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Author Topic: Severus's RPG- character sheet thread  (Read 11979 times)
Darth Severus
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« on: January 06, 2018, 10:20:50 PM »

For those I have contacted and everyone else interested in joining the T&P RP, post your character here .





The Old Republic Era T&P Character Sheet Template

Note: All military characters would be expected to have completed basic training. All Force users would be expected to have completed basic training which includes a basic level of competence in abilities such as Force Throw, Force Push, Force Jump, Force Speed, Force Sense, and Force Revitalise.  Ones they take to more naturally would be the "Standard" skills.  If you want your character to have more than basic competence in an ability, it must be noted in the abilities sections.  These would be "Enhanced" skills if they are more gifted at them or are more complex than your average skills. If they are particularly weak in a skill/ area, note it in the weaknesses section.[/center]

Name: (names should follow a non-Earth pattern, so avoid Steve or Sally, use Stev or Salle')

Race: (no immortal, godling, or omnipotent types.)

Home Planet: (no made up planets, stick to canon.)

Allegiance:  (Jedi/ Republic, Sith/ Empire, smuggler, bounty hunter, etc. All in the current RP will be Jedi.)

Rank:  (If you are in the military, this is your rank.  If you are a Force User, this is your this level of training eg Padawan/ Acolyte, Knight/ Lord, Master/ Darth. All in the current RP will be Padawans.)

Specialization: (If you are in the military this would be your specialization training.  If you are a Force User, this is your chosen path eg Jedi Guardian/ Sith Warrior, Jedi Consular/ Sith Inquisitor, Jedi Sentinel/ Sith Marauder.)

Age: (age should reflect experience and skill- we won’t accept 14 year old Knights/ Lords!)


Physical Description: (hair, skin, eye color; distinguishing features eg scars or tattoos; clothing and/ or armour.)

Personality: (include behavioral traits.)

Combat Training (and Lightsaber forms for Force Users): (all Force Users must note their primary lightsaber form, plus any additional forms/ combat training.)

Skill Specialization: (overall skill focus eg combat, telekinesis, healing, mind powers, etc.)

Standard Force Skills: (Padawans/Acolytes - 3 maximum.)

Enhanced Force Skills: (Padawans/Acolytes - 2 maximum.)

Additional Skills: (3 maximum, non Force skills.)

Weaknesses: (2 minimum.)

Studied Interests: (2 expert studied maximum, 4 average studied maximum, 4 total maximum.)

Weapons: (3 maximum.)

Equipment: (3 maximum- all Force Users would be expected to have “standard” issued equipment: food capsules, rebreather, commlink/ holocommunicator which counts as one. NOTE: no one in the current RP will be authorised to have their own ships, droids, etc.)

Special Possessions: (trinkets, momentos, etc.)

Background History: (2 to 3 paragraphs. Make it detailed.)
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« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2018, 10:27:54 PM »

Name: Jasker Merril
Race: Mandalorian
Home Planet: Mandalore
Allegiance: Freelance (Sith/Grey Jedi)
Rank: Former Ruus’alor (Sergeant)
Specialization: Commando unit (Now bounty Hunter)
Age: 28 standard years
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Just shy of six feet in height, has slightly dusky grey skin with black hair cut close enough to his skull to show his scalp. His eyes are dark brown and he has a pair of scars, one bisecting his right eyebrow and the other reaching from his right cheekbone below his eye to down below his jawline, pulling the right side of his mouth down in an expression of perpetual sadness. Jasker is rarely seen without his distinctive Mandalorian armor.
Personality: Even tempered, patient, calculating, quiet
Combat Training: Mandalorian martial arts and basic+advanced marksmanship
Skill Specialization: Combat
Standard Force Skills: N/A
Enhanced Force Skills: N/A
Additional Skills: A competent tactical leader with familiarity in commanding small and mobile units. His eyesight is sharper than average, honed by the years he spent in training as a marksman.
Studied Interests: Fluent in Mando’a and Basic, is competent if not truly proficient with explosives for demolition. Is moderately skilled in battlefield medicine, able to use his battlefield med-pack to stabilize an injured fighter long enough to get them to medical support.
Weaknesses: Has a very short temper with regards to unprofessionalism or insubordination. Came about after losing several team members early in his career with the commandos. Further has a tendency to get tunnel vision and develop obsessions with his objectives, putting him in danger of losing track of the larger picture.
Weapons: A pair of Westar-35 blaster pistols, the left gauntlet of his armor contains a flamethrower and whipcord thrower while the right gauntlet contains a portable shield projector intended for burst activation.
Equipment: equipment belt (food capsules, water purifier, backup communicator), tracking devices (3), Mandalorian Armor
Special Possessions: A carved set of dice made from the teeth of a Bantha.
Background History: Jasker grew up in a dome city on southern hemisphere of Mandalore and joined the fighting forces of his clan when he was 16 standard years old. Selected by his trainers for assignment to the commandos, he developed a reputation during training and his early career for possessing a level head and quick judgement.  During his initial career post-training, he deployed in several missions before his obsessive nature led to an ambush shortly after reaching the rank of Sergeant. Though the mission was ultimately successful, he lost half his team.
He was reprimanded, but not discharged or demoted. It was this, in fact, that led to him becoming disgusted with the Mandalorian military and tendering his resignation. Driven by his own sense of guilt and shame, he took his pistols and his armor and took a freighter off-world to take up the life of a bounty hunter and mercenary, like many other Mandalorians had before him.

