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Author Topic: Ghost Spider Crew (player characters and NPCs)  (Read 3094 times)
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« on: August 17, 2014, 06:53:00 PM »

Here is where you will post your approved characters...please do not post a character here until you have PMed it to me and we have worked out any kinks Smiley

Ghost Spider is a Delaya-class courier


Light side points please Smiley

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Light side points please. 끄기 우리가 간다!

« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2014, 06:54:40 PM »

Here y'all go: first one!

Name: Gabre Falch

Species: Human

Age: 28

Career Path: Bounty Hunter

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Physical Description: Gabre is a fairly tall man, 5'10" and 273 pounds, with reddish blond, bone straight hair and tan skin. He is very, very well muscled, and his face is often obscured by a mask. When it isn't, it's pretty square and rough, yet with intelligent brown eyes. He wears mostly blues or blacks, usually a light blue short sleeved shirt under his black leather jacket, which has small armour plates lining the inside, black pants of the same type and black, Dura-steel shank and toe boots, which are somehow silent. He is always wearing a wide-brimmed hat.

Weapons: Gabre shoots left handed, but dual wields custom scoped blaster pistols. The scopes are unique, given time to aim he has a very small chance of missing. Also carries a vibroknife.

Other equipment: Gabre carries a small survival bag.

Personal Items (mementos, trinkets, etc): on a necklace he keeps a small locket with pictures of his father and mother.

Homeworld: Coruscant

Additional skills: Gabre has used lightsabers before, and knows how to defend himself with one. He is very good at hiding, generally is a sneak.

Background : Gabre Falch was born an the first of three to a human couple on Coruscant. The family was very poor, and he began to do jobs for people to earn money. He was often sent to retrieve things from various places, and eventually retrieved people as well. He fought off gang members for people when he got to be age 17.

11 Years later, Ric is a very skilled gunman, He still sends money to his parents now and then, and his siblings live well because of it. He now is a Bounty hunter, and is saving money to buy a ship, so he can chase pirates. In his spare time he trains and is learning to slice.

Finally! Can't wait for this to get going. Like the ship, btw.
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« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2014, 01:35:23 AM »

Name: Reki Yidrath

Species: Zabrak

Age: 32

Career Path: Bounty Hunter- tracker and slicer

Alignment: neutral good

Physical Description: dark tan skin with dark brown tattoos including tattooed on eyebrows. 1.85m tall with medium build. Two horns on either side towards the front of the head and four more shorter horns further back with jet black hair and yellow eyes. Hair grows from most of the head, starting behind the four front horns with the four rear horns just poking through the hair. Hair is shoulder length, tied up in a high ponytail which is usually plaited. Wears armourweave black pants with medium chest armour in rusty brown under a long dark brown jacket. Bracers with built in electronics and communicator. Headgear with flip down visor with multiple functions (assists with computer work, acts as electrobinoculars with different imaging outputs eg thermal, infrared, ultraviolet, etc). Black utility belt, black combat boots.

Weapons: blaster rifle, vibroblade strapped to back.

Other equipment: datapad, slicing equipment, spare ammo, small med kit on belt

Personal Items (mementos, trinkets, etc): old worn and tarnished silver amulet whose design is almost worn off with a matching wristband which is usually hidden below her bracers (handed down to her by her mother, as it was to her mother before her and so on). In a pouch she keeps a small coin from her first successful freelance job (currency from a backwater world) as a good luck charm.

Homeworld: Ord Mantell

Additional skills: expert tracker and slicer. Good with electronics. Decent with a rifle, decent at hand to hand combat- combination of dirty fighting and military training. Investigative/ detective skills.

Background : born the eldest daughter in a working class family in one of the larger settlements on Ord Mantell, Reki always had a love for technology and adventure. As a young teenager she discovered a knack for slicing, sometimes much to her parents chagrin when she was caught slicing into high security government computers for the fun of it. By the time she was old enough she had been given an ultimatum- serve time in jail, or serve time in the military. Choosing the military, she was put through basic training with the Republic. She showed potential as a tracker and was put through more specialised training while continuing to pursue her hobby of slicing computers. While decent with a rifle or at hand to hand combat her ability to track beings both in urban and rural environments combined with her ability to slice systems and her generally friendly demeanour meant she was put in a role as an investigative agent. After her time with the military was up she was offered a job working a similar role with CorSec.

