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Author Topic: Venomstrike II Character Sheets  (Read 6658 times)
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You can't take the sky from me....

« on: January 13, 2015, 08:59:43 AM »


This is the general layout I want used for character sheets, as it is what is currently used for GCW main RP (please see the special T and P note down the bottom):


Character Information:

Home Planet:
Allegiance: (Rebel, Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Civilian, Etc)
Rank: (if applicable) (also note if this is Navy or Army rank. When in doubt, check the Ranking System thread in the GCW section)

Physical Description:

Combat Training: (1 Expert Max, 3 Average Max, 3 Total Max)
Special Skills: (3 Skill Max)
Weaknesses: (2 Minimum)
Studied Interests: (2 Expert Studied Max, 4 Average Studied Max, 4 Total Max)

Weapons: (3 Max)
Equipment: (3 Max)
Special Possessions:

Background History: (2 Paragraphs)

NOTES: Skills may be added to or trained up during game play with Mod approval. Weapons and Equipment may be added to during gameplay as well, with Mod approval.

****T & P NOTE: Since we are playing heavily armed pirates, I will allow more than 3 weapons so long as it isn't overkill and is fitting for the character. This is subject to my approval****

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You can't take the sky from me....

« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2015, 09:01:17 AM »

Here is my character sheet for the ship’s captain:

Race: Human

Home Planet: Undisclosed

Allegiance: Pirate

Rank: Captain (of her own ship)

Name: Veega Creel

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Physical Description: 190cm tall, muscular build. Dark olive skinned, with multiple scars on her body, including one large one extending down her right cheek from her eye. Cybernetic right eye implant as she lost the eye years before in a fight and eventually saved enough creds for the implant. Black hair cut short. Left eye is a steel grey. Expression is usually hard, cold and steely. Wears worn brown cargo pants and black tank top around the ship when relaxing, but most the time wears the pants with khaki green jacket and battle worn medium armour with heavy black combat boots and utility belt covered in pouches and weapons. Is usually heavily armed. Rough and tumble kind of personality, tomboy, can be cruel, enjoys killing.

Combat Training: excellent shot with either sniper rifle or pistols. Is ambidextrous and can wield blaster or blade equally well with either hand.

Special Skills: Decent pilot. Proficient enough at basic starship mechanics. Good knowledge of combat and pirating tactics. Excellent at using intimidation to get her way.

Weaknesses: Stubborn, impatient. Can be unpredictable- sometimes extreme temper changes. Sometimes she will kill innocents, sometimes she will let them go, and occassionally will make surprise acts of compassion. She especially loses her temper when someone dares to say she can't do something a man can, simply because she is a woman, and men have died for such comments. A liking for alcohol.

Studied interests: alien languages (understands and speaks some Huttese, only knows a few words or phrases of some other languages), recognising models of starships (while she can usually correctly pick a model, she is slowly learning more about them from their ship's gunner)

Weapons: E-11 sniper rifle, two model 434 heavy blaster pistols, vibroknives on her belt with longer knives attached to each lower leg. Usually multiple grenades.

Equipment: CEC YT1760 Venomstrike II heavily modified for combat and speed (see below). Datapad, has few personal belongings beyond the essentials and her weapons.

Background History: She hasn't shared much of her past with her crew. She grew up on the streets stealing from a young age, jumping ship and moving from planet to planet. She spent a fair bit of time on Coruscant and Nar Shaddaa (though she hasn't said which, if either, is her homeworld). As she grew older she began to work with organised crime, before being adopted by a crew of pirates. She grew up amongst thieves and cutthroats, mostly male, and as a result can more than hold her own amongst a crew of male pirates. The woman is rough and fiesty and will sometimes pick fights with others to prove a point, even with much bigger opponents than her.

Even given her sometimes explosive nature, she does have loyalty towards her crew, a trait that has eventually gained her respect and the role of Captain of her small ship. Their ship is one of many that operate of their own accord mostly attacking who they will, but in turn answer to a much more powerful crime lord, the self proclaimed ‘Admiral’ Vullen.

The Ship: CEC YT1760 Venomstrike II

This small, old transport ship has seen far better days. Battered and bruised, the Venomstrike II was rather unimaginatively named by a past owner who’s previous ship the Venomstrike was damaged beyond repair when it crashed. It has very little equipment left that is stock. The already powerful engines have been upgraded, military class shields have been fitted, the hull armour has been reinforced. Standard it came with just one small laser cannon, but under the ownership of pirates it has had two quad laser cannons fitted, with more cannons scattered around its hull in places the designers never intended for. Navigation and communication systems have also been upgraded. The small one room crew quarters has been converted to a one bed room for the captain giving them a degree of privacy, with bunks in the passenger door and cargo hold able to accommodate up to 9, giving the small ship a potential crew of 10.

The result is a small, very fast, very manoeuvrable and powerful vessel, capable of coming out of nowhere to strike its intended victims then disappear as quickly as it came. The trade off is that its already limited cargo hold is even more limited due to the extra equipment installed, and it is usually used to attack small transports carrying a small number of high value goods or to aid other ships during larger raids.

