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Author Topic: Kerbal Space Program - pics  (Read 859 times)
Sypho Ruut
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Light side.. just

« on: March 18, 2015, 07:07:06 AM »

 So, I decided to play about in KSP for a while, and i decided something; what better to build than something from star wars?
One of my favourite vehicles from the canon is the ARC-170, so.. after a few runs, a few mistakes, and of course the inevitable explosions, I present to you all the ARK-170 starfighter:


 The only mod necessary for this to work is procedural wings, and it flies pretty well and can be landed safely with the stock aerodynamics. The craft has a low lift:weight ratio due to part clipping being used to make the cockpit and associated fuselage, so landing speed is pretty high.

 Unless dropbox has defeated me, here is the .craft file for download;

 This install of KSP is 0.90, Beta than ever.

 Dark Liberator-GB
 Mantis in BH
 Archon in AB
 Monarch in SY

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