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Author Topic: For Tyeth Blender 3D Concept Sabers  (Read 50883 times)
For Tyeth
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« Reply #1275 on: February 10, 2020, 10:03:29 AM »

Hi Logos, Infinit and PsychoSith,

Thanks guys, I have to say I had more fun building this hilt than I should have really! Blender 2.81 is around 6 or 7 versions above the installed version I have been using, and the difference shows. The improvements made to the software mean I can build the model, apply the textures/skins and create the images from the same screen with minimal key presses or screen changes. It really is "What You See Is What You Get" (known as WYSIWYG in the CAD community) so I can build the hilt and make modifications in real time including adding all the glowing FX.
And the inclusion of the new "DeNoiser" function makes all my images less fuzzy and speckled.

To show how slick the new Blender is, I have already got two more original base designs (and one has claws) I am slowly porting over my existing designs I haven't posted yet to polish them up in vers2.81.

Thanks as always, points on the way to you all.

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