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Author Topic: Your Star Wars characters  (Read 32477 times)
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Spoiler Alert!

« Reply #15 on: June 09, 2015, 12:41:13 PM »

A lot.  Makes sense though.  The Infinite Empire used humans as slaves and settled millions on their worlds for labor.  When the Rakata disappeared those humans probably stayed in place.  25,000-30,000 years could produce some genetic changes due to many factors.  Higher radiation exposure, extreme temperatures, varied atmospheres, etc...

You lost me at Infinite Empire.

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« Reply #16 on: July 05, 2015, 08:04:36 PM »

I do have a character set in The Old Republic universe, Mistress Lilitu.

She is a Sith who begins training after she kills her spoiled alcoholic stepmother in an episode of rage after she decides that she cannot take anymore of her stepmother's constant consumption of intoxicants that make her arrogant and delusional.  And in that state, she says degrading and untrue things about Lilitu's father and in effect, it degrades and hurts her.  While her stepmother is looking for another intoxicant, Lilitu finds her father's old training lightsaber, comes back and confronts her stepmother who demands that Lilitu go and get more intoxicants.  Lilitu refuses to do so but is constantly confronted again and refuses every time until the stepmother suddenly starts demanding that she be treated with respect and that Lilitu's father is pathetic, weak, incompetent and doesn't care about her or Lilitu and thinks when he contacts her that he is trying to butt in on her spoiled brat-like lifestyle.  Lilitu decides that she has had enough and calls out her stepmother on the remarks she makes, saying that she is a liar and that she needs to seek help for her addiction.  The stepmother jumps her and attacks her with her long fingernails and scratches Lilitu's face.  Lilitu shrugs it off, but the stepmother still says more hurtful words and then destroys a picture of Lilitu's father with her real mother who died in childbirth.  Lilitu becomes enraged, but with some understanding of The Force she holds out her left hand and makes a gripping hold and begins to Force Chock the stepmother.  Lilitu then takes her father's lightsaber and activates it, holding it to her stepmother's face and demands her silence and let's her go.  The stepmother suddenly begins to fear her and claims that Lilitu is under the influence of some demonic power, which Lilitu admits to saying she is one with the Dark Side and decapitates her stepmother.  She uses The Force to explode the decapitated head, crushes the skulls with her High Iron Heeled boots and wipes off the remains from them.

She finds out that her father, whom she believes is a Jedi is himself a Sith who served under Revan.  So she follows in her father's footsteps and begins training in the ways of the Sith.  As a gift her father leaves her a certificate of 20,000 credits, a bottle of an Absinthe like intoxicant that is illegal to be possessed by Jedi and his Sith robe.  She departs for Korriban but not before draining the blood from the corpse of her stepmother to drink.  She also has a vampiric side to her.

Sadly, the stepmother in the back story is based on my real-life Stepmother who is an alcoholic and thinks she can have anything she wants and is holier than thou.  And quite frankly I want to see her not die, but either divorced from my father and/or deported or imprisoned.

And there you have it.
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« Reply #17 on: July 13, 2015, 02:36:48 PM »

Hmm, ended up being longer than I intended and going in a slightly different direction. Still, here it is...

Name: Jaeden Kardus

Age: 40s (c. 100 years before ANH)

Home planet: Corellia

Allegiance: Jedi Sentinel

Arsenal: Yellow-bladed lightsabre

History: Jaeden Kardus was once a promising Jedi apprentice who impressed his instructors at the Jedi temple with his calmness and sense of humour, even as he struggled to gain more than a superficial control over the Force. Kardus was popular and quick to help others, and his instructors felt that he would benefit from the more focused, one to one, tuition he would receive as a Padawan learner. Kardus was therefore assigned to Jedi Master Ren Folar, a noted Jedi Consular who specialised in working in the Outer Rim. There the story of Kardus falls quiet for a time as he travelled with his Master, dutifully studying and learning by his side. Kardus showed some aptitude for lightsabre combat, as well as slicing and investigative work, but in one of his irregular reports, Master Folar noted that the young man had trouble separating himself from his emotions. Confronted with suffering and injustice, Padawan Kardus wanted to help everyone from the ground upwards, no matter the futility of such a mission. Folar thought that Kardus might be suited for life in the Jedi Medical Corps, where he could assist healers and work with patients on a one-to-one basis.

The circumstances of Ren Folar's death remain clouded in mystery. Official reports conflict sharply with the account of Jaeden Kardus, but all indications in the Force indicate that Kardus' version is the accurate one; During the course of a mission Folar was confronted by a crime lord and his heavily armed guards, the crime lord angry at Jedi interference in his affairs. Although Folar attempted to defuse the situation, Kardus suggests that the crime lord was a glitterstim user, and Folar's attempts to influence his mind proved futile. Unprepared for the resistance, Folar was left vulnerable to attack, and while he and Kardus defended themselves valiantly, Folar was killed in the fight. The official records prepared by the local police only note that Folar was killed in the course of an investigation. Kardus's testimony is not recorded, and the Padawan notes that he was ignored when he attempted to pursue the matter.

The Jaeden Kardus that returned to the Jedi Temple, bringing with him his master's body, was a changed, sombre, man. He presented himself to the Council for his trials of knighthood, stating that Folar had declared that he could teach him no more. While such a statement carried with it a ring of ambiguity, Kardus was allowed to face the Trials. In the Trial of Skill, he proved himself to be an able lightsabre duellist, defeating one of the Temple's instructors. In the Trial of Courage, he descended into the lower levels of Coruscant and used Folar's training to break up a drug ring. The injuries sustained during the mission, and Kardus' determination to complete the mission in spite of them, were considered by the Council adequate evidence to confirm his passing of the Trial of Flesh. Thus Kardus passed on to the Trial of Spirit, with the Council dispatching him back to the city where his master had fallen. His mission was simple: Justice. And justice followed, with the crime lord dragged before the local magistrates, his glitterstim supplies confiscated and his network of confederates laid bare, including a number of powerful figures within the law enforcement community. The evidence was irrefutable, and Kardus was hailed as a local hero for his actions. Once the trials were complete, and the guilty sentenced, Kardus returned to Coruscant for his final challenge - the Trial of Insight.

Disembarking his shuttle at the Temple, Kardus was met by Master Yoda, who posed Kardus a question: "How do you feel?" Kardus stared at Master Yoda for several minutes before replying "As though I am at the start of a long journey". Yoda bade Kardus kneel down, and with a sweep of his lightsabre severed the braid from his hair, handing it to him and conferring on him the rank of Jedi Knight.

Kardus resided at the Temple for several weeks as he constructed a new lightsabre in order to mark his ascension to the rank of knighthood. Guided by the Force, he created an uncommon hilt, crimson in colour with a hooked handle and a yellow blade. Recognising the significance of the blade colour as indicating the path he felt drawn to in life, Kardus opted for the life of a Jedi Sentinel, and as his master had before him, he departed Coruscant for the Outer Rim territories.