NOTE: The above diagram is to give a rough idea only, it isn’t an exact layout of the ship. As a guide:
#5 would be the Captain's quarters
 #4 would be the rest of the crew (double bunks, so total of 6). Two extra bunks(one double) are located in the #7 cargo hold.
#2 would be storage and turret access.

The ship's armaments are as follows:
Two Corellian Engineering Corporation AG-2G quad laser cannon turrets mounted on the top and bottom as turrets
A single Taim & Bak H6 Light Turbolaser (something less draining on the ship's power plant) mounted between the left(pilot) side of the cockpit and the forward protrusion (manned by the gunner behind the pilot in the cockpit)
A pair of ArMek SW-3 ion cannons mounted on the right(copilot) side between the cockpit and the forward protrusion (for forward firing by the co-pilot)
A single Borstel Galactic Defense RH8 laser cannon mounted on the outside front of each of the forward protrusions - total of 2 (for forward firing by the co-pilot)
A pair of Borstel Galactic Defense RH8 laser cannons mounted in a fixed rear firing position (manned by the gunner in the cockpit)
A single Arakyd ST2 concussion missile tube with 4 missiles mounted just under the cockpit
Two BlasTech Ax-108 "Ground Buzzer" surface-defense blaster cannons mounted under the ship, one in the rear by the boarding ramp, and another mounted towards the nose
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« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2015, 09:04:22 AM »

Race: Rattataki

Home Planet: Rattatak

Allegiance: Pirate

Position: First mate/Co-Pilot/Technician   

Name: Kamac Setmah

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Skin: Chalk-white pale skin
Hair: None
Eyes: Fiery Yellow
Height: 6'3"
Physical Characteristics:  Toned and muscular body.  Always kept in shape growing up on Rattatak, never stopped doing so even after leaving.  Finds it easier to hurt people when you’re in shape.  Was once commented to him that he was built like a tree and chiseled like stone.
Distinguishing Features:  Angular tattoos on the top and side of his head, as well as on the side of his face and check.  Several scars in various locations.

Outfit:  Typically wears coveralls and leather boots when working on the ship.  Underneath he wears tight thermal pants and shirt. When going out he has a light torso armor piece, armor backed gauntlets with armor bracers, and cargo pants with light armor plating on the front.  Also wears tall plated boots when going out(pop out blade point in right boot tip).

Personality:  Fairly open and talkative.  He enjoys a good drink and the company of a woman.  Also loves the life of being a pirate and taking what he wants by force.  Acquiring a new gadget is also something of a pleasure to him.

Combat Training:  Skilled in close and medium range weapons.  Blaster pistols and rifles, blunt and bladed weapons, as well as hand to hand.  Decent shot in a ship turret.

Special Skills:  Picked up a knack for fixing things, and later learned how to fly things he was fixing.

Weaknesses:  Will not hesitate to break bones or shoot someone if provoked, though usually doesn't do so in a lethal manner.  More so enjoys the pain it inflicts and how quickly it manages to get someone's attention.  Tinkered with his blaster pistols to have a setting that caused less damage but still was very painful so he could shoot someone without fearing killing them(too soon).

Studied Interests: Brawler fighting, Starship engineering, Technical systems

Weapons:  KX-60 blaster rifle (single fire, three shot burst, full auto) and Twin SE-14 blaster pistols (stun, low power, standard shot).  Additionally carries a hold out blaster in his right boot, and a vibro blade in the left boot.  Spring out blades are hidden in each wrist brace.  Also usually has a stun baton with him that can be used for beating or stunning someone.

Equipment:  A few tech gadgets and small tools on his gun belts and also carries extra power packs along with his commlink.

Background History:  Kamac grew up in the normal violent life on Rattatak.  His father died in the gladiator games before he was even born and his mother was murdered for the credits in her pocket when he was only seven years old.  Initially he was a small child who would get beat up many times while out on the streets, but he learned quickly how to turn his smaller size into an advantage, and then later when he started growing a lot, he now had size and power to protect himself.  Having grown tired of the fighting, and not wanting to be in the gladiator games, he found someone willing to teach him technical trades.  This did not stop him from learning combat skills as well during that time.

After several years of learning useful skills, both related and not related to killing or hurting people, he got a chance to get offworld with a pirate crew.  The lure of credits and getting offworld was all he needed for motivation.  He bounced through many crews over the years, managing to avoid jail for the most part, or at least escaping it without spending too much time inside.  After a while he finally ended up on Veega's crew and that's where he's been since.
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« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2015, 08:29:52 AM »

Race: Human
Home Planet: Alderaan
Allegiance: Pirate, Crew of the Venomstrike
Rank: Demolitions Expert & Medic

Name: Adgil Maril
Age: 32
Gender: Male
5'9", 190lbs, Brown Eyes, Black Hair, light sporadic Graying, side parting and has a longish goatee. Adgil has Aurabesh tattoo's all over his body, names of all he lost to Alderaan's destruction.

