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Author Topic: Help! Newbie Customizer needs help ordering correct parts.  (Read 828 times)
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« on: October 13, 2019, 11:14:57 AM »

Hey Guys. Me and my son are building two custom lightsabers and we really don't know what we are doing! We bought all of our parts individually and I think I have bought some of the wrong stuff for what I want to do. I'll talk about his light saber first. I'm including pics for reference. He is building a dual blade lightsaber, but also wants to be able to use it as two separate sabers so I bought a coupler for when it's in this mode and two pommels for when they are separate. The main issue with this saber is the electronics. I have battery packs that look to hold triple AA's but the batteries I bought are AA. Neither of these sabers are intended to have sound but we might like to upgrade both sabers to have sound in the future. I've laid out the dual saber. Basically each side will have 1 light and one switch. Turned on separately when it's joined together, so each can be turned on when it is acting as two separate lightsabers. I aware that the "bodies" I bought are real bodies and don't have a hole for the switch, I'm planning to drill those. The other pics are just close up's of the electronics. You can navigate between photos, zoom (button on top) and drag to get closer up on the images in both links. Some times it takes awhile to load the pics though (sorry!)

My light saber is a single blade. What's different about this one is that instead of a pommell I'm attaching a hilt that will hold a second LED that WON'T have a blade, but is just going to light up a custom metal pommel that will light up. This saber also hase a light up switch that I am going to have to customize the drill hole to make fit. So this battery back is going to need to light up the blade, the switch and the pommel LED.

I SUPER appreciate your any help and look forward to sharing the end results! Please let me know if you need any clarification. Links to correct parts is appreciated.

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« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2019, 08:18:55 PM »

Nice choice of sabers! I'll help you out.
First here are some pictures.
I'll be back to explain them in a minute.

So first thing in the first picture. When the switch is installed, the led needs enough room to fit in the body completely below the threads. The switch and the emitter hold the led in place.

Picture 2. Notice the flange on the led housing.  That is the correct type to use. You can still use the one you have, but there is a catch.  That flange seats the led when the emitter is in place. The type you have will bounce up and down. I know from personal experience. So you will need to add something to stop that. I use a piece of blue foam. The led housing you have will also fit inside some emitters, such as the war glaive.  You got luck with your pick of emitter! It will allow some room for error on the switch placement.

Picture 3 is a buckpack.  It regulates current flow. You don't really need one for a regular stunt set up like you plan for your son. On your saber,  with one battery pack running two leds and an illuminated switch, you will NEED a buckpack. Also I use "JTS" connectors. They make trouble shooting and installs a lot easier!

Now picture 4 and most of your questions.

Stunt sabers use 4 AAA batteries.  That is what you should use for your son's two sabers. AAA batteries in a 4 battery pack. Black wire goes straight to the led (or JTS connector). Red wire goes from battery to switch, then other side of switch to led. Very simple even if you use JTS connectors.

Your saber, running two leds and an illuminated switch, you will want more power than AAA batteries provided.  So 14500 batteries that most sound sabers use. They look like AA batteries but put out a lot more juice. So use a buckpack too! The wiring for your set up is going to be a little different.  I'm not to sure I can or even should attempt to help you with that one!
Some one else on the forum will come along and help you. I'm sure of that!

Keep us posted on your progress.

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« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2019, 11:07:34 AM »

If you want to add sound later, I suggest you get the following parts right now, even if it's only stunt. It makes switching to sound much easier.

Battery pack/speaker combo (2 slots) with 2x 14500 Li-Ion batteries - get those from the shop as these will definitely be compatible and genuine. There are many fake models from other manufacturers/sources, so stick to those from Ultrasabers. Install it now, even if it's a stunt - you won't regret it!

1000mA BuckPuck - sound sabers run much better with it, it's the recommended setup for sound. Install it now as well, it also works great with stunt sabers. The Li-Ion power source and the BuckPuck provide the best power output and power management.

Momentary switch - for stunt, you only need a "latching switch" right now, but I recommend getting these with the other parts. Don't install it in your stunt setup now, only when you add the sound board.

MLS module - as KaiserSosay already said, I also recommend the MLS module and not the Standard as MLS is the right one for the sabers you chose. It fits better and sits tighter inside the saber.

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« Reply #3 on: October 26, 2019, 04:52:24 PM »

Hey guys, sorry for my delayed response. Life is busy right now! Thank you so much for your help. I ordered the buck pack and speaker with AA battery holder. As soon as they arrive we will be getting to work and posting our progress. Thanks again!


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