  That was the problem with going to a new crew, everyone wanted to know everybody else's "story". 

"I was captured by the Empire, I escaped and was picked up by an Alliance transport.  Anything that happened before that is no one's business but my own.  I joined up and spent the last five years bouncing around from post to post doing anything from ground assaults to infiltrating and sabotaging Imperial facilities.  My previous assignment ended in an altercation with my CO which landed him in the infirmary and me here about to go on what may or may not be a suicide mission."   

Cort paused briefly before deciding to question the other soldier about his history with Bel.

"What about you, Valkee?  You seem to have some history with this ship's captain."

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:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Guest Quarters ::

Elayne almost felt foolish for her fears hearing the strong conviction in Kardac’s voice. Almost. She still felt that said fears were justified, but he seemed in such disbelief at what she said and was so adamant that nothing like that would happen. She felt somewhat settled down after he spoke, but looked at his hand hesitantly before looking up into his face again.

“What happens if something goes wrong, and I have to look like I'm working against you? If that happens my best method is to try and bluff my way out of it, ‘cause I can't help yous escape if I am captured as well.”

Kardac looked at her steadily for a moment. ”Let's hope things don't get that desperate. I rather doubt that they will, they should have little reason to suspect we are Alliance and I'm not about to stand by and let things get to that point without acting anyway.”

She extended her hand out to put it into his with a small nervous smile, though her shoulders visibly relaxed. “I'm not really very used to working with people who won't either try and kill me to claim what is mine for theirs, or somehow try to take advantage of me. I've seen beings killed for far less than their usefulness being over” she admitted by way of explanation. She cocked her head sideways and her smile turned into her usual cheeky grin.

“You really do look better in that armour you know. I like a man who looks a bit....” A yawn came out of nowhere to interrupt what she was saying and Elayne lifted her hand to cover her mouth before finishing her sentence. “... Rougher and dangerous.”

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:: Spc Tyy'n (Valkee), Bothan ::
:: Cargo Hold ::

Eatan answered him very bluntly, which made Tyy'n realise that he wasn't telling a different story than what he had meant to ask. "I'm sorry, I meant to ask what is Eatan's story?" Tyy'n paused nervously, having just been told by the Executive Officer that his story of the smuggler was skewed. "The smuggler is just that." The Bothan said tentatively, "She's a gun for hire. Our last mission to Alvor we were assigned together and... we had disagreements on the value of some mission objectives." That Imperial officer would have made for good resource for intelligence on this very mission.

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:: Lieutenant Commander Kardac Shalth/Kaberc Shurret ::
:: Guest Quarters ::

~Kardac smirked just a little as she seemed to switch back to her other persona for just a moment to hit on him.~

"Careful Elayne, your Belyra is showing."

~Bel made a little face at him and he grinned.~

"Besides, don't get too used to me looking like this.  Combat armor just isn't my thing.  I do flight suits and coveralls."

~She covered her mouth again as another little yawn escaped.~

"Well, looks like it's time for you to hit the sack for a little nap."

~Bel scoffed and waved her hand.~

"I'm still good to go for a while.  Not really tired."

~Kardac shook his head a little, wondering how he could get the woman to co-operate.  Then something clicked in his head as he looked at her.  He leaned in a bit, looking her in the face, then stood straight again and shrugged.~

"Well, those bags under your eyes say differently, but I guess that's up to you..."

~Bel instantly stiffened and absently touched a hand under her eye before speaking.~

"No idea what you're talking about, but I have other things to get done.  See you later."

~With that she turned and opened the door and he watched her headed towards the forward arc of her ship.  Kardac grinned a little and hoped that his prod had worked and that she was going to her quarters.~

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:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Guest Quarters ::

Elayne did her usual, denying that she was tired though now she had relaxed slightly it was hitting her. When Kardac leant in close looking at her face she gave him a weird look, but her vanity immediately kicked in when he claimed she had bags under her eyes. Her hand rose unbidden to feel under one eye and she wondered if it really was that obvious.

“No idea what you're talking about, but I have other things to do. See you later.”

The woman opened the door and walked out of the guest quarters, wandering back to her quarters. She had to admit her exhaustion was kicking in. She would have been lucky to get three hours sleep after staying up so late finishing her ship, then being woken early, and previous nights lucky to get four to five hours each night. When she got to her room she keyed open the door, let herself in then locked it from the inside and headed straight to her refresher. The bags weren't as bad as she feared but her lack of sleep was starting to visibly show and she sighed. It might be all well and good for Kardac to assign her time to sleep on every sleep shift but she knew it wasn’t going to happen. Even with her door locked with both the electronic lock and a deadlock she still felt vulnerable with others on her ship. She supposed she should at least try to get sleep though. Kardac was right, everyone needed to be rested and on their game, and the vain redhead wanted those dark eyes to go away. It was bad enough she had the large bruise on her cheek.

Elayne walked out of her fresher and stripped off her boots, jacket and blaster belt before laying down on her bed fully dressed. She wasn't going to undress while others were on her ship and with the nature of their mission. It had nothing to do with being worried about them seeing her partly naked, but if something happened she'd rather be able to respond quicker.

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:: Specialist Jathan Cort/Eatan Surrell ::
:: Cargo Hold ::

Cort scowled at a nearby crate.  With Keler talking about not having personal information and getting to know them, he had completely misread the Bothan's question.  He looked back at Tyy'n as he talked about the smuggler.  The information he provided didn't go very far in answering his questions.  He lowered his voice so no one outside of their little gathering would hear them easily.

"That's not a lot to go on, at best it shows her to be a potential source of conflict.  What is your assessment of her?  If things get too hot will she choose saving her ship over us, or will she have our backs?  I find it hard to believe Alliance credits alone are enough to keep her on our side.  I would have liked to ask the Commander or even her personally, but neither seem to be an option right now"

He glanced over at Zeeke, who still seemed to be deep in his own contemplations, and then at Sergeant Keler.

"I expect most of us would be interested in knowing that we won't be left high and dry." 

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:: Specialist Tyy'n (Valkee), Bothan ::
:: Cargo Hold ::

The bothan hesitated, trying to remember the exact words of the Commander. "The Commander seems to believe that we can trust that she won't run from  the mission." More than that, Tyy'n Felt reluctant to say, for the Sergeant was present at that conversation as well. He did not want to overstep his bounds, and even though the Sergeant didn't know any more about her, he knew he could get into a lot of trouble if he painted her the wrong way to his superior and it caused undue duress.

Tyy'n shuffled awkwardly, his fur stiffer than natural. "Have you talked with her much?" His question didn't seem directed at either the Sergeant or Eatan in particular.

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:: Tarash Keler, Human Army Sergeant ::
:: Cargohold ::

Keler gave a casual shrug. "Apart from our initial introduction, no." He flashed them a grin. "I'd like to though. She's rather easy on the eyes and I detect she's a bit of a charmer, can't resist a woman like that. Besides I prefer to know who I'm working with and when I'm working with independents, their motivations and exactly where they stand."

The man could tell that the Bothan was holding back in speaking. He guessed it was probably because the commander had corrected him earlier, but he preferred to know what was going on. "Speak truthfully Valkee, you don't need to hold back on my account. I ain't gonna judge her until I get to know her myself but I preferred to be armed with all opinions first. Helps to know who has quarrels with who and why, and who gets along. I'm new after all, though from what I can figure so are most of yas since few of you were on the last mission. Lunelle seems to be of the opinion that she can be trusted, at least as far as to stick to the mission plan and complete it. He said she enjoys the game of it but that there's more to her than she lets on she just keeps that buried, similar to what Shurret said. I dunno about all that but it wouldn't surprise me. Smugglers are an untrusting lot, comes with the territory. What little was in her profile said that Korvani has done a few jobs for the Alliance and that she rescued some of our boys once. Lunelle gave me access to her Vekraa alias profile as well, not much in that either but it ain't quite so flattering. She wasn't shy about who she worked for." He shrugged. "Can't really talk, I used to work for some seedy types. People change. Hopefully I can get her to open up a bit, see what she is actually like."

He cocked his head sideways as he looked around the group. "I get the impression that the rest of yous don't get along so well with her. After her little spiel earlier and from what else I've heard so far, I'm guessing she is rather stubborn and argumentative and doesn't hold back if she thinks she is right?"

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:: Spc Tyy'n (Valkee), Bothan ::
:: Cargohold ::

She doesn't hold back what she thinks will get under your skin." Tyy'n said flatly, shivering. His mind flashed back to the taunt she had left with when they were chatting in the Qanotha Mess Hall before the mission. He tried to throw off the image, but it just reminded him of how deep in space they were; that was the hardest thing to throw, and he knew it would make him brash.

"That woman saved our skins because it was in the interest of her credit-line. And I'm pretty sure she doesn't care where her credit line comes from, so long as she's alive to receive it. People think they have to look out for number one, but no Bothan is an island--" Tyy'n cut himself short, but too late and he tried to correct himself, "No sentient is an island. Sorry, old Bothan saying," he lied. While Bothan's looked after their own family and clans, The Way put the self above all others, so if it did them well to cut someone loose, then they did. And these thoughts fell out of Tyy'n's mouth. "She'll cut us loose if we aren't deemed profitable to her. Whatever she thinks profitability is. And you can't trust what loyalty-for-hire place value in beyond themselves." Tyy'n muttered in bothese, cursing The Way and all those that stood for it's principals.

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:: Specialist Jathan Cort/Eatan Surrell ::
:: Cargo Hold ::

Tyy'n seemed uncomfortable at the questions that Cort posed to him, possible because of the two higher ranking soldiers present, although one could question how present Zeeke really was at the moment.  Keler's reply seemed to break the tension and get the Bothan to open up.

No Bothan is an island--  No sentient is an island. Sorry, old Bothan saying,"

Cort looked thoughtfully at the Bothan.  He didn't know a lot about Bothan culture, but he did know they were a very self-serving people and it was interesting to hear Tyy'n say something like that.  Perhaps this one didn't hold quite as fast to the beliefs of his people, which being a low ranking ground pounder in a fringe rebellion with little chance of success would seem to support.  Cort's expression darkened a little as Tyy'n spoke, particularly the part about cutting them loose if they aren't deemed profitable.  He turned to Keler and responded to the other's statement. 

"From my limited experience, if she thinks you have wronged her, even if she is the one in the wrong, she will definitely let you know about it.  We had a brief run-in but it didn't go any further than an exchange of words."  He didn't mention the part where they nearly came to blows in the training room on the Qanotha.

"Her rescuing some of our people and then cutting us loose if we aren't profitable don't seem to mesh.  I still find it hard to believe the Alliance could pay enough to compensate her for a mission like this.  I have gotten the impression that there is something more to her beneath the flirty, hot-headed, self-assured exterior, but that could probably be said about most of us.  I guess we'll just have to hope that her motivation is enough to keep her in line or we'll be the ones left hanging."

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:: Lieutenant Commander Kardac Shalth/Kaberc Shurret ::
:: Cargo hold ::

~After Bel had taken off Kardac had little left to do.  He decided to head around the ship again.  As he headed out he came to the cargo hold and heard a discussion within.  Apparently they were still going on about Bel.  He wasn't sure everything that had been discussed as Keler had just finished talking and Tyy'n was now speaking, but he listened to the conversation for a bit, holding his tongue as Tyy'n started shooting his mouth off about her.  Cort said something that made a little sense and so he decided to go inside.  As he approached a few went to snap to and then remembered they weren't supposed to recognize him as a superior anymore.  He was glad that was setting in.  He stepped up to the group and crossed his arms.~

"Still having a discussion about our freighter Captain hmm?"

