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Author Topic: Your Star Wars characters  (Read 32490 times)
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Spoiler Alert!

« Reply #45 on: February 03, 2016, 03:05:14 PM »

The Force gave it to me. Don't like it, Force bite me.

Well if the Force said it was ok....

...the Force shall set me free.

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« Reply #46 on: February 12, 2016, 06:32:11 PM »

Name: Wilam Caruso
Home World: Born on Nar Shadda, later moves to Coruscant
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession: Ex Jedi turned Bounty Hunter (secretly seeking Grey Jedi Order)
Era: Old Republic
Height: 5'11
Hair: Dark Brown. long in a pony tail..similar to a samurai
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Prosthetic: Has Cybernetic right Arm and Cybernetic Left Leg
Weapons: Blaster rifle. 2 Blaster Pistols...and sometimes his old Lightsabers one Yellow and the other Purple
Allegiance: Despite being a bounty hunter he only works for the republic or almost anyone against the Sith Empire


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« Reply #47 on: April 24, 2016, 08:41:44 PM »

well I'm basically using my characters from the old republic primarily my main lvl 60 basically this is the info i got for now till i can do better
Name: Helkelkeen( i want it changed but i need a good dathomir zabrakish like name :/)
Species: Dathomirian Zabrak
Gender: Male: Age 23, 25 when the Zakuul wars happened (aka Eternal Empire)
Era: Old Republic
Profession: Sith Assassian, Former Dark Counsil Member, Former Slave
Height: 5'7'
Hair: none just typical zabrak spikes
Eye Color: before green now normal sith yellow eyes
Weapons: Duelsaber can become two normal sabers at will, typical sith abilities
Allegiance: Sith, Odessin Aliiance ( or whatever the name is in the game lol), Hutt Cartel, Imperial legion
color crystals: Normal red sith crystals, uses currently a red and black mixed crystal former crystals were a purple black mixed as well as a red and orange mixed crystal

Backstory: Rarely remembers anything of his pass due to abusive nature as a former slave thoughout his slave he was tortured as a child working in the mines, as he got close to age the imperial legion showed up with sith looking for force users( hence he was one of them), as they found him they stoled, and flew him to the planet Korriban to become a sith apprentice as a Sith Assassin learning all he can learning to use his hatred to bring forth his powers to destroy those against him after a few years he killed his master who tricked him as they attempted to steal his body for themselves, as he vanquish his former master he kept laddering up the ranks as he felt he deserved to become a darth as he had to fight an enemy who hated him as well as his former master. He vanquished the darth who seeked him dead, as he took over the former darth becoming the new darth to become a dark council member.

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« Reply #48 on: May 23, 2016, 09:37:07 PM »

This is Kumori Ryuu Ken'ichi. Currently just a figure. This is myself and my suit (currently being made) he doesn't have a back story other than he's skilled in martial arts (shaolin Kung fu) and fights with 3 sabers. 2 sunrises destiny and 1 purple amethyst. He is part of a secret grey Jedi society called shadow dragon (made up). The society consist of myself, my brother, my son, and my niece. This is the start of something amazing... More to come!!

This is me and my son as our characters. Of course, you see he loves Galen marek (star killer) and has had himself modeled after Galen.

I am the force.

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« Reply #49 on: May 24, 2016, 09:27:41 AM »

Olyn Khorn




200 lbs

Blue eyes

Short red hair and long braided beard

Stocky, muscular

Sith Knight

Born on Mandalore, moved to Ziost after joining the Sith Empire

Red Lightsaber

Black sleeveless tunic, pants, leather boots, belt, and Sith armor

Telekinesis, force strength

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May the Force be With You

« Reply #50 on: May 28, 2016, 06:09:12 PM »

wow epic!

Light Side points plx

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« Reply #51 on: June 02, 2016, 07:34:43 PM »

Need help!!! Light or dark... You decide... I want to eventually make him into a grey... But for now... He's light or dark....

I am the force.

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5 hand built, made from scratch sabers
3 hand built sabers for my little one (boy 9)
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I'm a graphic artist and love making characters using myself and family members.

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« Reply #52 on: June 02, 2016, 08:49:10 PM »

Need help!!! Light or dark... You decide... I want to eventually make him into a grey... But for now... He's light or dark....