Jay Nightshade
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Light side points please

« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2018, 04:30:08 AM »

Name: Ezell Nilehr
Race: Miraluka
Home Planet: Alpheridies

Allegiance: Luka Sene (Grey Jedi with Light side influence)
Rank: Member of the Luka Sene
Specialization: Force Healer

Age: 27 standard years
Gender: Male

Physical Description: 6'2", pale skin with mahogany brown hair that reaches just above his shoulders. He wears white bandages to cover his missing eyes. (See Image, The black parts are navy blue)
Personality: Optimistic to a fault, Ezell always somehow sees a silver lining of a situation even under dire stresses.

Combat Training: No formal training but is Skilled with Sense and Alter Force Techniques
Skill Specialization: Combat Medic

Standard Force Skills: Force Sight (Innate ability), Farsight, Force Barrier, Field Detection
Enhanced Force Skills: Force Healing, Force Deflection

Additional Skills: Skilled in Non-Force methods of First Aid and Diplomacy. His Force Sight is stronger than most thanks to training with the Luka Sene.
Studied Interests: Fluent in Basic, Miralukese and Binary. He is skilled in

Weaknesses: Apart from his Force Deflection he lacks any offensive combat skills. He is in constant fear of falling to the Dark Side. As a result he makes every attempt to avoid negative emotions and sources of Dark Side energy he can.

Weapons: Force Techniques, A foot long staff made of Mandalorian Iron that extends to four and a half feet
Equipment: Utility Belt containing food capsules, rebreather, and holocommunicator, datapad, Bioanalysis gear, Navy Blue and White close fitting robes (See Image)

Special Possessions:  A bracelet made of orange and blue crystal beads

Background History: Ezell was sent to study with the Luka Sene when he was very young. As a result he learned a great deal about how to enhance his Force-based sight while also being able to pursue his own interests under their guidance. When Ezell learned of the Living Force he was enthralled by the many applications but was drawn to the ways of healing that manipulating this power provided.

When he was 26 standard years old he was sent to Tython to work with the Jedi Order, advancing his knowledge on the Living Force and of the flora and fauna of a planet filled with Light Side energy.

(For some reason I can't see the image so I put the URL here)

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« Reply #3 on: January 09, 2018, 02:54:30 PM »

Name: Oexu Krokrum

Race: Zabrak
Home Planet: Iridonia
Allegiance: Jedi/Republic
Rank: Jedi Knight
Specialization: Jedi Guardian
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Physical Description:
   Skin: Light Brown (khaki)
   Hair: Vestigial Horns / Bald
   Eyes: Blue
   Height: 6’3”
   Weight: 210 Pounds with a muscular build
Distinguishing Features: Tribal tattoos on most of face and neck area. Scar that runs from left eye down to the left cheek. Also has a rather deep voice that tends to be heard over other people and noises.
Clothing: Standard Jedi attire, Dark brown armor weave robes with armor weave tunic and pants. Armor on forearms.
Languages: Speaks, reads, writes Zabraki, and Basic. Can understand Wookie (due to time spent on Kashyyyk.