Once again the story of Jaeden Kardus passes through a period of fogginess as he travelled from planet to planet, liaising with local law and medical bodies to assist where he could. Occasionally he encountered fellow Jedi, who reported that Kardus had recovered some of his good cheer, although he still seemed driven to eradicate injustice wherever he could. One Master suggested that Kardus stayed in no one place too long in order to avoid being worn down by the troubles around him.

It was Master Hanco who was the last to see Kardus, several years ago. He reported a man approaching his middle years, and showing his age. Careworn, Kardus barely resembled a Jedi at all - only the presence of his crimson lightsabre marked him out, as otherwise Kardus wore a mish-mash of armour and ragged clothing. Hanco noted that Kardus continued to work at the street level, never seemed to have any plans for further reaching initiatives, and seemed unwilling to countenance staying in one place for more than a few months. Indeed, by his own words, it was some time since he'd stayed in any place for more than a few weeks.

On that planet, what followed is now known as 'The Burning'; An explosion at a chemical plant in the middle of the largest continent caused widespread atmospheric pollution and sickness. Kardus and Hanco worked side by side with the local authorities to limit the spread of the contamination, and to treat those affected, but the damage was too great and the toxins released were too powerful to be easily contained. Hundreds died in the first days, then thousands as the contamination spread. Despite the best efforts of all involved, it was a global catastrophe, and quickly attracted aid from throughout the sector. While Hanco stayed to co-ordinate relief efforts, Kardus vanished, and hasn't been seen since.

Except now there are reports of a pirate band traversing the space lanes of the Outer Rim territories. Attacking cargo ships and luxury liners, the pirates target medical supplies and credits which are traced to local planets where they are used to combat shortages. The leader of the group is said to be a man of great presence, middle aged but strong and physically fit, and capable of giving orders to anyone in such a compelling fashion that they will be obeyed without question. The man carries a black, hook handled lightsabre with a red blade, although so far he has never been known to kill anyone...

The Council, on reviewing this information, is of the opinion that Jaeden Kardus has fallen away from the light side of the Force. A task force of Jedi is being assembled to track down Kardus, if this is he, and bring him into custody so that he may answer for any and all crimes committed, no matter what his intent...

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« Reply #18 on: July 15, 2015, 11:57:49 AM »

Darth Xallen  Greyphyre Sith Asassian
owns a R2-RT0 a R9-series astromech droid
weild's a Dark Apprentice v4 Staff (crystal color green)
rides a 74-Z speeder bike (modified)
star ship VT49 Decimator
VT49 Decimator

Xallen was a survivor of Order 66,he was brought to Kuan to go into hidding by Pix Padawan of Weequay Jedi Master Tyr,who both survived Order 66.
While hidding on Kuan Xallen worked in the Tarine tea feilds and was taught the way of the Jedi by Pix,over the next 5 years Xallen has shown great focus and understanding of the Force both mental and fiscal,Pix granted Xallen the title Jedi in hopes that there is still Jedi alive.
Pix now leaves Xallen alone on Kuan so she can search the galexy for any surviving Jedi that may have excaped Order 66.
Alone on Kuan Xallen is tring to stay in hidding working the tea feilds as he did in the years past he finds an intrest in illegal swoop races,placing bets at first with the credits he made working the feilds,then Xallen deside's on buying an old 74-Z speeder bike and makes some modifactions and enters a race,tho he lost his first race he found he can maneuver the bike quite well,after a few more races Xallen find himself in the top 5 swoop racers and enters the Underground Circuit Championship Race but before Xallen could make it to the race he was captured Cad Bane and sold to the HUTT'S as a slave to race for there amusement.
After a few race's Xallen finds away to excape during a race's,angry that Pix had left him alone finally free Xallen speed's off on his speeder and head's back to Kuan where he feals alittle safe.After reaching Kuan Xallen heads to the place he was trained and hides his saber in his 74-Z speeder bike so noone can find it on him but he has access to it at all time's.
Xallen is hard at work again in the feilds as he see's a dark ship land near by,he jumps on his speeder and heads to investigate,as he gets closer to the ship he almost hits a man that came out of what seamed to be nowhere holding a green saber,Xallen thinks it maybe another Jedi but feals the presence of the dark side but it was to late the man he almost hit was Galen Marek,Marek use's the force to knock Xallen off his speeder and pinned him under it,unable to fight back or even get his saber wich is hidden in the speeder.
As Galen Marek walks up to Xallen saber drawn he sences a dark presence and feals its coming from the young man pinned under the speeder,Marek desides hes gana he's gana have a secret apprentice and teach him the Dark Side of the Force and to set in affect a security policy incase hes betrayed by anyone.
Xallen went under punishing trial after trail give'n to him by his now Sith Master Galen Marek,after 6 months of grooling punishing training Marek orders Xallen to kneel before him.Believing that his time had come to an end,Xallen obeyed and waited for death. Instead, Galen Marek formally "knighted" Xallen, officially recognizing him for the first time as his apprentice,then orders Xallen to stay behind on Kuan and forge his new light saber while he head's to Kamino with a Rebel fleet.
Xallen takes his Apprentice saber and forges a Dark Apprentice staff with a green crystal's
After Galen Marek didnt come back to Kuan or even send word or order's,Xallen loads up his speeder and speeds off planet to find a new home away from Jedi and away from Sith and follow his own path of the Force as Xallen feels BOTH his Master's have abandoned him.
Planet Kuan
Planet: Kuan
System: Taroon
Sector: Rseik
Galactic coordinates: (120, -418)
System coordinates: (12, 10)
Planet type: hot/breathable
Planet size: 5 x 5

Controlled By: Rogue Squadron
Governor: Total Outer Rim
Magistrate: None
Total population: 3,799,707 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 10.9800%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 1,730,839 credits
Tax income: 86,542 credits

Astrographical information
Region-------Outer Rim Territories
Sector--------Rseik sector
System-----Taroon system
Moons----At least 2
Grid coordinates------N-20
Societal information
Immigrated species-----Humans
Primary language(s)------Galactic Basic Standard
Imperial Basic
Affiliation-------Galactic Republic,Galactic Empire

Orbited by several moons, is one of two habitable planets in the Taroon System on the outer edges of the Rim. Kuan was invaded by the Empire just before the Battle of Hoth. Kuan and its sister planet, Bordal, had been locked in a bitter, decades-old war, although no one remembered the exact cause.The long interplanetary struggle destroyed much of Kuan's main city,The Kuan economy was in ruins, and the planetary government had declared martial law. The Empire, seeing an opportunity, entered the system to bring news of Palpatine's removal of the supposed dead wood of the Old Republic. The Empire blamed the planet's economic crisis on the Old Republic, and swayed the Kuani to join the Empire.
The planet's primary inhabitants are human.
home to illegal swoop races and a popular hangout called The Maze.
Animal life on Kuan includes the rondat
plant life includes the pleasant-smelling shimsha flower.
A planetary crop is tarine tea.
The highly-decorated Imperial pilot Maarek Stele was a native of Kuan.
The planet has many moons
The VT49 Decimator is most correctly classified as an Assault ship. It is heavily armed and armored, and built to carry light to medium loads into dangerous places. Its form follows its function, and its shape offers a relatively small target with no large fins or wings as seen in some of the less combat-oriented craft of the Empire, such as the Lambda-class shuttle. Armor and deflector shielding is particularly heavy, and the weapons load-out is fearsome and includes turrets capable of engaging any target fast enough to out-maneuver the VT49.