The light side has kind of a Miralukan Quinlan Vos feel

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« Reply #53 on: June 08, 2016, 01:28:20 PM »

This is the story of Jai Kun A'kaar, Rogue Jedi Twi'lek
The Time is in the Old Republic
Part one:

I don't remember my family. All I remember is the blast of light that killed them. I remember being carried away by gentle and firm arms. I remember my training, where they told me my name was Jaian Kuni Ahamunkaar, and I was to be a jedi knight. The training lasted years, and in those years, I donít know when, I met a girl who would become the woman that I loved. The woman they took.

When I turned 25, I was taken in front of the jedi council. They told me that my training was complete, and I was to be a jedi knight. They took me on one knee and knighted me and I went back to my chambers to find Auvas Barajuni, the girl from before, there. She asked if they had done it and I told her they had. I hopped in bed and fell asleep almost instantly. I asked her in the morning if she will marry me, and she told me she would. We were married 3 weeks later.

A few years later, I was returning from a mission when I found Lightsaber marks all over my quarters, as though there had been a fight. I then found a lightsaber that was cut in half that I recognized instantly as Auvas's. I sprinted numbly to the council room, where I find Jedi Master Jaric Kaedan holding her in a headlock, unconscious. Numbness fills my body, along with a rage as I had never felt. "Let. Her. Go." I say, surprising myself with the calmness in my voice.

"No. A Jedi avoids attachment, and this woman was found in your bedchamber, meditating. She was found with this on." He throws me something that I recognize as the ring I gave her all those years ago on Dantooine. "Remove your left glove Jaian." I take it off and throw it aside and hold up my hand, showing him the ring on my finger.

"So therefore, we must train you to avoid attachment." With that, he ignites his saber and puts it through her heart. Rage fills me. Rage like never before. I swing and ignite my saber so fast he has no chance to block. his head comes clean off, letting his and her bodies fall to the ground. I realize a moment later that there is another person in the doorway who rushes for the nearest master. I try to throw my saber to kill him, but he evades quickly and sprints away.

Fear then takes hold and I slash a hole in the window, jumping out. I sprint along the streets of Coruscant, hoping, praying that no one finds me. I reach my ship and take off, my astromech, Screecher, asking where I'm going. "I don't know old buddy. I don't know."

Part 2

I land on the planet Mygeeto, an icy planet with a jagged surface. I find some natives and begin to make peace with them, along with my conscience. Then they all begin to run, and I turn and see why. A ship just landed, containing a sith lord. He walks slowly at me and removes his hood. Then I realize it isnít a he. Its Auvas. As she raises her saber and I raise mine, I wake up, screecher beeping at me that we made it to Mygeeto.

 Soon after I arrived, I was sick and tired of the nightmares and dreams of Auvas that had tortured me for months and decided to go to a cantina and get a drink. But as iím walking there, I realize that I should change my name. I decide on Jai-Kun Aíkaar. As I walk in, I sense someone force sensitive and pick him out to be a young man, maybe 19, sitting in a corner, tears streaming down his face.

 As I walk over he pulls me out to the alley and ask why I'm here. I respond with the same story I have just told you and ask him why he is running. He tells me that the dark side has taken over him, and I offered to help. This was the wrong thing to say as he yells that he doesn't want or need my help. He runs out and I follow him at a distance that he cannot see nor sense me.

 He walks into his ship, a small transport and everyday I watch as he goes back into the bar or stays in the ship. Then one day someone approaches him and I recognize them as a sith I had encountered many years ago. As he walks up, I walk in and , seeing him about to strike down the kid, save the kid and begin to fight like I had never fought, using dark and light tactics as the kid storms off. The sith lashes out at the kid, who collapses.

 Eventually I defeat him, having used sith Lightning on him and killing him. I see to the kid, and replace the arm that had been taken off with one I found in the back. When he comes to, he is grateful, and the kid and I journey together.

The nightmares never did go away, but the kidís fear and anger started to dissipate in the next years as I teach him as my apprentice, not dark nor light, simply a force wielder. We both sharpened our instincts and honed our skills, and eventually we become friends, brothers through the Force.

Sentinel- A soldier or guard whose job is to stand and keep watch.