Personality: Even tempered and slow to anger, but once he is angered he will release hell upon the person that has affronted him. Does not have a lot of friends but is fiercely loyal to the ones he has. Tends to keep to himself and is quiet.
Combat Training: Proficient in Soresu, and Jar’Kai with a mastery of Shii-Cho. Likes to supplement his lightsaber skill with his unarmed combat skills, using kicks, punches, and elbow strikes to throw off his opponents.
Skill Specialization: Focus on Lightsaber and unarmed combat.
Standard Force Skills: Force Speed, Force Strength, Force Jump, Saber Throw
Enhanced Force Skills: Force Repulse, Telekinesis, Force Healing
Additional Skills: Excellent pilot in small star fighters and small transports.
Weaknesses: Tends to always want to rescue the damsel in distress, and is easily distracted by the fairer sex.
Studied Interests: Has an above average knowledge in slicing (started as a hobby at a young age), Has a decent knowledge of mechanics and electronics.
Weapons: Has two lightsabers his primary is a green bladed saber and his shoto is a yellow blade. He only uses the second saber when facing multiple opponents.
Equipment: Standard Jedi Utility belt with long range communicator, underwater rebreather, nutrient capsules, climbing line & hook, etc. Data pad, and medical kit.
Special Possessions: Wears a simple leather band on his right wrist and a leather necklace with a small black stone on it.
Background: Oexu was given to the Jedi at the age of four by his force sensitive mother. His father, a mercenary, had died in another system far from home in someone else’s war. Even though Oexu was very young when his father passed away (3), he still had a couple of memories of him. The trinket he wears around his neck was given to him as an infant by his father, telling his mother it was something that he had found during one of his many adventures.
After being taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Oexu trained to be a guardian. His worked hard in his training, and consumed his spare time with further Saber training, martial training, which he had a natural affinity for, and his one hobby, slicing. He quickly became the favorite of many of the masters and was a stand out among his peers for his fighting ability. He took to saber skills like a minoch to a ship.
As a Padawan he really came into his own as a skilled fighter under the tutelage of his master who would eventually become the Jedi Battlemaster. During this time, he obtained the traditional tattoos of a Zabrak, not only reflecting his skill in combat and his adventures as a Padawan, but his personality as well. Reaching the rank of Knight at the age of 17, he continued to accompany his master on diplomatic and protection missions. He and his master spent a year on Kashyyyk where he was wounded when a terentatek attacked the party he was in. All but Qexu, his master and two of the wookies where slaughtered by the terentatek and Oexu had the scar as a constant reminder to never loose focus.

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« Reply #4 on: January 11, 2018, 11:24:09 PM »

Name: Coryn Nabor

Race: Kajain'sa'Nikto (Red Nikto)

Home Planet: Nal Hutta

Allegiance: Jedi

Rank:  Padawan

Specialization: Jedi Consular

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Brown skin, green eyes, scaly, coarse skin, horns and spikes, breathing tubes, no hair. 6’2” tall (1.88 meters), lean and muscular. Brown and gray traditional Jedi robes, gauntlets, sabatons, greaves, breastplate, shoulder pauldrons. Dark brown belt, and gray Jedi cloak. Bead padawan braid hung over right shoulder.

Personality: Quiet, kind and helpful but also firm with a bit of a no-nonsense attitude, though he can easily adapt to new situations.

Combat Training (and Lightsaber forms for Force Users): Primarily Form III (Soresu), mixed with Form V (Djem So) and Form IV (Ataru). Considerable hand-to-hand combat training.

Skill Specialization: Force Persuasion

Standard Force Skills: Force Confusion, Force healing, Comprehend Speech

Enhanced Force Skills: Force Persuasion, Force Illusion.

Additional Skills: Decent pilot, medical knowledge, hand-to-hand combat

Weaknesses: While strong with mental Force abilities, Coryn has very limited telekinetic abilities. Besides this, he also focuses more on defensive or protective skills, and does not have a lot of offensive skills. What offensive abilities he does have, are mostly centered around hand-to-hand combat, and very little with a Lightsaber. He is sometimes scared to help with anything, even if he has the skills to, because he is afraid he will make the wrong choice, and end up doing more harm than good.

Studied Interests: Sentient behavior, Spaceships and speeders, 

Weapons: Green/Blue bladed lightsaber, simple black hilt with nicks and dents showing silver underneath.

Equipment: Standard issue Jedi utility belt with food capsules, rebreather, comlink, etc. Medical supply kit.

Special Possessions: Leather necklace with a red rock (never worn)

Background History:
Coryn Nabor was born into slavery on Nal Hutta, but was found by an undercover Jedi in his 4th year of life. After he was discovered, he was taken back to the Temple of Coruscant, and trained to be a Jedi Consular. Even though Coryn was very young when he was taken to the temple, he still has memories of his parents, and that they were slaves. The only thing he has left from his old life is a simple leather necklace with a red rock tied inside, which was to show his status as a slave.

As he grew, it was discovered that though he had a strong connection with the Force, he had a very hard time using any form of telekinesis. Although, not impossible, and he eventually learned how, he was always naturally better with mental Force abilities. Not only this, but he had a love of studying the behavior of other species. At the age of 14 Coryn built his Lightsaber, which was not much more than a black metal cylinder. However, the simplicity of the hilt is something that Coryn thought fitting for a Jedi, and especially for someone more devoted to the protection of others than himself. He did not need a fancy or elaborate hilt, because he had nothing to show off.

