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Author Topic: New Clone Wars Era Characters  (Read 1634 times)
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Truly, she will be strong- A luminous being is she

« on: October 21, 2019, 09:53:32 AM »


Note: All military characters would be expected to have completed basic training. All Force users would be expected to have completed basic training which includes a basic level of competence in abilities such as Force Throw, Force Push, Force Jump, Force Speed, Force Sense, and Force Revitalise.  Ones they take to more naturally would be the "Standard" skills.  If you want your character to have more than basic competence in an ability, it must be noted in the abilities sections.  These would be "Enhanced" skills if they are more gifted at them or are more complex than your average skills. If they are particularly weak in a skill/ area, note it in the weaknesses section.

Name: (names should follow a non-Earth pattern, so avoid Steve or Sally, use Stev or Salle')

Race: (no immortal, godling, or omnipotent types.)

Home Planet: (no made up planets, stick to canon.)

Allegiance:  (Shadow Syndicate, Jabba's Criminal Empire, or Unaffiliated/Freelancer)(NOTE: No Republic or CIS Characters will be approved at this time.)

Rank:  (If you are in the military, paramilitary, or other organization this is your rank.  If you are a Force User, this is your this level of training eg Padawan, Knight, Master) NOTE: No Force user characters will be approved without prior approval.

Specialization: (If you are in the military, paramilitary, or other organization this would be your specialization training.  If you are a Force User, this is your chosen path eg Jedi Guardian/ Sith Warrior, Jedi Consular/ Sith Inquisitor, Jedi Sentinel/ Sith Marauder.)

Age: (age should reflect experience and skill- we won’t accept 14 year old Knights/ Lords or regional managers, etc. If you're a member of a military/paramilitary/police organization you must be of legal adult age for your characters species)


Physical Description: (hair, skin, eye color; distinguishing features eg scars or tattoos; clothing and/ or armour.)

Personality: (include behavioral traits.)

Combat Training (and Lightsaber forms for Force Users): (all Force Users must note their primary lightsaber form, plus any additional forms/ combat training.)

Skill Specialization: (overall skill focus eg combat, telekinesis, healing, mind powers, etc.)

Standard Force Skills: (Padawans/Acolytes - 3 maximum. Knights/ Lords - 4 maximum. Masters/ Darths - 5 maximum. Non Force users leave blank.)

Enhanced Force Skills: (Padawans/Acolytes - 2 maximum. Knights/ Lords - 3 maximum. Masters/ Darths- 5 maximum. Non Force users leave blank.)

Additional Skills: (3 maximum, non Force skills.)

Weaknesses: (2 minimum.)

Studied Interests: (2 expert studied maximum, 4 average studied maximum, 4 total maximum.)

Weapons: (3 maximum.)

Equipment: (3 maximum- all Force Users would be expected to have “standard” issued equipment: food capsules, rebreather, commlink/ holocommunicator which counts as one. NOTE: equipment such as ships and droids would be by approval with GM only.)

Special Possessions: (trinkets, momentos, etc.)

Background History: (2 to 4 paragraphs. Make it detailed.)

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« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2019, 01:48:44 PM »

Name: “Mylo” Mylok’net Rojanakin Tra’akys

Race: Human

Home Planet: Concordia

Allegiance:  Freelance Bounty Hunter (formerly Death Watch) / CIS Sympathizer (ideologically, but is willing to work jobs for/against either faction)

Rank:  N/A

Specialization: Pyrotechnic Bounty Hunter

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Mylo is a fairly unassuming male human of average height and athletic build. Strawberry blonde slicked-back hair, brown eyes, longer sideburns, minor burn scars on the cheeks and neck. He wears worn, matte grey armor without a helmet refashioned from his old Mandalorian armor, crafted to bear little to no resemblance of that earlier appearance. The armor is medium – possessing a half plate / half cloth appearance. The metal is scratched matte grey, and the cloth is earthy browns and yellows. He wears work boots and a utility belt. His jump-pack is built into the back of his backplate and doesn’t have a large profile due to its’ limited use. (Ill provide a sketch/doodle later.)

Personality: Mylo is seen as most people as being an average lowlife bounty hunter – gruff, rude, and a morbid sense of humor keep most even-tempered folk at bay, however he has an altruistic side, taking bounties alive when possible and never taking jobs against children or the sick. Those he doesn’t offend can usually find a good drinking buddy in Mylo.

Combat Training: Basic combat training, some small training in stealth & recon, but most extensively trained in purpose-built and general explosives, accelerants, and propellants.

Skill Specialization: Trapping / Engineering

Additional Skills: Competent land speeder pilot / excellent sense of smell / surprisingly good cook.

Weaknesses: Poor lung health due to injury / trusting of children and the sick / prone to taking the law into his own hands

Studied Interests: EXPERT Pyrotechnic / AVERAGE Cook / AVERAGE Engineer

Weapons: “Appropriated” S-5 Blaster Pistol / Vibroknife / 1 Thermal Detonator

Equipment: Built-in “jump-pack” unit (though it uses compressed gas and only uses short bursts for brief movement) / fusion torch / dura-steel skillet

Special Possessions: Keeps his old Death Watch helmet at his hideout.