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« Reply #54 on: June 12, 2016, 03:03:03 PM »

Xano Myuza, a human male Jedi Knight who fought in the New Sith Wars. Myuza sustained injuries and was pulled out of active service prior to the Ruusan Campaign. When the war ended and the Ruusan Reformation was enacted, Xano disappeared.
After wandering the galaxy for a while Xano Myuza settled on an agricultural world devastated by the war, he begins a new life as a farmer. His old life as a Jedi comes back to haunt him when mercenaries threaten defenceless farmers.
Xano Myuza is based upon a character I began to develop for cosplay, instead I think I will use him for fan fiction on this forum. I feel like I need to flesh his character out more.

Xano Myuza
Human (M)
Jedi Order (formerly), Galactic Republic
Jedi Knight, Grey Jedi
Jedi Guardian - Exotic Weapons Specialist
Orange single-bladed lightsaber, quarterstaff
Form V: Djem So, Teras Kasi

Another potential character (who may or may not be part of the same story) is a former Sith scholar and philosopher who abandoned the Brotherhood of Darkness shortly before its destruction. Possibly both their paths cross and they find a common interest, which could lead to the creation of a new organisation of Force users that slowly grows over the centuries

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My heart lies in the Old Republic.

« Reply #55 on: June 19, 2016, 08:34:25 PM »

Ty Ren is a woman who had fallen from grace. Just a simple human girl who grew up in the order. Despite her teachings she learned to love her master like a father, the father she never got the chance to know. Yet she lost him in a simple scouting mission that went wrong. However she didn't learn to hate the pirates who captured her and killed her master. He didn't have to die. She learned to hate the Council for not responding fast enough to the pirates' ransom. Through that hatred she learned to hurt others and killed those who kept her in bondage. They locked her away where she couldn't hurt anyone, she was alone in the dark praying for death. But then she was liberated by a stranger. He came in with the jedi knights she grew up with and called friends. In her short 13 years of life she'd never felt this way. She wasn't relieved to see her peers, but to see him. As she healed from malnourishment he stayed and meditated. He was older than her, maybe 18? Who was he, why did he watch over her? He didn't wear the robes of the jedi but she could feel the force within him. He taught her how to play pazaak and brought her happiness she never thought she'd feel again. But one day he vanished and left his pazaak deck behind for her. Though her heart was weary, she knew she'd meet him again one day.
The Council called on her, asking her about the stranger rather than the mission or her master. She remembered her hatred, but let it go. His name was Wan, and he was a force user. He held no affiliation and the Council thought him to be dangerous. So it was their fault he was gone, but that's just something she told herself.
Months later she was sent to Coruscant to complete her Padawan training. Five years later she became a jedi knight and taught herself to forget about Wan like the Council commanded. But the force works in mysterious ways. One day she felt a presence she hadn't felt in a long time. She found him in the lower level of the city in a shady cantina. He sat playing pazaak by himself. She soon joined him and presented the deck he left behind. When he looked at her he smiled and she did the same. Ty and Wan spent the entire night talking and drinking and for a day she remembered what it felt like to feel this way. To be truly happy.
The two saw each other in secret for several years. But just as they were to elope, the Mandalorians waged war on the Republic. Ty was a jedi guardian now and knew there was no way the order wouldn't aid in the war. But as she and many others stayed back and waited, thousands were dying. Then Revan stood up to the challenge and defied the Council. Ty had always admired Revan and eagerly followed him into war. Wan saw no good from the war and went to help those affected by the Mandalorians. The two agreed it was best to temporarily part ways, that the force would bring them together once again.
As the war raged Ty began to lose her jedi teachings and made decisions she wasn't proud of for the greater good. Then Revan won the war for the Republic but he didn't return to the order. The war made Ty respect Revan even more and she vowed to follow him anywhere. So when the time came she followed him to the dark side without hesitation. She didn't much care for the sith way of meaningless killing, but their view of the force made sense to her. She had no desire for power, but she was not weak. Peers who found her to be unmotivated typically challenged her strength. To survive she killed those who threatened her and learned to manipulate those around her. Her survival tactics made her a high ranking sith warrior and she gained respect and prestige. But none of it mattered. She was caught up in Revan's vision and ensured she was the perfect soldier for her supreme ruler. She missed Wan, but it wasn't time for them to reunite. She fought and killed for Revan, she told herself her duty would bring her satisfaction, and in a twisted way it did. Revan recognized her strength and for that she was proud. But all she had worked for crumbled when the Republic murdered her master.
Ty never liked Malak much, and she knew what Revan's death meant. As soon as she heard the news she fled the sith. She gave up everything, because her reason for fighting was gone. Malak didn't have the vision Revan did, he was still so childish to her. It was difficult, but with a handful of credits and her lightsaber she traveled the galaxy, hiding from those she once served. She meditated, hoping to find Wan. Eventually the two were brought together by the force. Ty never looked for him, he was a ghost to the galaxy. She knew it was the right time and she was right. She married Wan and the two traveled the galaxy together helping those they could.
Ty had always felt more comfortable as a soldier than a jedi. She had seen the light and the dark. She learned that there was value in both and followed Wan's example. It took her much longer to learn this lesson, but she was a better person for it. She still thinks of her master, and hopes he is proud of her. Because she knew what the Council didn't, he taught her that sometimes passion can lead one to make the right decision. She is a passionate and loving woman. She loved three men for very different reasons and they each brought her fulfillment, satisfaction and most importantly happiness.
Ty serves the people of the galaxy along side her husband. He carries the spiritual side of the force while she carries the physical. Together they find balance, a little light, a little dark, but only the force matters.

