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Author Topic: Dun Moch (Taunting) Soundfont by Darth Vigorous  (Read 1612 times)
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« on: July 06, 2016, 07:59:24 AM »

 Grin At last! My second custom soundfont that I made by myself. This one is called "Dun Moch", based off the form of combat that used distraction and doubt, usually through taunting, in conjunction with lightsaber combat.

Included in this soundfont is a Dark Side version:

"Any combat situation or style can be enhanced by the use of dun moch. This tactic employs taunts and verbal attacks to weaken your enemy's will. It takes only a few words to expose your opponent's lack of confidence and to lay it out to manipulate."
                                                                                                                                              - Darth Bane from The Rule of Two
                                                                                                                                                 excerpt from The Book of Sith.

 The Sith aimed to completely dominate an opponent's spirit through whatever means possible by employing their own lightsaber combat doctrine. Dun Möch commonly involved spoken taunts, jeers, and jests that exposed the opponent's hidden, inner weaknesses or doubts, which had the end result of eroding the opponent's will. Mental attacks would also be utilized during combat in order to strip one's concentration with the Force, making an opponent less precise and effective. Such a thing could be quite deadly, especially against Jedi, since concentration was of vital importance when using the Force. As such, Dun Möch embodied using the Force as a form of psychological warfare.

And a Light Side version:

"Lightsaber combat can be both physical and mental, as you test an enemy's defenses and adjust your approach. But a duel can also be psychological. Dun Moch is the act of using words to break an opponent's concentration and shatter his or her morale. By urging enemies to surrender, or telling them they have no hope of success, a Jedi can end a fight without bloodshed. But be warned - too much taunting can lead a Jedi down the dark path."
                          - Skarch Vaunk, Jedi Battlemaster from The Jedi Path book.

However, a common misconception is that Dun Möch was only used by Sith. Like Force lightning, Dun Möch could also be employed by Jedi in certain circumstances. It is theorized by some that this may have occurred during the confrontation between Darth Sion and Meetra Surik on Malachor V, though this use did not match the standard usage of Dun Möch and was completely different from any seen before. Sion was indestructible by conventional methods, as he was capable of healing his wounds in an instant. Surik instead used taunts and arguments to erode Sion's will, which in the end caused Sion to sacrifice his own life to the Force.[3] However, most applications of the technique by Jedi had the more benign goal of motivating opponents to surrender, as shown by Obi-Wan Kenobi's taunts of Asajj Ventress during their duel on Teth, though again, this may not have actually been Dun Möch.

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