~He got a couple nods in confirmation.~

"Well, as I heard your question Mr. Surrell, her compensation isn't monetary.  At least most of it isn't.  She is receiving some credits, but her main form of payment is parts and repairs.  You all know the extensive work that was done on this ship over the past several days.  This ship is now running better than it has in years.  Nearly every bit of damage was repaired or parts were replaced.  Bear in mind much of that damage was incurred on the past mission, which she would have been left to pay for out of her own pocket.  Also, there is possibility of damage on this mission, which will also be repaired as compensation.  So, now you know the worth of what she's getting."

~There were some nods.  Work and repairs and part replacements were as good as cash to a spacer like Bel.~

"I believe with that said you can see the value that is there for her to get us home safely."

~Kardac looked directly at Tyy'n.~

"And as for her trustworthiness and dedication to what we're trying to do here, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be here if she wasn't at least somewhat invested in it.  Especially after that stunt you pulled on her on the last mission.  You are lucky she didn't thrash you within an inch of your life or just outright shoot you.  Considering she is here yet again in the thick of things going against the Empire, even though you're here too, I'd say she doesn't want the Empire to have this weapon.  She knows what it is and what it will do, and she has no wish to see more innocents slaughtered, just like us."

~He looked about the group.~

"Sure, she seems stubborn and self-serving, but she's a spacer and those are habits you develop to survive out in the void.  However the fact that this is the third job in a row she's taken from the Alliance says something to her character and willingness to follow through to see something to the end."

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:: Specialist Tyy'n (Valkee), Bothan ::
:: Cargohold ::

Tyy'n was feeling very defensive at this point. Between his opinion being squashed and the constant reminder that they were in space, Tyy'n's earlier attempt to focus himself had all but worn off. Tyy'n scowled back at the Commander, thinking that even though he was of a small stature, he would still hold more than his own against the Smuggler. She had been the one outside of the mission parameters when he had held that blaster to her head. Tyy'n held his tongue though. The Sergeant had asked for an honest opinion and he had given his impression, now Tyy'n felt like he was being baited into taking the unpopular stance of vocal opposition.

"However the fact that this is the third job in a row she's taken from the Alliance says something to her character and willingness to follow through to see something to the end."

Tyy'n felt as though his mouth would split his face to spill forth his objection that, from his experience in intelligence, this bit of evidence wasn't statistically relevant considering the Alliance was the one offering her the subsequent jobs when her previous one finished. It wasn't like she was spending time away from the Alliance only to be picked up later for her subsequent job. Instead, after a deep breath in, Tyy'n managed to keep his face together and let out an even toned, "We shall trust your judgement, Sir..err-ret."

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:: Specialist Jathan Cort/Eatan Surrell ::
:: Cargo Hold ::

Just as Cort finished speaking he saw the Commander heading towards them.  Some of the others started to go to attention but then halted, he himself remained seated on his crate and just watched as Kardac approached. 

Kardac's explanation of her compensation made sense, this ship was her home and her life, you couldn't put a monetary price on something like that.  Still, she now had her ship all fixed up better than before so what was to stop her from bailing out while her ship was still intact?  The Commander then spoke directly to Tyy'n, and what he said helped to allay that concern somewhat.  Bel apparently had some history with the Empire, and it seemed to be a history she did not want to see repeated.  The part about the Bothan pulling some stunt on her peaked his interest too, but that would have to wait for later.  Also the fact that it was her 3rd mission with the Alliance didn't necessarily mean anything either.  There were plenty of smugglers who did work for the rebels without any measure of loyalty.  Still Cort knew there was something more to her, he just didn't know what exactly and Kardac's statement seemed to confirm that. 

After Tyy'n, who had looked very agitated throughout the whole exchange, replied that they would trust the Commander's judgement, Cort nodded in agreement.

"You clearly know her better than we do.  I will defer to your judgement." 

'For the time being.' He thought to himself. 


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:: Tarash Keler, Human Army Sergeant::
:: Cargohold ::

Tarash wasn’t quite sure how the payment of full repairs to her ship beforehand would guarantee that the gun for hire would stay loyal and he was pretty certain he wasn’t the only one who thought so. He kept quiet about that, as he did about her doing multiple jobs saying something to her character. It didn’t really mean a whole lot, though what did mean something was the fact that Command had agreed to let her in on the mission knowing how dangerous it was and how many chances there were for something to go wrong if someone turned on them. Perhaps they knew something the rest of them didn't. Sure it would have partly been a matter of convenience but if they'd wanted they could have found a more loyal ship captain to do the job. He didn't blindly follow what Command said but it did carry some weight and he was getting an idea of what the woman might be like.

Kardac’s comment did intrigue him however, so after the other two spoke he couldn’t help but speak up. “I gotta ask.... What stunt would you be referring to?”

The commander looked at the group as if wondering whether he should say anything, while Tyy’n looked more pensive. Eventually he slowly spoke, picking his words.

“During their escape from Alvor, Ms Korvani and Valkee had an altercation. I'm sure many factors are to blame, including all the confusion, adrenaline, fear and anger and whatnot from escaping the city, Elayne’s hot headedness and our specialist's dislike of flying. They disagreed over what tactics should have been employed next.  Their cover was blown and the Empire was slaughtering bystanders and also trying to kill them.  They were left deciding  whether to leave and escape the incoming fighters as our little captain preferred, or to stay and fight a squadron of TIEs as Valkee preferred.”

“Altercation?” Keler pushed, a bemused and expectant expression on his face as he stood up straight. Kardac stared at him steadily for a moment.

"If you wish to know more details about what happened I'll let Valkee tell you, or you could ask Ms Korvani.  Though I believe she has gone to lay down for a nap, so I'd ask that you inquire to her later.  However I'm sure you'll probably get a slightly different account from each one.”

Keler looked at the rather uncomfortable looking Tyy’n and decided that pushing the smaller being at that point might be a bad idea. “Hmm, I think that is perhaps a question for later. There are always two sides to the story and I get the impression she is likely to relish giving me her side of it.”

He chuckled a little about the woman’s arrogance. “Well thanks for the chat gents, it's been enlightening. I'm sure I can get something more out of her later, see what our Cap is really like. I'm gonna go check on my men before they settle in for their sleep, then I believe I heard mention of a holotable? Feel free to come join me for a game of dejarik, it's far more fun having some friendly games with people rather than against the computer.”

As he headed for the cargohold door his mind ran back over everything that was said, thinking about what it seemed the various relationships between the people on this ship were. Everyone hinted that there was more to the young woman than she let on and that didn't surprise him in the slightest. Kardac seemed to have the most solid convictions of them all, what was it that the man knew about her? Had he stumbled on some secret of hers or managed to trick her into giving something away? Had she decided to trust him enough to speak honestly? Or had they served together before all this at some stage and he knew another side of her? Tarash would speak with her later, see how much he could get her to open up. His thoughts ran back to the Bothan. That there was bad blood between Tyy’n and Bel was obvious, she'd also shown her dislike earlier and that could potentially complicate things. His eyes widened slightly. The comment the independent made earlier towards the Bothan... Could that have been the altercation? Had things gotten down to that? It might explain her obvious mistrust of all the soldiers, though he suspected that mistrust ran deeper. He gave his head a slight shake. No point worrying over it all, he'd talk to her later and determine whether he could trust her or not. He put it from his mind to go over details of the mission.

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:: Specialist Tyy'n (Valkee), Bothan ::
:: Cargohold ::

Tyy'n felt like he had nothing left to say. Once the Commander and the Sergeant had said their piece, Tyy'n excused himself. He trudged towards the washroom to splash water on his furry face again. This time when he looked in the mirror, he saw his expression stern and angry. Something in his eyes broke his spirit. He knew he was compromised. That wasn't good for the mission and it wasn't good for his comrades. Tyy'n knew he needed to get a hold on himself. Maybe it wasn't his shift to sleep yet, but the offer of a hologame was something he could use to distract from his anger.

After retying the braids at the side of his jaw, Tyy'n exited the washroom and headed to the lounge. He sat a little heavily at the holotable and decided it would be best to speak less and focus more on the distraction of the game. He greeted the other players who had arrived before him, and waited quietly for a turn at the game.

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:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Captain’s Quarters ::

The woman woke suddenly, sitting bolt upright. The dream faded slowly from her mind and she leant forward and put her forehead in her hand. Why, why did the memories of the slaughter on Touk keep plaguing her dreams? Elayne had seen people killed before, why did this keep affecting her so much? She turned her head to look at the chronograph on her bedside table. She'd barely gotten three hours sleep this time. She had managed to sleep for about four hours earlier then busied herself about the ship, checking the results of the repairs and chatting a little with the others. She hadn’t slept on the second shift, as she knew she wouldn’t. The only reason she has gotten any more sleep at all was because a couple of hours into the third shift Kardac threatened that if she didn't go and get sleep he would lock her in her room and stand guard outside her door. It was still four hours before they were due to arrive in the Drongar system but she knew she wasn't going to get any more sleep. She rolled out of bed and had a sonic shower before dressing in her armour to settle back into it for the mission.

The entire time Elayne’s mind was chewing over things. It was bugging her, why did those memories have to keep bothering her now just before the mission? Why was she even on this mission, why had she agreed to it? As she finished doing up the bracers it came to her and she sat heavily on the edge of the bed. It was guilt. She had denied it had anything to do with her, that she had been responsible at all for the events that had unfolded there. The truth was though that when Tone had captured her the alarm had been triggered. It had put the Imperials on guard. It wasn’t her actions that started those bastards massacring the civilians but it had contributed to it, and if they hadn’t been there on Touk then it wouldn't have happened. She felt guilt and responsibility for what had occurred. Always before she had pushed any sense of guilt for killing or duping someone from her mind, telling herself how they deserved it but this was different. Those civilians had been completely innocent.

She wandered from her room, her combat booted feet making soft noises on the durasteel plating. She walked into the galley and made herself a cup of Caf, leaning back against the bench as she sipped at it. Elayne’s green eyes looked left without her head moving as Cort entered the galley and she tried to push the memories and thoughts from her mind.

“You are up a little early” she said softly, struggling to use Korvani’s accent and voice rather than her native accent she seemed to accidentally slip into when very deep in thought. It was still an hour and half before those in this sleep shift had to be up.

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:: Specialist Jathan Cort/Eatan Surrell ::
:: Galley ::

Cort laid on his bunk staring up at the ceiling, he did not have trouble sleeping but it was rarely the most restful sleep right before a mission.  His subconscious often conjured up images from his past, the life he had back home on Vasch and what his life could have been, but it always ended the same watching his home and loved ones being destroyed.  He sat up and looked around the room, it was still early and as far as he could tell the rest of those on his sleep shift were still unconscious, except he heard some muffled sounds coming from Lunelle's bunk.  He guessed the Captain was either having a hard time sleeping, or it was not a restful sleep. 

He pulled on his shirt and boots and quietly left the others to their sleep and made his way to the fresher.  After splashing some water on his face he stared hard at his reflection in the mirror, as if searching for some hidden answer to a question.  He had not quite felt like himself since being transferred from his previous assignment to the Qanotha.  Cort was still in peak condition physically, but mentally he wasn't so sure.  Perhaps it was just combat fatigue and the last five years were beginning to catch up with him, but as he looked into the eyes of the man in the mirror he wondered if something inside of him was changing.  Why was he thinking about this now?  This was no time for weakness.  He couldn't afford to lose his edge now or him and possibly others on the team could end up dead.  Cort scowled at his reflection, dried off his face and walked purposefully out of the fresher and headed towards the galley.

Cort entered the galley and saw that Bel was already there. 

