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Author Topic: Jedi costume/cos play  (Read 3097 times)
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« Reply #45 on: August 23, 2019, 10:31:31 AM »

Dutch, I have no idea how the point system works so dealers choice. Youíd be surprised how easy it is. The robes especially.  If you cut the fabric properly you only need the sew 3 seams, then add a hood and hem. The whole process takes an hour or two. The tunics take longer because they require more detail and more specific measurements. For $30 in materials you can make 2 high quality robes in a day rather than buying a cheap one on amazon for the same price. My whole reason for making my own was the lack of quality from everything I saw in store or online. I deal with Canadian Halloween and conventions. So a warm customs was essential for me. I have been choosing materials that will look good and keep me warm. I also have thinner materials for summer outfits. Itís becoming a really fun hobby just making the stuff. Going to move on to customizing the hilts I have too before diving in to new custom outfits.

I still have 3 half finished projects to complete then itís leather wrapping and weathering (using the great threads on this forum)

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