As a ship built to out-fight anything it can’t outrun, and outrun anything it can’t outfight, the Empire uses the Decimator as a multi-role craft and will outfit it to suit the current need. Decimators make simple supply runs to listening outposts in dangerous areas like asteroid belts, perform long-range reconnaissance, serve as temporary listening posts themselves, or act as picket ships at the perimeter of an Imperial fleet. They are also called upon to use their weaponry to carve a path through enemy defenses and insert shock troops and raiding parties, or destroy their targets outright. A more recent duty that has fallen into favor sees Decimators being used more and more as long-duration medium patrol vessels. Also, being easier to hide than a frigate or Star Destroyer, Decimators have been used to set up ambushes in areas believed frequented by Rebel shipping; their cargo space being used to store food for the crew and ammunition ranging from missiles to torpedoes to mines.

Command of a VT49 is a coveted position and point of pride among the middle ranks of the Imperial Navy. It is a lightly-crewed combat vessel for their Captains to command without a higher ranking officer standing behind them constantly. Also, earning a reputation as a skilled VT49 Captain is seen as a jumping-off point to service on the larger ships of the Imperial Navy. The line officers of the Imperial Navy generally look down on the rank and file troops not stationed on capitol ships, but that hasn’t stopped the rumor from propagating.

Ship Specifications
Ship Type:-------------Multi-Passenger
Pilot skill required:-------Master Imperial Pilot
Crew:---------------Pilot, 2 gunners and passengers
Mass Range:-----------------5,000,000
Weapon Mounts:-----------Projectile weapon x2------Ordnance x3
Flight Control Upgrades---------Flight Computer
Customizations:-----------Trim and Body Colors, Textures

74-Z speeder bike
Manufacturer:Aratech Repulsor Company
New: 8,000 credits
Used: 1,800 to3,000 credits

Technical specifications
3 meters
4.4 meters
4.9 meters
Maximum speed
360 to 500 km/h
Maximum altitude:25 meters
Ax-20 blaster cannon
Crew:Pilot (1)
Cargo capacity:3 to 4 kilograms
Consumables:1 day
Motorized infantry
Rise of the Empire era
Rebellion era
New Republic era
Galactic Republic
Confederacy of Independent Systems
Galactic Empire
Alliance to Restore the Republic

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« Reply #19 on: July 15, 2015, 01:06:53 PM »

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Light side points please.

« Reply #20 on: August 14, 2015, 10:20:39 AM »

My Jedi character is, well, named Karmack.  LOL

Human male, mid-20s, self-trained.  Karmack was isolated on a ship that had to travel a long distance in normal space and spent years learning to use the force before finding a holocron with an embedded AI to teach him about the Jedi.  He is a Sentinel by nature in the traditional sense, in that he is a force-user, weilds a saber, but is actually more comfortable "engineering" his way in and out of situations.  He is very adept at manipulating equipment and mechanical devices and can sense and repair electronics extremely quickly.  He is also extremely adept at force-enhanced movement, having used the force to move in zero-gee for many years in space.  He is average build, brown hair and blue eyes, and utterly unremarkable to look at.  Other than his lightsaber and toolkit, his clothing is generally "civilian" casual bending a bit toward para-military fatigue looking.

Karmack arrives back in the "world" during the years of the Empire, just before the events of "A New Hope".

Look up the story thread "Jack in the Box" for more info and the ongoing saga.  :-)

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« Reply #21 on: August 21, 2015, 07:51:42 PM »

You lost me at Infinite Empire.

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« Reply #22 on: August 25, 2015, 02:18:39 AM »

Name: Darth Tepes   (Formally Haddr Titan)
Race:  Human
Era: Old Republic
Weapons:  Blue Lightsaber
                    Silver Lightsaber
                    Red Shoto Saber
                    Purple Shoto Saber

      Before the Sacking of Coruscant Jedi Haddr Titan and his former Master, U’lun Warna, were on Tattoine tracking the movements of a Sith Lord named Darth Tepes.   Tepes was responsible for many slain Jedi and was a priority target.  Master Warna and Haddr had spent 2 years observing and learning all they could about Darth Tepes.  Currently he was involved in some kind of experiments on Tatooine but the two Jedi had yet to find out what it he was up to.  Following the Sith into a cave hey fell into a trap.  Tepes caused a cave in trapping the Jedi and soon they were surrounded by Sith Acolyte’s led by Darth Tepes.  The fight was brutal.  Master Warna engaged the Sith Lord while Haddr took on the Acolytes.  Haddr had developed an uncoventinal fighting style, he carried 3 lightsabers, one long two short.  He would switch in a fight at every opportunity, never giving his opponents time to adjust to his style.   It proved effective against the Acolytes as he dispatched the group with only minor injuries.  He ran to join his Master’s side to defeat the Sith Lord…but he was too late.  Tepes side stepped a strike from Master Warna and impaled her with his sliver saber.  Haddr’s scream of anguish filled the cave as he rushed towards the Sith Lord.  Darth Tepes had his own unorthodox way of fighting though.  Throwing his Chakram, a sharpened metal circle, the Sith aimed for the Jedi’s leg.  Haddr managed to side step the weapon but it sliced his thigh deeply.  He surged forward, using something to fuel himself he never used before…rage.   But it was not enough.  The chakram being manipulated through the Force  by Tepes came back from behind and sliced the back of the Jedi’s knee causing him to crumple to the ground.  Tepes caught his weapon and walked towards the Jedi and kicked his saber away.  Haddr pulled one of his Shoto’s and managed a glancing blow on the Sith’s face.  Tepes screamed and kicked Haddr in the face knocking him out.
         After four days of sedation Haddr is woken by Tepes, who is now wearing Haddr’s lightsabers as well as an armored mask to cover the wound Haddr delivered.   Tepes activates a holocom and Speaks to Darth Baras.   He asks permission to start his interrogation on the Jedi to see what he knows about the Czerka Corporation and what they are doing on Tattoine.  Baras gives his consent and the torture begins.  It is futile since Haddr knows nothing of Czerka.  After hours Tepes concedes to this fact.   Haddr assures the Sith the Jedi will come for him when he doesn’t report in.  The Sith laughs and informs him the Jedi have been broken in the Attack on Couruscant and that the Republic has signed a treaty with the Sith Empire.  Haddr is struck dumb at these revelations.  But then a new emotion emerges…Anger.  Anger at the Sith for the countless deaths of his Jedi brothers and sisters…his master.  Anger at the Republic for giving in and signing a treaty with the Sith.  Anger at the Jedi…for being too weak to stop the Sith.  Using this new found power Haddr  managed to mentally force push Tepes into the control panel releasing the restraint’s.   Grabbing Tepes before he can recover he punches the Sith knocking the mask from his face.  Haddr grasps the Sith about the throat and begins to squeeze.  Haddr relishes the feel of crushing the life from this demon with his bare hands.  When the Sith lies limp and dead Haddr slumps in fatigue.  What is he to do now; he can’t go back to the temple…he won’t go back to the Jedi.   The holocom pings, Haddr figures it must be Baras calling to see how the info gathering was progressing.  Haddr considers just answering it and letting Baras send people to finish him.. but spotting Tepes’ mask an Idea strikes him.  Quickly stripping the tunic from the dead Sith, he slips it over his torso then places the mask on his face.  He answers the call and is scolded by Baras for keeping him waiting.  Haddr apologizes and informs him the Jedi knew nothing so he was disposed of.   Baras has no idea this is not Tepes.  Given orders to return to the Capital, Haddr ends the transmission.  He sits as his idea germinates in his mind.  He will become Darth Tepes.  He will use this guise to take control of the Empire and destroy the Sith…then the Jedi…then the Republic.  He will raise a new Republic from it’s ashes and under his guidance it will be strong enough to never fall to any enemy.  A new Order of Force Warriors will protect it….not as corrupt as the Sith and not as Weak as the Jedi…..