“You are up a little early”

She seemed to struggle a bit with the accent she had used so expertly the day before.  It probably hadn't been a very restful night for her either.

"I always get up early.  It's quieter and easier to think without all the hustle of the breakfast crowd.  Besides, who could sleep this close to the start of a mission.  You're not going to report me to the Commander for violating my sleep shift are you?"  Cort spoke in his usual tone but added a little wink to show that he was joking. 

The Specialist retrieved a protein bar and a cup of water before taking a seat at the table.  He was not a fan of artificial stimulants and never touched the caf.  He looked back towards Bel and spoke in a quieter, thoughtful tone. 

"So, Captain Korvani, it must be uncomfortable for you having all of these soldiers roving about your home like they own the place." 

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:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Galley ::

Elayne smiled at his jest, though it'd been made with his usual straightforward tone. “I'll only tell him if you report my violation of it first.” ’Though he probably already realises we are up’ she thought to herself. Kardac had an uncanny ability of knowing things.

Jathan got himself a drink and protein bar and sat at the small table, barely large enough to seat two people. Bel had little need for a large table since she rarely transported many passengers at once and rarely used it herself, so she’d had it swapped for the smaller one against the wall years ago. He turned towards her and asked her a question. The woman sighed and got a protein bar out for herself, this one flavoured like a berry that was common on her homeworld and had been a favourite of hers as a child. It of course didn't taste anywhere near as good as the fresh berries her mother used to get. Fresh fruit was a rare luxury for the spacer. She headed to sit down opposite Cort with her bar and mug, shuffling slightly to get comfortable before speaking. Her mercenary accent was coming more naturally to her now, as it should.

“I haven’t just had soldiers roving about my home, I've had the Alliance military literally rip my ship apart and learn everything about it. That was bad enough, but I guess the repairs and slight upgrades are worth it. The fact you are soldiers makes it worse I'll admit, I tend to prefer to avoid letting so many dangerous men on my ship. Though the truth is I'd be just as uncomfortable if you were civilians. I don’t like having anyone on here. I like to work alone, have for years.” More quietly she added, more to herself than to Cort “it's safer that way.” A slight grim and sad edge touched her voice with her last comment, and she swirled her drink in her cup before having a sip. His words again made her wonder why she'd agreed to this suicidal mission though she'd just answered that question, and made thoughts of her past race fleetingly through her head. She used to serve with others, she'd had a few crews she'd felt that she'd belonged to over the years. She used to trust others with her life. She'd also learnt the pain of losing crew mates and of their betrayal. No, it was better to be alone, even if it was sometimes a very lonely existence.

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:: Specialist Jathan Cort/Eatan Surrell ::
:: Galley ::

Cort watched as the woman retrieved a protein bar for herself and took a seat opposite him at the little table.  He looked her in the eyes and could sense a mix of emotions as she spoke.  There was definitely some anger and irritation there at having her ship torn apart by the Alliance engineers, and the hint of sadness as she finished was unmistakable.  The way she spoke about preferring to be alone, she clearly had some painful experiences in the past.  He took a drink from his mug before responding then looked back up at her. 

"I understand how you feel, about being alone.  I have been in the Alliance for five years, and even though I have been surrounded by people and part of squads, I have made sure I was alone.  It's easier when the only one you have to rely on is yourself.  A bit more difficult when you're a soldier, but just don't get close to anybody or stay in one place too long and it works."

Cort paused for a second and exhaled lightly.  "I wasn't always the ruthless killing machine you see before you."  He continued in a slightly joking tone.  "I used to be a peaceful man who had never even held a blaster before, until necessity forced it upon me."     

He looked down at his mug and took another drink as his thoughts began to drift back to his life on Vasch.  He would have been married by now, possibly with a kid or two of his own, living a quiet and contented life surrounded by family and friends.  Jathan tried to fight those thoughts back behind the mental walls he had built to contain them.  His purpose now was to destroy the Empire and such thoughts were not productive, they were merely distractions and potentially destructive ones at that.

He looked back up at her and added, "I don't know why I'm telling you this.  I have never talked to anyone like this, especially not a smuggler who I don't even know can be trusted."  Cort hadn't intended for the subject to come up that way, but it had so he decided to pose the question he had been wondering from the start.  Jathan looked straight into Bel's bright green eyes and asked simply, "Can I trust you?"

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:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Galley ::

Elayne cocked her head to one side as she listened to what Jathan was saying as she slowly ripped open the protein bar packaging and took a bite. From the way he spoke she guessed he had been hurt by the Empire like so many others in the Alliance. She wondered briefly if he had lost family, maybe a wife or children. As he continued on a slight smile touched her lips. She had often been good at loosening men’s lips though it was usually with her disarming charm, something she had not worked on much with most of the crew. In fact she had mostly given the crew reason to dislike her.

His straight forward question took the auburn haired woman by surprise. Could he trust her? Who asked a question like that? Elayne sat back in her usual casual fashion nursing her Caf, a small grin on her face.

“If I said yes, would you believe me?”

The man didn’t say anything, just looked back at her. Elayne thought hard. She needed the men to trust her, if she didn’t want to become an ‘accidental’ casualty. It didn’t matter what Kardac said, there was still the possibility someone might decide to take matters into their own hands. After all Tyy’n had tried to kill her. What was to stop him attempting it again? She took a sip from the cup, looking at Cort over the edge of it and remembering what had seemed to gain a measure of Kardac and Lunelle’s trust. It almost made her laugh, they were so gullible. If she had wanted she could have spun a web of lies and she was sure they would have fallen for it. Yet here she was, telling the truth of all things. Or at least a portion of it.

The smuggler relaxed her tone and accent so she was speaking in her deeper, husky, strongly Corellian accent. For some reason the men seemed to warm to her more when she spoke with her native voice and not one of her practiced accents. Bel’s ‘accent’ had a touch of Corellian in it, but it was nowhere near as strong as her true accent, something she rarely spoke in anymore. Of course they wouldn’t know if she was faking that too, but they seemed to either think it must be her real voice, or perhaps instinctively realised it. Speaking in her real voice was one of the few ways she was willing to let them see a glimpse of her true self. Anything else, anything relating to her past or who she once was so long ago back on Corellia, was strictly off limits. She didn’t disguise her troubled emotions either.

“You read the report about the mission to Alvor I’m assuming? And what happened on Touk?” Jathan nodded. Elayne sipped some more of her drink and put it down, leaning forwards to place her elbows on the table. “A few words on a screen can’t do it justice. I’ve seen people killed, whole crews in one go, or the result of skirmishes between forces whether between Rebels and Imperials or opposing criminal organisations or the law and the underworld, but nothing, nothing like that. Those people on Touk weren’t soldiers, or criminals. They were innocent civillians, whose only crime was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Because of those Imperial bastards who got happy trigger fingers and a little jumpy because they thought there might be a security risk. Because we were there. If we hadn’t gone on that mission to Touk those people would still be alive. Sure, we wouldn’t have discovered information about their weapon or have found out so much about the happenings at Drongar, but those hundreds of beings wouldn’t have lost their lives for nothing. How do we know they stopped at that marketplace, how do we know they didn’t then go through other sectors, or through people’s homes needlessly slaughtering them? How many other times have they done the same thing elsewhere and covered it up?”

Elayne had somewhat of an idea about that, after all they destroyed Alderaan without thinking twice. Besides she had witnessed such atrocities by the Empire firsthand before… it was just something she firmly locked away in the deepest, darkest section in the back of her mind. She didn’t want to ever remember what had happened back then.

“So you ask if you can trust me? You can trust that I don’t want to see that happen again, that I’d rather not give the Empire the chance to do anything like that again. You can trust that I’m not gonna just run away and leave you to whatever horrid death the Empire would have in store for you, just like I didn’t leave Tyy’n or Thal behind on Touk, nor the rest as they tried to escape Alvor. Beyond that?” Elayne leant back again with a wry grin, her tone changing to becoming much more lighthearted as she gave him a wink, trying to lighten the conversation and move away from discussing her feelings. “Who knows? After all I am a smuggler, and unlike you I practically grew up with a blaster in my hand, or at least I started practicing with one soon as I was big enough to hold a full sized pistol.” She chuckled, remembering the first time she had held a blaster pistol. Her uncle had insisted his niece was going to learn to protect herself, much to her mother’s disgust. “Actually in hindsight I wasn’t quite big enough, a DL-44 is a bit much for a six year old to handle.”

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:: Specialist Jathan Cort/Eatan Surrell ::
:: Galley ::

If the Specialist was in the habit of smiling he just might have done so now.  He could see the surprise in her eyes at his question, which wasted no timing in covering up as she sat back with her caf and grinned at him.  He had wondered how she would react to being asked about her loyalty in that way, and had caught her off guard.   

“If I said yes, would you believe me?”

Jathan continued to look at her but said nothing in reply.  It was the kind of response he expected.  After all, trust was not something easily given in times of war, and neither of them had given the other much reason to trust each other.  The smuggler went silent for a moment before speaking again, but this time in a deeper more strongly accented voice.  Why would she suddenly choose to use a different accent now?  It almost sounded more natural and sincere than her Elayne voice and what was apparently her Bel accent.

He listened as she spoke about Alvor and the atrocity on Touk.  She seemed troubled while speaking about the events, which said something about her in itself.  She wasn't just a dispassionate spacer who only cared about herself and her profit margin.  What the Commander had said previously about her not receiving any financial compensation also backed that up.  Of course an outward display of emotion could be faked, but Cort did not believe that to be the case now.  "I can think of one other time."  He thought to himself as she rhetorically asked how many other times the Empire had committed atrocities against innocent civilians and covered them up.

It was almost funny how easily Bel went from talking about not leaving people behind to a horrid death, to being a six-year old with a DL-44.  It was funny picturing a feisty little red-headed girl trying to handle a heavy blaster pistol.  One side of Cort's mouth curled up in sort of a half-smile when she joked about it being a bit much to handle.  That and the occasional smirk is about as close to a real smile as the Specialist ever got. 

"That's fair enough.  You still being there when we are ready to leave is all I can ask."  The Specialist washed down another bite of protein bar before continuing.  "It looked like you were born with a blaster in your hand, seems I wasn't far off.  You must have grown up somewhere rough for your parents to let you have a blaster at such a young age.  I would have liked to see that little six year old try to handle a stock Model X, now that thing has got some serious kick."  Jathan was partly fishing for more information by bringing up her parents, but in a way that she could just ignore the comment if she didn't want to talk about it.  With the way he felt in regard to talking about his own past he could hardly corner someone else into talking about theirs.   

"And in answer to your first question, yes, I would have believed you."  What he didn't say was that it would have had to have been her, not just her words spoken in a different accent, that said yes.  He could tell a lot about a person by their eyes, their mannerisms, and by little subconscious actions that less observant people might miss.  Instead he chose to let her believe that he just might be naïve enough to take her at her word.  Sometimes it was better to be underestimated then to put all of ones cards on the table.  Cort let his last statement linger as he popped the last of his protein bar into his mouth, as it was probably not the answer the untrusting smuggler would have expected. 

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:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Galley ::

He was fishing for information, that much was obvious, and she wasn't going to give him what he was after. “Not really” she replied ambiguously. Dangerous? No more than any other Imperial controlled Core World, nor was it her parents who placed the blaster in her hands. “And the DL-44 had enough of a kick, I certainly didn't need anything more!” Even though she was so young then, she remembered the blood and the pain when the recoil had caused the blaster to wallop her in the head. Her mother had gone berserk over that, when her guilty looking uncle and father had to explain to her why her little girl had to be taken to the medical centre with a gash on her head pouring blood. It hadn't put off the headstrong young Bel however, who had always played with toy blasters and starships when she wasn't watching her father and uncle work on their ships and doing her best to help them. The weapon had held a fascination for the small child and a few weeks later she had been back to beg her uncle to teach her how to shoot. He had wizened up in that time and brought a light training blaster for her to learn with instead. Her mother hadn't been very impressed at all when she found out he had gone ahead and continued to train her!