After a few years with them she found she hated the corrupt bureaucracy and politics within CorSec and yearned to get out in the galaxy and have more adventure. Leaving CorSec she picked up freelance work instead. Five years ago she joined up with a small group of freelancers, honing her skills as a bounty hunter and putting her initial military training to good use. Six months previous that group disbanded, and she has taken up employment with the Ghost Spider.

She is fairly friendly and easy going but isn’t overly chatty. She loves to tinker with electronics in her spare time, often finding ways to upgrade her head gear and bracers. Recently she picked up a small floating droid and likes to work on that as well.

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« Reply #3 on: August 22, 2014, 02:27:58 PM »

Name: Halvord (Hal) Cardin

Species: Human

Age: 31

Career Path: Smuggler and part-time bounty hunter

Alignment: Neutral Good

Physical Description:  Six foot 2 inches tall, 175lb with a toned but not overly muscular build.  Fair skinned with brown eyes and well groomed with short dark brown hair and a trimmed mustache and goatee.  Wears grey military pants with identical colored military jacket, black utility belt and black nearly knee-high boots when on ship.  Outside the ship appearance is the same except the military jacket is replaced by an open black jacket revealing a white shirt underneath and a pair of black gloves.         

Weapons:  Blastech DL-44 heavy blaster pistol and a small vibroknife concealed in his right boot.

Other Equipment: Comm device, handheld scanner and extra blaster packs in belt pouches, and a small satchel with random survival equipment.

Personal Items:  An ancient protosaber discovered on an outer rim world during an archeological dig.   

Home World: Corellia

Additional Skills: A competent engineer, he is not the greatest but knows how to keep things running.  Scavenging.  Generally prefers to stay out of a fight, but is a decent enough shot when push comes to shove.

Background: Growing up an orphan on Corellia, Halvord ran away from the orphanage at age 12 and hit the streets.  He had always wanted a family and started searching out other runaways that he could band together with.  The next 6 years he spent roaming the mean streets of Corellia gathering other orphans, protecting them and teaching them how to survive.  At the age of 18, with many of his collected “family” going their separate ways, Halvord applied for the Corellian Security Force.  After 5 years of service he became disenfranchised with the bureaucracy and political infighting within the organization and resigned.  He moved to Coruscant at the age of 23 and enlisted in the Republic navy in the naďve hope that a massive galactic government would be handled more honestly and efficiently.  It only took 3 years to decide this was not the case and he resigned from the Republic navy.  At the age of 26 he struck out on his own again, bought a ship and set course away from the core worlds and began a new career as a smuggler (to make a living) and archeologist (just for fun), also picking up an occasional easy bounty contract along the way. 

Personality: Halvord is friendly but often quiet with a sarcastic sense of humor.  Enjoys being an engineer and often comes up with unconventional ways to make things work, including tinkering with his protosaber to keep it working, sort of an interstellar McGyver.  Also took up archeology part-time out of an interest in ancient technology, which is how he came across the protosaber.  Very much wants to find a group or family where he belongs and hopes joining the crew of the Ghost Spider will provide that.

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« Reply #4 on: September 12, 2014, 11:35:06 AM »

Name: Shadow

Species: Human

Age: 19

Career Path:  Mercenary

Alignment: semi-lawful good

Physical Description: He is a tall-ish young man with a dark brown crew cut and calicks that stick up on either side of his head. He isn’t muscular but he is fit, and his small guns can be pretty powerful. His muscle is developed through use in combat and not in the gym. he has a bit of stubble on his chin. His right arm has a tattoo with a meaning only he would understand- it is a compass with a V shaped needle, facing up. a star and a star-burst are at the bottom. it has a deeper meaning than anything anyone can interpret it as.
     His typical outfit is a pair of cargo pants made of very breathable mesh. he wears a sleeveless leather vest with a mesh shirt. He wears a pair of normal 9” boots.
     His combat outfit is a plasti-plate armor that is light-weight, but also kinda weak. He believes that mobility will protect him more than armor, and that a heavy armor will hinder his skills. This outfit includes plated boots.

Weapons: His weapon of choice is a sniper rifle and he has a powerful accuracy with it. The previously described sheath knife is always worn no matter what he wears. He also sometimes uses a semi automatic blaster.

