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Author Topic: Halloween Giveaway ends 11/02/2018  (Read 4176 times)
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« on: October 05, 2018, 08:41:39 PM »

Ultrasabers is at it again with deals so sweet, that they could only come at one time of the year, and only for a short while.  Get ready guys and gals, it's time for Halloween!

We're not holding back with this one- Every order placed between now and November 2nd can earn Four.  Free.  Sabers.  That's not a typo- FOUR free sabers- And that's not even the best part!  You definitely won't want to miss out on this one.

The Halloween Giveaway has begun!

Orders $300 or more are eligible for a FREE Initiate saber - Coupon Code: FREEINITIATE
Orders $750 or more are eligible for a FREE Grab Bag Saber - Coupon Code: FREEGRABBAG
Orders $1200 or more are eligible for a FREE Mystery Box Saber - Coupon Code: FREEMYSTERYBOX
Orders $1500 or more are eligible for a FREE Custom FrankenSaber - Coupon Code: FREECUSTOM

Woah woah woah- what's a FrankenSaber?  You Ultrasabers veterans will remember this one... This is definitely one of the favorite and most requested deals we've EVER run, and we promised to only bring it back for the right occasion!

That's right- in honor of Halloween the legendary Frankensaber is back!  Ultrasabers are made to be customized, but you've never seen one like a Frankensaber!  These super-custom Stunt sabers are crafted from a completely randomized selection of MHS compatible parts from ANY saber across the arsenal, and like any Ultrasaber- are ready for combat right out of the box.

And yes as we were saying- All of these coupon codes are combinable meaning you could have four free sabers showing up with your order, including one of the Frankensabers!  

Do NOT forget to apply your coupon codes at checkout to add your free sabers to your order.

***Free Initiate Sabers comes with a 24" blade attached.  This will be a fully functional Initiate/Apprentice hilt and blade.***
***Free Mystery Box Sabers comes with a 36" blade.  This will be a fully functional Mystery Box Saber and blade.***

This sale cannot be retroactively applied for any reason whatsoever.

Sale ends 11/02/2018
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