What was more obvious than Jathan’s fishing, was the fact that his comment about believing her word could be trusted was a lie. It was written in his eyes and his body language. She chewed on her protein bar, staring back into his eyes as she swallowed her mouthful and spoke.

“No you wouldn't” she replied in a matter-of- fact tone, still speaking with her native accent and with the slightest of smiles on her lips. “You are not that trusting, nor are you stupid, and as you said yourself you prefer to work alone. People like us don't believe blindly in the words of others, we believe in having something proven by actions and even then, caution is kept. We never stop looking over our shoulders, waiting for something to go wrong, though at surface value at least you trust in your fellow soldiers to do their job. Am I wrong?”

She didn't give him time to respond as she leant forwards, her emerald eyes still locked with his steely grey gaze. “So I could ask you the same Eatan, can I trust you?” Her words were softly spoken, still with her deep husky accent. A very tiny measured dose of worry was injected into the words, along with an equally small measured dose of her usual silver-tongued beguiling charm. “Can I trust that you would have my back, that you won't leave me to my fate at the hands of the Imperials because it would be more convenient to do so?”

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:: Specialist Jathan Cort/Eatan Surrell ::
:: Galley ::

Cort maintained his slight half-smile when she denied that he would believe her.  What he had originally intended to be just a normal conversation had turned into some sort of a game, and he could tell she knew by the faint smile on her lips.  Whether she had intended it or not, it was still a little more information into her personality though.  Before he could respond, Bel turned the tables on him asking if she could trust him in return.  There was just a hint of worry in her tone along with a bit of the charm that Bel usually exhibited.  Now she was definitely playing games.  Had she just asked in the same tone as the conversation had been so far he wouldn't have minded, but the added inflections indicated that she was trying to manipulate his answers.  The Specialist didn't like people trying to manipulate him, especially with feminine charms, and so decided it was time to end the conversation.  He re-assumed his normal stone-faced expression and matter-of-fact tone as he answered.

"Captain Korvani, I don't do things out of convenience.  That's the easy way out, and taking the easy way is not going to win a war.  I am here to do my part in bringing about the destruction of the Empire.  It is in the best interest of that goal that we all make it out alive and that is what I intend to happen." 

Cort expected his response wasn't worded the way Bel wanted to hear.  He basically said he wouldn't leave her behind but in a way that indicated all that mattered was the final objective and not personal feelings or attachments, despite the fact that he did not want to see her left to the Empire's cruel devices.  Without waiting for a reply he rose from the table and added "Now if you will excuse me, it's time for my morning workout."

He turned away from her and headed for the door.   

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:: Lieutenant Commander Kardac Shalth/Kaberc Shurret ::
:: Cockpit ::

~Kardac had been in the cockpit for a bit keeping watch on on things while Bel slept.  She trusted him about the most to be watching the running of her ship while she wasn't awake, so here he was.  He didn't mind it.  It had given him time to make sure he had a handle on all the ship's systems and all of Bel's modifications and her lone flyer setup.  He was not planning on her being dead, but being in not good enough shape to fly could happen.  Also after supervising and participating in all the repairs Kardac probably had one of the better ideas of exactly what her ship was capable of in a bad situation.  He looked over at the chrono and saw that it had been a few hours since he'd last made rounds around the ship so he double checked the readouts and then hopped up to stroll around the ship.  Bel's quarters were still closed, but then they always were.  As he passed the galley Cort came out and he nodded at the man.~

"Mr. Surrell."

~Cort nodded back and kept on moving.  Not surprisingly there was Bel inside the galley.  He thought he'd heard the sonic shower going inside her quarters earlier.  She was slumped back looking like she'd just messed something up.  Probably something she was conversing with Cort about.  He continued on into the galley and headed over to the cabinets to grab a protein bar.~

"Mornin' Captain.  Up and at em already hmm?"

~She sighed and gave him a little nod, glancing at the door before looking back to him.~

"I see you're still having trouble meshing with the rest of the group.  At this point you're probably just best off focusing on what needs to be done.  Remember that you and I and the other two are the only salvation for the rest of the group until they're sprung.  It means they all have to rely on us and you need to be completely on point for what you'll be doing."

~He had found a protein bar and went to sit near her so they could discuss whatever else she was thinking.~

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:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Galley ::

When Cort stiffened into his stony faced expression, delivering her his answer before making his excuse to leave Elayne watched him go before slumping in her seat.

“Well done, you've managed to kark that one up haven’t you?” she muttered to herself. These military men didn't respond well to her easy going ways or her charms. Maybe it'd be a different case if they were off duty relaxing, then again maybe it wouldn't. Kardac was the only one of this mission group who responded positively to her flirtatious and often stubborn, hotheaded ways which probably explained why she got on well with him, though even he would reach a limit. Lunelle had warmed to her a little but remained professionally unaffected by her charms, seeing straight through her acts. Keler played along with her, while his men were more indifferent to her. Everyone else just seemed to find it offensive and what she thought were her harmless ways seemed to be driving more of a wedge between her and the others.

Kardac walked in almost immediately afterwards, seeming to guess that something had happened and commenting on it as he came over to sit where Cort had been only a minute beforehand. Bel sighed again, having a small bite of her bar.

“So what, I'm supposed to abandon any effort to gain their trust, instead just throw them into the clutches of some Imperial pigs and expect them to trust I'll do right by them when they know I'm a lying, cheating independent who ain't got a specific loyalty to their cause?” She spoke in her native tongue still, though her words weren't with her usual hotheadedness but more an exasperated resignation. She didn't give Kardac the change to respond however, pressing on with what she was saying and changing her accent and tone back to her mercenary persona, the first couple of words transitioning between the two accents before it was flawlessly Elayne’s.

“Don't worry about me Shurret, I'm not likely to slip up around the Imps. I've been doing this for years, maybe too many. I know what I need to do. The moment we are in there all they'll see is Korvani the mercenary. I just relax it a little more around here because, well...” Elayne shrugged. “You know who I am. I don’t need to hide that I'm a smuggler, I don’t need to keep the two personas separate from each other around you Alliance folk. It’s.... Strange. Only a few people know of my multiple aliases other than you Rebels.” She paused a moment before adding more quietly “you know that this Korvani alias is going to be useless after this? We only gonna have one shot at all this and getting what information we need with this alias, after this they are probably gonna connect more about me blowing my cover and I'll have to stay low for a while. Pity too, I kinda like this alias and it cost me quite a few creds.”

She shook her head as she finished her musings and took a larger bite of her bar.

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:: Lieutenant Commander Kardac Shalth/Kaberc Shurret ::
:: Galley ::

~Kardac shrugged a little at Bel's inquiries, just listening quietly and eating his protein bar as she talked on.  When she was done he spoke.~

"Aye well ya best not slip up.  I really don't want to have to start shooting early, and I'm pretty sure you don't either."

~She gave him a little nod and he continued.~

"As for your alias, yeah it will almost certainly be burned.  The Alliance can help to a degree with that.  Through independent channels we can "arrange" a bounty on Elayne while you're laying low and then a little later have it "collected".  It'll be collected under the premise that you are dead and so when anybody else tries to post or check on Elayne's bounty, they'll see a dead return on it.  Can't say it'll be perfect, but it'll help take heat off of you."

~Bel looked at him quietly, gauging what he was saying.  She probably found it hard to believe the Alliance would help with such a thing.~

"Oh, and about the trust of the men...  I'm not sure there's much you can say in the next four hours to make them change their minds.  Any story or words you might say are just that, words.  Lunelle and I trust you, but we've seen you in action and you actually pulled our butts out of the fire.  For now these men are gonna take their commanding officer's words at their value and put their trust in what we've said.  They're trained and will follow orders and do it to the best of their ability to see this job done.  That said, once we spring them and we put blasters back in their hands, I'm pretty sure they're gonna change their tune more than just a little about how they feel about you."

~He smiled encouragingly at her and took another bite of his protein bar.~

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:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Galley ::

Elayne listened quietly, eating her protein bar as Kardac spoke. The idea that the Alliance would do something like that was a strange one. She had no doubt they could do it, but why would they? Would they offer it as payment for another job? Would she have to pay them? They wouldn’t do it as payment for this job, she had already received payment and if her ship was damaged they would fix it as compensation. The suspicious smuggler couldn’t comprehend the idea that someone might do something for another as a good will gesture or out of kindness.

Elayne gave a troubled smile, shaking her head slightly. “Even then, you and Lunelle have only seen me in action flying a ship. You haven’t seen me with my blasters in the field, after all with practice anyone can pull off tricks on a practice range, nor have you seen me in the field acting the part of another persona. Those men are taking your word that I can probably do it based on my word.”

Kardac chuckled in response. "True I've only seen your piloting skills in combat, but I have seen you shoot, and I have seen you sweet talk, bluff, and attempt to pull the wool over people's eyes. From what I've seen so far you aren’t afraid of a fight and you aren’t easily intimidated. A little reckless at times, but if you didn't know how to temper that with caution you wouldn't still be here. So I'm pretty sure you have what we need concerning those skills sweetheart.”

He put a little emphasis on the ‘sweetheart’, saying it like a fringer would and fitting of the mercenary he was supposed to be. That made the corners of her mouth curl upwards but the troubled look was still in her eyes. Kardac looked into them for a bit as if trying to read her. Eventually he spoke again, his voice softened.

“That's not quite all that's bugging you, is it?”

Elayne stared back at him. “You are rather perceptive aren’t you?” The officer shrugged.

”It's my job to be, and you are hardly doing a good job of hiding it at the moment.”

The woman sighed. “I spose I'm not. It's a bad habit to get into.”

She hesitated then, looking at Kardac. She wasn’t sure if she should say anything to him, but at the same time she wasn't sure if saying nothing would help stop it eating away at her. Would speaking up about it help either? Could she trust him enough to say anything to him about it? He knew about her scar after all, about her previous first mate.... That was one of her more closely guarded secrets. Would it hurt to admit the truth? Of course it would, admitting any truth was bad for business, it was a risk to her life... And yet she'd already said some of it to Cort... She argued with herself internally while she ate the last bit of her bar before making her decision. Elayne glanced around to make sure there was noone in earshot before speaking up in a quiet voice.

“I keep asking myself why the hell I'm here. So do your men, I'm sure. This mission is just stupid... I mean, the payment of ship repairs is all fine and dandy but it's not worth the risk to both myself and my ship. I could have fixed my ship for less than it'd cost to buy another alias of this calibre, let alone the potential for injury or death. I kept telling myself it was just about the creds and the opportunity to stick it to the Empire but that still bugged me... Why did I want to go on the kriffing mission so badly that I basically talked you lot into it?! And then I realised it's not just that. Those people on Touk....” She struggled to find the words, to speak them out aloud. “If we hadn’t been there they wouldn't have died. It was our fault. I know, the Empire are the ones to blame, they pulled the trigger, it was their disregard for life that resulted in that massacre but... If we hadn’t slipped up, if Thal hadn't gotten that attention for whatever kriffing reason... Kark if that bastard Imperial Toen hadn't recognised me and tried to capture me.... That wasn’t what started the killing but it must have contributed. And if all that hadn’t happened... You might have had an easier time on Radvam. And you might not have lost as many men.”