Light Side, Dark Side.  I'm the guy with the Saber.
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a true warrior fights to protect

« Reply #23 on: August 28, 2015, 09:49:33 AM »

old D6 rpg character:

name: Ace Falcone
sex: male
home world: Correlia
career: smuggler
weapons: blaster pistol and hold out blaster

ship: faded glory. vanguard heavy assault ship

background: orginially hired by the senate during the clone wars to command a fleet to deal with the growing pirate problems.
since order 66 the shadow fleet has vanished and only rumors can be heard of them.

who's scruffy looking?
own: Dominix V4 GB, Sentinel V4 sunrider's, Aprentice LE V4 VA X2 (staff). Liberator SY, dark SI AB stunts. dark Sentinel LE in FO OB lite sound Malice w/ V4 sound, Emerald. Crimson curved Reaper AS OB lite. Diamond Raven, Chosen One V4 sound, emerald

Wolf Flamekindle
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« Reply #24 on: October 09, 2015, 06:53:15 PM »

This guy goes out of the usual bounds of character creation, but here we go... :P

NAME: Wolf Flamekindle
RACE/SEX: Male Human(?)
HOME WORLD: New Earth, wherever that is. He doesn't remember...
OCCUPATION: Mandalorian/self-trained Jedi/self-trained Sith
ERA: All
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Wolf is a tanned caucasian male with blue eyes and naturally spiky black hair. He has unexplainable animalistic instincts and features, such as pointed ears, fangs, and slit pupils. He wears  a set of sand-gold, non-restricting mandalorian armor made of a Beskar-songsteel-Cortosis alloy. This armor protects practically all of him from any danger, and the vulnerable spots are very hard to hit. He does wear a Black animal hide trench coat over it all as a fashion statement. He has muscles thin enough to not restrict body movement, but enough muscle mass to put a serious amount of force into any movement. Just a flick of his middle finger can make a fully grown Houk stagger, and that's without the force helping him.
WEAPONS: Wolf has a Silver-bladed Lightsaber modeled after The Sword of Omens from the thunder cats franchise, extendable to any length, but the longer the blade, the more energy the saber requires. Wolf actually had to put a total of four diatum power cells in his lightsaber; two for each crystal chamber(yes, the saber has a separate chamber with a synthetic red crystal) Wolf also has a Shotgun similar to Battlefront's Blast Cannon, and a Yellow-bladed Lightsaber(it doesn't work anymore; simply a keepsake)
FIGHTING STYLES: All seven forms of the Jedi order, Dun Möch, None of the new Jedi order forms, All Weapon specific forms, still learning the less known fighting styles.   He mostly uses Dun Möch, Juyo/Vaapad, and sometimes Tràkata, if the situation calls for a quick-draw duel.
CONNECTION TO THE FORCE: Wolf has an Omnipresent understanding of all aspects and sides of the force, and has learned to use this to nearly halt his aging process. He is NOT immortal. For every year a regular human ages, Wolf only ages around a standard second. Since the typical Human lifespan in the SW universe is 100-200 years, this means that Wolf can live an averaged maximum of 6,307,200,000 years! Although, a contradicting fact is that Wolf has also learned to travel through the time-space continuum. Doing this requires incredible focus and power, and puts a considerable strain on his mind and body, requiring him to rest and recover for at least a month within a Bacta Tank. According to his calculations, Time-traveling takes about 36 years from his overall lifespan, and about 14 whenever he also space-travels. 50 years isn't much, but Wolf does this more often than he should... While he was never truly a Jedi or a Sith, Wolf learned to harness both energies effectively.
EMOTIONAL STATUS: Wolf learned young that anger can strengthen your resolve, yet weaken your defense. He had to unlearn most of what he learned when trying to learn the ways of the Jedi on his own as a Mandalorian. As most know, the wielder of a silver lightsaber is a calm, rational, collected person, especially in the heat of battle. But Wolf never truly unlearned the ways of anger. He learned to control his inner anger at all times, but he never truly got rid of it. The more he lets his anger surface, the more he taps into the dark side of the force while remaining in control. If he lets his anger completely surface, he goes into a rage state, and his lightsaber reads his emotional state, switching from the silver blade to a red blade, which is more compatible with the dark side. And although he is a greedy mercenary, he is truly a good man at at heart.

I don't belong here. I never did, I never will. I was cast adrift between the worlds of light and dark... But I was sent here for a reason. What it is, I may never know. But for now, I must survive.
Get out of my way, or you will feel the full, unchained wrath of the force.

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Darth Raváge is a Human male Dark Lord of the Sith of the Sith Empire and has been a member of the Dark Council since the Cold War. He detested Darth Thanaton like no other. He was also distrustful of others and was upset when the Council made the Sith Inquisitor a Dark Lord, as well as granting him the place of Darth Thanaton.

