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 on: Today at 10:26:55 PM 
Started by TheDutchman - Last post by Karmack
LGS, I really like this entry.  No, not for the Mak'Tor plug.  ;-)

The journey you make is interesting.  Beginning with a lecture about how every padawan is different, how the Jedi grow from the different abilities and strengths of each padawan, to the young, extremely strong girl (of Aethan descent?  Hmm....) who is so strong she is afraid of herself, to the Council - exiling an order of Knights who are just a little different than the "orthodox" Jedi.  And ending with the question: What had that taught the Masters to follow?

Loop back to the first scene - and you get a hint of the answer.  :-)

Very nice, my friend.  Very nice indeed.

 on: Today at 10:21:35 PM 
Started by Kham-Ryn Kurios - Last post by Taegin Roan
I was thinking about waiting till after Christmas to come back in here, but then I decided I didn't want to give Logos the Christmas present of letting him win for a month.

 on: Today at 10:15:43 PM 
Started by Duff Man - Last post by Taegin Roan
And he's got a compass like Jack's. Luke's a pirate. Tongue Grin

I actually wouldn't mind having the compass at all.

 on: Today at 09:55:27 PM 
Started by Ultra - Last post by BarkinSpider
Roger Roger

 on: Today at 09:41:59 PM 
Started by Moonfire99 - Last post by Moonfire99
Hi there! Here is episode 7!! Hope you enjoy!
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 on: Today at 09:31:42 PM 
Started by Darth Cephalus - Last post by Darth Cephalus
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This is a second review of the Ultrasabers Diamond controller. They recently released a new version of the launcher and a firmware update that corrected several of the issues and added some new features. This video is designed as an update of the review that is found here:
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 on: Today at 09:00:15 PM 
Started by Ultra - Last post by DurinsBane18

 on: Today at 08:55:24 PM 
Started by TheDutchman - Last post by Lord_S_Gray
Path to Legacy Interlude 5
The Master

“We often hear, to be able to teach one must be willing to learn, but to learn what exactly,” He asked, before him sat 12 new masters, each having just completed their first year with a padawan

“about our apprentices as people, their strength and weaknesses…by knowing them better we can better guide them,”

“guide them in what way,” he probed

“Well we can help them overcome weaknesses and sharpen strengths to their becoming a Jedi,”

He switched back on the reply “so there is but one way of being a Jedi?  For which some traits are strengths, some weaknesses,”

“I…hadn’t thought of that…”

He smiled widely, “don’t worry, the truth is Jedi come in all shapes and size,” he glanced around the room, “not just in terms of species, but also abilities…you were close in your answer, we must know our apprentices abilities, but no to turn them into ‘clone’ Jedi with the same array of abilities and ideas,” he leaned forward to emphasize his point

“but to discover what unique contributions each may make to the Jedi as a whole, and to learn with them, how those gifts can be expanded and utilized.” 

He went on “In turn, we learn about ourselves, what we can teach best and how this too can be spread to others. We learn that no matching of Master and apprentice is perfect, but each a unique relationship, that changes us both of them…we need to bear in mind we as masters are not static text books from which padawans learn to recite, but living fonts of knowledge and yes foolishness, malleable, changeable.” 

He closed up, “keep this in mind, what you teach today may not be the same lesson you teach on the same topic in a year, or a day, as your experiences change, as you learn, so does what you teach change,” he flicked a glance at the chrono,

“I think that’s enough deep thinking for one day!”
His master stood before him, barely half his height, and an eighth his age.  She had shoulder length red hair, green eyes and slightly puffy features that were gradually slimming as she got older.

There were two types of Mastery, or ways of being a master.  The first was in being an expert in a field, possessing abilities or expertise in a technique – this was why this girl was a master to him, ever since he had held her in his arms as a baby she had been full of the force in a way he was not, and desperately wished to learn. 

She moved into a basic Shii-Cho defensive stance and he moved forward with a Makashi combination.

The other sense of being a master was as a guide to another, this did not imply exceptional ability in a subject, but rather the ability to teach and communicate those techniques to another, and perhaps most importantly advice on when to use them. 

She countered quickly but with little enthusiasm, her face was down cast.  Her master hadn’t known what to do with her, and the girl was distraught herself.  Whilst her connection to the force was something he envied, she didn’t have the mastery over herself to control it…a burst of power had left three other padawans injured and he girl afraid of herself.

Her master had tried valiantly to bring her back out of her melancholy, but was wise enough to know when she needed external help, no master was capable to teaching every lesson needed, to recognise this was a part of being a good master.

He continued the basic sets, her parries and blocks were effective, her reflexes unusually quick, but still she wouldn’t draw on the force.  He wondered how far her natural abilities alone could take her.

“I know you’re worried,” he said as he continued the session,

“And that is natural, but you don’t have to be afraid, you’re not going to hurt an old grizzly Rancor like me,” another half-hearted block, something about the fact she could block him without using the force even as he did was interesting.

“How about you teach me how to connect to the force better and I’ll teach you how to control the force better, does that sound fair,” he kept his tone light and friendly

The force about her seemed to lift a little at that idea, he pressed on,

“I know you didn’t mean to hurt anyone, and I know you don’t want to again, the best way to do that is to master your abilities, not stop using them altogether…it’s like learning to pilot a space ship, the more practice he less likely you are to crash.”

He felt a little light in her as she tentatively touched the force again…well little was relative…even for a knight this would’ve seemed a large pull…yet for her…truly she was the master of the force here…..
He arrived early in the council chambers…where ten Masters met to determine the course of the Jedi.  It was an empty room crowded by the past, echoes of arguments, conflicts, and painful choices. 

He took his seat and recalled the day they had debated the Exile of the Mak’Tor…the legacy of that argument seemed embedded in the marble of the chamber.

“We should at least allow the Kage to make his case before us,” he had pleaded,

“There is nothing that Odjina, “ the Grand Master had refused to use his formal title, “has to contribute that you have not already said on his behalf ad nauseam.” 

“For the good of the order this pernicious, unorthodox influence must be expunged,”

Ten masters of the Jedi order had exiled their friends, ten masters bound to all speak with one voice after a decision was reached had stood on the steps behind the Temples guards as the Mak’Tor were pushed out. 

Seven Masters had stared dismissively as the Gray turned and left, Yoren had looked askance at the Coruscant traffic, Gurrlum had stared balefully at the Grand Master….he had met his friend, Kage Odjina’s eyes as he stood behind the raised blades of the Sentinels….he had done all he could short of creating an open schism within the order…As he looked around the empty chamber he wondered whether that had been the right choice….

Ten masters had exiled them for their differing beliefs and practices…what had that taught that and every subsequent generation of Jedi he wondered.

 on: Today at 08:54:20 PM 
Started by BurceChuat - Last post by Jev Moldara
One of my characters in Star Trek Online...


 on: Today at 08:51:12 PM 
Started by geraldcheong - Last post by geraldcheong
Guys.. I can't seem to get my board out from my Emperor's Hand hilt. No matter how hard I hit it on my palm, it just wouldn't budge.
I need to charge the batteries..Sad

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