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« Reply #5 on: January 21, 2018, 04:19:40 PM »

Name: Barl Been'Jarr Tawws Be’Hamman En’Har Yu’Ra Toral:  translates to {Barl Twice Champion, Sergeant Major of the Royal Guard, Orphan of the House of Toral} Shortened to Barl

Race: Coynite

Home Planet: Coyn

Allegiance: Mercenary (Coynite Mercenary Guild)

Rank: Sergeant Major ;Coynite Royal Guard, Captain; Coynite Mercenary Guild  

Specialisation: Mercenary Captain

Age: 41 (Coynites have a life expectancy of 250 standard years)

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Height 282cm Tall (9’3”) 242kg (534lbs) short fine black fur with gold stripe down spine, rough brown skin, flared nose, deep-set orange eyes, long black and gold intricately braided mane, long black braided beard. Clothes: full set of Coynite battle armour over grey clothing, Dark grey hooded cape with ornamental throat clasp.

Personality: Aggressive, formal, quick to take offence, can be arrogant. Can be surprisingly light-hearted even jovial with those he knows well, incredibly loyal to those that he sees as worthy. Very quick learner particularly with combat skills.

Combat Training/Experience: 16 years weapons training within the House of Toral (Royal house of Coyn), 4 years House Warrior, 6 Years Gladiator (twice Champion), 1 year Royal Guard (Kroyn), 3 years House Sergeant, 3 years Sargent Royal Guard, 1 Year Sargent Major Royal Guard, 3 years Coynite Mercenary Guild. Advanced Bowcaster training while serving as a Mercenary on Kashyyk.

Skill Specialisation: Combat

Standard Force Skills: Slight to moderately force enhanced reflexes, agility and strength. Some natural resistance to mind tricks. (Does not know he is force sensitive)

Enhanced Force Skills: None

 Additional Skills: Skilled beast rider (universal Coynite trait), survival skills, unarmed combat.

Weaknesses: Adheres rigidly to the En’Tra’Sol law system  will duel for slight insults real or imagined. Considers hairless beings to be deformed and untrustworthy (common Coynite belief). limited knowledge of galactic history/politics, other species, sometimes tries to cover this ignorance with arrogance.

Studied Interests: Weapons (expert), Tactical Combat (Expert), Languages, Coyn, Galactic Basic (average) Shyrriwook (average), some Mandalorian phrases.

Weapons: D’skar (Coynite dagger), Coyn’skar (Coynite double ended cortosis weave poleaxe), Sat’skar(Coynite  cortosis weave longsword) Modified heavy bowcaster and assorted quarrels.

Equipment: Survival kit, emergency medical kit, bowcaster repair tools, commlink, food rations and water flask. All kept in a walt’sor fibre back pack.

Special Possessions: House of Toral Crested throat clasp for cape (gift from his cousin the En’Tra), traditional Coynite sharpening stone, Coynite Mercenary Guild identification medallion.

Background History:

 Barl was born in a litter with three brothers into one of the leading Ag’Tra (Noble) families on Coyn. His father was a general and his mother one of the younger sisters of the En’Tra (King) Arl’Toral. When Barl was three years of age one of the final bouts of the plague that had afflicted Coyn since the Coynite war of unification killed his parents and siblings.
Out of respect to his younger sister, the En’tra accepted Barl into the ruling house of Toral where at the age of four he began training to be a warrior. Barl was educated and trained in the En’Tra palace until the age of 20 when he took up the role of one of the house warriors. When he gained the age of maturity at 24 like many young Coynite males he entered into tournament combat as a Gladiator.

While his skill had long been remarked upon in House Toral, his achievements as a Gladiator made him renowned amongst Coynites. His speed and reflexes combined with his natural Coynite strength allowed him to twice win the annual championship. What he and no-one else recognised, was that he was actually force sensitive which enabled him to be successful as a gladiator at what for a Coynite was a very young age. After his gladiatorial successes Barl served as a Kroyn (elite bodyguard) for his uncle the king for one year, before becoming a Sergeant for the house of Toral. He then went on to serve as first a sergeant then sergeant-major in the Royal guard.

On the death of the king and ascendency of Barls cousin Arl’Toral II to the throne, the new kings’ advisers suggested that rebellious elements within Coynite society were looking for potential replacements for the king. As a renowned and popular warrior Barl was identified as a potential threat.

Barl was confronted by his cousin and asked to swear his loyalty and allegiance to him. Barl complied immediately but regardless of this he was asked to spend some time away from the planet as a member of the Coynite Mercenary Guild. As a strict follower of the En’Tra’Sol (Kings Law) he obeyed his cousin the king unhesitatingly and within a few days left the planet on a shuttle bound for Elrood.

After a few minor missions fighting pirates and Manadalorian raiders for isolated system governments. Barl was involved in a lengthy Republic sponsored anti-slavery mission on Kashyyk. During this time he gained an appreciation of Wookie culture and also learned to be very proficient with a bowcaster modified to fire blaster bolts as well as quarrels. This was one of the few blaster weapons large enough to be handled comfortably by a Coynite.