That last bit was spoken very quietly but she wasn't quite finished. “I've done plenty of bad things in my life, some I deeply regret and plenty more that I don't, but I've never... I dunno, felt like I needed to atone for something before. Well... That's a lie, I did save those Rebel prisoners I was meant to be transporting. But even then...” Elayne shrugged her shoulders, playing with her empty cup and staring at it while she spoke. “Fighting and killing criminals or soldiers in a war is one thing. They knew what they were getting themselves into, they knew the possible consequences of their actions. Brutally killing innocent civilians is another thing completely.”

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::Kellam Styg, human pilot::

::Kellam had slept peacefully through his assigned sleep time.  The rest of the sleep shifts he spent keeping to himself, mainly looking over the ship, especially engineering.  He was rather bored,  on the Qanotha something always needed fixing.  They spent so much time and effort on this tub that now there wasn't any need, the ship was almost good as new. 

Kellam wandered into the galley, looking for food.  He saw Kardac and Elayne chatting as he entered the galley.  They seemed to be always together.  He didn't say anything as he went over and started rummaging through cabinetry, grimacing the whole time.

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:: Lieutenant Commander Kardac Shalth/Kaberc Shurret ::
:: Galley ::

~Kardac listened quietly as Bel spoke about what was bothering her, nodding a few times as she went.  When she was done he spoke up.~

"I know it seems like a crazy mission, but it's something that needs to be done.  The Empire won't get away with what was done.  We'll make sure of it.  Sure, maybe those people might have lived if our teams weren't there, but we had a job to do and there were risks involved.  You can believe it's something that will probably stick with us for a while, and it is our burden to bear.  The only thing we can do now is to avenge their slaughter by completing what we have to do."

~He shrugged a little.~

"Maybe you'll feel better afterwards, maybe not, but you'll have done the right thing in trying."

~Kardac popped the last bite of his protein bar into his mouth and chewed it up.  Styg walked in while he was chewing but didn't really acknowledge the two, which was fine since they were supposed to be playing down the rank thing.  After his bite was gone he spoke again.~

"On a different note, your ship is still purring like a Spukamas.  I do believe she's ready for a serious run of blowing some shavit up."

~He gave Bel a wicked grin at the thought of making that Imperial base go boom.~

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:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Galley ::

He didn’t quite seem to get it, he didn’t seem to understand how… serious it was for her to admit her guilt over what happened. This man, all these men, they just seemed to think differently to the people she was used to. When Styg walked in Kardac thankfully changed the subject, giving her a wicked grin as he mentioned blowing shavit up. She returned it.

“Aye, this baby is in better condition than she’s been in a while. If you think I was good at Alvor, just wait til you see what I can do with her at full strength!” she boasted with Bel’s cockiness and a chuckle. She glanced over at the pilot in the main galley who was rummaging through the cupboards and spoke slightly louder.

“Not that I’ll get much chance, someone else gets to have all the fun blowing shavit up with my girl. And with missiles like that, what a shame I miss out.”

Her grin became more wicked again, her emerald eyes hardening with a dangerous glint as she adopted Elayne’s more businesslike tone. “We will just have to do our bit on the ground and beat them Imps into a pulp. We will make them regret what they did at Alvor.”

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::Kellam Styg, human pilot::

"I just wouldn't feel comfortable putting my professional guarantee on my workmanship without thoroughly testing it first.  " 

::Kellam responded to the smuggler's comment about having all the fun.  He rummaged a bit more before taking an unappealing looking nutrition bar and sitting down with the others.::

"You could do a lot worse than me behind the controls, let me tell you.  And don't you worry about punishing them bucket heads none.  By the time we're done, there won't be nothing but scrap and ash.  A fine payback as any we can give."

::Kellam bit into the bar before grimacing at the taste and giving the food and evil look. ::

"Tastes a bit like bantha sweat and sand!  They expect people to enjoy this crap?"

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:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Galley ::

Elayne grinned at Styg but didn’t comment back, watching him casually as he sat in the last seat at the table itself. When he whinged about the bar she rolled her eyes and chuckled.

“They ain't that bad. Course you did grab one of the plain bars, there's some fruit flavoured ones in there that taste better.”

She waved her empty wrapper in his direction teasingly then put it back down. “I'm used to the ‘Bantha sweat and sand’ as you put it. Cooking ain't a skill I ever learnt. Believe me, the prepacked meals and protein bars are much better than what I could manage. You guys have it all luxury on that boat of yours, having a cook. Been years since I've served on a ship with a decent cook.”

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::Kellam Styg, human pilot::

"Luxury is an interesting word to describe that tub.  Have the stuff is broken, the other half near to breaking. Not enough booze, not enough women."

::Kellam shrugged as he continued eating the disgusting bar.::

"This ship is much cozier if I say so myself, though I'm bored to tears waiting around.  Spent so much time rebuilding her that nothing needs fixing!  I don't know what to do with myself.  I've been wandering around while everyone slept.  Something always needs fixing on the Qanotha, though you are right about the cooking."

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:: Lieutenant Commander Kardac Shalth/Kaberc Shurret ::
:: Galley ::

~Kardac listened quietly as the two bantered back and forth.  He did chuckle a little when Styg described the flavor of the protein bar.  It was true, some were pretty awful, but he knew Bel had some of the tastier fruit-flavored ones which is what he'd chosen.  Kardac smirked a little at some of their comments.~

"Oh, Styg is definitely a good choice for piloting a big tub like this.  He hasn't been flying as long as I have, but he does have more experience flying less graceful craft."

~He openly grinned at the dirty looks the two of them were shooting him.  Styg hated when X-wing pilots poked fun as his Y-wing and Bel no doubt hated her ship being called a tub.  She threw her empty wrapper at him and he caught it.  His jests were only meant to poke fun though and lighten the mood.  Bel's ship was by no means a "tub", and Styg was a damn fine Y-wing pilot.~

"As for having it good on the Qanotha, Styg is right in that there's always something that needs repairing or tuning up, but it does keep us busy.  We are blessed with Cookie though.  He can whip up some pretty good chow, even when he's down on supplies."

~Kardac checked his chrono and was quiet a few moments.~

"Well, the last shift will be getting up soon enough.  We'll have one last run through and start the final prep of things before we start putting people in cages."

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:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Galley ::

Elayne threw a dirty look and her wrapper at Kardac for insulting her ship, though his grin gave away his jest. The woman rolled her eyes and leant in closer to Styg.

“’Tub’, ‘less graceful’. Pft, man wouldn't recognise a good ship if he was staring straight at it” she commented with a little grin, referring to both her ship and the man’s y-wing, then sat back again. “But there's always something that needs fixing on this girl. Upgrades, tweeks, repairs, it's never ending. Though I have to admit, this is the best I've seen her in a long time. There's a few bits I would do right now if we weren’t on such a tight schedule, but eh, it'll wait.”

When the executive officer mentioned putting people into cages she grinned again, a little sheepishly. “Yeeeaaaahhhh.... I don’t think they are gonna like that much. Much as I would find that mightily amusing, I might let you and Keler deal with that. I'm disliked enough by that lot, don't need to make it worse.”

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::Kellam Styg, human pilot::

::Kellam finished his bar, enjoying the company of the spacer.  She was his kind of people, not so rigid as the other military types, and she reminded him of home. Listening to her remarks, he had to agree with her opinion on stuffing the others into cages.::

"Now listen here sister, they may not like you so much and relish shouting about every chance they get but they wouldn't get anywhere without us.  Believe it or not I wasn't so well liked at first either.  Shocking I know, given my charming personality.  'Not a true believer in the cause, he's just dodging an arrest warrant,'  they said but they change their tune when they need something obliterated or one of their toys needs fixing. So don't go around worrying that you ain't Miss Popularity."

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:: Lieutenant Commander Kardac Shalth/Kaberc Shurret ::
:: Galley ::

~Kardac smiled just a little when Bel and Styg talked a little about not being liked.  Styg had a point though, couldn't worry too much about it now.  The men would play their parts and rely on the four of them to spring the rest of the group.~

"Aye, they ain't gonna like it, but Styg is right."

~He looked at his chrono once more and decided to go ahead and make his rounds.~

"I'm gonna start getting everybody up and in here."

~Kardac headed out the door and started around the ship, stopping by all the cabins and other areas to make sure people were up and would be heading to the galley/lounge to run through all the details one more time.~

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:: Specialist Jathan Cort/Eatan Surrell ::
:: Galley ::

Cort headed out the galley door and saw Kardac as he was heading in.  The senior officer greeted him and he simply nodded in response as they passed by.  The Specialist took a couple of steps down the corridor and then paused a moment, thinking more about what Bel had said earlier in their conversation.  Despite all the mystery surrounding the woman and her tendency to go back to her firty charming persona, he had the feeling that she was telling the truth about why she was here.  There was no other logical explanation why she was on this mission since she was receiving no financial compensation and her ship had been repaired beforehand.  As he stood outside in the corridor he heard Kardac striking up a conversation with the smuggler.  She seemed to be genuinely concerned about failing to connect with the soldiers and gain their trust.  Bel continued speaking more quietly, but he could make out enough to get the gist of what she was saying.  She had told him earlier that the Empire wouldn't have massacred the civilians on Touk if they hadn't been there, but now it sounded more like feelings of guilt and responsibility for what had happened.  Of course she could just be playing the Commander for a fool, she was a fringer after all, but something told him that was not the case.  She said something else but it was spoken too quietly for him to hear. 

Cort started moving again when he saw Styg turn the corner and head for the galley, and resumed his course for the cargo bay for some early morning calisthenics.


A short time later, the Specialist was wrapping up one of his personally developed hand-to-hand combat routines when the Commander entered and called him back to the lounge.  He completed the final strikes of his routine before acknowledging Kardac with a nod and followed the man out of the cargo bay.  Cort once again entered the lounge and, ignoring those present, took a seat at the far end of the bench against the wall, a look of intense focus on his face. 

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:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Galley area ::

Bel cocked her head to one side and regarded the stocky pilot sitting next to her as he spoke. He was cocky and said whatever he wanted with a great deal of sarcasm but as such was far more like the type she was used to dealing with. His abilities as a pilot and mechanic didn’t hurt her opinion of him either. Again she wondered exactly what he did before this. Too young to have explored too much of the galaxy before he joined the Rebels, though even that thought make her stop and think. No, he probably wasn’t, after all she’d left home just shy of her sixteenth birthday and had already been from one end of the galaxy to the other and many places in between before she obtained the Wagtail’s Shadow, and he was probably about the age she was when she got it. She gave Kardac a little nod when he spoke and left, then turned back to Styg flashing him a genuine smile.

“You know what, you’re alright Styg.”

The first of the crew began entering they galley and lounge area and with the mental equivalent of shaking the thoughts from her head she brought her thoughts back to the here and now and the mission they were about to attempt. No more jumping between personalities and letting herself relax, from here on out she was the gun for hire Elayne Korvani. As more people entered she spoke again to Styg, this time in a quieter voice.

“You remember how to rig that hyperdrive back up once we make it purposely fail yeah?”

Given that Styg was going to play at being their mechanic and would stay on the ship, she and Kardac had agreed that he would also need to know how to ‘break’ and ‘fix’ the hyperdrive and he had been run through it a few times the day before and shown where the parts were hidden. Elayne didn’t like sharing more secrets about her ship though it made perfect sense in this situation to show the pilot. Once they entered the system he would be charged with quickly disabling the drive… after they had been confirmed for clearance and were certain they weren’t going to be shot at and needed to make a speedy get away.