On a day to day Adgil dons a white shirt with a large collar, loose black cargo pants and heavy boots. To top this off a long dark brown trenchcoat. When on 'outings' a flak jacket is worn for protection and for added fun, a thermal detonator bandoleer.

Gets the job done and works well in an organised team. Sometimes needs to be reigned in and also has a joker side if you get him on a good day. 

Combat Training: Infantry, Advanced Melee Combat (self tought Student of Teras Kasi)

Special Skills: Demolitions expert, Basic/moderate Medical Skills

Weaknesses: Quick to anger, Fights with himself over morals.

Studied Interests: Energy Weapons, Demolitions and Teras Kasi combat.

Weapons: Paired CDEF Blaster Pistols
                 Long Vibro-Knife concealed behind his back.
                 Thermal Detonator Bandoleer across chest.

Equipment: Commlink, On-board mini computer on left arm and toolkit pouch for intricate demolitions.

Special Possessions: A Book, kept on his person at all times, Adgil keeps this close and is quite secretive about it, can sometimes be seen jotting notes and reading to himself.

Background History: The destruction of Alderaan occured while Adgil was away on holiday with friends in Ithor. This hit Adgil hard as he had a large family located there. He then went to live with his uncle on Coruscant and ended up joining the ranks of CorSec.

Shortly after Adgil obtained the rank of Lieutenant, he discovered a spy; his mentor and friend. He ended up killing his peer but unfortunately the secret never surfaced so Adgil fled to the outer rim, using his knowledge from CorSec became a mercenary. Later stumbled across the band of Pirates after a mission and liked their style!

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« Reply #4 on: January 14, 2015, 11:03:57 AM »

Race: Twi-Lek

Home Planet: Ryloth

Allegiance: Pirate

Position: Comm officer and chef

Name: Rumba-Tarut

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Rumba is 5'7" tall weighing in at 265 pounds with orange skin and leku tattooed with tribal symbols draped over each shoulder. He wears a green jumpsuit with brown leather jacket, utility belt and dark brown combat boots.

Personality: Loud, boisterous and sometimes downright disrespectful but very loyal to both his shipmates and captain. He loves cooking and considers himself a master chef. His love of cooking is surpassed only by his love of eating.  Also a little bit too fond of the ladies, not including Captain Creel as he would not do anything to jeopardize their friendship or working relationship.  

Combat Training: Moderately proficient in hand-to-hand combat.  Used to be expert proficiency but skills deteriorated as his size grew.  Can still be very dangerous in a fist fight and with the vibroknives concealed in his sleeves.  Below average skill with a blaster rifle, he may or may not hit his target.  

Special Skills: Extensive knowledge of communications equipment, reasonably fluent in several alien languages, basic and common trade languages.

Weaknesses: Irreverant, disrespecful and a womanizer. Also a glutton. His portly stature can limit his usefulness in CQB situations.

Studied interests: linguistics, cooking

Weapons: DH-17 Blaster Carbine. Small vibro-knives concealed in each sleeve.

Equipment: Communicator, pouch of herbs and spices and compact cooking utensils on his utility belt.

Background History: Rumba-Tarut was a happy child growing up on Ryloth and developed a love of cooking spending much of his time at home with his mother. One day while he was out collecting herbs for dinner he was kidnapped by slavers. Seeing his potential as a chef, his new owner put him to work in the kitchen. He was also forced to fight for others entertainment and eventually developed a proficIency at boxing in the interest of self-preservation.

After a few years in slavery he escaped and joined up with a band of pirates. Rumba quickly became a hero to them, until he joined they had never eaten so good. He later joined the crew of Veega Creel upon her appointment as captain and has served with her ever since.
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« Reply #5 on: January 15, 2015, 07:58:55 AM »


Character Information:

Race: Human
Home Planet: Corellia
Allegiance: Pirate, Crew of the Venomstrike
Rank: Pilot/Engineer
Name: Flynn Alexander Torve
Age: Best guess, late 30's
Gender: Male
Physical Description: 6'2"
                                 Ice Blue Eyes,
                                 Black Hair Greying at the temples, usually worn fairly close to shaved
                                 10cm scar on left cheek running at a slight angle
                                 tends to prefer wearing tank tops or sleeveless shirts, black pants and his blaster pistols
                                 may or may not be chewing on or smoking a cigar, generally depends on the company
                                 classic misogynistic tendencies, generally objectifies women and considers them playthings, takes extreme circumstances for women to earn his respect and trust

Combat Training: Combat Pilot, Infantry, Medium Range and Heavy Weapons
Special Skills: Mechanic, excellent at improvised combat tactics
Weaknesses: tends to drink to excess, pretty women, gambling, has a tendency to start getting edgy when on the ground for long periods of time, prefers being in space to all else.
Studied Interests: Space Navigation, Starship Engineering

Weapons: Paired DC-17 Blaster Pistols
                 Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon (for use in "Special" situations
                 Usually has a hold-out blaster, preferring a Model 22T4 tucked into his waistband at the small of his back
                 Most likely has a couple of vibroblades tucked into a few accessible locations and a garrote wire that's disguised as a bracelet.
Equipment: Standard portable toolkit
Special Possessions: A nearly complete set of Phase II Clone Trooper Armor that fits him with a few modifications.  It's been painted matte grey with some bits of Corellian flair added to the styling.  He tends not to wear the complete suit unless the situation warrants it, as it is somewhat bulky.  Generally if he's fully suited up he's packing the Rotary Blaster as well, this combo is excellent for covering escapes and generally forcing any opposition to keep their heads down.