On Returning to Coyn Barl was promoted to Mercenary Captain (the Coynite Mercenary Guild Ranking System running Mercenary, Sargent, Lieutenant, Captain). As such he can lead Mercenary teams but he is currently travalling the Galaxy alone on Guild business.

                                                                                                                         ******Note ******
At this time in history Coynites are fairly uncommon in the Galaxy, their planet only being known for a couple of generations. Unless other characters have travelled extensively, are an expert in different cultures or have mercenary experience they are unlikely to be able to identify Barls species strait away. Those that have some knowledge of Coynites will likely know that they are high price/high quality mercenaries under the employ of legitimate organisations only, they have a strong warrior code and that they do not like to be touched.

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« Reply #6 on: February 06, 2018, 11:05:25 AM »

Name: Syb’Vaahn Kivibi (Syb for short)

Race: Shi’ido

Home Planet: Dromund Kaas

Allegiance:  Bounty Hunter, tendency towards the Empire

Rank:  N/A (as far as I know)

Specialization: Spy/Jedi Hunter

Age: 92 (average racial lifespan is around 500 years, adult age is 61+)

Gender: Male

Physical Description: As a Shi’ido, Syb is able to shapeshift to have whatever appearance he pleases.  His most frequent appearance is as a young human male, 5’11” with shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, and  a short beard; very easy to lose in a crowd.  He typically wears a dark grey blaster-resistant armored jumpsuit with simple street clothes overtop to help him blend in futher.  The only consistent defining feature he has is his lack of a left hand.

Personality: Socially, Syb can be quite charismatic at times. He carefully will observe people to figure out how to best act around them before saying a word.  This of course hides the sadist inside him.  Syb takes great joy in killing, and will often be rather messy about it unless otherwise ordered.

Combat Training (and Lightsaber forms for Force Users): Syb has spent the past 30 or so years of his life honing his skills in specifically combating lightsaber-wielding opponents.  He uses a version of form 7 adapted for his personal weapon (more on that below).

Skill Specialization: Stealth and espionage, lightsaber technology

Standard Force Skills: Syb is force-sensitive.  He does not have the capacity to use conventional force powers, but he does have the ability to augment his physical abilities (speed, strength, agility, acrobatics) with the force to the same extent as a jedi or sith.  He is also capable of sensing nearby force users as well as masking his own force presence to an extent.

Additional Skills: As stated above, Syb’Vaahn is a Shi’ido and is able to shapeshift into any appearance and almost any species he pleases.  He also possesses mild telepathy due to his race that allows him to more effectively mimic other races and understand their languages.

Weaknesses: If Syb shapeshifts into a species that has a greatly different size or mass to his own, he may become stuck in this form for some time, which can have any number of detriments.  Certain levels of direct electric shock will make his shapeshifting ability go haywire, easily incapacitating him.  Due to the short ranged nature of his primary weapon, a jedi with enough skill and the ability to keep a cool head can easily use their lightsaber’s reach advantage to keep Syb at bay.

Studied Interests: Syb has spent many years studying the technology used in lightsabers and has a fairly deep understanding of how they work and how to combat them.  He is also moderately skilled in general wepons technology.

Weapons: Syb’s primary weapon is one of his own design that he has named “saber talons.” This weapon is made up of a humanoid cybernetic left hand that replaces his missing one.  This hand has carefully modified lightsaber tech inside, allowing for four short red lightsaber blades to extend from the finger tips like talons.  The blades can be adjusted in length between 5 and 10 inches.  The outside of the hand is covered in thin plates of Mandalorian Iron, allowing him to deflect and sometimes grab hold of a lightsaber blade with fairly reliable effectiveness.  He also makes use of a modified blaster sniper rifle for very long range engagements.

Equipment: Long range holocommunicator, datapad, ship?(will negotiate this)

Special Possessions: A small wooden ring that his mother cherished, the only thing he has left of any family.

Background History: Syb’vaahn was born a bastard.  He was the result of a low-ranking sith lord’s drunken tryst with a Shi’ido prostitute posing as a Twi’lek.  Despite his unplanned conception, Syb’s mother loved and cared for him dearly.  From a very young age, Syb showed a slight affinity with the Force. His mother presented him to the Sith headquarters on Dromund Kaas, hoping for him to be able to live a more comfortable life, only for them to tell her he wasn’t powerful enough to become a Sith.  After plenty of begging on his mother’s part, the Sith decided to humor her and take in the young Shi’ido.

