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Author Topic: For Tyeth Blender 3D Concept Sabers  (Read 119352 times)
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« Reply #1815 on: November 23, 2020, 01:34:09 PM »

Another perfectly themed saber. I think it is official there is simply no fan culture theme or character that For cannot craft an absolutely fitting well designed saber for! Musicians, TV shows, video games anime, ita really quite amazing For, i think you are on your own endless streak of ever more surprising theme designs!


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For Tyeth
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« Reply #1816 on: November 23, 2020, 03:27:40 PM »


Thanks for the compliment - I have to be honest though - because I don't restrict myself to just "in universe" inspirations I have a huge galaxy to find ideas from. And sometimes the out of universe hilts translate and I can modify them to SW themed ones too (so I get two designs or more for the price of one).

As a result the Undertaker's Wrestlemania Streak was saber design Streak in 5 years must be near to 500 now  Shocked

I'm just so pleased folks still find them interesting. Thanks again and a point incoming.

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