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 on: Today at 08:25:02 PM 
Started by rezeb360 - Last post by Darth Silenoz
You are the star of a movie. This is the part of the movie where you get your heart broken. Where the world tests you, and people treat you like crap. But it has to happen this way. Otherwise, the end of the movie, when you get everything you want, wonít feel as rewarding. There are a-holes out there, but in the end, they donít matter. Because this movieís not about them. Itís never been about them.

All this time, the movie has been about you.

Word ULTRA! Well said.

 on: Today at 08:21:37 PM 
Started by Madness - Last post by Infinit01
Thank you brother, the dark side spoke to me and I listened!

The dark side definitely spoke to you well. I donít think I ever painted you for this so one for you!

 on: Today at 08:05:02 PM 
Started by Whitakker - Last post by Saso Is-kor
I would honestly like to see more Jedi Librarian/Researcher cosplay interpretations.

Me too, librarians, temple guards... there are so many sub-units within the Jedi ranks that don't get enough love.

 on: Today at 08:03:18 PM 
Started by Duff Man - Last post by Darth Silenoz
RIP Vincent Paul Abbott. That is all. He will be missed. One of the best drummers EVER!

 on: Today at 07:59:54 PM 
Started by Darth Knox - Last post by Saso Is-kor
I think that fatigue is certainly possible, but I would argue strongly that Star Wars has the biggest story universe (and possible story universe) of any franchise going. I think whether or not fatigue sets in will be in the hands of those who make the movies. I enjoyed Solo, I did, much better than TLJ I might add, but in terms of giving anything new to the universe, it didn't really do that at all.

It's always a potential pitfall of any franchise to be honest. I remember watching Avengers back in 2012 and was so pumped at how the storyline progressed. Fast forward to now and I don't even watch Marvel anymore unless maybe on Netflix, but not in theaters. The whole Marvel world just got too complex and crammed together for me. Having like 200 main characters in most of the movies was a major part of it.  I don't think that will happen to Star Wars anytime soon if they stay grounded and on point. And somehow as I'm typing this I realize that I would never in my lifetime label the new trilogy as "grounded and on point"...  Undecided   Oh well

 on: Today at 07:54:38 PM 
Started by Zren Tobas - Last post by Infinit01
Great costume, Zren.  Love the Overlord!

 on: Today at 07:50:53 PM 
Started by B1ondeange1 - Last post by Infinit01
I was wondering out to make some buckles on my own and you pretty much made a how to in a nutshell.  Thanks, Angel!  Point for you!

 on: Today at 07:44:16 PM 
Started by Whitakker - Last post by Infinit01
I would honestly like to see more Jedi Librarian/Researcher cosplay interpretations.

 on: Today at 07:41:04 PM 
Started by Saso Is-kor - Last post by Infinit01
Looking good, keep it up!

 on: Today at 07:32:44 PM 
Started by Darth Knox - Last post by Infinit01
I think having a Star Wars movie each year or every other year would be a great idea.  Marvel releases anywhere from 1 to 4 movies a year and the masses follow suit to go watch them even though most has never cracked opened any comics before the MCU. 

I think the very people who claim that Star Wars fatigue may happen aren't really Star Wars fans to begin with.  In fact, they're probably the ones that flocked to movies like the 50 Shades Trilogy or the Twilight series.  Maybe these people shouldn't go watch future Star Wars installments then, maybe it's just me but I'll sure as heck go out and watch them all until I can no longer do so.

I love that the new series of Star Wars movies are out just pretty disappointed with the Last Jedi like Dutchman mentioned, no story arc for the characters that we've grown up and fell in love with.  I understand it's supposed to be an introduction for the new characters or the "passing of the torch" to the new characters.  I also believe that they could of give the original characters a better story line and honor them with a better exit story than what we were given.  I also think that Episode 7 and 8 were more monologue than action and the tidbits of action left a lot to be desired. 

I do like out things are going for the most part and look forward to more stories for the main story line and the spin offs.

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