Syb was put to work as a lowly servant to whomever demanded his assistance.  One day he was caught examining the lightsaber of a Sith Lord (who will remain unnamed for sake of ambiguity). Rather than punish him, the lord saw a small hint of potential and decided to take Syb in as a sort of pet project.  Over the next several years, Syb was trained in lightsaber combat.  Whatever time Syb didn’t spend training, he spent disassembling and reassembling his saber.  However, his training came to an unexpected end during a duel to the death with another apprentice.  His opponent was far more skilled, and in a moment of panic, Syb made the retrospectively hilarious mistake of forgetting the number one rule of lightsabers: don’t touch the glowy part.  This mistake cost him his left hand as well as what litle respect his master had for him.
Left without a hand and without a master, Syb did what anyone would do, at least in his mind.  He hijacked a droid in the medical bay and built himself a new cybernetic hand.  Not satisfied with this, he integrated his own lightsaber into the hand in a rather ingenious manner, forming his now trademark weapon.  After calling in on every single favor and connection he had acquired in his years with the Sith, Syb managed to gather just enough funds to give his new hand a coating of Mandalorian Iron to make it a bit less liable to break against a lightsaber.  This purchase still put him in a considerable amount of debt, but at least it was possible to pay off.

Since nobody else had ever used a weapon of this style, it fell to Syb to train himself how to use it.  After roughly ten years, he managed to create a variation of form 7 that was designed around his saber talons.  It involved lots of grappling and deflecting to close the distance between him and his opponent while simultaneously knocking their saber out of the way.  He later employed this style in his work hunting jedi.

Eventually Syb found employment within the Empire as a spy and a jedi hunter during the Great Galactic War. He was primarily tasked with hunting down whatever jedi were foolish enough to operate alone.  Since the Treaty of Coruscant, he has found himself largely out of work in this area.  However, he is still more than able to provide his services to those who will pay for them.

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« Reply #7 on: July 13, 2018, 02:37:57 AM »

Character Information:

Race: Zhell
Home Planet: Coruscant
Allegiance: Bounty Hunter
Rank: None
Specialization: Master of the Echani Arts

Name: Kesshin Suru
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Physical Description: 5’10. In very good physical shape due to the nature of his job. Medium/Long Raven black hair with whites starting to show up. Missing his right eye and left arm. Wears an eye patch over his eye that hides most of the scar he received from training in the Echani Arts. His left arm, up to the shoulder, has been replaced with a Mechno-Arm of his own design all the way up to his shoulder.

He wears a custom Beskar chest and back armor piece that attaches to his Mechno-Arm. The same Beskar armor covers most of his legs except at the joints. Underneath the armor he wears simple Black pants and a long sleeve black shirt. Keeps his right arm free of Armor or anything restrictive.

Combat Training:  Master of the Echani Art and Average with his Dual DE-10 Blaster Pistols and any explosives he can get his hands on.  
Special Skills: Master Tactician ,  Robotics Mechanic and Specializes in Piloting an A-Wing.  
Weaknesses: Has a weakness for Gambling and Racing.
Studied Interests: Is obsessed with the lore of a Planet of Zonoma and the entity known as Sekot and anything related to the planet of Zonoma. Has an “ average “ interest in the Lore of the Jedi Order and their “ Forms “ Training.

Weapons: Two DE-10 Blaster Pistols. A hidden Vibro-sword that is built into his Mechno-Arm.
Equipment: A beat up A-wing, Mechno-Arm and a Mandolorian Jetpack.
Special Possessions: His Mechno-Arm. Custom built and he is constantly modifying it to his needs. Based off of a design his Father created that can house an expandable vibro-sword.

Background History:

Kesshin was raised on Coruscant. At the very young age of four his parents sent him to a Master of the Echani Arts. His mother had the same training and was now a well known Bounty Hunter. His father was a Robotics Expert and ran his own company repairing Limbs/Prosthetics. Master Ordell Xie was very tough on Kesshin. He had trained his Mother in the same art and she was one of his best students, so right from the start a higher standard was expected. Master Xie only ever took on four students at one time and was very careful what he exposed them to. He believed that they must first Master their bodies, mind and spirit before being let out into the world to discover who they truly are. At the age of Sixteen, During a sparring session with a fellow student with whom he would often compete with, Kesshin's right eye was struck and destroyed. He immediately lost his temper and would go on to paralyze the student from the neck down. Realizing what he had done, he went to Master Xie immediately. The Master would send the student home with a large sum of credits and a promise that he would have him back to training soon. Kesshin’s punishment was harsh. He had shown Master Xie his “ true nature “ and told him their are two paths ahead of him. Quit his training, which is what Kesshin thought Master Xie wanted to hear, or, control his inner rage and learn to harness it. Kesshin would go on to continue training, always sending the student any credits he earned. From that point on, Master Xie would always push him well past his limit to his boiling point, but would then teach him exactly how to control his Rage. At the age of twenty-four, he would leave Master Xie with his blessing and return home to join his fathers Robotic Company and secretly work with his mother on Bounty Hunter missions.

