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Author Topic: Nero's Training Game  (Read 7958 times)
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« on: July 31, 2017, 09:08:41 AM »

:: Consular Knight Shayla Jaste ::
:: Training Grounds, outside Jedi Temple ::

Shayla stepped into the training area, regarding the man that stepped in from the opposite side. He was a fair bit taller than her, though that was hardly anything unusual given her short stature, and she knew from seeing him on an earlier occasion that he was tall and slim with light skin and short dark hair. However now the man was covered head to toe in his usual guardian armour with an impassive full faced helmet obscuring his facial features, while she was wearing her usual armourweave robes that lacked any solid armour. Her eyes quickly flicked to the tall crimson Twiílek master Ikis standing off to the side before setting back on her opponent, a human by the name of Nero Attoru who was the same age as she was. She had only seen him occasionally at the temple since its construction, as the man apparently spent most of his time offworld. On a couple of occasions she had seen him training with Ikis and some of the other skilled bladesmen with vibroblades but she hadnít trained with him herself, nor actually spoken to him beyond a polite greeting or farewell.

Ikis would often put her against various opponents to broaden her learning with the lightsaber, however todayís training was a little different. She had been instructed to use all of her abilities, especially her telekinesis, rather than restricting those powers like she often did to focus on her lightsaber techniques. Nero, while trained as a Guardian and quite skilled with a lightsaber, apparently had been focusing on honing his own telekinesis skills of late. This match would be beneficial to them both, since Nero was also learning Niman and given the fact that Shayla was a gifted telekinetic. Apparently Ikis hadn't told Nero of her particular skills, noting to him only that the platinum blonde haired woman was a strong telekinetic who mostly trained with Niman these days. It could have been Ikis's way of seeing how the man would go against her rather unique telekinetic abilities, or a bit of fun on his behalf against one of his vibroblade students by not warning him. The tall solidly built twi'lek did have a bit of a sense of humour below his firm, no-nonsense instructor's appearance, once you got to know him.

She respectfully bowed to her human opponent and fell into a defensive Niman stance, her primary lightsaber flying from its place on her belt to her hand though it remained unlit, while from around the training area and just beyond it leaves, twigs and small rocks of varying size below fist size sprung up and raced in to spin in an oddly shaped, changing orbit around the little consular first at her knee height. She felt more calm and clear headed when she had objects floating in the currents of the Force she sensed around her, and she had learnt that it could often throw her opponents out of balance when faced with it. Letting her senses spread into those currents she called more objects to her, the largest particles of sand now joining the growing cloud of objects which quickly spread up to her shoulder height within a metre from her. Her second saber hilt remained on her belt. She still wasnít confident using a second lightsaber in combat and would only use it if it became advantageous, preferring to use her far more superior telekinetic abilities. Calmly she watched Nero, waiting to see what move he would make.

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« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2017, 01:07:36 PM »

:: Nero Attoru, Jedi Knight (Guardian) ::
:: Training Grounds, outside Jedi Temple ::

Nero flexed his weapon hand, sizing up his sparring partner through the narrow slit in his armored helmet.  After this many years of training as a Jedi, he had learned the hard way not to underestimate his opponent.  This young woman, Shayla, was surrounded by debris of varying sizes and shapes which she was suspending with the Force.  Nero always found Consulars like her somewhat unpredictable, their deep connection to the Force giving them the potential for many different abilities which could be used against him.  As a swordsman, he relished the challenge, but it wasn't enough to prompt him into action just yet.

One of the first lessons a Jedi learns about combat is to find the opponent's comfort zone, and take him or her out of it.  In this case, Shayla's posture indicated that she was waiting for him to begin the battle - a wise tactic.  Clearly this indicated experience in combat, or at the very least extensive training.  Additionally, he had seen her training in this very arena with other Jedi, sometimes even Master Ikis.  Nero smiled underneath his helmet, knowing that this would be a true test of his abilities.  He always considered himself an intellectual, even when it came to combat, and this situation was ripe with possibility for learning.

His final assessment of the Consular was that she was unlikely to begin the fight, so Nero decided to make the first move.  He removed his lightsaber from his belt and ignited it, bringing it upward in a Makashi salute.  Putting the blade in the threatening forward posture of Form II, he allowed his body to sink into the low, maneuverable stance which Makashi utilized.  Taking a deep breath, he emptied his own mind, allowing the Force to fill the void like a refreshing breeze.  He felt energy fill his limbs as his connection to the Force strengthened, and he quickly found himself ready to begin.  With one last look at his opponent, he used his Force Leap to close the distance, ending with a lunging Shiak strike to her legs.

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