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Author Topic: Only Light Can Cast Shadow (A KotOR AU FanFiction) (Part I)  (Read 30552 times)
Lady Revan
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I leave my alignment to Fate-whether Light or Dark

« Reply #135 on: December 27, 2020, 04:14:44 PM »

I just wanted to drop in and let people know that I'm alive and have not forgotten about this series. I've been working on another project with an author who I intend to collaborate with for the sipped "Part 2." I do hope to post an update to this and to Twisted Morality soon, so please stay tuned.

My Sabers: I'mma make a link eventually. list doesn't fit in sig any more Sad

Author of: Only Light Can Cast Shadow A pre-KotOR Fem!Revan Fic

Twisted Morality (Part III of "Only Light Can Cast Shadow")

I leave my alignment to fate--Light or Dark

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