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Author Topic: December Deals Have Begun!  (Read 5799 times)
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« on: December 05, 2018, 09:56:37 PM »

It's time to deck the halls.... with double the promotions!

That's right- We thought we'd dive in to the holiday season head first this year with the most requested promotions from you guys and gals.  But why stop there?  

The December deals have arrived, and we've combined your favorite giveaways with our rarest deals!  You don't want to miss them this time around or wait until your favorite saber is out of stock!  These deals are only available for the next 10 days!

First, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $100 or more! (Contiguous United States only).  But those of you outside the United States don't worry, there are a ton more promotions where that came from.  

Second, we're taking $60 off sabers with The Diamond Controller!  For anyone looking to try the exciting features the Diamond Controller offers this is a perfect opportunity.  Don't miss out!  It has never been more affordable to add the Diamond Controller to your saber than with these deals.

Third, we're knocking $20 Off sabers with The Emerald Driver!  The revolutionary color-changing Emerald Driver has been a long-time favorite feature of saber enthusiasts everywhere, and we're making it more affordable than ever during the December Deals!

Fourth, we're taking $20 Off sabers with Premium Sound!  That's right: $20 off adding the Obsidian v3 & v4 Soundboards -the best soundboards on the market- on any saber in the arsenal!  This is a great option for those of you looking to save even more and still get a saber with premium sound added.

Fifth, (oh get comfortable, we're not even halfway done.) its time to take $10 Off sabers with Lite Sound!  The affordable sister-soundboard to our Obsidian is now more affordable than ever!  If you don't have a saber with sound already, this is the perfect time to fix that!

Sixth, we're taking $30 off the price of adding Flash on Clash to your saber!  No, that isn't a typo, one of our most popular options can be added to your saber with sound for just $5!!!  For an option that is normally $35, this single deal alone is going to save you a ton on your saber.

Seventh, we are taking $40 off adding a recharge port to your saber!  Adding a Recharge Port with no kill key or charger would normally add $62 to your saber, but for a limited time you can get it added for $22!  The same goes for all recharge port options without kill keys- $40 off!!!

Lastly, all Premium Sabers with Sounds will come with a Free Upgrade to the advanced VC2 Charger!.  It's normally $10 to upgrade to this charger but for a limited time it is FREE on all premium sabers with sound.  This is a far superior options for battery charging and maintenance.

Did we say lastly...?  Our mistake.. There's plenty more!

All orders $300 or more = Free Blade Plug - Coupon Code: 300PLUG
All orders $400 or more = Free T-Shirt - Coupon Code: 400SHIRT
All orders $600 or more = Free Initiate Saber - Coupon Code: FREEINITIATE
All orders $1000 or more = Free Mystery Box Saber - Coupon Code: FREEMYSTERYBOX

*All coupon codes are combinable*
***Free Initiate Sabers comes with a 24" blade attached.  This will be a fully functional Initiate/Apprentice hilt and blade.***
***Free Mystery Box Sabers comes with a 36" blade.  This will be a fully functional Mystery Box Saber and blade.***

These deals cannot be retroactively applied for any reason whatsoever.

December Deals end 12/16/2018
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