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 on: Today at 08:52:06 PM 
Started by Zren Tobas - Last post by Therion Jinn
Thanks, Sam

 on: Today at 08:06:47 PM 
Started by Solstice Lacer - Last post by Solstice Lacer
Well I haven't sold any art recently, but I started painting with acrylics a while ago and wanted to share some of my results.

 on: Today at 07:58:10 PM 
Started by Lord Sidious - Last post by HanSolo Voltron
Awesome sabers!  That's a cool emerald transition.  I have my Initiate currently going between GB and a violet somewhere between VA and BVA.  I did silver FOC pulses like lightning so it mimics a thunderstorm.  Have fun!

 on: Today at 07:52:07 PM 
Started by Darkhorse V - Last post by HanSolo Voltron
Hi, itís me. I had a miserable week at work and havenít had the energy to keep up with the forum. Pro tip: always keep an updated resume in case you ever get stuck in a job that is utterly awful.

Anyway, I just got a notification that the shipping label for my Spectre has been printed! Fingers crossed, itíll show up on Wednesday!

I know what you mean.  Work can definitely torpedo saber and forum time.  I'm just getting around to messing with my Spectre because work was so hectic.  I hope yours arrives soon!  You're gonna love it!  Pics or it didn't happen!

 on: Today at 07:45:43 PM 
Started by HanSolo Voltron - Last post by HanSolo Voltron
I've been tinkering with my new Diamond prize Spectre and surprisingly think I picked up the technique of creating effects pretty quickly.  I had some practice with my Emerald Initiate.  I decided to start simple and use the Obsidian sound but just change the color effects.  I made new effects for each of the base obsidian font including 12 swings and clashes.  The problem I have run into is trying to create the font in the 10th slot.  I can only upload one swing and one clash whereas the fonts in base configuration have multiple.  I can't seem to figure out how to get all 12 swings and clashes into the font.  Is there something I'm missing?

 on: Today at 07:38:50 PM 
Started by For Tyeth - Last post by For Tyeth
Hello Everybody,

It's Saturday evening (well Sunday morning for me!) and it's time for my new saber designs and today I have a matching pair of hilts to display! A few months back I saw a promo teaser image in Vanity Fair and it triggered my imagination and I knew I had to create something for this mystery character, so here is Blissfull Sabers...

Here is the promo image:

Now I originally saw a picture that just showed Zorii Bliss from the waist up and only saw what I thought was a pommel (which turned out to be the butt of a pistol) so designed this straight hilt...

However I saw another full sized copy of the image and discovered the "pistol grips" were the handles of some curved blasters (?). I just had to modify the straight hilt and give them a bend and here is the result...

I did want to make the bend much smoother and less angular but that would mean dividing the model into a lot more parts which my laptop would have to process. So I only used a few bend points to achieve the look. However I did manage to replicate the helmet shape and visor into the emitter section, I gave the switches a retro art deco look (I based them on rotary volume knobs of an old 1920's to 40's radio). The handgrips have a similar etching to that on Zorii's belt, bodysuit and bicep bands. Finally I modeled the pommels on art deco decorations such as plinths and pillars with the rounded geometric tops found in dance halls of big bands of the day. I figured that would work as Zorii does look a little like "The Rocketeer" (released in 1991 by...Disney) and King of the Rocketmen (a 1949 matinee style serial show).

I think that just about wraps up the details for this set of sabers, I hope you liked them. Thanks for looking in and all the support. Till next time...

 on: Today at 06:36:44 PM 
Started by Forgotten38 - Last post by Dark Path Media
Honestly, my Renegade is the only saber I ever purchased with a RGBA setup. The other 9 or so UltraSabers I have are all RGBW.

In the end, the difference in the red and orange tones are subtle to a point where itís almost indistinguishable.

I will saw though, that even when creating white with RGBW, I still tend to mix all the colors together to achieve that maximum brightness.

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 on: Today at 06:12:07 PM 
Started by Infinit01 - Last post by Darth Tepes
To be fair, Since the first Wonder Woman was based in WWI, Many films use a dark filter for Films set in WWI or WWII.  But since this is set in the 80s I'm guessing its meant to match the Era as well attempt to "course Correct".  I like that her Costume has comic colors on it now. 

 on: Today at 06:09:24 PM 
Started by Forgotten38 - Last post by KaiserSosay
This is just my opinion, to clarify.

Get the white led not the amber.
You can do a pyrestone orange with both color choices, white or amber. Red and a little green gets you the darker orange colors. With the amber led it will be a lot easier to do though. The thing to keep in mind is the color white.
 To get a white color with the RGBA led you have to mix all the colors except amber. Meaning fully illuminated red, blue and green together makes white, kind of. A single white led produces a much better looking white light, compared to the mix of the three colors.
 I know right now you dont care about that! In a year from now you might care.
So you can get a good orange color with both the RBGW and the RBGA.  If you ever want to use just white I recommend getting the RBGW.  
 I have both types of leds in my diamond sabers. I prefer the white. It is really hard to go from a purple (mix of red and blue) to a white color,  if you use the amber. It takes a lot more work with the amber led, to get the color transition I like. The white led is a lot easier for me to use.
Again, this is just my opinion from my own experiences.  Other peoples opinions are just as valid.

Side note, diamond fonts made by me are always for a RBGW led.  The only fonts I've seen made for a RGBA led, have been made by Dark Path Media. He is probably the most knowledgeable about the use of the amber led when making fonts. You should definitely watch the video he posted, and give a little more weight to his opinions on the matter.

 on: Today at 05:55:18 PM 
Started by Infinit01 - Last post by Infinit01
The first WW and Aquaman did that which I remember there was a discussing involving the two of us that is similar to what you just mentioned. DC and Warner Bros. took Mr. Snyder's Batman trilogy and tried to use the dark and night time theme which was getting tiresome

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