Other equipment: carries weapons often job specific.

Personal Items (mementos, trinkets, etc): He has a data pad that holds his journal and a general databank with star maps with information and stats on different planets. It also includes stats about different rivals and targets and so on that he has encountered.

Homeworld: Darthomire

Additional skills: surveillance, hand combat, silent weapons.

Background : He was raised by a raider to become a mercenary and raider as well. His “Father” as he called the raider, trained him to be the most versatile in all forms of combat and killing, as well as other less than legal things. Shadow chose not to be an all-out mercenary and killer, but to be a basic hired gun. He is at the disposal of whoever hires him, but he is not open to just every assignment. He has morals.
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« Reply #5 on: September 19, 2014, 11:22:09 PM »

Name: Phelan 'Surf' Valentine

Species: Human

Age: 38

Career Path: Freelancer

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Physical Description: Phelan is not really easy to describe. He is of average height and stature. Neither handsome nor ugly. His overall complexion is fair and his black hair held cut short. His greyish eyes lack vividness which is sometimes mistaken for lack of intelligence. Put into a room of strangers most people would not even notice that he is around, or notice him missing once he leaves. Sadly the same tends to be true for the ladies, they tend to forget him the moment he is out of the room. He usually utilizes this shortcoming, by dressing in local clothes of neutral tones and adopting local accents as close as possible.
If people are asked to give a description they usually tend to answer completely different. Only thing in common is, that due to his "averageness" people tend to picture him smaller than he is.
Except for this superficial lack of optical traits his torso is covered with various scars. Though these could easily have been avoided by the use of Bacta, he likes them as a reminder of not being immortal.

Weapons: FWG-5 flechette pistol 'Mira J', Stealth-2VX palm shooter (toxic and non-lethal darts)

Other equipment: Phelan owns a highly modified Astromech unit "Bucket". Though rusty and dented on the exterior it is fully functional, but has a serious attitude problem. He usually wears a combination of light clothes, a hidden protection-Vest and a leather jacket with his family crest stitched on the back.

Personal Items (mementos, trinkets, etc): 2 plan platinum rings on each hand on the 4th and 5th finger each. (2 are hidden datastorage units, one is an uplink and the last one contains several hacking routines for opening doors). All his personal things with emotional background were lost years ago. Maybe this is the reason he gave 'Bucket' and 'Mira J' their names.

Homeworld: Alderaan

Additional skills: Mimicing Accents, Droid/KI Modification

Background : Just basic information can be found about Phelan on the holonet. He was raised as 2nd son of a low born noble family on Alderaan. He graduated in KI-Development and worked for Sienar Industries for some time. His contract was terminated after his superior found out that he has taken unused spare droid spare parts to upgrade his personal droid "Bucket". Being marked as thief made it hard for him to find a normal job (or just return home), so he descided that it might be time for a change. Being a gun for hire, a soldier of fortune sounded like just the adventure his life should become. He bought himself a blaster but had to admit that his skills were mediocre at best. A friend stated that he would have "good chances to hit a bantha. If the bantha was dead,... and no more than 5 feet away".
But what good would he be in this kind of business unable to defend himself. The solution presented itself when he found one of the new FWG-5s at the black markets. The smart pellets this weapon fired made up for his bad aim, and the scatter-effect of the projectiles left hardly anyone him standing upright who was unfortunate enough to get into a direct firefight with him. Though he did not intend to get into many shootings, he spend his last few credits to buy himself this work of deadly art, hired on to the next job that got him out of the system. This was 19 years ago and the official record ends there.
As for his nickname, some say he is called 'Surf' for flying through the fiery tail of a comet (Surfing the debris) to escape sensors of a republic customs-frigate. Anyhow it is more likely that his nick resulted from the fact that he often 'surv'ived except terrible odds.
Since then his skills in shooting, brawling, drinking, disguising and hacking have significantly improved as well as his moral attitude sadly decayed. Anyhow his overall positivity is still unchanged. Some might say that he is a notorical lier, but he has and would never betray a friend. As far as he is concerned the end justifies the means. The galaxy is a dark place swallowing the weak. Take all and give none back!
The future belongs to the brave.