I've been Light and I've been Dark, now I only do what I believe is right, and the Force guides me.

Darth Niix
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Member of the Dark Side!

« Reply #56 on: September 04, 2016, 10:42:05 PM »

There's my character, Darth Niix. She's always been a bit lonely, but something happened that ended any hopes or wishes for further romantic or platonic relationships. She used to be a compassionate being, but she's been hurt too much - she used to see the good in the world, but now, all she sees is the pain and the suffering and the idiocy, oh, the idiocy. She's basically had enough and any who dare harm her, insult her, or just act completely stupid will die. Her sadness at one point controlled her, but she's learned that her agony can be turned into anger, and that anger fuels her passionate and vengeful nature. It gives her strength.
She wields a simple silver one-handed saber - she doesn't like all the bells and whistles. She'd rather have a sleek, sturdy weapon. The blade is a vibrant violet, because even though she sees more logic in the ideals of the Dark Side, there is some lingering light deep within her core. She's trying to bury it desperately, something that's reflected in her lightsaber as it flickers to red at times. Her attire is dramatic, a flowing dress-like black robe and sturdy black boots. Despite its appearance, it's meant more for functionality than looks, as she has no need for armor. Why slow yourself with cumbersome protection if you're fast enough to end the fight before it begins? The best defense is a good offense, after all.
Lastly, it's me. Darth Niix is based off of me. Everything you just read is my (partial) history and personality.

The Jedi deal in absolutes far more than the Sith.

Rina Ascura
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Please keep it at 100!

« Reply #57 on: September 12, 2016, 11:23:35 AM »

Rina Ascura
Biographical information
Homeworld: Corellia
Born: 54 BBY
Physical description:
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 178 cm
Hair color: Red, later graying
Eye color: Green
Skin color: Light
Cybernetics: Right hand, vocoder
Chronological and political information:
Era(s): Rise of the Empire era
Affiliation: Jedi Shadows, later Separatist holdouts
Known masters: Belg Kiybo
Known apprentices: Deel Aroona, Quicksilver

"Let it be so. If even the Dark Side gazes back, the accursed Sith are no masters over it, no matter how hard they try to assert that. And they shall not become masters to me, no: they are now my enemies more than ever, because now I truly hate them."óThe woman herself[src]

Rina Ascura was a Corellian-born Jedi Shadow who lived during the last years of the Old Republic, the entire Imperial period and survived on Iego well into the Legacy era. The last Shadowmaster of the Order, she was severely traumatized by her failure to prevent Palpatine's takeover, which led her to the Dark Side of the Force. During the early Imperial period, Rina Ascura, now a self-styled "Marshal" and leader of a ramshackle government claiming succession to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, was fighting a guerrilla war agaisnt the Empire. After a crushing defeat, she escaped and vanished in the underworld, only to resurface not long before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. After this, Rina Ascura lived on Iego in seclusion.