When Darth Baras announced himself as the Voice of the Emperor, Raváge was among those who believed. However, Darth Vowrawn, accompanied by Baras' Emperor's Wrath, announced the latter as the Emperor's Wrath, who stated that Baras was deceiving the Dark Council. Raváge saw the supposed Wrath to be insignificant and was willing to aid Baras in destroying the Wrath. However, Darth Marr stated that as it is unclear who truly spoke for the Emperor, the one who lives speaks truth. In the ensuing duel, when it became apparent that Baras was becoming exhausted, he called on the Dark Council for aid, but even Raváge refused to stand in the path of the Wrath.

Sometime later, Darth Thanaton tried petitioning the Council's aid in killing the former apprentice of Darth Zash, the Sith Inquisitor. However, he intervened and stated that Thanaton deserved to die for abandoning the Kaggath on Corellia. Raváge retorted that the Kaggath was merely trivial and murder had no rules. Though Thanaton tried to defend himself, the Council refused to aid him against a Sith Lord whom seemed impossible to kill. When Thanaton was obviously beaten, Darth Mortis snapped his neck with the Force. Raváge expressed his relief that they were rid of Thanaton. Marr countered that Thanaton was a better Sith than he gave credit for. Mortis then offered Kallig, Thanaton's seat, which Raváge voiced opposition to, stating that they couldn't put a Sith Lord on the Dark Council at that juncture. Marr advised him to be silent, stating that Kallig had earned it in defeating Thanaton in fair combat.

Raváge, among fellow Dark Councilors Marr and Kallig, was called to Ilum to discuss the betrayal of Darth Malgus. Raváge expressed extreme disdain for Malgus's actions, and was more than satisfied to hear of his defeat, but still wished for his death. Raváge ultimately vowed to "evolve" and "revive" the Order as a prominent member of the Sith High Council and by fostering strategic alliances with high-ranking members of the Mandalorians, Dark Sun Crime Syndicate, Separatists, Galactic Senate and endless other nefarious forces...

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Real Name: Med Lo'Raal
Homeworld: Ossus
Born 820 BBY
Species: Ysanna

Sith Name: Darth Knox (the sith zombie)
Weapon: Red lightsaber name "Mortis"
Combat style: Kel-Maar (original style created from Shii-Cho and Juyo)
Apprentice: Darth Praxis
Sith powers: Master of Sith sorcery
                    Master of Sith alchemy
                    Death field
                    Force lightning
                    Force choke
                    Life-force drain

As a child, Med was always curious about the world around him. Being Ysannan, he had a strong connection to the force. He was very close to his younger brother Desi and they would often escape the village to wander through the ruins of the Jedi Temple, even though such a thing was forbidden. He even managed ti avoid detection by the various Jedi archaeological digs happening in the area. Digging in the dirt often produced positive results as he uncovered numerous scrolls, artefacts and holocrons about both Jedi and Sith teachings. While Desi could sense something wrong about the Sith items, Med dismissed him, creating an impressive secret hidden collection.

Eventually though, he was caught entering the area by Jedi Vim-Da-Boda who, sensing the potential in the child, spoke with his parents to allow him to go undergo formal training at the Jedi Academy. However, his parents refused, creating a deep anger in him. From the little he had taught himself from the items he had recovered in his own digs, he had learned how to cloud his feelings from being sensed by others. It was in this capacity that he was able to gain sympathy from Vim, who decided to train him in secret while allowing him to aid in the continued excavation in the area.

A few years later, his affinity for collecting dark side artefacts and Sith teachings was uncovered, and he was forced to flee the planet by sneaking onboard a transport supply ship. Using his powers he was able to commandeer a ship of his own and travelled the galaxy looking for a way to increase his knowledge and power. He tried to find the original Sith homeward of Korriban, but was unsuccessful. He was able to find Trayus, the Sith Academy on Malachor V. When he landed he discovered a number of force-sensitives who had also been drawn to the planet.

Despite being thought completely destroyed centuries before, they discovered that much of the academy had been rebuilt by an individual called Darth Proll. Under his guidance, Med and the others were trained to become Sith Warriors and Assassins. He mastered two forms of Jedi combat; Shii-Cho and Juyo, combining them to create a new style he called "Kel-Maar". This new style allowed him to successfully take on multiple opponents at the same time and be victorious. Being partly based on Juyo meant he would not be vulnerable when engaging a single combatant. This impressed Darth Proll who appointed Dem as his Sith apprentice.

Med was experiencing visions of his brother dying and went to investigate. On returning his his home village on Ossus, he found that his brother had indeed died during a tunnel collapse at one of the Jedi digs. In a moment of unparalleled anger, Med lashed out and went on a spree killing almost every Jedi at the temple ruins. A few managed to escape alive. He was now truly Darth Knox.

Vowing revenge on the Jedi who he blamed for the death of his brother, Darth Knox returned to Malachor V. He commanded the respect of all the Sith Warriors and Assassins and was easily able to overthrow Darth Proll and proclaim himself Dark Lord of the Sith. He spent the next few months torturing information and Sith secrets out of Darth Proll, sending his Sith Warriors out on missions to kill Jedi who had collected anything containing Sith teachings or secrets.

He become a master in Sith Sorcery and Alchemy and, like many Sith before, tried to learn the secret of bringing some back from the dead. He achieved this feat, in a manner of speaking. While attacking a Jedi temple where he had learned a number of Sith amulets were stored, he was struck down during the battle and seemingly died. Two weeks later, his body was discovered by the Jedi during post-battle clean-up. While being loaded onto a transport so it could be taken and burned he seemingly came back to life, killing everyone present.

Escaping off the planet with a stolen cargo ship he discovered that his apprentice, Darth Praxis, had already usurped his leadership role. Retreating into hiding to bide his time, he discovered that while the Isaiwinokka Hoyakut had indeed worked, there had been an unforeseen side effect. He was neither dead nor alive, but somewhere in-between.

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Eh, why not. I'll warn you, these are my RPG character sheets from here on SF- they are long and detailed so be prepared to read!


Era: GCW

Race: Human

Home Planet: Corellia

Allegiance: Independent smuggler, but often works with the Rebels

Rank: Captain (of her own ship)

Name: Belyra Vekraa

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Belyra is a beautiful redhead with long waist length wavy hair, either left out to hang down her back or roughly pushed back into a ponytail leaving a few sections of her shorter fringe to frame her face. She’s 5’9, with an attractively curvy body that is somewhat muscular and has dazzling green eyes. She wears a form fitting black flight suit that is suggestively undone at the top, with a dark brown tight leather jacket over the top left open at the front. She wears knee high leather boots that are the same dark brown as her jacket, with a vibroknife strapped to one. Two holstered pistols sit on the gun belt on her hips, along with a few pouches. She has a couple of light scars, one on the back of her shoulder and another on her upper arm as well as a vicious jagged angry looking red scar on her stomach, but they are almost always covered up. She is extremely self conscious of the scar on her stomach and very defensive about it.

