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Author Topic: Tatooine Character Sheets  (Read 693 times)
Darth Severus
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« on: June 01, 2019, 03:25:49 PM »

Please post your character sheets for the Tatooine T&P game in this thread.

Home planet:
Combat Skills:
Primary Light saber form:
Secondary Form:
Force Abilities:
Additional Abilities:
Additional Resources:

Backstory: As much or as little as needed.

It is not the side of the force we chose, but our actions that define us.
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« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2019, 07:23:38 PM »

Name: Talon Gim
Age: 38
Home planet: Mandalore
Race: Mandalorian Human
Appearance: Stands just shy of 6 feet tall, lean with the frame of a professional soldier, with close cropped black hair, black eyes and dusky-grey skin. Has shrapnel scars around his right eye and cheek. Rarely seen out of his armor which is forged of Beskar and features a gorget to protect his neck from blades. The armor is painted red and black.
Faction: Freelancer on retainer for the Sith
Rank: Freelancer
Alignment: Sith
Combat Skills: Mandalorian martial arts, swordsmanship
Primary Light saber form: NA
Secondary Form: NA
Force Abilities: NA
Additional Abilities: armor maintenance, stealth, swordsmithing
Weapons: custom forged beskad (sword length with a forward curve), flamethrower (left gauntlet), grapple launcher (right gauntlet), Crush gaunts? (Please? Would cheerfully trade both gauntlet weapons for them.)
Additional Resources: pair of bantha-tooth dice he carved himself, 3 broken lightsabers from Jedi heís killed that gave him a good fight or impressed him with their courage.
Backstory: Born in a smaller dome city on the southern hemisphere of Mandalore, Talonís father was a martial arts instructor within the clanís armed forces and started training his son at an early age. At 16, Talon joined his clanís forces where he received extra combat training as well as the skills to maintain his armor and avoid being spotted by enemy forces.
He killed his first Jedi at 24, and left the clans to go private shortly after. Following in a time-honored tradition, he became a mercenary for the Sith Empire, employed by them to hunt down and kill Jedi. Since then, at the behest of the Sith heís killed at least a dozen more Jedi and padawans, though only three sabers hang from his belt.

Knight Sergeant

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« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2019, 07:38:58 PM »

Name: Shriah Tharn

Age: 32

Home planet: Corelia

Race: Human

Appearance: 5'11Ē tall. Fair skin, black shoulder length hair, green eyes. Slender athletic build

Faction: Whomever pays the highest, but usually the Empire or the Hutts.

Rank: Mercenary

Alignment: Neutral

Combat Skills: Excellent marksmanship. Above average hand to hand.

Primary Light saber form: N/A

Secondary Form: N/A

Force Abilities: N/A

Additional Abilities: Excellent tracker, Decent piloting skills, Pretty good at repairing most things

Weapons: Two matched blaster pistols and a pair of knives tucked into her boots, occasionally a Blaster rifle

Additional Resources: Full set of body armor, thermal detonators, standard equipment for a Bounty Hunter/Mercenary.


Shriah was orphaned at a very young age and spend most of her formative years going from foster home to foster home. At 14 years of age she got her first taste of killing as she killed her foster parents, after enduring two years of brutal molestation at their hands. After this taste, she found she had taken a liking to it. After leaving her foster home she scraped by on the streets by doing odd jobs for small amounts of pay. With these jobs Shriah, always seemed to find a way to kill her targets. This continued for another two years until her penchant for killing attracted the attention of a bounty hunter, called Deacon, who had been hired to tracker her down and kill her. Deacon however, upon seeing how young Shriah was, decided to train her to improve her growing skills. Tentatively, Shriah accepted his offer. While she remained Deacon's protege and partner until his death two years ago, her brutal upbringing never allowed her to fully trust him. After Deacon's death she took his ship and belongings and started taking contracts on her own. She prefers contracts where she can have desecration on whether or not to kill, as in her words ďIt's easier to deliver a dead bounty than put up with a live one.

She does have other siblings but she has no idea of their existance due to her very young age at the time of her parents deaths. Her eldest sister, 15 years her senior, was taken by the Jedi, her older brother, 14 years her senior, is a soldier in the Republic. Her twin sister was adopted into the Empire.

