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 on: Today at 12:24:41 PM 
Started by Diesel - Last post by Lord Sidious
Incredible change of colors just by a twist/turn. Fulcrum is a wonderful saber, congratz.

 on: Today at 12:24:16 PM 
Started by firewisplet - Last post by Lady Agana Kath

 on: Today at 12:22:49 PM 
Started by RDWilson - Last post by Lady Agana Kath

 on: Today at 12:17:35 PM 
Started by skribs - Last post by skribs
I personally don'T see the attributes at that close together, while they can be used for very similar thigns in many cases, those come from very different approaches to the problem for the character. for example figuring out where some one ran of to could be an inteligence based check, which would allow to figure where he would run to, a perception check to see which route he took, or a wits based check to to figure out possible routes one can take.

I'm talking about how in some of their systems you get 7/5/3, and in other systems you get 5/4/3.  The later option makes it pretty similar between the three columns.  So I like the numbers in the older system better.

As to skills, I was mainly referring to the way in which they do skills and merits.  I think I like the newer system better, in that different merits cost different amounts of skill points.

So I wanted to combine the two together, and I think the best way to do that is to have a copy of both.  That's why I was looking for one using the revised version of the Storyteller and one using the original version of the Storytelling.


I was thinking with the skills of doing one column for their aptitude with certain classes.  For example:
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Care of Magical Creatures
History of Magic
Muggle Studies

This would be kind of between Skills and Knowledge, so I'm not sure exactly how to implement it, but it's a thought I had.


I did find a cool idea for a Macguffin:  The Book that Never Was.  Essentially a book that when you write an event, it never happened.  I think this one would be interesting because both Harry and Voldemort would probably want to undo the night when Lily and James were killed.


We also may end up doing a different IP, depending on how the group feels.  The reason I chose Harry Potter is everyone seems to like Harry Potter, but we're also playing a board game based on the series right now and the others might burn out on that IP in the meantime.

Others we're thinking of:  Star Wars (which should be easy for me to come up with story for), Lord of the Rings (was suggested, but I have no idea how to come up with a story there), or Animorphs.  My family is hesitant there, because they don't know the characters, but I think they're under the impression right now that they will be playing characters from the series, instead of creating new characters for themselves.

 on: Today at 12:17:13 PM 
Started by Deep - Last post by Lady Agana Kath
I just want you to know.....from the bottom of my heart.....I hate you. -1

 on: Today at 11:55:03 AM 
Started by Golden Fedora - Last post by Racona Nova
Yeah, I was stunned Cheesy But that thing can even one-hit a Jetpack Trooper if I get a clear headshot...that was awesome. Enforcers are tougher, though. Needed three shots.

But that's nothing against the Pro players...they get streaks of 20 or more and kills are sometimes at 50 or higher. That's something I can never achieve in a single game. I'm too low Cheesy It's already difficult to get those three front-line kills in one activation...not to mention some others like The Aggressor or that "Kill 30 Heroes with Special Units" thing.

Nickname for those on PC...well, I'm recognizable at first glance Tongue Three guesses...

Btw: How would they distinguish between PS4, XBox and PC players? I can't really imagine how that should work...

 on: Today at 11:54:05 AM 
Started by Stockton - Last post by Darth Cephalus
You’ve been hot by ... du dun ... you’ve been struck by ... a force cannibal.

 on: Today at 11:53:42 AM 
Started by Deep - Last post by DizB
I simply painted a few spots copper. I really want to have it anodized or plated but I do not have the ability. As for the pommel fins I took it appart and just painted them.

Wow.  Amazing what some paint and precision work can do.

 on: Today at 11:51:59 AM 
Started by Stockton - Last post by Darth Cephalus
Very nice, how much?
How much what?

 on: Today at 11:45:09 AM 
Started by Lord Canterbury - Last post by Racona Nova
I haven't spent a single cent in three years and I don't plan to do that in the future Tongue I have saved some crystals and if it comes to that situation, I might use them to get the shards from Shipments.

Just tried my Resistance team (zFinn G11, Rey G12, BB-8 G8, Trooper G7 and Poe G8) in Rebel TW...didn't get a single hit Grin And they're by far not optimally modded and geared...

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