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Author Topic: New TOR T&P RPG- Tython  (Read 42053 times)
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For the Light of the Republic! (LS Points Please)

« Reply #210 on: December 19, 2015, 01:36:41 AM »

:: Jedi Master Ikis Epecegu ::
:: Outside Kalikori Village ::

~Ikis looked to Vellik when he spoke.  He could tell the young padawan desired to be useful right now, to have something to occupy himself.  Ikis pondered for a moment before speaking.~

"Go back to the village and start surveying the outlying buildings that are nearest to the defensive line.  Start on the far end and work your way back, but then keep going until you have made it all the way around the whole village.  Take any of the other Padawans with you that aren't injured.  You might also ask any of unhurt Twi'lek defenders too to accompany you.  Your goal is to make sure everything seems quiet and normal and that there aren't any leftover Flesh Raiders that got into the village that are causing trouble.  Remember to smile and be friendly.  The villagers will appreciate you going around to check that things are all safe.  Report back here when you're done."

~The Padawan bowed and went to do as instructed.  Ikis then turned to survey the area.  He considered going to check for more weapons that were laying about.  He'd already collected half a dozen hilts between the two real sabers and the training ones.~

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« Reply #211 on: January 04, 2016, 10:38:57 AM »

:: Outside Kalikori Village ::

With the battle over the Twi’lek Master fell to the task of collecting the discarded weapons and ensuring those Flesh Raiders who were beyond help no longer suffered. Shayla joined the healers in the village. Even though she had exhausted herself during the fighting, the young Jedi had some medical training and could aid them. None of the Padawans had been seriously injured and while Willax’s wound gave him a great deal of pain it was not life threatening. He and the worse of the injured were taken to the Jedi temple aboard speeders that were brought to the village by a few more Jedi. The remaining Jedi and Padawans helped the Twi’leks some more before the Padawans were sent back to rest and recover from the simple training session which had taken a disastrous turn.

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