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Title: The Great Winter Giveaway Is Here! Ends 03/08/2019
Post by: Deep on February 07, 2019, 11:02:46 PM
Get ready- We usually save this sale for the most special occasions, but we heard you guys and gals loud and clear- get ready for the return of one of the rarest, and most requested giveaways we run!  

( (

The Great Winter Giveaway has begun! (  Every order placed between now and March 8th can earn up to Four.  Free.  Sabers. (  That's not a typo- FOUR free sabers- And that's not even the best part!  

The Ultrasabers Frankensaber is BACK.

Orders $300 or more are eligible for a FREE Initiate saber - Coupon Code: FREEINITIATE (
Orders $600 or more are eligible for a FREE Grab Bag Saber - Coupon Code: FREEGRABBAG (
Orders $900 or more are eligible for a FREE Mystery Box Saber - Coupon Code: FREEMYSTERYBOX (
Orders $1200 or more are eligible for a FREE Custom Frankensaber - Coupon Code: FREECUSTOM (

Woah woah woah- what on earth is a FrankenSaber?  A Frankensaber is a 100% custom Ultrasabers stunt saber, randomly constructed from the hundreds of available MHS Compatible parts across the Arsenal!  A War Glaive emitter atop a Spectre hilt, with a Guardian pommel?  Absolutely possible.  An Archon v3.1 emitter crowning a Scorpion hilt with a Savior pommel?  We're just scratching the surface!  Like any Ultrasaber- Frankensabers are ready for combat right out of the box.

The response we get from you all on the Frankensabers has been awesome, and we can't want to see what you unwrap!  There are millions of possible combinations across the arsenal- who knows what you'll receive.  

As with each of our sales- All of these coupon codes are combinable ( meaning you could have 0size=13pt]four free sabers[/size] showing up with your order, including one of the Frankensabers!  

Do NOT forget to apply your coupon codes at checkout to add your free sabers to your order. (

***Free Initiate Sabers comes with a 24" blade attached.  This will be a fully functional Initiate/Apprentice hilt and blade.***
***Free Mystery Box Sabers comes with a 36" blade.  This will be a fully functional Mystery Box Saber and blade.***

This sale cannot be retroactively applied for any reason whatsoever.

Sale ends 03/08/2019