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Author Topic: Problem with loading fonts  (Read 518 times)
Knight Templar

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(Jacen) The End Justify the Means

« on: March 04, 2018, 09:56:04 AM »

So any reason why my Exported .Wav at Mono 16-bit opens up in audacity as 32-bit still? The ultrasabers launcher isn't finding half my sounds, have a diamond board controller.


Ultrasabers owned:
-Scorpion with Obsidian v3 soundboard and Sunriders Destiny color
-Converted Anakin Episode III Lightsaber with Red color
-Archon v3.1 Emerald and Obsidian v4 Soundboard
-Consular with green color obsidian v3
-Fulcrum with green color
-Prophecy V3 White color with standard sound
-Sentinel V4 Blue color with Obsidian V3

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