Personality: quick witted, cheeky, extremely flirtatious, jokes a lot, very self confident. Very secretive and evasive when questioned. Lies easily and is usually a good actress. Very quick tempered and can get extremely defensive, doesn't hesitate to yell or swear at someone. Vain and is well aware of her good looks and how to use them to her advantage with men. Uses people without hesitation, is very untrusting. She can come off as being somewhat shallow, vain, self absorbed and greedy, but there is a bit more to her beneath the surface she just rarely lets it show. She does have some concern for others and dislikes what the Empire does, seeking to fight back in her own way. She prefers others to assume that she is uncaring however and that she is just in it for the credits.


Physical description: Hair dyed dark auburn and kept tightly plaited back out of the way the majority of the time. Features otherwise kept the same, sometimes leaves herself looking a bit more dirty from working on ships than she normally does and doesn’t worry about getting rid of bruises etc as quickly (to make her attractive features a little less noticeable.)

Usual clothing: black combat boots, black tank top with dusty brown coloured looser fitting armour weave pants and jacket, worn black and dark blue torso armour (fairly flexible, tough enough to disperse an indirect shot from a regular blaster pistol or stop a knife slash while still allowing a degree of freedom to move), matching worn black and dark blue bracers, black gloves, black utility belt with twin holsters strapped to her legs. Weapons: twin model 434 heavy blasters, retribution carbine kept in a scabbard on her back when not in use, boot sheath with vibroknife and a second vibroknife kept on her belt. When not in full armour Elayne will wear looser fitting clothing to hide her curves rather than her customary tight clothing, often tank tops or t-shirts with cargo pants, or loose fitting coveralls if working on her ship.

Personality: Elayne is a bit quieter and more reserved than Bel. She rarely flirts with others and doesn’t strut or show off her body. She is less temperamental and more level headed than the feisty smuggler usually is. She is more respectful of authority and rank and will tend to address people by their title or surname, rather than the overly familiar first name basis Bel uses. She is less joking and more serious, and less evasive when questioned. Regardless, much of Bel’s personality still shines through. She will choose the jobs she wishes and is a thrill seeker and risk taker so long as it is on her own terms. She is a little more accepting of orders but still doesn’t like being bossed around and will speak her mind if she thinks it is necessary. She masks her voice differently to how she does with Bel, deeper without its usual huskiness and lacking her Corellian accent.

Combat Training: Excellent shot with her dual pistols. Average at hand to hand combat.

Special Skills: Skilled pilot. Decent at starship mechanics. Proficient at using stealth to get out of a situation.

Weaknesses: Her wise cracking and flirty ways can sometimes help her talk her way out of a situation, but sometimes get her into a great deal of trouble. She has a bit of trouble with authority, and doesn't like being told what to do. She recently got a bounty on her head in Imperial space which restricts her movements. Due to a combination of her profession and past events she has severe trust issues, and likes to be in control of a situation at all times.

Weapons: 2 model 434 “DeathHammer” heavy blaster pistols. 1 vibroknife.

Equipment: YT2400 light freighter. Has been modified for smuggling. Comm-link. Small datapad kept tucked inside her jacket.

Studied Interests: Languages of other species- has decent understanding and ability to speak Huttese, can speak and understand phrases of many other languages but isn't proficient in them. Starship modifications.

Background History: Belyra Vekraa, or “Bel”, was raised on Corellia. When she wasn’t helping her extended family with their small cargo transport company in the warehouse, she was out on one of their ships. As a result she has a decent understanding of starships and their mechanics, especially small corellian transports and is a skilled pilot. She also learnt a decent amount from multiple alien languages. When she was older she started shipping out and working under others, and found she loved the thrill and pay of working as a smuggler. She eventually worked her way up to gaining her own ship, a CEC YT2400 light freighter "Wagtail's Shadow" modified with even heavier armor and weapons, and more than a few hidey holes to stash illegal goods. Though she doesn’t have any real loyalty to anyone but herself, she doesn’t share much love for the Empire. The recent bounty she got has forced to flee from Imperial space and go to the Rebels for assistance.

Her choice of profession has helped train her abilities to defend herself, and she wields her two DeathHammer pistols with ease and accuracy. In close quarters she’s not afraid to use her knives or fight using hands and feet and she has quick reflexes and movement. She’s outgoing, quick witted and flirts easily. She learnt early on that men were attracted to her looks and she uses that to her advantage, not above using her assets to get what she wants. If that doesn’t work as planned, then she’s not above using lethal force to get what she wants either. She is extremely secretive and keeps her true past to herself, often evading questions or easily lying about things when asked.

Her background and true personality are far more extensive than I give away- but she is extremely secretive, her life a twist of lies and deception and aliases so deep they are more reality than the truth is, and her moral compass has become a bit skewed as a result. I've got a 180 page and counting story about her, plus a short story which is floating around the RP section

If you want to see more, head to the RPGs Wink


Upcoming TOR era RPG character- I have used this one previously here and elsewhere. As with Bel, she has a far more in depth background that I have fleshed out, this is just her character sheet.

Era: TOR

Name: Shayla Jaste

Race: Human

Home Planet: Esseles, but raised on Coruscant at the Jedi Temple

Allegiance:  Jedi Order

Rank/Specialization:  Jedi Consular

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Physical Description: short (5’2), medium build, lightly tanned skin, waist long platinum blonde hair usually kept neatly plaited, grey eyes. Armourweave clothing, dark brown tabard with antique gold edging over cream tunic with dark brown pants. Her half sleeve outer robe is mostly mid tan, bearing an intricate swirling pattern in antique gold with matching dark brown edging on the bottom, sleeves, front and hood. Dark brown midcalf Jedi boots. Two tone belt with cream edging, dark brown main and antique gold patterned buckle.

Personality: kind, compassionate, gentle. She usually speaks with a soft voice. Dislikes violence but has learnt to do what is necessary, however will try and find a non violent solution first. Has a habit of absentmindedly playing with her telekinesis, floating things around below knee height (which she finds calming) and levitating.

Combat Training (and Lightsaber forms for Force Users): Primary lightsaber form is Form VI Niman. Has some ability with I, II (her weakest Form), IV and V as she learnt them to be able to do form VI more effectively, decent ability with III Soresu as it was previously her primary form. Decent at unarmed self defence.

Skill Specialisation: Very powerful Telekinesis.

Standard Force Skills: Force Empathy, Force Stasis, Force Jump.

