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Author Topic: Official SaberForum Galaxy of Heroes Thread  (Read 55353 times)
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« Reply #3270 on: Yesterday at 04:11:23 PM »

Grats, especially on Vader's Tie.  I'm still early days on my Advanced Tie's 7th star, sitting at 15/100

So you know how if a toon dies on a hard mode, even if it gets rezzed and you finish with all toons alive, it still only gives you 2 stars at the end of the fight?  Well that happened to me this morning, except even though it showed up 2 stars at the end of the attempt, the hard mode itself updated to 3-star completion.

So yeah, apparently I now have Light 9C 3-starred  Grin Cool

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« Reply #3271 on: Today at 09:07:49 AM »

I noticed the same thing in the ship challenges. Once you lose one (or more) ships and call reinforcements, then finish with all 5 ships alive, you still lose stars. Would be cool if that gets changed - after all, you finish with the maximum, and that's what "3 stars" means, actually.

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