Rina Ascura was one of those Jedi who started training in a relatively late age. Her line of Corellian Jedi, the Ascuras, were haunted by the Dark Side and general misfortune for generations, earning the moniker of "Accursed Jedi", and her grandfather, Lev Ascura Sr., wanted Force-sensitivity to be gone from the family. The reason for that was an unique talent belonging to Ascuras: they were perfectly capable to see in the Force clearly through any obfuscations and distractions formed by the Dark Side, but the downside was that everything Dark attracted them like a magnet.

His desire was starting to be fulfilled, with Lev Ascura Jr., Rina's father, being almost not Force-sensitive, but Rina was born fully sensitive herself. Lev Ascura Sr. tried to hide the fact from the Order, but the Jedi known as the Dark Woman, An'ya Kuro, found out, and convinced Lev to release Rina and let her be trained as a Jedi. The Dark Woman specialized on training problematic apprentices and wanted to take Rina as her Padawan after Aurra Sing's training was complete, however Aurra proved to be a disaster, and the Dark Woman resigned as a pedagogue altogether.

The Council of First Knowledge decided to make Rina an apprentice to Belg Kiybo, a Jedi Shadow. Rina's talent could be useful to a Shadow, and Shadow training would let her control it and stay clear of the Dark Side.

As a Jedi Shadow Padawan, Rina Ascura became an apprentice to Belg Kiybo, an investigator tasked with researching the facts about the resurgent Sith menace. The Shadowmaster of the time, the Twi'lek Ano Werdo, was sure that the menace exists, and, upon learning the name of the Sith Master, Darth Plagueis, started the "Quarantine Case" dedicated to investigating his identity. Werdo had already learned the truth about both Plagueis and Sidious' true identities during the Invasion of Naboo, when he was assassinated by Sidious' agents, his records destroyed. Kiybo was appointed the new Shadowmaster, and Ascura became the leading investigator on the Quarantine Case. To prevent unmasking, Palpatine devised an intrigue to both murder Kiybo and frame Ascura as guilty by incompetence and inability to prevent it, at the same time promoting another Shadow, the truly incompetent and gullible Bodo Pius, to the position of Shadowmaster. The intrigue was resolved a day before the start of the Clone Wars; Ascura was reassigned to the usual place where Shadow careers are sent to die: she went to the Citadel on Lola Sayu as its new commandant.

Later Ascura became the commander of GAR Field Military Police. This unit of the clone army was notable for that it housed a number of defective clone troopers: those clones who displayed the tendencies for violent, sociopathic and sadistic behavior were assigned as MPs, not line infantry. The Jedi Shadows were appointed officers of this force. This was Palpatine's plan to get the Shadows off Coruscant and paralyze their investigations.

In 19 BBY Bodo Pius, the Shadowmaster, was kidnapped by unknown assailants, and Ascura was summoned to Coruscant by the Council of First Knowledge to assume the duties of the Shadowmaster. Ascura found out that Palpatine was behind the kidnapping, and the fact that he was Darth Sidious, roughly at the same time when Palpatine revealed himself to Anakin.

Ascura tried, but failed, to prevent Mace Windu from performing an illegal arrest of Palpatine. During Order 66, her clone captain, Zeta, attacked her and wounded her in the throat, damaging her vocal cords. Since then and until the New Jedi Order era, Ascura needed an implanted vocoder to speak coherently; without the vocoder, she could only speak in grunts and gargles that only the best protocol droids were able to translate to Basic. Later, when interrogating and sentencing captured Imperials, she preferred to turn off the vocoder, speak in incomprehensish and have her droid, Roger, translate for her, for intimidating effect.

Ascura successfully escaped Zeta and his clones and reunited with her former Padawan, the Twi'lek Deel Aroona, and some other Shadows and Sentinels such as Maw. They hid in a secret apartment hidden in the city blocks of Coruscant, where Rina received medical aid and the vocoder was implanted into her neck.

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Loth Reia my OC :)

« Reply #58 on: September 14, 2016, 06:29:49 AM »

Loth Reia is my OC based on a conceptual blend of the character I played as when I was a kid and my StarWars DnD character. I'll be brief.