Enhanced Force Skills: Force Repulse, Force Healing, Force Levitation

Special Force Skills: Telekinesis: Force Throw, Move Object, Pull and Push, manipulating telekenetic fields- extremely fine control to manipulate many small objects, she can make them move individually of each other or together as one. Can use currents in the Force to aid her telekinesis, regularly making objects orbit her body both in and out of battle. She can extrapolate this ability to create whirlwinds of objects around her. The 'currents' she senses flow around everything, when she uses them to keep objects floating the objects will twist and dive and change direction in the air but never collide, regardless of how many are being floated or how fast they are going. She can vary the speed at which said objects can travel. Force Maelstrom- is very similar to Force Repulse except it's stronger and uses more Force Power. It has the same effect as Force Repulse in that the user must gather energy and then release it outwards in all directions. It creates a shield of force energy that protects the user. The power sweeps up movable objects and beings and causes them to orbit quickly around the user before releasing the built-up energy in an explosion of debris and telekinetic energy (Sith often also release Lightning, however Shayla's ability does not). This ability is quite draining and is hard to do without some emotion, it touches upon the fear, anger and hatred she felt when she first discovered the ability and immediately afterwards leaves her weakened and disorientated. As a result it is a power she rarely uses and only occassionally trains with to keep her control of it.

Additional Skills: Diplomacy, some basic medical knowledge.

Weaknesses: While she has an exceptional and almost unparalleled control over small objects with her telekinesis, she has limited ability with larger objects (torso size or larger). The larger the object, the weaker her control. She can often lift large items and throw them in a general direction but to move them beyond that is very difficult and doesn't have the precision she does with smaller objects. She has a habit of moving objects around absent mindedly using the Force or floating around with her Levitation, which some beings find disturbing. Her ability with other Force powers is very limited, especially Force Sense and most mind powers. As a padawan and then young Consular she had a hard time dealing with her emotions and has had a brush with the Dark Side. While she has learnt to control those emotions they are still always there lurking in the background. She discovered after her torture that her telekinetic ability seems to instinctively respond to strong emotions, making her far more powerful. In such states she has poor control over it however, and the power and desires associated with the emotions touch on the Dark side, something that frightens her somewhat.

Studied Interests: Languages- as a diplomat she is fluent in multiple languages including Basic, Huttese, Durese, Bocce, Rodese, Sullestese. She has some ability to speak others including spoken Ryl, Mando'a, Bothese and can usually understand the gest of what beings are saying in other languages even if she doesn't speak it. Telekinesis- she is always studying different applications for her telekinesis. Of particular interest to her currently is Force Levitation which she can do but still has little control over and Force Shielding, something she has some ability with as she can manipulate telekinetic fields (so can stop physical objects moving at her) and uses during the Force Maelstrom ability, but she wants to be able to use it outside of that. Lightsaber combat- as a young Jedi Shayla detested lightsaber combat. After her first mission as a knighted Jedi, this changed. She realised to protect others she would have to learn more about combat, and while not a star pupil she has dedicated herself to improving all her skills including with a lightsaber.

Weapons: light silvery blue lightsaber. Hilt has a silver shroud covered in the same intricate patterns that are on her robe, with the emitter and pommel both a mix of silver and black. Second lightsaber is a shoto with a blue blade and matching hilt to her first- this is rarely used in actual combat as she hasn’t been studying dual blade combat for long.

Equipment: Standard Jedi equipment: food capsules, rebreather, long range holocommunicator. Small datapad, medical kit.

Special Possessions: a worn, colourful loosely woven bracelet, clearly homemade by a young being. A more tightly well woven section, obviously made by an adult, bears three symbols- Tann, Smoo and Teeubo, the Twi’lek symbols for hope, blessed and treasure. They were given to her as a gift by a young Twi’lek on her first proper mission as a knighted Jedi. Usually worn on her wrist, but during combat it goes in a pouch for safe keeping.

Background History:
Shayla was born to a working class family on Esseles. She was discovered by the Jedi Order at a very young age, already able to levitate objects from the time she was a baby and brought to Coruscant for training. As a Youngling and then Padawan she was often restless and held back a little in her studies, having trouble controlling her emotions and with her training in Force Sense abilities as her skills were poor. She was nearly 14 when she passed the trials and became a Padawan due to her other abilities being so weak. Even so she always had a kind, compassionate and gentle nature. She hated any form of combat or violence, and put little effort into her lightsaber training. Her innate abilities with telekinesis only improved as she grew older, and as a Padawan she discovered that she could use the force to levitate herself. Floating meditation came soon after much to the surprise of her instructors and master. During meditation she discovered the ability to detect seemingly erratic currents and patterns in the Force and use them to aid her telekinesis, allowing her to control even greater numbers of objects at once.

Her Master, a Human Ruu Desem, was very strict and followed the Jedi Code exactly. He was a healer and diplomat, believing that there was always an alternative to violence and that the Jedi were there to serve by helping others, not by fighting wars. While a kind man himself he believed that emotions made one weak, and Shayla often had a hard time trying to control her emotions to his satisfaction. He also didn’t appreciate her habit of floating things around for her own amusement. Her master taught her what he knew of healing and diplomacy, given she had some affinity for both. He was killed by Sith while she was still a Padawan during a humanitarian mission, something she had a great deal of trouble coping with at the time.

Shayla was knighted less than a year after the Sacking of Coruscant and spent her first few years helping at various Jedi training facilities and then the new temple on Tython. On her first proper mission as a full Jedi she was captured and tortured. The inexperienced, gentle, sheltered and naïve young woman couldn't deal with the treatment, and in her attempt to protect herself and other captives gave in to the Dark side and killed her captors using the Force. In the process she discovered her telekinetic ability responded to her emotional state and unlocked the ability to use Force Maelstrom. It was a wake up call for Shayla, who decided that in order to protect and serve the galaxy as she wished to she would have to put aside her dislikes and learn to properly control her emotions, her telekinetic abilities and master saber combat. 

Now, after years of hard training and missions and with the help of her friend and mentor Ikis Epecegu (who was on the same mission she was when captured), she has improved her lightsaber and general combat skills and is working towards the goal of mastery of Form VI Niman. Recently she has begun studying dual blade lightsaber combat, though she still prefers to stick to her single lightsaber in most cases due to lack of experience. Her telekinetic abilities have improved vastly and she has learnt how to use Force Repulse and to control Force Maelstrom, though it remains an ability that she uses only in dire need due to it's destructiveness. She has also taken on an apprentice, Vellik Eris, whose master left the Jedi Order abruptly. Given her own background, she felt she could help him to recover from the betrayal and learn to control his emotions.

While not an exact match to her physical description, this pic gives a good idea of her powers Wink


I have created a number of other characters, happens when you GM, but these are my 'personal' two, and in a way reflect different aspects of my personality. When I cosplay my character has the same name as my RPG Jedi and a similar skill set, however she wields an arctic blue double bladed lightsaber, and some armour along with slightly different robes. Obviously I don't have the same physical attributes as listed above Tongue One day I'll get around to cosplaying my smuggler.


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Light side points please

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So I am quite new to the Forum, don't know if I am putting this in the right place, but this is my story in Star Wars.

