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Author Topic: Free Obsidian Fonts Created By Forum Members  (Read 267040 times)
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« Reply #480 on: December 03, 2019, 06:54:20 PM »

So i'm trying to get a ROTJ Luke font but the links here don't work. Any current working links? I appreciate the help.

 I download the same file back when the links were working! I have posted my copy to my shared file. The link is in my signature bar. File name is ROT-Jedi.

Yeah, many links here are broken.

 I also included an alternative ROTJ in the same file.
Check out KaiserSosay posts in this. His sig may have a link into his online drive with many fonts he's allowing us to share, which is very much appreciated.

-1 point to Kaiser for all their efforts in making and sharing these said fonts.

 Thanks for the free advertising chalion!  A point to you as well!

 The diamond saves I made are for  specific characters, not  a specific movie, in most cases. I did post ever single sound for the characters I've worked on. So if you want a Luke font, there are sounds from every movie in the Luke file. I hope you guys find what you need!

Sound Fonts and Diamond Saves:

Turn down the sensitivity of stab and spin or the quotes will play too frequently.

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