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Author Topic: Bulvoy's Leather Wrap Walk Through Tutorial Written with Pictures and Video Demo  (Read 20207 times)
Darth Jaximus
Knight Apprentice

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New to the Ultrasabers and Saberforum community19.

« Reply #60 on: August 22, 2019, 05:38:13 PM »

Fantastic guide!!

And more money coming out of my pocket for materials...yay! 😂😂

My sabers:
-Dark Apprentice V4 LE x2, Initiate V4 LE, Apprentice V4 LE x2, Dominix V3 LE, Aeon V3 LE, Dark Sentinel V3 LE

Wishlist: Dark Prophecy V3, Bellicose, Archon V2.1 (BVA), Manticore (AB), Consular, Menance CE x2 (BR - Maul staff), Raven, Lost Gray (AS), Fulcrum (AS), Grand Master, Archon V3.1, Dark Mantis (BR), emperors hand (VA)

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