The man rolled his eyes and shot her a look that spoke volumes and the smuggler lifted both hands palms outwards in mock surrender. “Okay okay I get the picture, you know what you’re doing. I’m just always a little nervous about purposely disabling something that prevents me from escaping. At least this time I’ve got others helping me though, should make it much easier.”

The last of the crew entered the now crowded room and she glanced around doing a mental headcount and noting everyone was present. They looked a sorry lot. Everyone was battered in some way and they were all wearing their days old civilian clothing, which for some had rips, others had blood splatters, and for all were getting a little ripe. Elayne was used to dealing with all kinds of shady nasty sorts but the smell of so many men crowded together who hadn’t bathed in days made her wrinkle up her nose a little. First thing she would do when this mission was over would be to line them up in the refresher and make them all take sonic showers. Hell, she’d offer up her personal refresher if it meant getting them all smelling clean again. She knew she didn’t smell the prettiest either, while she had the luxury of bathing and clean clothes she was wearing her armour and it didn’t matter what she did, the armour always retained some smell. That, and the fact she hadn’t washed her hair properly in days to make herself look more the part. She definitely looked forward to a good wash after the mission was over.

With everyone present Kardac stood up and walked over so he was in front of everyone, and Elayne, still seated at the table, twisted a little to turn her attention to him.

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:: Lieutenant Commander Kardac Shalth/Kaberc Shurret ::
:: Galley/Lounge ::

~Once everybody was assembled he started going over things once more.  He activated the hologram on the table and inserted the data chip he had.~

"As you know, this is the base layout that we were provided."

( (

"Since this surveillance was taken several days ago, the Alliance deemed this mission important enough for another recon pass to be made, this time with a little more detail used.  We received the intel not too long ago as it was relayed to the Qanotha and then to us.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute, but I'm not gonna balk it.  So, you can see here...."

~He flipped to the next holo image and this time the base had some more detail to it.  The main generator was a little clearer, but now the other two auxiliary generators were more distinguishable.  Also the equipment on top of some of the buildings was now more distinguishable.~

( (

"As you can see, we now know for sure that the two buildings we suspected are indeed auxiliary generators.  We can also make out the arrays on the top of the two center buildings a little better.  The one closest to the landing area is comms equipment for sure, and the one next to that looks to be the sensor arrays.  Also, you can see the southeast building has a whole lot of ventilation equipment on the roof.  I'm willing to bet my last credit that's where they are doing their experiments.  They would want the climate very controlled and also any ventilation for different rooms, especially ones with infected subjects, kept separate from each other.  Now, we have three thermal res shots..."

~He flipped through one, and then another, and then to the last one.~

"The thermal shots show us approximate heat signatures from within the buildings at morning, afternoon, and night.  We don't get much of an individual body count because the scans weren't close enough, but we can tell at night that most of the buildings are nearly or completely empty, except for the two that are to the west and the southwest most one.  I'm going to bet that makes these three the barracks.  Probably broken up into three groups, the scientists, the mercs, and the Imp troops.  Also the central building to the south has minor, but constant heat signatures, day and night, and they don't move location.  With nothing significant on the roof, it's hard to tell what it might be.  However, given that the building to the north of what we are believing is the experimentation labs, does have changing signatures during day and none at night, I'm willing to bet the ones in that central southern building don't or can't leave.  This probably means prisoners in cells and guards who do come and go, but who are always in the same spots watching the prisoners.  It would make sense to have the building that houses your future test subjects to be right next to where your testing is done."

~Kardac flipped the holo display back to the more detailed image and then looked at the group.~

"Now, I know it still doesn't give us an exact body count, but it's a fair bit more than what we had to go on before.  Obviously some of this still isn't concrete evidence, but it gives us a possible picture.  We now have a little more detail about our demo targets as well as the base layout.  While the four of us that will not be locked up would probably have eventually figured out the locations of what was what on the base, this gives those of you that will be locked up a slightly better idea of what's where when the time comes to spring you all.  So, thoughts?"

~He looked around, more specifically at Lunelle, Areta, Bel, Styg and Keler.~

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:: Specialist Tyy'n (Valkee), Bothan ::
:: Galley/Lounge ::

Tyy'n felt well-rested and focused as the Commander gave the briefing. Being the shortest sentient, he was at the front of the grouped people. The intel that they had received was relieving for the confirmation of the external structures, and, with the addition of the thermal scans, the interior layout was easier to picture. When he asked for questions, Tyy'n raised his hand. When the Commander motioned to Tyy'n, his hand dropped to the dishevelled braids beneath his left ear and spoke up. "Do we know if the cages be delivered to the landing platform or some other structure? From that can we estimate the route they will be taken?"

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:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Galley ::

Elayne watched with some interest as Kardac presented the updated reconnaissance images. They must have arrived while she was asleep, because the ship hadn’t received any communications before she had retired to her quarters. He finished explaining the data and turned the screen back to the more detailed image before overlaying a skeleton layout of the base with updated titles for each building. The woman found all of this very novel and a far cry from what she was used to working with. Before she could say anything to his asking if anyone had questions the Bothan raised his hand before being nodded at and allowed to speak. She also found that concept amusing. Sure, you didn't go interrupting some crime boss while he was speaking but asking for permission like that made her feel like she was back in school. These military types sure were different.

"Do we know if the cages be delivered to the landing platform or some other structure? From that can we estimate the route they will be taken?"

“Actually...” the smuggler started before glancing at Kardac. He didn’t give her a disapproving or warning look so she took that to mean she could continue.

“We are gonna march you straight out of the ship at blasterpoint. You'll have binders put on you when we put you in the cells, and we will lash you together when we escort you out. Before that happens will be the customary meet and greet, you don't hand over your prized cargo before seeing who you are dealing with. Be aware that once we hit Drongar, you are prisoners. No discussing the mission, the only chit chat should be the worried moanings of captives who have no idea what is in store for them or where they are being taken. This might sound obvious to say now, but I'm saying it anyway coz there's a good chance that whoever will receive you will possibly have a couple of their own men come aboard the ship to help escort you. Imperials in particular don’t care much about the proper way of things and will just barge onto your ship without invitation. Past us escorting you down to the landing platform, who knows? Once you are handed over I'd expect they'll take you straight inside to whatever holding cells they have. Depending on who is really running things down there, we mercs might be allowed inside with escort, or we might be confined to ship. Hopefully we can work it that we be allowed access but we won't know until we are there.”

Elayne looked at the holo image again. “What I want to know is how the kriff are we going to make sure we are inside the complex when the bombs start going off and Styg starts shooting missiles so that we can get to the prisoners immediately to spring yas, but make sure we ain't gonna be in the particular buildings that will be merrily reduced to rumble?”

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:: Lieutenant Commander Kardac Shalth/Kaberc Shurret ::
:: Galley/Lounge ::

~Tyy'n spoke up and Kardac let Bel field the question.  However once she was done, she had questions of her own.~

"For the explosive on the main reactor we'll use short range line of sight transmitters to detonate it since it is right next to the landing platform.  Once main power drops, any monitoring or jamming they might be doing will be interrupted long enough for a specific signal to be transmitted which will detonate the explosives that we will plant on the two auxiliary generators.  Now, that being said, we may not be able to blow both the auxiliary generators.  We may very well have to leave the one up so that the containment of the weapon stays in effect and so that we have access to the computers."

~Kardac manipulated the image and crossed off the building that had the main generator that would be blown up with planted explosives.~

"Given the placement, the auxiliary generator to the south is the one that would run the buildings with the comms and sensors as well as the labs, possibly even minimal power to the barracks for doors and lights.  The one to the northwest would then have to be the one that runs the defenses, making it the one that needs to be eliminated."

~He marked off the northwest generator like the first and left the southern one alone.~

"After the generators are down, the shooting will start.  We'll know we'll be safe in buildings because Styg won't start the explosives show without knowing we're good to go.  As for the missiles and reducing buildings to rubble, we have eight, of which six are standard high yield weapons.  The other two missiles, which are the first and second rounds in launcher two, are bunker burners which are designed to pierce a structure and burn it out from the inside, rather than exploding.  If we are correct in our assumption of the prison structure, we'll want to use one of those two on the barracks that appears to be right next door since it will likely be either the mercs or the troopers so they can be close to the prisoners.  The other can be used on the fly on a target we designate, possibly the other barracks that has armed personnel in it, or another building like the one that has sensors on the roof or the one north of the labs."

~As he spoke he was tapping some of the structures, designating which he was talking about.~

"The majority of the rest of the targets that need to be eliminated should be able to taken out with guns, like comms array, the two cannons covering the landing area, the four sentry posts, and the sensors array.  Between Styg controlling the forward guns and my R3 controlling the dorsal and ventral turrets, they should be able to take out four targets each in fairly short order.  The ground buzzer will also help take care of anybody that decides to pop their head up and take pot shots at the ship.  I don't think we'll need to take out the four large gun emplacements as they won't work without a big enough power source like the ones we'll have slagged already.  However if we do need to do so, they may require missiles to destroy.  Also we probably will use one on the lab at the end to make sure it's completely blown to bits."

~Kardac looked around, questioning the group.~

"Any other questions about the plan so far or any changes with this new update?"

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:: Lieutenant Areta Viridux Duros Pilot/Intelligence Officer::
::AKA Jad DeBrek, captured transport owner/captain::
::Galley/ Lounge::

Areta had kept himself to himself as much as possible on the outward flight. At one point Captain Lunelle had spoken to him about it but Areta had informed him that he was simply staying in character. Jad DeBrek as well as being captured and taken into slavery or whatever fate awaited him would have lost his ship, which would likely be his home and families livelihood. In Duros culture unpaid debts were a huge social stigma so it would be likely that Debrek would be very withdrawn and depressed. This also suited Areta and fitted into the concept of being an anonymous prisoner or grey being that he had learnt to adopt if captured while he had being doing infiltration training.

In the here and now however he had to give his opinion as Intelligence Officer.

“may I?” Areta asked, reaching over to take the holo remote from the Lieutenant Commander.

The Duros flipped back a few images, the image he stopped on had been taken taken at an angle, much of the compound was in shadow but he zoomed into two small blotches that were under the edge of the raised landing pad.
“here” he flick back to the thermal image “and here. These look to me to be a couple of power droids, you can see in this image that this one has moved. It’s not surprising to find them by the launch pad and the imperials won’t be able to run much by the way of shield or weapons off them. But if they are linked into the power system they could probably maintain power to the security doors, lighting and atmospheric systems. Just something to be aware of as you won’t be able to get a clear shot at them from the ship, a well-placed ion grenade would be ample however.” The Lieutenant Commanders face remained impassive he just gave a small nod. “that is all I have to add from this new information” said Areta.

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:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Lounge/ Galley area ::

The independent watched the images as the others spoke. She still wasn't so certain about buildings being blown up while she was inside another, what if a mistake was made, miscommunication or they became separated? Coming up with a plan as they went was something she was familiar with, but the more variables and the more beings involved the more risk there was. She also wasn't completely happy with leaving her ship in the hands of others, but she didn't want to miss out on the ground action and knew Styg wasn't a sloppy pilot. She pushed the thoughts from her mind, she would deal with them when it came to it.

The Duros' spotting of the power droids was a handy heads up, and she spoke her thoughts out aloud in a musing tone.

"Ion grenade sure, or we can use the droids to our own advantage. Whatever we need at the time I guess."

When no one else asked any questions Elayne stood up from her seat. "Well if that's all for now I better do my rounds of the ship, make sure everything's good to go before we put people in cages and drop outta hyperspace."

She looked at Kardac who gave her a small nod, then threaded her way between those present to exit the room.