Force sensitive slave child who is seen by a jedi overseeing some sort of deal and transferring funds, in feeling her potential in the force he defies his orders and chooses to buy her freedom and take her to the Jedi Temple. Needless to say, they don't approve of that action and so they cease giving him orders and he's charged to simply guard the temple. They also refuse to train Reia, but will allow her a place to stay. Jedi guy gives her his shoto and he teaches her as best as he can in their solitude. Often times though, he simply wishes he'd been outright kicked as he despises his position but would never have the humility to step away from the order himself.

Sometime later after the Clone Wars have begun, they are at last given a few small missions as the Jedi are spread thin. Unfortunately, they are ambushed by Grievous who kills both the newly appointed Temple Guard  and then Reia's master. Reia survives barely after some cones help fend the Droid General off. With her gifted saber and her master's sabers taken by Grievous she clutches to the barely intact hilt of the Guard's staff. After recoverying from her injuries, she acquires the parts and uses the yellow crystal to make a lightsaber of her own.

 As her solitude grows as the elder Jedi remain undecided on whether or not to formally bring her into the order and give her all the privileges thereof, her grief and fear turn to anger and hate towards the General who robbed her of not only her friend-- robbed her of her father figure. Resolving that she will[ kill Grievous she teaches herself a rough form of Jar-Kai from a certain force-sensitive bounty hunter she seeks out through the force in Coruscant. From her, Loth Reia learns basic stances and steps in two bladed combat as well as how to forge synthetic crystals.

As of this time it is decided to bring her into the order fully and to treat her as a young Jedi as her fight with Grievous was surely a trial. By this time though she's forged a synth crystal with all her passion. While not the blood-red, malice imbued crystals of the Sith, the reddish hue of her resulting blade startles her and the Jedi who now fear she may be some sort of Sith Apprentice who was planted to destroy the Jedi from within!

Bla bla bla fights Grievous, bla bla bla pursued by the Jedi after screaming a modified version of the Sith Code in duress after several Jedi accuse her of being evil and she feels betrayed and that the Jedi are fools with no allowance of humanity and passion, bla bla bla she survives 66.

After the village she'd been hiding in is destroyed by the Empire which has now reigned for some time, she at last decides to join the alliance after Vader discovers her and attempts to convince her to be an inquisitor. At last she sees that she must fight, and that her darkness can no longer hold her back. She takes a ship to Alderaan about 1 month BBY, rumor is General Kenobi will be with them very soon.###

"Somewhere between darkness and light I reside, seek not to save me, for I needn't rescue."

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Taegin Roan
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« Reply #59 on: November 07, 2016, 06:32:20 PM »

I have three, but I will use my main one. There are things about some of my others that are not canon, so that is another reason I will not use them.

Name: Taegin Roan
Home World: Corellia
Gender: Male
Species: Corellian
Profession: Last of the Jedi(fights the Empire from the shadows)
Era: Galactic Empire/Imperial Era
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Weapons: Fire Orange and Hot Pink Lightsabers that can be used as either a staff or two separate sabers
Interesting Fact: His Holocron is round instead of square

He was apprenticed to Denna Eem, a Jedi Master that was killed during Order 66, and barely escaped with his life. After the formation of the Galactic Empire, he goes into hiding like the rest of the remaining Jedi.  While in hiding he realizes that the Empire is still looking for him, and decides that he must fight back against them.  He is very powerful with the force and with his sabers, and is also very cautious about using his skills in public.  However he still practices while in hiding and eventually gains the trust of many others opposing the Empire, although they do not know he is a Jedi.  He is a loner, thinking that he can do more by himself than he could with a team since he is silent, and a master of hiding while a team would be easier noticable.  He does very well against the Empire without anyone knowing about him. Even Master Yoda does not know for certain that he exists. There are other Jedi that he comes in contact with, but being pretty young during Order 66, they do not recognize him, and he does not reveal his secret.  One of his hobbies is that he collects the Sabers and Holocrons of fallen Jedi  if he can find them and builds monuments to honor their memories since the Jedi Order is no longer in existence. It is rumored that Luke and the New Jedi Order finds this chamber built deep inside a cavern, and learn a great deal about the Jedi from it.

"I am the Outcast's Shadow" - Taegin Roan
"We are the spark that will light the fire that will burn the first order down." - Poe Dameron

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