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Author Topic: Give yourself over to the Darkside  (Read 520 times)
Lord Raváge
Knight Commander

Force Alignment: -1451
Posts: 2069

Ki tsimsima tuti mazo Galactic, Nu qorit dudnims!

« Reply #15 on: July 14, 2019, 08:26:15 AM »

Labintias sulig tave Jen' Garthaz iv SoCal, bustas iv tave Tsis, Lord Radox!!! Cool
(Greetings from the Dark Side of SoCal, domicile of the Sith)

Ilsir geuj ne fanvake narys stai su zo plethora iv neyasli varsi ir uverei. Dary nenx dvejoti kia uzpra jok falykas j'us galez zinot ir kaiefas valia cali ax sorms j'us is tave status direction, Lord Radox.
(There are so many helpful members here with a plethora of varied experience and opinions. Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have and someone will answer or point you in the right direction.)

Galez j'us buti wo su Akuyi, ir galez zhol buti wo su j'us noj satyi j'us duobé, Lord Radox!
(May you be one with the Force, and may it be one with you while serving you well!)

Lord Radox, stai ai zo Jen' Garthaz sorms kia kaer j'us ant tave tik tiesa qo!
(Here's a Dark Side point to keep you on the only true path!)

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