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:: Specialist Tharu Tyy'n ("Valkee"), Bothan ::
:: Wagtail's Shadow Lounge ::

The Duros' observation and the subsequent discussion of the droids sparked Tyy'n's mind to inquire to the Commander about that miniaturised power cell. Being marched at gun-point into Imperial hands meant that he would have to feign deactivation, though he would probably be inspected to show that it was a hoax. He could reprogramme the droids, but either he would need a datapad to reconfigure the codes, or his arm to be operational to upload prewritten protocols. When the Smuggler presumptuously dismissed the meeting, Tyy'n made his way directly to the Commander to discuss his personal dilemma.

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:: Lieutenant Commander Kardac Shalth/Kaberc Shurret ::
:: Galley/Lounge ::

~Kardac allowed Areta to take point and bring up something he'd noticed about the latest bit of intel.  As the power droids were pointed out he nodded at the Duros' words.  After Areta finished Bel spoke up and brought another idea to light.  It was actually something he had begun to think about himself.  If the research building didn't have it's own independent backup, which he was thinking it might considering the dangerous and sensitive nature of the weapon, they could use the power droids to run the building.  This would allow them to blow the other auxiliary generator outside and minimize any other trouble that might arise from having to leave it intact.  When Bel went to take her leave he nodded to her.~

"Alright then."

~Looking back to the group nobody else seemed to have any questions.~

"If that's it, then you're all dismissed.  Get your last bit of any prep you need to do because in a couple hours most of you are going to be put in cages."

~People started to disperse and Tyy'n approached him.~

"Valkee, this about the power cell for your arm?"

~The Bothan nodded.~

"I have your replacement on me.  We'll swap it in once you go in the cages and we'll have it in the off position so your arm and the cell don't show any active readings.  Anything else?"

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:: Spc Tyy'n "Valkee", Bothan ::

Tyy'n was surprised by the Commander's anticipation of his own concern. The surprise stiffened his fur momentarily before relaxing. "No, Shurret, that was actually what I came to talk about. But now that I'm thinking about it," Tyy'n reached into the compartment on the dorsal side of his arm and pulled out some cables. "With these, I should be able to reprogramme the droids. That's given they can be returned to me on the ground."

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:: Lieutenant Commander Kardac Shalth/Kaberc Shurret ::
:: Galley/Lounge ::

~Kardac smiled just a little when he read the surprise on Tyy'n's face.  As a commanding officer he'd gotten pretty good at guessing what issues people were going to come to him with.  The arm had been a guess, but an educated one. They Bothan of course would be concerned about the loss of its use.  When the Specialist then pulled out a set of cables from another compartment Kardac took them as Tyy'n explained what they were for.  He nodded in understanding.~

"Aye, I'll make sure they get back to you when you all are sprung.  I'm hoping the power droids are your basic kind and will respond to verbal command and will just go along with power being lost and them being needed, but obviously we won't know until we get to them."

~He looked down and tucked the cables into one of his pockets before he looked back to the Bothan.~

"Anything else Valkee?"

~The Specialist shook his head.~

"Alright then, finish your final prep and be ready to get locked up."

~The Bothan headed off and Kardac headed for the cockpit.~

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:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler / Mercenary ::
:: Corridor ::

The woman was feeling an anxious excitement build as she went around the ship checking everything, then checked the hyperdrive parts were ready to ‘damage’ the hyperdrive. She always found it thrilling and exciting pulling a con, and this one was probably one of the more ambitious things she'd done. Her anxiety still mostly stemmed from the fact so many others were involved that if any of them slipped up it would blow their whole cover. If things really got bad she might be able to feint ignorance of their identities and bluff her way out but given her current status with the Empire it was unlikely. Besides, one less mercenary was of no concern to them, they would just as easily throw her in as a prisoner with everyone else.

Growingly her anxiety was also from the increasing realisation of how much their lives all depended on her. Elayne had been well aware of that fact all along but with them just hours out it was hitting home. She was confident in her abilities but accidents and unfortunate events could happen. If any of them lost their lives or were seriously hurt there was a very real likelihood that would be on her head. Not only was she worried about the repercussions of what that could do to her relations with the Alliance, but she realised she was actually concerned for them as individuals.

“You are getting soft” she muttered to herself and continued with her tasks.

A couple of hours later everyone was being piled into the cages, Lunelle, Tyy’n and Areta in the storage room; Zeeke, Dak’r and Jathan in one of the cages; and Dessh, Tej and Cab in the second cage. They were large enough that three beings could lie down side by side in each, just barely, and humans had head space though a tall species such as a wookiee would have to hunch over, with the storage room cell a bit bigger. True to her previous words Elayne didn’t get involved in putting the ‘prisoners’ into the cages, instead she stood leaning against the doorway to the cargo bay with her arms folded and a neutral expression on her face. She saw Kardac take Tyy’n aside and do something with his arm, the cybernetic attachment going limp before it powered back up briefly then again became limp and a dead weight. Briefly she wondered what they were doing until she remembered an earlier conversation with the executive officer. The slimline power cell would mean the Bothan would have a small amount of power when escaping the cells rather than his arm being a burden but would powered down for the rest of the time. Kardac had said it didn’t have much power and that he had an additional cell to add to it, as well as the original.

As they finished up she stood up and walked over to Tyy’n before he went into the storage room. “Can I speak with you a moment Valkee?” she asked him quietly and after a moment he agreed, a questioning look on his face as he followed her a few steps away from the others.

“Just one question, how do you say ‘signal’ in your language? I can’t figure it out.”

The look Tyy’n gave her was very suspicious and he said bluntly “why?”

“Insurance” was her simple and cryptic reply.

He gave her a hard look for a while before he seemed to decide there was no reason he shouldn't. He pronounced it for her a few times, Elayne trying herself after that. She had a general knack for picking up phrases of different languages as a result of her work, but while she had worked for a while with a Bothan she had never picked up more than a few words of the language, she found it much harder to speak than some others. He corrected her a few times and her general dislike for the being was making her tetchy with him for correcting her but she held her tongue and temper, after all she had gone to him for help. Eventually he gave a little nod.
”Passable, barely.”

“That's all it needs to be.” She started to walk away from him then added back over her shoulder, almost as if it was an afterthought, “thanks”.

She returned to her place in the doorway, watching as the now armoured Taresh and Kardac finished locking everyone away. When that was done they walked over to her.

“Cargo’s all loaded up?” she asked and Taresh nodded. “Good.” Assuming the role of the captain she strolled back towards the cockpit, Styg coming into view ahead of them from out of the galley dressed as the mechanic he was playing.

“Drop out is in about ten minutes, I'll give a two minute warning. Styg and Keler you will be in the turrets. Shurret with me.”

She'd had a brief argument with Kardac earlier when he said he would be riding co-pilot with her. Her argument against it was that Styg was meant to be playing her mechanic and co- pilot, while he was just one of her lackeys. He argued that if something bad should happen on their approach and they needed to haul jets out of there then as the operations commander whilst aboard the ship he should be the one flying co- pilot. She couldn’t completely disagree with that logic but she didn't like not playing the con right. He of course had pulled rank on the matter and now followed her into the cockpit. She sat down and started checking the hyperdrive timer and the systems, making sure all the readings to weapons, shields and engines were normal. Her persona had completely changed back to Elayne’s.

“Remember you are just meant to be the lackey, you aren't even meant to be there. You let me do any speaking over the comms and you keep your mouth shut in the background, I don’t want to give them any pause for concern. If for some crazy reason it does come up why some gunhand is flying co- pilot I'll say I had to send Styg to the engine room to find out what was happening with the hyperdrive. Won't be a complete lie anyway, since by the time we are on landing approach he will be back there breaking it.”

With everything on her console still reporting back better than it had been in a long time she checked the timer again then opened the shipwide comms.

“Two minutes until we drop out of hyperspace.”

She turned to Kardac, an idea from earlier still forming. “Hey, you said that you’ve got both the original power cell from Valkee’s arm as well as that new add on one? I was thinking, might be worth giving the add on to me. That way if something should happen we have more chance of getting at least one of the power cells to him.”

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:: Specialist Jathan Cort/Eatan Surrell ::
:: Cargo Bay ::

Jathan sat in the cage going over the mission details in his mind, a harder edged look than normal to his face.  He glanced over at Zeeke and Dak'r, both of whom had been unusually quiet since before the briefing.  Perhaps just mentally preparing for the mission as he was, although it seemed strange for the Sergeant to be so quiet.  Being locked up in such a confined space did not sit well with him, but at least it would only be for a short while.  He watched the exchange between Bel and Ty'yn, though he couldn't hear what was being said.  Hopefully whatever had happened between them previously would not come back to haunt this mission.

A short time later Bel's voice came over the comm announcing two minutes till drop out.  It wouldn't be too much longer until he and his fellow soldiers would be escorted to a new holding cell, in an Imperial controlled research facility, and their lives would in the hands of Kardac, Bel and the others. 

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:: Lieutenant Areta Viridux Duros Pilot/Intelligence Officer::
::AKA Jad DeBrek, captured transport owner/captain::
::Storage Room Cell::

Areta leant against the wall in the corner of the storage room and stared at the red light of the door lock. The room was cramped with Lunelle and the Bothan in there as well as himself but Areta supposed it was better than the indignity of having to be in an actual cage.

As they had been put into the makeshift cell the Lieutenant Commander had taken Valkee aside and speak with him. The focus of the discussion seemed to be the Bothans cybernetic arm. Korvani then had a rather cryptic conversation with the Bothan also. Areta looked towards Lunelle, who simply shrugged, the Captain looked more haggard than usual, which Areta supposed fitted the prisoner persona well.

As the Duros gazed at the doorlock  and listened to the noises of the ship, a grim sense of determination began to creep over him. During the early part of the trip on the Mynocks Bane Areta had focused angrily on what he saw as the ad hoc, poorly planned and poorly resourced nature of the mission, that ultimately was gambling with his life. He still had little confidence in the ability of the crew that were staying aboard the ship to carry out an effective rescue, but now his anger was directed in another direction.
When he ended up in the cells at the research station, Areta promised himself two things. Firstly he was not going to end up as an experiment, his suicide pills would look after that if need be. Secondly he was going to take a few imperials with him and if it was only scientists or contracted security to hand they would have to do instead.

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:: Spc Tyy'n "Valkee", Bothan ::
:: Holding Area ::

Tyy'n felt everyone's eyes on him. It was made to seem like he was a figure of some significance because of the attention from the Smuggler and the Commander. Tyy'n stepped back into the holding cell, poking at his stiff, mechanical prosthesis. Something about it just lying unresponsively made his shoulder itch. Tyy'n was marginly appreciative for it, because the irritation was enough to cause a slight tremor in his fur, which would better fit the 'kidnapped-for-the-slave-trade' cover.

Nobody seemed in much mood to talk, only occasionally, subtly glance over at him, so Tyy'n pondered what everyone else seemed to be so interested in; his conversation with the Smuggler. Tyy'n wondered what those two words could mean; "signal", and why would that be "insurance".

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:: Lieutenant Commander Kardac Shalth/Kaberc Shurret ::
:: Cockpit ::

~Kardac listened to Bel's instructions, barely nodding in reply.  He wasn't going to be screwing anything up.  When she asked about the power pack for Tyy'n's arm, he pondered a moment and then nodded.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out the power pack that was meant to go in on top of the one already in there and handed it over to her.~

"Simple as can be.  Open the panel, pop it in.  It will automatically start providing more power to the one already in there.  I'll hold onto the original one since I know how to get the packs out and into his arm in case he has trouble."