On a mission with his mother, on a skyscraper, they encountered a group of Stormtroopers that were protecting the target they were after. A Coruscant official that had been making life hard for people by accusing them of being rebels, despite if they actually were or not. This official had his father executed for aiding the Rebellion with his skills as a Robotics Expert. Full of rage, and against Kesshin’s pleading, his mother attacked the official without any care or thought about her own safety. Kesshin was very quick to rush in with her. A firelight ensued, the official being the first casualty. The Stormtroopers, after heavy losses, quickly overwhelmed the two. A well placed thermal detonator landed between the two and his mother jumped infront of the blast, being completely consumed by its destructive power. Kesshin would be thrown off the Skycraper and into another building close by and many floors down. Barely staying conscious and now completely missing his left arm, he was able to escape and evade the search party that would search the building.

Having lost both of his parents within the span of a few days, he decided it was time to leave Coruscant and see if their were new opportunities out there while combating the Empire. He would take his mothers old A-wing, of which was modified. The weapons were all removed and had storage compartments put in. The only weapon on the “ Kiln “ was a Mine Layer. The engines had also been retrofitted by his father to almost double the A-Wings Speed. He would also grab a Mechno-Arm design of his fathers, bringing the expandable Vibro-sword a colleague of his Fathers created and quickly leave the planet, knowing he was now a wanted fugitive. Kesshin would offer his services as a Bounty Hunter to any Rebel sympathizers, the Rebellion itself, or those in need under the Rule of the Empire. Kesshin uses his controlled Inner Rage when in close combat to try and quickly overwhelm his opponents, using the loss of his parents as his source. He often tells people the story of the " Two wolves that live inside ", but always ends the story by telling them he taught both wolves to eat from the same bowl together.

-- Remember....your Focus determines your Reality. --
-- If you gaze long enough into the Abyss, the Abyss will gaze back into you --

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<---- I swear, needs better glasses.....

apologies, wrong thread.

-- Remember....your Focus determines your Reality. --
-- If you gaze long enough into the Abyss, the Abyss will gaze back into you --

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Name: Elb`ro Jonpa

Race: Near-human

Home Planet: Dantooine

Allegiance:  Business associate of The Pyke Syndicate

Rank:  Knight

Specialization:  Gray Jedi Sentinel

Age:  60

Gender: Male

Physical Description: hair/gray, skin/Caucasian, eye color/ brown. Distinguishing features first and foremost Obese, I have two scars one vertical from lower rib cage to belly button. The second a horizontal scar from belly button to right hip. Both scars are some 4o years old, received in a knife fight at a bar over a woman.  I have a limp, and drag my left leg somewhat clothing Primarily black or olive green flight suit with vest or jacket and a belt with both saber and imperial blaster)

Personality: Chaotic good, I view freedom and the randomness of actions as ultimate truths. Values life and the welfare of each individual. Respect for individualism

Combat Training Shien & Djem So, Juyo

Skill Specialization: With age comes wisdom. I fight when I must. but I’m teaching my granddaughter the ways of the force. my skills are teacher/scholar,

Standard Force Skills: telekinesis

Enhanced Force Skills: Force Body

Additional Skills: excellent Pilot, Mechanic, negotiator 

Weaknesses: My eight year old Granddaughter, I will protect her, over any mission goal. Considers Myself above the law

Studied Interests: 2 expert pilot combat training, navigation, 2 average poetry, economics

Weapons: Mind, Saber, blaster

Equipment: Jedi utility belt, Jedi Armor, Kultech KP-009

Special Possessions: (trinkets, momentos, etc.)