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« Reply #6 on: September 26, 2014, 08:22:20 PM »

Name: Krace Setekh
Homeworld: Corellia
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Race: Human w/ cyborg implants

Faction/Alignment: Independent, Chaotic Good

Skin: Caucasian, mildly tanned
Hair: Mid-length black hair that's long enough to go over his ears and cover up his implants a little, but not pull into a ponytail. 
Facial Hair: He sports a slim mustache that goes over his upper lip, around the sides of his lip and connects down to run along his jaw until it comes to his chin in a goatee which has a patch about an inch long and also has a bit that goes up towards his lower lip.
Eyes: Ice blue
Height: 5’11”
Distinguishing features: Cybernetic implant on his right temple near his eye that runs back under his hair and connects to another that runs over the back of his ear.

Preferred Clothing: Favorite outfit is a relaxed collar shirt under his gunslinger jacket (which has several pockets and he usually wears mostly closed), black or grey military cargo pants, black calf-high leather military boots.  He also has low profile custom blast vest he made that goes under the shirt that he can wear.  Around his waist are twin low-slung quick-draw gun belts with various pouches for extra power packs, commlink, credit chips, slicer toolkit, etc.

Weapons: Dual DL-4 Modified Heavy Blaster Pistols, Pulse-wave holdout blaster in his right boot, Vibroblade knife in left boot

Other equipment: He has two cybernetic implants.  One is on his right temple which goes partway around his eye and it is connected to the other one that runs back along his head, and curves over and down behind his ear.  Neither implant impairs nor replaces his eye, ear, or brain functions, but they enhance and augment them.  The one on his temple allows his one eye to see into different visual spectrums when tuned to do so.  It also allows him to sense rises in body temperature and increased heart rate in conjunction with his ear implant.  The temple implant also helps identify and isolate coding that is layered in things he’s looking at.  The one by his ear allows him hear in different ranges when tuned to do so and also hear several languages in basic.  The implants can also all be turned off in case of some sort of emergency.
(The picture below is a simulation of what the implant on his temple looks like, not what Krace looks like)

Skills: Decent freighter and heavy fighter pilot or co-pilot.  Skilled with his blasters and alright with a blade.  Very skilled mechanic and technical guru which also includes being moderately good at slicing.

Krace was born to Samuel and Maria Setekh on the planet of Corellia.  He was their first and only due to their heavy work schedules.  He was an assembly area foreman and she was a ship systems designer.  They were fairly important people on the station because of how many years they'd worked with the company.  When Krace started to get a little older, they would take him to work and teach him the mechanics of ships and how they were wired and assembled.  Being a kid it was a fantastic learning experience to get to work on great big toys.  As he got a little older he began to get more mischievous as to places he sometimes wasn't allowed to go.  He rarely got caught because he knew the crawl ways and passages to escape.

One day he came upon a drunken ship pilot beating a little girl that had stowed away on his ship.  Krace could tell by the man's demeanor that when the man had beaten her enough, he had other nefarious plans in mind.  Krace found a large hydrospanner that somebody had left lying around and hefted it with both hands over his shoulder.  He crept up behind the man and right as he was about to throw another punch Krace slung the tool off his shoulder with all his might and clocked the guy in the back of the head.  He let the tool rest on the ground, heaving at the effort it had taken to carry and swing the big thing.  Their eyes meet, his icy blue with her violet eyes full with wonder.  He stared for a second, not having seen eyes like that before, then letting the tool slip to the ground and extending a hand to her and introducing himself.  After she introduced herself back as Klaetani he led her by the hand back to where his parents were and told them what had happened.  His mother immediately took to her and they agreed to take her in.  His parents, being who they were in the company helped with knowing other people in the company that had connections outside the company that could get the official adoption fast-tracked and around some of the red-tape.

From then on the now brother and sister were mostly inseparable.  Krace showed Klae around everywhere and all the things he had discovered since he was her age.  He tried hard to teach her some of the ship things that his parents had taught him.  He of course let them teach her too since he knew not getting some of the things they worked on right could be very bad.  As they grew up more puberty kicked in for both of them almost at the same time and was cause for many awkward, humorous, and uncomfortable situations.  As they grew even older Krace was allowed to start flying, and then later on Klae was.  She eventually got even better than him.  He claimed that her antennapalps were cheating even though she claimed not to use them.  Krace made up for it though by being an even better mechanic.  Between all the access his two parents had to everything at CEC, he was a whiz at mechanics and electronics and eventually took a job there and worked there for a few years as an intern and then as a full employee.  Klae also later became an intern.