Her Brother, Jagar, is aware of their existance but since the children were split up at the Orphanage, he has no idea of the whereabouts of his younger siblings. Her eldest sister, Shayera, being a Jedi and given their stance on family ties, she does not know that either twin exists.

Rough Knight
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« Reply #3 on: June 02, 2019, 12:07:28 AM »

Name: Barl Been'Jarr Tawws BeíHamman EníHar YuíRa Toral:  translates to {Barl Twice Champion, Sergeant Major of the Royal Guard, Orphan of the House of Toral}       (Shortened to Barl)

Age: 41 (Coynites have a life expectancy of 250 standard years)

Home Planet: Coyn

Race: Coynite

Appearance: Height 282cm Tall (9í3Ē) 242kg (534lbs) short fine black fur with gold stripe down spine, rough brown skin, flared nose, deep-set orange eyes, long black and gold intricately braided mane, long black braided beard. Clothes: full set of Coynite battle armour over grey clothing, Dark grey hooded cape with ornamental throat clasp.

Faction: Mercenary (Coynite Mercenary Guild)

Rank: Sergeant Major ;Coynite Royal Guard, Captain; Coynite Mercenary Guild 

Alignment: Neutral

Combat Skills: Tactical combat, melee and ranged combat. 16 years weapons training within the House of Toral (Royal house of Coyn), 4 years House Warrior, 6 Years Gladiator (twice Champion), 1 year Royal Guard (Kroyn), 3 years House Sergeant, 3 years Sargent Royal Guard, 1 Year Sargent Major Royal Guard, 3 years Coynite Mercenary Guild. Advanced Bowcaster training while serving as a Mercenary on Kashyyk.

Primary Light saber form: N/A

Secondary Light saber form: N/A

Force Abilities: Slightly force enhanced reflexes, agility and strength. Some natural resistance to mind tricks. (Does not know he is force sensitive).

Additional abilities: Skilled beast rider (universal Coynite trait), survival skills, unarmed combat.

Weapons: Dískar (Coynite dagger), Coynískar (Coynite double ended cortosis weave poleaxe), Satískar(Coynite  cortosis weave longsword) Modified heavy bowcaster and assorted quarrels.

Additional Resources: Survival kit, emergency medical kit, bowcaster repair tools, commlink, food rations and water flask. All kept in a waltísor fibre back pack.


 Barl was born in a litter with three brothers into one of the leading AgíTra (Noble) families on Coyn. His father was a general and his mother one of the younger sisters of the EníTra (King) ArlíToral. When Barl was three years of age one of the final bouts of the plague that had afflicted Coyn after the Coynite war of unification killed his parents and siblings.
Out of respect to his younger sister, the Enítra accepted Barl into the ruling house of Toral where at the age of four he began training to be a warrior. Barl was educated and trained in the EníTra palace until the age of 20 when he took up the role of one of the house warriors. When he gained the age of maturity at 24 like many young Coynite males he entered into tournament combat as a Gladiator.

While his skill had long been remarked upon in House Toral, his achievements as a Gladiator made him renowned amongst Coynites. His speed and reflexes combined with his natural Coynite strength allowed him to twice win the annual championship. What Barl and no-one else recognised, was that his early victories were due to a force sensitivity which enabled him to be successful as a gladiator at what for a Coynite was a very young age. After his gladiatorial successes Barl served as a Kroyn (elite bodyguard) for his uncle the king for one year, before becoming a Sergeant for the house of Toral. He then went on to serve as first a sergeant then sergeant-major in the Royal guard.

On the death of the king and ascendancy of Barls cousin ArlíToral II to the throne, the new kingsí advisers suggested that rebellious elements within Coynite society were looking for potential replacements for the king. As a renowned warrior Barl was identified as a potential threat.

Barl was confronted by his cousin and asked to swear his loyalty and allegiance to him. Barl complied immediately but regardless of this he was asked to spend some time away from the planet as a member of the Coynite Mercenary Guild. As a strict follower of the EníTraíSol (Kings Law) he obeyed his cousin the king unhesitatingly and within a few days left the planet on a shuttle bound for Elrood.

After a few minor missions fighting pirates and Manadalorian raiders for isolated system governments. Barl was involved in a lengthy Republic sponsored anti-slavery mission on Kashyyk. During this time he gained an appreciation of Wookie culture and also learned to be very proficient with a bowcaster modified to fire blaster bolts as well as quarrels. This was one of the few blaster weapons large enough to be handled comfortably by a Coynite.