Background History: Born on Corellia, he naturally fell into the typical Corellian life... Starships.  Not content with simply designing and building them, it didn't take long for him to sign on with smugglers headed to the outer rim.  It was during this time in his life that he started honing some skills that came naturally to him and eventually led him to his current lifestyle.  Not a whole lot is known about his family or ties.  There is a large cluster of folks with the same family name on Corellia, but he's never spoken about his relation to them.

Given some of his talents as a pilot and combatant, it's evident he's served in combat working for some outer rim government at some point in his life.  This is also evidenced by his tendency to use older military grade weaponry and hardware.
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« Reply #6 on: January 15, 2015, 10:28:04 PM »


Race: Human
Home Planet: Coruscant
Allegiance: Pirate
Rank: Slicer/safe cracker

Name: Veasal Amund
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Physical Description: Veasal stands 6’2” (188 CM) tall, has a slim build, with sharp facial features, green eyes and short black hair pushed forward. When on the ship Veasal wears black dress slacks over black boots with a black vest over vivid colored satin striped shirts with the top button undone. When on a job or leaving the ship Veasal wears a black three button blazer.

Veasal carries a model 57 blaster pistol on a black holster under his left arm and DL-44 heavy blaster pistol on his right upper thigh, holstered heels out for a crossed armed draw. A throwing knife is attached to his belt at the small of his back. Veasal has an easy going and upbeat personality and is easily approachable by crew members.

Combat Training: Expert quick draw gunslinger

Special Skills: Slicing computer locks/systems and old fashioned safe cracking

Weaknesses: Reckless at times, especially when withdrawing from conflict. Can be over protective of crew members, sometimes starting unnecessary conflicts with outsides over perceived slights to crewmembers.

Studied Interest: Computer systems, mechanical locks

Weapons: DL-44 Heavy blaster pistol, model 57 blaster pistol, throwing knife, sub repeating blaster (for special occasions)

Equipment: Data pad with multiport interface, lock pick kit.

Background: Son of a wealthy bureaucrat on Coruscant Veasal was groomed for politics until in his early teens he fell in with a street gang in the lower sections of Coruscant. There Veasal learned how to slice, and how to handle a blaster. Several years later when Veasal's father learned of his life style he was enrolled in the Imperial Military Academy and reached the rank of First Lieutenant in the Imperial Army, assigned to Intelligence. Veasal resigned his commission when the first opportunity presented itself, six years into his service.
Veasal has been silent on his time as an officer and his reasons for leaving. After a short time doing freelance work as a slicer/safecracker for a few years, Veasal joined the crew of the Venomstrike II.
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« Reply #7 on: January 16, 2015, 06:29:29 AM »

Race: Human

Home Planet: Abrion Major

Allegiance: Pirate

Rank: Ships Gunner

Name: Tauto Teech

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Physical description: 165cm tall, short, muscular stocky, physically extremely strong, balding cropped light brown hair, fair skin, blue eyes, clean shaven (for breath mask in turret), extensive tattoos on both arms, prison number (E221984S) tattooed under right eye, missing top of right ear and old blaster wound on right thigh. Clothing on ship, grey overalls covered with stains and many holes, imperial style gunners helmet and flash mask for use in turret, black durasteel gloves taken from an imperial gunner. Planetside: Black combat boots, black cargo pants, blue/grey shirt, medium chest armour with attachable leg guard armour (for ship boarding) light grey colour, Khaki belt and pouched bandolier, 2 Khaki detonator sling bags (ship boarding), brown and grey dented armoured helmet with open face.

Personality: Sullen, reserved and brooding most of the time, but will occasionally open up with unexpected insights and experiences (usually when drinking).

Combat training: above average ships gunner, experienced in close combat and ship boarding with blaster rifle, detonators and melee weapons.

Special Skills: extensive knowledge of ship types/ capabilities/strengths and weaknesses both of classes and individual ships and crews.

Weaknesses: tendency for extended and often violent drinking binges when planetside followed by debilitating hangovers when back aboard. Habitual gambler, profligate with money, quick to anger when drunk but rarely towards crew mates. Hatred of authority (empire, security forces etc). Cannot run fast due to old leg wound.

Studied interests: Ship types, Ship weapon systems turbo lasers ion cannons, expert knowledge in ship shield types and their weaknesses.

