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Author Topic: Question: Force Powers (Lightning, Crush, Push, etc) during LARP/Combat?  (Read 263 times)
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Vor'ad Jorb'ir [Light and Dark Side Points please]

« on: January 11, 2019, 04:26:52 PM »

So when LARPing or whatever else, how do you incorporate force abilities? Save for using an actual taser haha

Such as the fly chided the frog, did the old bird chide the young wolf, as it knew the young wolf would never fly.
When the bird took flight, the wolf followed out of sight, wondering what nest he may just find.
But the wolf lost the bird’s scent, followed its chirps so frequent, ‘til it was lost in a place it’d never known.
And the bird ceased singing, landed on the head of a massive bear, and said “The inexperienced should never hunt alone.”

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« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2019, 03:51:21 PM »

I haven't done Star Wars themed LARP before, but in fantasy LARP with magic, we did some things which should work. We had rules for using spells that affect yourself and allies, and touch-based spells against opponents (had to be an empty hand to touch with, couldn't be holding a weapon or shield even in a non-threatening manner or just hooked onto the arm), but the ones that are important for reproducing force powers in a relevant manner are the ranged spells. For those, we used "hacky sacks" (apparently also called "footbags"). Basically they're tiny bean-bags, which means they have all the advantages of using a tennis ball as a safe thing to throw at someone, without the problems involved in having it bounce and roll down the street while you're too busy with your lightsaber fight to run after it.

Choke/crush: Throw at an unaware opponent. If they're looking they can avoid/catch it to show they're alert to the attack and using their own power to negate it. Don't announce this power until it hits. If they dodge through luck, or your throw sucks, that also indicates their force senses allowed them to counter the attack.

Push: Call "push" before throwing, and anyone in the path can push back to counter it. If you don't counter, and the thrown bag passes too close (set rules on how close it should be), you have to leap away from the person doing the pushing.

Lightning: Call "lightning" as you throw. Target can throw their own attack to counter - but has to hit the bag directly to stop it. Or you can block with a lightsaber then get the option of throwing it back.

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