Darth Zhar
 Kal Ramillor
**This record is taken from the Jedi Archive, this contains all records the Jedi have on Kal Ramillor.**

Kal Ramillor was born in the terrestrial moon of Gall, which orbited around the gas giant Zhar. He was a young orphan when he first met the Jedi, living on the streets and dying of cold one night. A Jedi Knight saw him and took pity on this poor boy, sensing The Force inside him the Jedi Knight took him back to Coruscant. There Kal was accepted to the Jedi Order as a youngling. Kal joined the Kataran Clan, as it suited his style the most of being stealthy. Kal was a quiet youngling, keeping to the back in classes and not speaking much, but he learnt a great deal. Kal did have some close friends from his clan, although he was quiet Kal was very adventurous, taking risks that no one else would. After an appropriate amount of time Kal went through the Initiate trails and passed with ease, (though there was nothing remarkable about his performance.) Kal found a Jedi Knight willing to train him, in the form of Surenit Kli'qiy. Master Kli'qiy was a member of the Caamasi race.
As a Padawan Kal Ramillor and Surenit Kli'qiy formed a strong bond in a short time. Exploring much of the outer rim together, they were strong in their sword play and tactics. They were sent on a mission to discover a possible Sith threat but that turned out to be false, however that mission almost cost them their lives at the hands of some Mandalorians launching a surprise attack on them.
During his Padawan training, Kal experimented in using the force to increase his psychical capabilities, he became particularly gifted in his force jump, jumping far beyond what his Master thought possible. This allowed them greater access as they continued to explore the Outer Rim planets.
Kal was training in the art of Djem So, a powerful combat style. However with his love of force enhancing, he worked hard at blending Djem So with Ataru, a much quicker style of fighting. Master Kli'qiy, saw great potential in his apprentice blending these two styles so worked together. The Jedi Order is unsure if Kal Ramillor managed this.
For many years Master Kli'qiy and Padawan Ramillor explored the Galaxy and had many successful missions together. Then came the time for Kal Ramillor to take the Jedi Trails, which again Kal Ramillor managed to complete with relative ease. His command of The Force over his psychical abilities was remarkable.
As a Jedi Knight Kal Ramillors first mission was to go with his former master and new apprentice to a Sullist to seek out a possible Sith threat. Within. A short time Kal Ramillor returned to the Jedi Temple, alone. He stated that they had found a rouge band of Sith called the Black Knights. Upon attempting to stop them Master Kli'qiy and his apprentice ever killed, he had managed to escape death. Kal gave the Jedi Council a broken Sith lightsaber as proof of what happened.
The Council granted Kals request to stay in the Temple for a while to train and teach Saber combat. He taught Djem So masterfully, it was clear to the Council that he was a Djem So master, in his time in the temple he was unbeaten in every battle.
After a year Kal Ramillor came to the temple, requesting to become a Jedi Sentinel. Upon reflection the Jedi Council granted this. (Upon reflection Master Yoda realised this was a mistake). As a Jedi Sentinel, Kal Ramillor was gifted a yellow saber crystal, to which he created a special blue hilted saber to mark the occasion. Kal stated that it provided enough to delivery the powerful blows for Djem So but also allowed for quick and light attacks of Ataru.
Kal Ramillor was a highly skilled and successful Jedi Sentinel, he never failed a mission. In hunting the Dark forces in this galaxy, he would not weaver or tire. He would always complete the mission. He helped stop many dark forces and dark creatures from killing thousands. Most notable of his victories was killing the last of the Terentatek still in the Republic, and the Sith that were their masters. (Though may exist beyond our space.)
Kal Ramillor was chosen to be a one of the elite, a Jedi Shadow, after his defeat of the Terentatek, to find out as as much as he could of the Sith and the Dark Side and vanquish them. Kal Ramillor never returned from his first mission as a Jedi Shadow, to Yavin. What his fate was remains unknown.
**This is all the information that Jedi Archive has on Kal Ramillor**

***Now reads the Personal Account of Kal Ramillor***

My first mission for the Jedi Council as a Jedi Shadow was my only one. I was sent to Yavin to try and find out as much information about the rumour of a Sith Lord on the planet. But I did not find the Sith Lord, instead I found the Black Knights. I found the ones who killed my Master Kli'qiy and Trera his apprentice. As a Jedi Shadow I was skilled in hiding from everyone. So I hid, I watched and I followed. These Sith were unaware of my existence always trailing them.
I moved with them from planet to planet, I watched them use the Dark side of the force. I watched them perform many horrors in the name of the Sith. I discovered that these Knights were after old Sith artifacts to try and increase their mastery of The Force, they were looking for a Dark Reaper supposedly lost on Ord Radama. I also learnt that these Sith did not think that the Rule of Two was the way forward and seemed to become a large Sith force. Maybe they wanted to use the Dark Reaper to become the only Siths.
I was unaware that my time watching these Sith, meant I was changing. Each day that went by that I remain undetected or I managed to escape from being found my confidence grew, no my pride in my own ability grew. Slowly I entertained the idea of defeating all of the Sith.
It started small, every time I discovered a ally of the Sith, one they left I would terminate him or her. I would kill expertly leaving no trace and no one alive. I knew the more I killed the more that I could defeat them. I had been out of contact with the Jedi for almost a entire year, I knew they would be expecting me back Many months ago. There was probably a few Jedi searching for me now.
Then we finally arrived at Ord Radrama. It was here that my greatest failure happened, my pride lead be to believe I could defeat all 8 of them. 2 had died before they even knew I was attacking. Once the remains 6 had collected themselves they struck back, they used such power I was overwhelmed. I was able to kill a third Sith, and that's when I met him. A true Sith Lord. Darth Ruin. He stopped the Black Knights from killing me, instead he chose to kept me.
I spent weeks with Darth Ruin, he would hurt me, use a Mind Shard to cause me great pain, or Memory Walk to make me relive my old Masters death over and over. And to relive each life I have taken. I began to see that the Dark Side of The Force holds power and uses power in ways the Jedi can only Imagine. Darth Ruin helped me use the rage and pride I had built over the last year as a Jedi Shadow to show me true power. From that moment I became his apprentice.
My Master gave me the name Darth Zhar from then on, he taught and instructed me in the great ways of the Dark Side. I learnt then that I was finally free, that I preferred being away from other Jedi because I knew they were wrong. That my desire for the mission was my desire to free people, from the oppression and control that the Jedi exhorted over them and the Republic.
I have killed many Jedi now. They are blinded by the teachings of the Jedi, and it is disgusting how they have and are being manipulated. The Sith will free the people by ridding them of the Jedi. My master has recently granted me the title of Sith Lord, I now take others back to Ord Radrama in search of the Dark Reaper, to use to destroy the Jedi, once and for all.
My only regret was that I had wasted so much of my life with the Jedi, that I had not seen the truth and joined the Sith earlier, I am sure that Master Kli'qiy would have agreed and joined with me.
Please be kind, I am an aspiring writer too, so is this any good at all?

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That was fantastic please make another one

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That was fantastic please make another one
Hi. Um sure I can make another one... give me a few days an ill post it on here... glad you liked it.

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