On Returning to Coyn Barl was promoted to Mercenary Captain (the Coynite Mercenary Guild Ranking System running Mercenary, Sargent, Lieutenant, Captain). As such he can lead Mercenary teams. Recently he has been undertaking and delivering combat training at the Coynite Mercenary guild training center on Dega .

                                                                                                                         ******Note ******
At this time in history Coynites are fairly uncommon in the Galaxy, their planet only being known for a couple of generations. Unless other characters have travelled extensively, are an expert in different cultures or have mercenary experience they are unlikely to be able to identify Barls species strait away. Those that have some knowledge of Coynites will likely know that they are high price/high quality mercenaries under the employ of legitimate organisations only, they have a strong warrior code and that they do not like to be touched.

Taegin Roan
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« Reply #4 on: June 04, 2019, 10:42:58 PM »

Name: Coryn Nabor

Race: Kajain'sa'Nikto (Red Nikto)

Home Planet: Nal Hutta

Allegiance: Jedi

Rank:  Padawan

Specialization: Jedi Consular

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Brown skin, green eyes, scaly, coarse skin, horns and spikes, breathing tubes, no hair. 6í2Ē tall (1.88 meters), lean and muscular. Brown and gray traditional Jedi robes, gauntlets, sabatons, greaves, breastplate, shoulder pauldrons. Dark brown belt, and gray Jedi cloak. Bead padawan braid hung over right shoulder.

Personality: Quiet, kind and helpful but also firm with a bit of a no-nonsense attitude, though he can easily adapt to new situations.

Combat Training (and Lightsaber forms for Force Users): Primarily Form III (Soresu), mixed with Form V (Djem So) and Form IV (Ataru). Considerable hand-to-hand combat training.

Skill Specialization: Force Persuasion

Standard Force Skills: Force Confusion, Force healing, Comprehend Speech

Enhanced Force Skills: Force Persuasion, Force Illusion.

Additional Skills: Decent pilot, medical knowledge, hand-to-hand combat

Weaknesses: While strong with mental Force abilities, Coryn has very limited telekinetic abilities. Besides this, he also focuses more on defensive or protective skills, and does not have a lot of offensive skills. What offensive abilities he does have, are mostly centered around hand-to-hand combat, and very little with a Lightsaber. He is sometimes scared to help with anything, even if he has the skills to, because he is afraid he will make the wrong choice, and end up doing more harm than good.

Studied Interests: Sentient behavior, Spaceships and speeders, 

Weapons: Green/Blue bladed lightsaber, simple black hilt with nicks and dents showing silver underneath.

Equipment: Standard issue Jedi utility belt with food capsules, rebreather, comlink, etc. Medical supply kit.

Special Possessions: Leather necklace with a red rock (never worn)

Background History:
Coryn Nabor was born into slavery on Nal Hutta, but was found by an undercover Jedi in his 4th year of life. After he was discovered, he was taken back to the Temple of Coruscant, and trained to be a Jedi Consular. Even though Coryn was very young when he was taken to the temple, he still has memories of his parents, and that they were slaves. The only thing he has left from his old life is a simple leather necklace with a red rock tied inside, which was to show his status as a slave.

As he grew, it was discovered that though he had a strong connection with the Force, he had a very hard time using any form of telekinesis. Although, not impossible, and he eventually learned how, he was always naturally better with mental Force abilities. Not only this, but he had a love of studying the behavior of other species. At the age of 14 Coryn built his Lightsaber, which was not much more than a black metal cylinder. However, the simplicity of the hilt is something that Coryn thought fitting for a Jedi, and especially for someone more devoted to the protection of others than himself. He did not need a fancy or elaborate hilt, because he had nothing to show off.
For the past four years, he and his Master, Karr Komyute, have had multiple assignments. Usually on planets with a generally warmer climate, such as EríKit, Florrum and Vanqor. Currently, Master Komyute is on a deep undercover mission on Kintan. Considering Corynís past, the Council thought it best that he should stay behind while Karr took this assignment alone.

"I am the Outcast's Shadow" - Taegin Roan
"Confronting fear is the Destiny of a Jedi" - Luke Skywalker

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