Weapons: Blas Tech E-11 Blaster rifle, spiked and bladed boarding ‘club’, various detonators, vibroknuckler.

Equipment: commlink and small tool kit with tools for gun turret.

Special possessions: all gambled away

Background history:

Tauto Teech was born on the planet Abrion Major. During the Clone wars Abrion Major was part of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and Tauto was conscripted into the CIS Navy (aged 16). He served as a gunner on a Munificent class star frigate and was wounded and captured along with his ship at the Battle of Coruscant. By the time he recovered from his wounds the Republic had become the Empire and he was sent to the notorious Imperial prison world Rordak.

Tauto worked as a slave in an ore mine for six years until, along with other Rordak slaves he was ordered to be transferred to Kessel. The transports crew mutinied on route and the slaves slaughtered the gaurds and officers. The escaped slaves and mutineers then turned to piracy. Since that time Tauto has served aboard many pirate ships and has travelled extensively throughout the galaxy.

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« Reply #8 on: January 17, 2015, 12:48:16 AM »


Race:  Human

Home Planet:  Naboo

Allegiance:  Pirate

Name:  Kai Shiba

Age:  26

Gender:  Male

Rank:  Battle strategist

Physical Description:  185cm tall with very dark brown eyes, muscular build and dark skin (Indian). He has long black hair that he usually wears in a pony tail. He wears a black jumpsuit under a beige trench coat.

Personality:  Doesn’t talk a lot, but when he does, he always has something important to say. He is generally friendly and dislikes combat, but will fight if he has to. He is also highly intelligent.

Combat Training: He is mostly self taught, and is proficient with a pistol and a vibroblade.

Special Skills: Highly proficient battle strategist, proficient droid mechanic and average pilot.

Weaknesses:  He often loses control over his emotions when he is faced with failure. He over-thinks everything, which leads to him not getting anything done.

Weapons:  DL-18 blaster, Q2 hold-out blaster pistol and a 20cm vibroknife.

Equipment:  Com link that is strapped to his left arm, Data pad and a Multi-tool which he keeps in a utility belt.

Special Possessions:  Doesn’t keep much other than his equipment. However he is very attached to his tool kit and doesn’t let anyone else touch it.

Background History:  He was born on Naboo, where he spent most of his childhood tinkering and building. He was extremely inquisitive, always asking questions and trying to figure out things that he didn’t understand. Once he finished his studies, he was hired to work as a battle strategist in the military, due to his intelligence and unique way of working out the enemy’s strategy and countering it. However he soon started realising how corrupt and selfish his superiors where and resigned from the military.

He then spent several years travelling from planet to planet doing odd jobs to buy food and fuel.  He later found out about Veega’s crew and decided to join, as it was a way to resume his old strategist post, without having to work with all the corruption. He has remained with the crew ever since.

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« Reply #9 on: January 22, 2015, 06:17:36 AM »


Race: Human
Home Planet: Nar Shaddaa
Allegiance: Pirate
Rank: Weapons expert

Name: Danii Taygea
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Haggard looking and slightly wrinkled, due to several years of spice addiction. Slim but muscular. 165cm tall. Has brown eyes and blond, hair that is most of the time worn in a ponytail. Usually seen wearing sleeveless shirts and tight fitted pants, uses knee high brown leather boots, matching an ammo belt she carries over her torso, and her dual leg holsters.

Combat Training: Proficient with most blaster type weapons, as long as they are not too large and/or heavy for her to handle. Average at hand to hand, though she needs space in order to properly utilize her speed and dexterity.
Special Skills: Weapons repairing, weapons modification.
Weaknesses: Suffering from spice withdrawal. Is easily distracted, particularly by things that are as shinny as they are deadly.
Studied Interests: Has a love for poems and stories, though she'd rather not admit it out loud.

Weapons: An OK-98 blaster carbine, carefully modified to shot at doubled speed by drawing from two magazines simultaneously, while at the same time maintaining the range and damage output.
A DH-17 blaster pistol with stun setting available, carried at her right thigh.
And a balanced vibro dagger carried on the left thigh.
Equipment: Tool box.
Special Possessions: A book of poems, the only thing she has to remember her family. It once belonged to her deceased mother.

Background History: She were brought up on Nar Shaddaa by her father, whom worked as a weapons technician under the local Hutt lord.
He early taught her an extensive amount of knowledge about repairing and modifying all kinds of weapons.
Growing up the way she did, she soon became quite the partygoer, and thus ended up heavily addicted to Spice. Because of that her life spiralled further and further downwards for several years. And it would most likely have placed her in a rotten gutter, had it not been for an incident where she witnessed the death of her closest friend. The incident was caused by an overdose, and shocked her to the core. So she realized that she needed to cut the stuff out and get out of the hole she had dug herself in.
Thus she decided to leave the planet, and has since then joined several different ships, traveling from place to place. Before finding herself on Florrum with the crew of Venomstrike II.
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« Reply #10 on: January 27, 2015, 09:27:32 AM »