Background History: From a very young age I knew I was aware of the force, my childhood when I became skilled in agility and to some degree of getting my own way. Constantly moving only during my adolescence did I begin to see the fear in my parent’s eyes. Home was always with us my dad’s old freighter was both his business and our home. One day changed my life forever, you see we vacationed deep in the outer rim in all my years exploring our lush moon I’ve never seen a sole. The older I grew the further and deeper I’d venture into the jungle. That day I was being drawn, directed by cries of pain, or simply something in agony. Finally it was before me a mountain of rumble, the remains of some sort of temple. Being an adolescent you’re inherently reckless and bold, so without a moment’s hesitation I ducked, jumped climbed into the bowels of the ruins till before me was a glowing saber. The pain that drew me here subsided as soon as I picked it up. I twirled it I spun it, I attacked a villainous pillar vanquishing my foe I head home back to my parents, that was the first event that set my life on a path I continue to this day
The second event that changed my life was when I came bounding into camp to find a second VCX-100 light freighter and my father approaching me as he tells me that it’s my ship, “both your mother and I knew this day would come” he said looking at the saber in my hand. “Your destined to heal the crystal within that saber” he continued saying, “Mother and I must leave you now my son”
“But remember both the Jedi and the Siths teaching are off balanced and incomplete. The force is. Think of the teaching like a pair of pant.s the Jedi the left leg, the sith the right those following the Jedi’s way are dragging the right leg behind them always, same for the sith they always are hinder my dragging the right leg behind them. He continued his analogy saying that I must put on my pants correctly, wearing both right and left legs. With that he transferred ownership of the new freighter to me waved as he a mom began loading up the only home I knew before taking off I decided to call my ship, the Gray Nomad, many years now have passed and having learned both teaching of the Jedi and of the sith, and understanding to some degree of my purpose in this universe, I took on my families name in the ancient tongue, Elb`ro Jonpa before taking Leor Danal’s Final Code, “Flowing  through all, there is balance. There is no peace without a passion to create. There is no passion without peace to guide. Knowledge blinds without the strength to act. Power blinds without the serenity to see. There is freedom in life. There is purpose in death. The Force is all things and I am the Force.   There is no dark side, nor a light side. There is only the Force.  I will do what I must to keep the balance. The balance is what keeps me together. There is no good without evil, but evil must not be allowed to flourish. There is passion, yet peace.  There is serenity, yet emotion. There is chaos, yet order. I am the wielder of the flame, the protector of balance. I am the holder of the torch, lighting the way. I am the keeper of the flame, soldier of balance. I am a guardian of balance.
 I am a Gray Jedi.           

Sabers owned for my granddaughter is The Dark Sentinel   LE V4 Fire orange stunt saber, while I got the Dark Apprentice v5 with light sound and tri Fire orange, the fallen V4, artic blue foc
Wife got Dominix Le V2 blazing red ,Guardian  tri  Adegan Silver
Dark Arbiter FO FOC silver V4 sound

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Name: Kaizer Orion (Kai Orion)
Race: Nightbrother/Zabrak
Home Planet: Dathomir
Allegiance: Sith
Rank: Acolyte
Specialization: Sith Inquisitor
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Physical Description: 6'1, black horns, pale rose skin, lime eyes, two black vertical tattoos coming from his eyelids, two black arched tattoos connecting to his chin from his lower lip, slim body, brown tattered tunic, grey leather strap with sheath holding vibroblade, grey grey utility belt, black leggings with silver knee pad boot combo,
Personality: Arrogant, perseverant, hardworking, passionate, aggressive, impulsive, protective, charming, sweet and sour.
Combat Training: Primary Form: Makashi Secondary Form: Shii-cho
Skill Specialization:  Telekinesis
Standard Force Skills: Saber Throw, Force push, and Levitation
Enhanced Force Skills: Force Push,
Additional Skills: Piloting, shooting.
Weaknesses: Care for loves ones. If Kaizer were to lose a lover or relative he would lose it and and use unplanned attacks. Another weakness is sadness. When he is in a sad state his impulsiveness is enhanced therefore blinding his already clouded mind. Nightsister spells. Kaizer Orion may know some spells but is afraid of what might become if it gets out of hand. Leading to anxiety and distress.
Studied Interests: Survival Skills, Piloting
Weapons: Vibroblade, silver blaster pistol with beige hand grip
Equipment: food capsule, commlink, rebreather,
Special Possessions: Multitool, Patch with family crest emblem
Background History: Not all of the nightbrothers and nightsister were dead. When he was born his father Warezzerath Orion, his mother Rye Orion, and older sister Ryeyaru (Pronounced: /rye-aura/) were still on Dathomir. He enjoyed his life there and got to learn spells with friends. That all changed one day. The Sith and Jedi war had soon arrisin and had gotten to Dathomir. His sister was killed in the process; he was 11. He sister gave hm the Orion crest. A white black outlined circle with another yet smalle white, black outlined circle. She handed him the patch emblem and said with a scratchy, soft voice "Keep it. It's-its a family heirloom. K-k-keep it safe! Go-goodby–" her voiced faded into a goodbye which echoes into the young Orion's head filling him with pain, anger, and hate! He lashed out and pulled a branch from tree into his hand using the force, Then more, and more, and even more of all different shapes and sizes. He threw them out randomly killing or injuring an unsuspecting victim. A Sith Inquisitor saw this realized what the boy was capable of. Now Kaizer Orion is 18 and continues his training. He didn't until later. The Sith Inquisitor just gave him and his family protection at the time until he was 14. Which brings us back to what I recently said. Kaizer Orion is now 18 ... and continues to train and grow even more powerful.   

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