At the age of 21 and 17, tragedy struck.  Krace and Klae's parents were killed in an airlock accident in which the brother and sister barely survived.  Distraught with grief, the two decide they can't stay on the station, in the place of their parent’s death.  They find however that their parents had been saving up for them, for their birthdays when they would both be adults.  A ship had been just recently bought with money they had been saving for years.  The two parents had even put in some extra optional add-ons and modifications in it themselves.  Tweaking and tuning up various systems to make the ship even better than when it came off the CEC factory floor.  With the last of the money CEC owed the two, plus their parent’s last pay, and even a tidy sum from the company as apology for the accident, Krace and Klae sold their parents’ house and most of their things headed out into the galaxy to strike it on their own.

They became privateers and smugglers.  They made their start with contacts they had met from CEC as well as numerous spacers that came to the station with repairs.  Over the years they supported the Republic more and more as the war with the Empire raged on.  They weren't afraid to deliver to the warfronts either where medical or military supplies were needed, and they were paid well for the risks they took.  This was a strong, courageous duo that was destined to make a name for themselves.  Unfortunately for the duo, their luck eventually ran out.  After taking serious damage the ship had to be dry-docked for a major overhaul.  Still having connections back at CEC they were able to drop the ship there, but now must look at other means for making the money they need to pay for the repairs.  This has lead them to serving on the Ghost Spider.

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Dark Side Points Please

« Reply #7 on: September 27, 2014, 09:10:24 AM »

Klaetani “Klae”

Race/Gender: Balosar (Everyone assumes she’s Human, explained below), Female
Homeworld: Balosar (first 7yrs), Corellia (age 7+)
Age: 29
Height: 5’9”

Thick dark brown dreadlocks usually thrown over her left shoulder, antenepalps hidden, violet-silver eyes, attractive by human standards if just slightly pale

Muscular for a woman, very slightly tan (pale for human standards but not pasty), and extremely healthy for a Balosar,

Preferred Clothing:
Favors calf-high work boots, cargo pants, low slung blaster pistol at her right hip, tanks or thermal long-sleeved shirts pushed up above her elbows, usually wears a low profile, handmade, shielding vest Krace made for her, loves her heavy weight brown jacket that has many pockets, some hidden

Skill sets:
Ace pilot, scrappy hand to hand fighting, proficient blaster use, and moderate medical/field medic experience, basic grasp of avionics repair and assembly

Blaster pistol with holoprojected aiming reticle, low profile shielding vest virtually unnoticeable under her shirt, extra charge packs, some various currencies stuffed in a pocket, comlink

Amethyst gem that matches her eyes and antenepalps on a fine, heavy-duty chain around her neck

Chaotic Neutral

She escaped Balosar at the age of 7, stowing away on a ship since her parents were neglectful, deadbeat, deathstick addicts. She was adopted by the Setekh family on Corellia after Krace found her being accosted by the pilot whose ship she had stowed away on which was in for repairs at the CEC orbital station. She’s grown stronger and healthier than other Balosars because of being away from her home planet and its horrible living conditions. Klae all but ignores her antennapalps most of the time (expertly camouflaged in her thick dreads), not liking the absorption of emotions and subsonic noise, and she prefers being thought human than the typical awful stereotype of Balosars (mewling, cowardly, corrupt, pathetic, etc). She’s also slightly embarrassed by her retractable appendages, not fully understanding their uses.

She’s an ace pilot, who devoted a lot of her time to simulations and flying as she grew up. She worked with Krace’s family at CEC, on avionics systems of ships as well as assembly of new craft, for many years before a tragic accident killed Krace’s parents, the two of them barely making it out alive.

Since her adopted family’s deaths she’s worked together with Krace on odd jobs or smuggling and mercenary work. She and Krace make a formidable team – from her scrappy determination to his slicing skills, they can get out of just about any situation. Over the years, Klae has picked up basic field medicine and regularly has a small pack/med kit she refreshes with legal or black market requisitions as necessary.

In recent years, Klae and Krace have been steady workers for the Captain of the Ghost Spider, Juil (jewel) Naryel – contracted as pilot and crewmen for the ship.

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