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Author Topic: Big Hello from the Kingdom of Fife  (Read 456 times)
Knight Aspirant

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« on: April 17, 2017, 12:48:00 AM »

Firstly a big hello from myself and family from Scotland.
Now to be honest I personally only found out about US and "other products" around a month or so ago. I have spent a fair amount of time doing some research and I've found the information on this Forum along with the Videos here and on YouTube to be a great help. It didn't take me long nor without much assistance from the Force for me to come to the conclusion that US would be the company I'd be ordering with.

The products and their manufacturing look outstanding, the light & sound quality are simply breathtaking. As you can see I'm already won over and a fan.

So I'm now on holiday in Britain due to my now most hated and despised time of year - Easter! There is too many days off, too many Bank Holidays. You've guessed it, Easter has got in the way of my US order arriving. So I'll patiently wait till tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest for my US box. I am sure this would not happen in the Empire.

Now it wasn't long ago that the decision was made and the go ahead was given. I had full permission to order my first Lightsaber. Now all I had to do was decide what model I'd go for. I spent a few nights drooling over US website with the help of my second youngest daughter Rebecca number four child. We are the big SW fans closely followed by the rest of the family.
This is where it gets a little confusing though, I had whittled my choices down to either a Manticore or a Graflex CE, we were close, so close to a final decision and ordering.
Then "BANG"! Disaster strikes, it's all changed, the order is in. It's for an Apprentice LE V4 (Emerald with Sound), blade colour Dark Violet Amethyst - pulsing to Artic Blue - clashing to Orange.
I can't believe it, Dads not getting the first Lightsaber, No! Daughter is getting the first Lightsaber! Mind Tricks must have been used, the Force was against me this time.

But all is not lost... Because of the fantastic company US and their brilliant Spring Raffle we now have another Lightsaber arriving through our Second Place Prize. So I may have my first Lightsaber after all.
Just as well really, because my choices may be put on hold now information has disturbed the Force. My daughter now knows the Fulcrum & Lost Gray are Ahsoka Tano's weapons and I have this Forum and you guys to thank for that lol.

So apologies for the oversized intro. Looking forward to becoming a member of this community and becoming acquainted to you all.

Knight Commander

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"Most Redacted"

« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2017, 01:13:09 AM »

Welcome to the forum and to your addiction!

Luckily I only have my own habit to support. But it sounds like you have to support two  Cheesy good luck!

Be sure and post some photos of your entry saber and prize (when they arrive) in the raffle entries gallery thread so we can all enjoy them with you!

Knight Commander

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Guardian Blue is my life

« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2017, 08:44:06 AM »

Hello and welcome  Smiley

I can imagine something like this happening: /daughter waves hand "These aren't the sabers you're looking for"

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Maenowan Nexu Master of the Vhal'Dan Gray Jedi

My sabers:Zearic's Aldrnari, Archon v3 (modded w/ activation box) w/Obsidian, AS; Graflex SE w/Obsidian, GB; Archon v3 (modded w/ activation box) w/Obsidian, CG; Dark Sentinel v4 w/Obsidian, BR; Sentinel LE v4 w/Obsidian, GB; Sentinel LE v4 stunt, EG

Lord Bladewraith
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Either you like Star Wars... Or you're wrong.

« Reply #3 on: April 17, 2017, 10:24:12 AM »

Hey, fantastic intro, and your appreciation of Ultra Saber as the saber smith for you is awesome. Huge congrats on winning the Second Prize and for your daughter getting a saber, too. Not gonna lie that when it comes to Daddy's little girl, I would've yielded to the mind trick, too. I am a weak minded dolt when it comes to making my daughter happy. Excellent choice with the Apprentice - it's a wonderfully designed hilt, very comfortable and great balance, and I'm sure Taegin Roan here on the forum will chime in at any moment to cast his vote on that, too.

Too many days off? Inconceivable! Once you have those sabers in hand, you'll be wishing you had MORE days off than you do now.  Grin

Welcome to the forum. Hope you can check in often.

My Top 3 Favorite Sabers: Electrum Wind, Emperor's Hand and Shock LE

Grey Jedi Sam Adam
Knight Lieutenant

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The Strength to remain steadfast against all odds.

« Reply #4 on: April 17, 2017, 01:49:24 PM »

Hey Foilfencer, Welcome to the love of Ultrasabers! You will find that you are amongst friends and quite at home. Like Lord Blaidewraith, I too have been weak minded to my daughter's force pull. My youngest is a lightsaber/Star Wars aficionado like her Daddy. She recently received her first Ultrasaber.
Well my saber friend, enjoy the addiction and may the force be with you.

GREY JEDI SAM ADAM (Light & Dark side points please)

Taegin Roan
Knight Commander

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Lord of the Force

« Reply #5 on: April 17, 2017, 04:02:10 PM »

Welcome. Thanks for the shout out LB. Yes, I have a Dark Apprentice LE v4, and it is absolutely wonderful. Out of the five or six different hilts I have had the pleasure of wielding, it is definitely my favorite. For me it works as either a single or two-handed saber, though some others think it's too short of two-handed. However, it is the most comfortable hilt I have used. It really is a great choice as a first saber. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. The only thing we ask is that you utilize the Search Function (picture with magnifying glass) to make sure the question has not already been asked and answered. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for, go ahead and ask. Someone will quickly come along and supply you with an answer.

Again, welcome.

"I am the Outcast's Shadow" - Taegin Roan
"We are the spark that will light the fire that will burn the first order down." - Poe Dameron

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Lord Raváge
Knight Commander

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Ki tsimsima tuti mazo Galactic, Nu qorit dudnims!

« Reply #6 on: April 17, 2017, 11:16:36 PM »

Labintias sulig tave Jen' Garthaz iv SoCal, bustas iv tave Tsis!!! Cool
(Greetings from the Dark Side of SoCal, domicile of the Sith)

Zhelosa kia tu'iea kitok addiction! Grin
(Welcome to your new addiction!)

Galez Akuyi Buti Su J'us!
(May The Force Be With You!)

Knight Aspirant

Force Alignment: 2
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« Reply #7 on: April 18, 2017, 09:52:46 AM »

Thanks for the welcome Lord Ravade.

Grey Jedi Sam Adam thanks, and that is my daughter like yours truly inducted to US today.

Isola815 will look into getting some pictures up as soon as we can and thanks for the welcome.

TheDutchman lol, I actually think that's how the whole incident transpired.

Taeyin Roan, my daughter is in complete agreement with you concerning the Apprentice LE V4, she is very happy with her first Lightsaber. Must admit it is a very tidy hilt to hold.

Lord Bladewraith, thanks for the welcome, excellent display of your collection btw - was wanting to go down the route of purchasing Lightsabers from the SW movies too along with some personal favourites.
My journey has started already, which was a massive surprise to my daughter and me when we opened our US box this afternoon. Our Second Place Prize from the Spring Raffle was the Guardian in solid Emerald Green and the 8 sound options. Correct me if I'm wrong but is that Obi-Wan Kenobi's from the first two films.

As you can guess we are very happy with the Force and all at US. Thanks US, and thanks for the kind greetings Forum friends.

Knight Aspirant

Force Alignment: 2
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« Reply #8 on: April 18, 2017, 10:30:07 AM »

Apology for the typo Lord Ravage.

James Casey
Forum Watchman
Knight Commander

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« Reply #9 on: April 21, 2017, 04:46:35 AM »

Welcome! How wonderful to have a hobby you can share with your family - and I hope your daughter realises how lucky she is Cheesy

"I'll split this world open and tear down the sky before I let him come to even the slightest harm."

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