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Author Topic: Untouchable  (Read 13827 times)
Taegin Roan
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« Reply #60 on: October 22, 2018, 07:03:27 PM »

Wow, I'm really liking this the more I get into it. I have to wonder though, when he was looking at the downed troopers staring at the sky, could it have been that during his trial he was seeing the future, but because he didn't know what was happening he though he had killed Jedi rather than clones? I'm sure we will get an answer sometime. But yeah, as soon as he hear the "Hey, over here", I knew it wasn't a Jedi. Definitely a disguised clone. But yeah, the yellow saber in the background, my guess is Wex snuck in, found a dead Sentinel and took his saber. But again, I don't know yet. Looking forward to more.

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