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Title: Darth Vyral's Training
Post by: B1ondeange1 on March 04, 2016, 06:04:31 AM
:: Jaderi Fez, Mirialan Guardian ::
:: Deserted settlement ::

The tall Mirialan Jedi moved cautiously through the now deserted buildings of the tiny settlement, casting his senses out with the aid of the Force. Another border planet, caught up in the war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. There may have been a so called ‘Peace Treaty’ between the two but in places like this it meant nothing. The Empire has gotten a foothold here at the invite of one of the planet’s major political parties, the political arguments had turned into physical battles and the Republic were now struggling to keep the planet under their protection. This settlement, like many in the large grain producing region, had been abandoned as it became the site of multiple skirmishes, the farmers running scared leaving their livelihoods behind. So far it had been untouched by cannon or bombers but he doubted it would see the light of the next day unscarred.

Jaderi looked up at the red tinged sky, heavy smoke billowing up several kilometres away as a farm burned and tainting the air with it's acrid stench, ash occasionally falling when a strong gust of wind blew it his direction. The sun was still a few hours from setting and the day was warm, something he was rather aware of in his heavy knight’s armour. He put it from his mind with practiced ease to focus on the task at hand. A Sith had been reported seen in this settlement and he had been sent to scout ahead to deal with the menace, a platoon of Republic soldiers a ways behind him. They were tasked with preventing the Empire from moving further into this region and taking it. Every time the Republic lost a major agricultural centre like this it was a blow to their efforts to relieve the planet of the Empire.

The knight’s hand rested on the hilt of his lightsaber. The feel of the Dark Side had been growing the closer he moved towards the two houses with machinery sheds set further away from the rest on the other side of the settlement. He had no doubt the Sith he was hunting was just up ahead and cast his Force Sight out, looking for the one who was emanating so much hatred.

Title: Re: Darth Vyral's Training
Post by: DarthVyral on March 06, 2016, 09:57:10 AM
:: Lord Vyral, Human Marauder ::
:: Outskirts of a burning farm ::

Infuriated that his target was not in this settlement, the young Sith Lord had it burnt to the ground. Smelling the smoke and charred farm behind him as he walked off to continue his search, he was very pleased with his handy work. It had been a while since he had felt the thrill of the hunt and the chance to kill a Jedi Knight was exciting him. He wanted to prove that he was a great Sith by destroying the enemies of the Empire and he knew that killing the Jedi would be a good start.

Caught up in his moment of exaltation he had not noticed the Imperial Trooper standing in front of him. The trooper informed Vyral that the Jedi was about three kilometers away and held up in a settlement protection the farmers and their families there. "Your information better be correct, trooper, or I swear your punishment will be most severe." he warned. The trooper bowed at the Sith Lord before going back to his duties and Vyral looked on toward the settlement. "You are mine now Jedi."he said.

Slowly walking towards the settlement, his robe slightly flapping in the breeze, Vyral stalked towards the farm as if he was a nexu about to strike on his prey. These were the moments that Lord Vyral lived for, the times when he was about to obliterate one of the Empire's most hated enemies. Placing his hands on his lightsaber hilts, he stared out upon the plane, getting ready for his moment to strike. 

Title: Re: Darth Vyral's Training
Post by: B1ondeange1 on March 08, 2016, 10:30:07 PM
:: Jaderi Fez, Mirialan Guardian ::
:: Deserted settlement ::

Jaderi made it to the farm houses, his Sight not picking up his target at their location. The hatred had been growing stronger however and he could see smoke pouring up out of burning buildings just over two kilometres to the North- East, the feeling of hatred seeming stronger in that direction. Between him and them was mostly open farmland. There were a few small copses of trees and a group of three sheds further along the rough road but they would be the only cover. The Jedi activated his bracer mounted commlink.

“Lieutenant the settlement appears to be clear. Bring your men in and secure it. All inhabitants appear to be evacuated but I can sense there is a Sith ahead. Judging from the smoke it is likely he has troopers with him.”

“Rodger that Sir. Do you want a squad to support you?” The Lieutenant’s voice came back almost immediately.

“Negative, keep your men here and hold this location, we need to stop their advancement. I can deal with the Sith myself.”

“Rodger that. Keskievs out.”

With that the Jedi set off at a run, boosting his speed with the Force so he could cover the ground to the relative cover of the sheds as quickly as possible.

Title: Re: Darth Vyral's Training
Post by: DarthVyral on March 17, 2016, 06:02:18 PM
:: Lord Vyral, Human Marauder ::
:: Nearing another farm settlement ::

Hearing some communication chatter amongst his fellow troopers about the progress on sacking the sectors that was designed to be taken out by him and his men, Lord Vyral looked out to the landscape. Infuriated that the Jedi has, like he has been told many times, gone hiding like a coward. Pulling out one of his lightsabers he keeps it held in his grip as he walks towards the farm houses.

"Where are you Jedi? I know you are out here. You should know that you have no chance of saving these farmers. They will either bow down to the might of the Empire or die." he said.

Seeing that his taunt went on deaf ears he shakes his head and sighs as he keeps looking around his surroundings while he can see the fields of crops these farmers are raising. He couldn't wait to set this entire place ablaze and eradicate the Jedi so he could get off this planet and get back to more important things he could do.

Title: Re: Darth Vyral's Training
Post by: B1ondeange1 on March 20, 2016, 06:01:32 PM
:: Jaderi Fez, Mirialan Guardian ::
:: Sheds near deserted settlement ::

As he came into the cover of the sheds midway between the farmhouses Jaderi faintly heard the Sith’s words carry towards him, calling on the Force to amplify his senses and hear them more clearly.

"Where are you Jedi? I know you are out here. You should know that you have no chance of saving these farmers. They will either bow down to the might of the Empire or die."

The Guardian shook his head a little sadly. This Sith would have no intentions of allowing the farmers to survive if they did lay down arms. The man sounded young and cocky, and from the emotions pouring off of him he had a thirst for killing. He would likely slaughter whole towns just for the satisfaction and enjoyment of it. The Mirialan had fought his like before.

Jaderi gripped his lightsaber hilt tighter. There would be no reasoning with such a Sith, no convincing him to leave the innocent farmers be. Taking a life was never something he did lightly though in these times of war it happened far too often, but it would be necessary to do so again in order to protect those he swore to serve. The Jedi waited in the cover of the far side of the shed, using his Force senses to track the movement of the young Sith. The Dark sider was close now, barely metres from the shed closest to him. Only a few more steps and he would be within range for Jaderi to jump out from his cover and strike.