Race: Human
Home Planet: Tatooine
Allegiance: Pirate
Rank: Deck Hand and Navigator

Name: Rune Sygma
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Rune is a young man, standing at 6’ 1”, known to wear boots that makes him look even taller. He has fair skin and deep blue eyes. His hair is a glossy light brown that he keeps in a short ponytail. He has a slight bit of stubble, but shaves every once and a while.
He wears black boots, belt, and other accessories, while metal in his outfit is white metal (steel, silver, chrome, etc.). He wears a pair of olive drab combat pants, a long sleeve grey shirt with buttoned cuffs and a green tactical vest. There are many slashes, cuts, and holes in his outfit that have been repaired by clearly visible stitches that resemble sutures made by a medic.

Combat Training:
Riflery (Proficient)
Hand to hand combat (average)

Special Skills:
Navigation (Proficient)
Slicing (basic)

He is extremely passive, and hesitates to engage someone personally
Although intelligent, he is quite gullible (too trusting of human honesty, honor, and respect)

Studied Interests:
Medical (especially skilled at sutures)
Electronics repair

Darksting Assassin rifle
DC15s Pistol

first aid supplies
Computer spikes

Special Possessions:
He has an ancient datapad that can't even connect to the holonet (on its own), but has a massive memory. it holds things like maps, his notes about everyone he’s ever met (as well as pirated dossiers of certain contacts and targets of his),

Background History:
Born on Tatooine as a hunter in a small village, he was an only child with his mom who taught him street smarts and household skills, and his dad who later taught him to hunt. As a hunter he was often away from the village which hardened him, giving him solid nerves. He had many friends within the small village, and a large group of the men and older boys would hunt in parties of two. He wasn’t the most social member, so after his dad died, he began working alone. At age fifteen, his home village was destroyed by Imperial troops at which point he moved to Coruscant.
Coruscant was the home of many things vile and oppressive, which he hated. In the years that followed Rune became a freedom fighter, always preventing what happened to him. He would smuggle food and aid to blockaded planets, destroy Imperial facilities that were being used to take places over, raiding stashes of supplies from the greedy, slice into networks, and cause all breeds of trouble for people oppressing the weak. His time on the many planets ranging from the inner planets like Tatooine, to Hutt Space, to the outer rim gave him almost instinctive skills with navigating planetary terrain, while his many travels- paired with the many detailed star maps in his datapad- makes him quite familiar with the galaxy. He often found himself on the borderline of those people he was fighting against, perhaps smuggling is a bit like piracy, but they swap back and forth. That is how he came to be aboard the Venomstrike II, using his skills for well… shady purposes. Perhaps he will find a more constructive use for his talents.
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Character Information: MikaelPfeffer

Race: Gand; subspecies - Lungless
Home Planet: Gand
Allegiance: Mercenary
Rank: Engineer

Name: Fzz’ykk
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Physical Description: 1.3 meters tall, 60kg, Heavily Plated Exoskeleton, dark purple in coloration, with silver faceted eyes. Small jewels on antennae when off-duty.

Combat Training:  Flechette Pistol – Expert, Flamethrower – Average, Vibroknife - Fair
Special Skills: Starship Engineering, Scrounge, Tinker
Weaknesses: No sense of humor, polite, humble
Studied Interests: Damage Control/Jury Rigging Techniques - average, Bartending – expert, three-dimensional puzzles – average
Weapons: C-22 Flame Carbine, FWG-5 Flechette Pistol, Vibroknife
Equipment: Engineer  toolkit, backpack for flamethrower with 2 reloads, 10 reloads for Flechette pistol
Special Possessions: Translator Vocoder (voice sounds like 12 year old human girl)

Background History:  Smaller, lighter, more heavily plated than most Gand females, she was also highly intelligent. Serving as all Gand do, she was given various assignments, seeing where she would fit into Gand society. She was given an assignment to guide a group of off-world starship company representatives through an under construction Gand vessel. While a named Gand guided the group, it became obvious to several of the reps that the young Gand not only understood the equipment they were shown, but was willing to further expound on the equipment. After the tour, they approached her to discuss her knowledge. They offered to sponsor her Engineer training, much to the consternation of the Gand Elders. After much deliberation, the Elders allowed her to enter the training, which she accomplished in record time. However, this further alienated her from her society though the Elders did award her use of a family name.
She was selected to be part of the team assisting an off-world concern on a radical new starship engine design. She not only understood the design but was able to offer upgrade ideas that were incorporated into the final design. As the project progressed, she spent more time with the off-worlders than her people. While she does not imbibe, she found she also had a talent at remembering drink recipes as well concocting new ones during the many informal brainstorming sessions. By the end of the project, she was an accomplished bartender, fully accepted by the design team, and a virtual outcast from her own people.