~She took the power pack and tucked it away safely as they both watched the hyperdrive count down.  When the timer reached zero they brought the ship out of hyperspace, but they did so in a rough manner.  One more thing to sell the fact that they were having trouble.  As soon as they knew they weren't going to be blown out of the sky and got clearance to land, Styg would go "break" the hyperdrive to complete the con.  They barely had been out of hyperspace less than a minute when the comm crackled to life.~

"Unidentified ship, you are not authorized to be in this sector!  This is restricted Imperial space.  You have thirty seconds to state the nature of your business here or you will be fired upon."

~Kardac looked over to Bel with a slight smirk.~

"You're up Captain Korvani."

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:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Cockpit ::

Elatne gave Kardac a wicked grin, then dropped it and opened the comm channel, typing on the console as she did so. “This is Captain Korvani of the transport Mynock’s Bane. Got a shipment for you, transmitting the authorisation code now.”

She sent the code off and waited, her hands hovering over the controls with full shields on a slow approach to the moon, waiting for either confirmation or her sensors to go crazy warning of an impending attack. In typical fashion they made them wait. Outwardly she kept her calm but this bit was always a little nerve wracking. Eventually the comm crackled back into life.

“Authorisation code has been approved.” Elayne let out a breath of relief. “Transmitting your landing coordinates now. Our facility has shielding, as you enter atmosphere....”

Another voice suddenly cut in over the comm. ”Wait did you say your name was Korvani? Elayne Korvani?!

Elayne's face paled slightly and she made sure the mic was turned off. “Kark!” she hissed at Kardac in an urgent low voice. “I know this guy! Just... Follow my lead on this. And get ready to haul jets just in case.”

In a pleasantly surprised voice she turned the mic back on and spoke to the newcomer. “Kesa?! Kriff is that you, it's been what, a year? What are you doing in this sector?!”

A chuckle answered her. ”Thought that was your voice when I heard it sweet’eart. I'm running the security gig down here now.”

The woman forced a smile to her face. This could either be really good, or suddenly turn really bad and end the mission before it started. “Is that so? Moving up in the galaxy Kesa, you musta expanded your crew a lot for that.”

He chuckled again. ”Aye, things have been looking up. Judging by the authorisation code you gave you have some guests for us ey? Didn't pick you for that type.”

Oh, this could go very bad. Her mind was working very quickly. “Not all of us have been so lucky. Things went south after those kriffing rebels attacked me and stole my cargo. Low on creds, got harder to find jobs. Had to take on crew and whatever job I could get. I can stand to overlook some things when the creds are good.” She grinned, trying to sell her story. He couldn’t see her but she knew one's facial expressions could change the tone of one's voice. “And the credits for this are very good. I've got nine pieces of cargo for yous.”

”Human or otherwise?”

“Both. One Duros, two Twi’leks, a Rodian and some fuzzy cyborg Bothan. The rest human.”

“Sounds like quite a score. They’ll be happy. Bring your ship on down, you’ve got clearance to land on the open landing pad.

“Kesa?” Elayne softened her tone. “It’ll be nice to see a friendly face down there” she said, trying to gauge his reaction.

”Glad to see you remember me so fondly. More glad to see you are still around. Pilot like you, it'd be a waste to lose your skills.”

The comm call ended and Elayne let out a deep breath and slouched back in her seat. “That could have gone a lot worse” she muttered. She glanced sideways at Kardac. He was going to have questions for her.

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:: Lieutenant Commander Kardac Shalth/Kaberc Shurret ::
:: Cockpit ::

~Kardac kept his cool as Bel conversed on the comm.  He was fairly certain that their authorization would get them clearance to land.  However when the other voice came on and they seemed to know who Bel was, or at least that alias, he was a little more worried.  She talked it out though like the professional she was, and he stayed ready for them to have to bail out in case the conversation turned ugly.  It all seemed to work out and they were told to land on the open platform.  When the comm channel was closed he breathed a little sigh of relief.  She mentioned that it could have gone worse, though from her initial reaction to the voice he had already gathered that.~

"I have no doubt, considering your first reaction to this Kesa person.  So who is he and what did you do to him, or should I say how did you two part ways last you met?"

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:: Belyra Vekraa/ Elayne Korvani, Human Smuggler/ Mercenary ::
:: Cockpit::

“Welllll......” Elayne struggled not to answer him back for his comment about having done something to Kesa. She let that one go for a moment, then put through comms to the two turret operators. “Stand down boys, we've got landing clearance. Sarat stand by to do your thing" she ordered, addressing Styg by his alias of Kalos Sarat.

With the other two now updated she accelerated the ship towards the moon on the approach she had been designated. “Remember I said I did some jobs with this alias about a year ago, before I rescued your boys? I did some jobs with him back then. His crew were hired to do some work for a particular underworld figure and they needed extra pilots with ships. I contracted on.” She purposely neglected to go into more detail and adjusted her course slightly.

“He offered for me to join his group but you know me, I don’t join anyone. Then I did that job, took pity on them Rebels and freed em. That ended my stint as a merc for a while.”

The woman was scanning the consoles and sensors as she spoke, making sure everything was still good. “He’s a human named Kesa, if he has another name I don’t know it, that’s all his men call him by. Back then he ran a group called Golden Neku Mercenaries, think the name came about because that was the name of his ship. He had three ships with crew under him, his own ship is a patrol craft, heavily armed, don’t think I'd want to go up against him. Crew back then totalled only about twenty, though he'd contract on freelancers when needed. For the most part his crew is pretty loyal to him, mostly human though he had a few others, usually more brutish species. Mostly men too, but he has a couple of women in his ranks. Or at least used to. The man is relatively intelligent, no genius but he knows how to run his ships and both field and space ops effectively, as well as how to look after his men and inspire loyalty in them. He has no qualms about killing, and he can't abide useless people. He respects a person’s ability to be confident and do their job effectively and as ordered. He sells his services to the highest bidder, so long as they aren't Rebels. He has no love for the Alliance or those associated with them. I ah, may also have slept with him one or two times. What can I say, I have a weakness for strong dangerous men in armour.”

Elayne shrugged, then her expression became thoughtful. “If he is running security down there then either he has been slowly building his numbers up or he has had to hire at least another twenty men on recently. We should keep an eye on them, if he has fresh blood then they are unlikely to be up to the standards of his more experienced loyal crew. That might create some dissidence in the ranks and might work to our favour. So long as we pass their initial scrutiny this whole situation should work in our favour. Lady Luck may have just blessed us. Or she may not have....”

This time Elayne looked Kardac in his eyes. “There is one detail you should probably know. Last time I saw Kesa was fine, no bad blood. Last time I had dealings with the Golden Neku however, I killed one of em. Only guy that came after my bounty, and the fool did it after my bounty had been cleared. Think the guy did it out of spite, I might have tricked him into making a bet with me that made me somewhat richer, and him somewhat poorer. He definitely didn’t like me after that, though Kesa had found it amusing. I'm pretty certain Kesa knows about it too, but he didn’t say anything. He's the type of guy who will take best advantage of a situation- if he wanted me dead he would have just shot us from the ground, not risk someone getting hurt if it wasn’t needed. As I mentioned before, Kesa doesn't like men who don’t obey orders. That guy had a habit of being lazy and pushing Kesa’s orders to the limits, if he disobeyed him to come after me Kesa would have just cut him loose. Then or now, It's unlikely Kesa would want to kill me just to make a point. He doesn’t do something unless there's profit in it, so he doesn’t waste time, resources or men needlessly and he expects his crew to act the same. That's what he used to be like anyway, let's hope that’s still the same.”

She turned her eyes away from the executive officer and to the growing moon in the viewport. “Don't expect me to be so forthcoming with information all the time. Right now all our lives depend on not karking this up, so we need every little bit of information and advantage we can.”

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:: Lieutenant Commander Kardac Shalth/Kaberc Shurret ::
:: Cockpit ::

~Kardac listened quietly as Bel explained her past with this man.  Some of it was good, some of it not so good.  All in all, it didn't seem like it wouldn't be too big of a worry as long as her judge of character was accurate.~

"Well, I guess I'll put my faith in that you aren't on his bad side right now.  On the bright side, it might give us an in with him or his people.  You know one of the best ways to get people to loosen their lips?  Bring booze, play sabacc, and lose.  It might not yield huge secrets, but any other tasty tidbits that we might get could be useful."

~She smirked a little and nodded.  He had no doubt that she had experience with people with loose lips when they were drinking and playing cards.  The ship was nearing the outer atmosphere and he activated the ship comm.~

"OK Sarat, might wanna go check the hyperdrive.  It could "break" at any moment.  If it does, it might be a rough ride into atmosphere."

~After closing the comm he looked over at Bel.~

"Alright Captain Korvani, since that mechanical issue we had when we dropped out seems to be flaring up now, I guess it's gonna be a bumpy trip down."

~She smirked just a little and nodded.  The ship began it's descent and sure enough, she made the ride a fair bit rougher than it normally would have been, simulating them having mechanical trouble.  Once clear of the atmosphere she flew a little steadier and they began their approach to the base.  It didn't take too long before he could make it out ahead visually and also with the sensors, doing a few "casual" sweeps of the area like any copilot might when coming into land in an unknown area.~

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:: Spc Tyy'n "Valkee", Bothan ::
:: Holding Cell ::

The atmosphere in the storage room was tense. No one was speaking. As soon as the ship dropped out of hyperspace, Tyy'n's nerves started to shake. Their arrival in realspace seemed rough inside the cell. Tyy'n paced in his tiny allotment of space, partially to try to take control of his real anxieties and partially to keep the impression of an anxious prisoner.

He was able to keep this up until there was a noise rippling through the hull and then the ship began to feel unstable. Tyy'n's ears pricked up and the pattern of his quivering fur increased in disorderliness. Someone, or maybe a memory of someone, seemed to call out to him: "We just broke atmo." Tyy'n still felt like he was hyperventilating, though.

The tension climbed in the room as they all knew that what came next was to be handed over to the Empire.

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::Kellam Styg, human pilot::

::Kellam heard Shalth give him the go ahead to sabotage the hyperdrive.  Kellam made his way through the ship towards the engineering bay and the hyperdrive.  It only took him a few moments to arrive and once he did he quickly set about 'breaking' the hyperdrive as they planned.  He hummed a tune quietly to himself as he worked, his thoughts only on the engine.  After several minutes, he finished his task.::

"All rights guys and gals, this ship ain't getting anywhere fast anymore.  You should be getting warnings on your display now that the hyperdrive is offline". ::Kellam called to the cockpit over the ship's comms.  He stood in engineering, stroking the pendant around his neck; waiting for what would come next.::

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:: Lieutenant Areta Viridux Duros Pilot/Intelligence Officer::
::AKA Jad DeBrek, captured transport owner/captain::
::Storage Room Cell::

Areta  sat with his back firmly against the bulkhead of the storage room and watched Valkee pace up and down in the cell. The movement of Bothans fur showed plainly the heightened tension he was feeling. In the corner Lunelle sat stony faced and grim but with one of his hands shaking ever so slightly.

Areta being Duros gave little outward sign of his emotions but his mind was racing. The ship had come roughly out of Hyperspace, shuddering and crabbing as it entered real space.  The Duros reluctantly admitted to himself that it had been expertly and subtly done. Not too dramatic, but done in such a way that subsequent analysis would back up the story of a damaged hyperdrive.
The lighting in the cell flickered and dimmed for a moment.  Areta was not privy to the process of exactly how the hyperdrive was to be disabled, but he knew from the dimming of the lights that the circuits had now been overridden and the ship and its crew were now locked into their planned course of action.

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