When the offer to be Engineer aboard a large freighter came, she felt that the chance to do something no other Gand had done far outweighed the danger. Her focus was on the engines, spending most waking hours in the Engine room maintaining and improving them.  She did interact with the crew and occasionally the passengers, serving bar during break periods.
After several trips, the captain transferred to a smaller freighter with fewer stops and normally no passengers. She was told she was transfered as well. She kept to herself more and more, tending her engines. When she requested to transfer to a larger ship, she found out that her contract was to the captain personally, not the company, making her a virtual prisoner on the ship. She bided her time, looking for a chance to change her circumstances.
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Character Information:

Race: Barabel
Home Planet: Hatched on Nal Hutta
Allegiance: Former gladiator, aspiring mercenary
Rank: N/A

Name: Blaktar Azalus Thay Rulya
Alias/nickname: Tar
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Physical Description:
~Height: 2 meters (6'6")
~Weight: 175 kilograms (386 lbs.)
~Scale colour: Very dark gray
~Eye colour: Black
~Clothing/armour: Blaktar prefers to not wear clothing, especially as his anatomy differs enough from humans to make it unnecessary. However, for propriety's sake he generally wears black combat pants. Prefers to walk barefoot, but does own combat boots and wears them most of the time. Instead of a shirt he wears a coarse, gray, open tunic. Shell spider silk is woven in with the regular material, but at a 15:1 ratio due to its price. Recently he has taken to wearing a mottled brown, white, and black nexu-pelt cloak to cover his tail stub. His actual armour is composed of durasteel plates over leather, and covers his entire torso and arms. He owns a tail spike for battle, but is currently unable to wear it.
~Notable features: Currently does not have a tail. A few scales on his right shoulder blade retained scorch marks from a blaster bolt.

Combat Training: Has spent considerable time training hand-to-hand and melee weapon combat (live opponent and simulations) as a gladiator, but has had limited real-world, non-arena experience.
Special Skills: Reasonable tracker, as his species is carnivorous. Heightened sense of smell. Light-fingered, but not exceptionally so.
Weaknesses: Arrogant, slight god-complex. While he is an adult in his species, he is very inexperienced compared to others his age. Combine all that with his massive size compared to many other species and he has become rather cocky and thinks himself invulnerable. He has only recently started learning this is not the case. A lightweight when it comes to alcohol, and an angry drunk. Prone to violence, and has been known to taste the blood of those he has defeated.
Studied Interests: Precise knowledge of anatomy of many sentient and non-sentient species, both from books and hands-on learning. Is able to distinguish and identify vulnerabilities on a wide variety of species by comparison to species he has studied. Limited knowledge of spices and their effects on humans, but he won't touch the stuff himself.

Weapons: Wrist-mounted, repeating flechette launcher (right arm). Wearable durasteel tail-spike. Various knives and short blades (nothing too special). One stun baton.
Equipment: Wrist-mounted liquid cable launcher (left arm).
Special Possessions: Datapad with anatomy data banks for most known species, dissection kit.

Background History: Blaktar was sold as an egg on Nal Hutta to a gladiator-dealer. He was traded and sold several times across several Hutt-controlled and influenced planets, acquiring more training, gear, and often a new name, under every owner and master. With a propensity towards precision cuts using his claws, one trader began teaching him anatomy. He learned very quickly and began its application in the arena immediately. Given his massive size and strength compared to most other combatants, his winning streak was rarely interrupted.

About age 22, he found himself on Empire-controlled Teth, fighting in the underground crime world perpetuated by the Hutts. After an exceptionally easy match, he went to a local cantina to celebrate. He got into a drunken fight and killed a man, and eviscerated an off-duty storm trooper. He narrowly evaded the response unit, but not without first getting shot twice in the right shoulder blade. When he arrived at his owner's residence, the trader, fearing the legal repercussions of the whole ordeal, cursed him out and they left immediately for the spice-rich planet Troiken. From there he and his owner made trips from Troiken to Cholganna and back for rare species, which Tar would then fight for the drug dealers' amusement.

One fated trip ended in the death of his master, and Tar found himself free for the first time. He continued fighting for a short time on Troiken, but eventually left for the corrupt Vaynai using stolen spice to buy his passage. After he arrived he began his free-lance gladiator career, and again met with great success. Until he, with his former-master's liquid-cable launcher and stun baton, was pitted against a wiry, spiced-out human with a vibro-blade. His tail was severed moments before Tar ripped the man apart. Shortly thereafter he applied for a less dangerous job to supplement his income while his tail grew back, and was hired as a bouncer at a high-end club frequented by debauched and crooked officials and the mercenaries and bounty hunters they attracted. One such mercenary offered Tar a cut of the pay if he helped her eliminate a rival at the club. After he received his pay he decided he likes the work and began looking in to gangs or organizations that might be hiring. The nearby world Florrum was mentioned as a likely place to start. He again stole what he needed, this time taking small blades from the mass he confiscated at the club. On his final night he grabbed as many of the weapons as he could carry and bartered most off for a ride to Florrum, leaving him with only a few cheap blasters, a flechette launcher he kept for himself in addition to his personal belongings, and a handful of credits.
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Character Information:

Race: Trandoshan
Home Planet: Trandosha (Dosha, Hsskor)
Allegiance: Bounty Hunter and Pirate
Rank: N/A

Name: Ssurong
Age: Close to 30 Standard years.
Gender: Male

Physical Description: Ssurong is tall, pushing close to 6’4” with rough yellowish skin contrasted by black markings all over; resembling the striping of a Nexu. Three pronounced ridges lined his skull, tapering from front to back, ending in small bony protrusions. He had the distinct orange eyes with horizontal pupils common to the Trandoshan species. The right side of his face is covered in a large scar from a chemical burn, which in turn permanently damaged his eye on that side. Ssurong is most commonly seen wearing his homemade Trandoshan hide jacket over a modified flight suit (modified to fit his scaly body). The bandoliers he wore crisscrossed over his chest with the holster for his scattergun and blaster pistol slung across his back and strapped to his thigh, respectively.

Personality:  His aggressive nature can make Ssurong almost unapproachable, although he has been known to engage in the occasional “friendly” game of Sabacc. It’s hard to determine exactly what will set him off, usually a perceived lack of respect is involved somehow and it is this adherence to respect that makes Ssurong an interesting prospect to recruiting pirate captains. Ssurong is deeply loyal to those that show him the respect that he feels he deserves, often times putting himself between his “Captain” and an adversary.

Combat Training: Expert in Unarmed Combat thanks to his reptilian reflexes and large retractable claws. Average skill with Heavy Blasters and Explosives.

Special Skills: Regenerative Properties--A Trandoshan racial trait that allows for unaided healing of small to large wounds depending on severity, up to and including lost limbs. Trandoshan Vision--Can see in the dark in the infrared spectrum, provided there are heat sources. Increased Durability--Another trait inherent to the Trandoshan species, developed from constant exposure to the arid and often harsh environments of their home planet.

Weaknesses: Highly impulsive; comes across as unstable. Permanent retinal damage in right eye has led to decreased depth perception and has never been corrected; Trandoshan culture has caused Ssurong to view this injury as a personal challenge to overcome and adapt to rather than fix. He is also clumsy, as Trandoshans have poor manual dexterity.

Studied Interests: Ssurong is expertly trained in Interrogation and Torture techniques. His Trandoshan biology allows for above average Tracking and Hunting skills when compared to similar humanoids. While Dosha is his first language, Ssurong also speaks Basic fluently and due to spending most of his time on outer-rim worlds he can understand Huttese.

Weapons: Vintage ACP Scatter Gun, DT-57 Heavy Blaster Pistol.
Equipment: Bandolier(ACP cartridges), Bandolier(Flash and Thermal Detonators), Utility Belt(containing: 3 day supply food capsules, 1 medpac, 1 toolkit, 1 spare power pack, a glow rod and a comlink).
Special Possessions: Trandoshan Vibroknife, a trophy taken from a fellow Trandoshan following an instance of disrespect during Ssurong's first hunt on Dosha and a Leather jacket made from the aforementioned Doshan.

Background History:

Born and raised on Hsskor, Ssurong was subjected to the standard cruelty of Trandoshan society and quickly became known for his explosive temper. Considered an adult at the age of 15, he embarked on a hunt of his own, it was on this outing that Ssurong was deeply humiliated when another Trandoshan stole his kill. He became enraged at the thought of losing his accumulated Jagannath points and Ssurong responded by disemboweling the offender with his own vibroknife; dragging the body back home to shame him further by skinning and fashioning a jacket from his hide. Ssurong was quickly separated from the rest of his brethren and trained in the art of interrogation and torture; developing a knack for pulling information from his subjects.

Ssurong was 21 when he was made overseer of a small operation to transport Wookiee slaves amid the Imperial occupation of Kashyyyk, but was once again disrespected. He was forced to flee the planet after falling into a blood rage and decimating a group of Wookiee slaves and their Trandoshan Slaver escorts. Although he was never the most intelligent Trandoshan, Ssurong knew he had no place among the civilized and it wasn't long before he found his place among the stars as a deadly efficient bounty hunter.

Almost never bringing in a bounty unharmed, Ssurong often returned with them mutilated or dead. Brimming to the teeth with anger and obsessed with gaining Jagannath points, Ssurong was constantly itching for a fight, spending his time at the shadiest of establishments in-between bounties; places where bar fights were the norm and people disappearing was expected. Thanks to his aggressive and often unpredictable personality Ssurong tended to work alone, but was not above joining the occasional pirate crew for some extra credits.

Having only heard through whispers on Nar Shaddaa, Ssurong eventually learned of the pirate haven, Florrum, from his previous crewmates. In search of new opportunities he hitched a ride with a local smuggler from Mos Eisley to the rocky, backwater planet. Ssurong found himself excited at the prospect of going to a new planet and one that was so very similar to his own. Even though he would never admit it, Ssurong actually longed to return to Dosha; a yearning that for now, would have to go unsatiated.

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