Background History:
Mylok’net Rojanakin Tra’akys was born to an insignificant mining family on Mandalore’s moon of Concordia. “Mylo” at an early age was a passionate and ambitious child, dissatisfied with the hard labor of his home and soon fell into the Death Watch cell local to Concordia. They promised him purpose and greatness, training him in reconnaissance and pyrotechnics. Mylo was the favorite student of Airne Flysher, a Death Watch Mandalorian with a reputation of zealotry. The training program was good to Mylo, teaching him value in failure, victory, and persistence, however as Mylo grew older he became wary of their extremism and dogma. There were many arguments between Airne and Mylo regarding what exactly the Death Watch was about and what they did. Airne asserted that the Death Watch were the only true Mandalorians and as warriors, should wage war. Mylo argued that those with strength should wield power responsibly. This brewed feelings of resentment within Mylo, as someone who came from humble backgrounds, this reinforced the thought that those in power are only interested in that power, to the detriment of those like his family. He decided he’d rather be bored and old than call himself their brother. He feared for the fate of his family if he were to simply leave, so he concocted a plan to fake his own death and stowaway on a freighter off-world. The construction and implementation went well enough, positioning the device so the explosion would only knock him down and singe his hair a bit, while still looking fatal. However his first improvised explosive taught him that even the most well-constructed bombs are still dangerous to the user, and exploded inside his satchel while carrying it. The bomb was weak enough luckily that he survived the explosion, though causing severe physical trauma. Flysher found his “corpse” and had his body disposed of in a makeshift gravesite used by the Death Watch. He had successfully fooled the death watch and made it off-world, crawling inches at a time out of the crude grave until he could stumble to the spaceport. However, the lack of any medical attention meant his left lung was left with irreparable damage, resulting in any extreme activity or stress can leave him in great pain and coughing fits.
Following this event, Mylo decided to live a smaller life; having no further interest in power, politics, or war. However, with his skill set being what is was found work in the form of Bounty Hunting; his expertise in explosives and recon lending to his more unique style of trapping and disabling his target, rather than engage them openly.
Mylo now roams the outer and mid rim worlds, takin jobs as he needs the money. He won’t take jobs against the sick, kids, or the truly innocent; though his personal philosophy is “you don’t get to grow up and stay innocent” so these are very few and far in between. However, he has been known to take what he calls “volunteer work” if he hears about folk that are especially depraved. Mylo “owns” a small hovel / safehouse little more than a hole in the hills of Dantooine where he keeps spare gear / belongings, though he rarely ever visits. As far as his work goes, Mylo must plan around his injury, and often simply constructs traps and delivers his score without a fight. He tries to keep his full name under wraps, as his old instructor at the Death Watch, Airne Flysher, is said to be active, and knows no kindness or nostalgia.

Doodle for Mylo:

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Truly, she will be strong- A luminous being is she

« Reply #2 on: October 22, 2019, 09:26:39 PM »

Feel free to critique this(if you you actually care to read the whole thing lol)

Name: Canna Ardellian

Race: Human

Home Planet: Onderon, now residing on Yavin 4

Allegiance:  Unaffiliated, Ex-Jedi

Rank:  Jedi Knight. (Padawan, technically, since she left the Jedi Order just before her trials, but is fully trained. So for our purposes
she's a Knight. Barely.)

Specialization: Jedi Guardian

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Average height, about 5'5" with a slender build, although very lean from her year spent fending for herself in Yavin's jungles. She has wavy, long red hair, about mid back length. Framing an oval face and big, almond shaped, dark brown eyes.
Usually parts her hair on the left, so that more hair covers her scar. She has fair skin with a pretty large burn scar beginning
on her forehead, just above her right eye brow and extending down to her right ear and cheek, stopping just about her lips, courtesy of a Seperatist
droid's flame thrower. The scar is mostly covered by her hair, although part of it is always visible.

Normally wears a black utility jacket over an olive green sleeveless shirt, tan pants/leggings and a black leather
gun belt with a clip for her lightsaber on her left side and a holster for her pistol on the right. She has tall, brown
leather boots for when she needs them, but she prefers to go barefoot most of the time, as she feels it connects her to
the earth in a way that enhances her Force abilities, so very rarely wears them, as she considers shoes in general to be too constricting.
(Unless I specify she's wearing boots, she's barefoot.) Also uses her old Jedi cloak for stealth/camouflage
purposes. Typical dark brown, loose cloak with a large hood, although only wears it when hunting or tracking, not around her homestead.

Personality: Very independent minded and stubborn. Introverted, and prefers to be alone. Tolerates more people
than she likes. Quick witted with a smart mouth, she probably gets on most people's nerves anyway. Despite this, she's a good person
and respects all life, sentient or beast. She does not kill needlessly, only hunting small game for food to survive, while still eating
a heavily plant based diet. She generally means well, and will help anyone who needs it, even giving the shirt off her back or going without
needed supplies to give to a stranger in need. She's still very "Jedi-like" but does not believe she needs the Order or their
religion to be a good person and do the right thing. She's also VERY protective of Yavin 4, her home.

Combat Training : Form 1, Shi-Cho- Proficient. Form 4, Ataru- Proficient. Form V, Shien- begginer/learning.

Skill Specialization: Lightsaber Combat

Standard Force Skills: Precognition, Saber Throw, Force Wave

Enhanced Force Skills: Force Throw, Force Strike

Additional Skills: Her time on Yavin has given her highly developed hunting/survival skills. It has also made her a near expert in the
planet's floura and fauna. Going undetected by predators as well as her own prey, has caused her to develop a high level of stealth
ability, to move around undetected by most non-force users and all but the most attuned hunters.

Weaknesses: Her mouth gets her in trouble. Often. Despite her attitude, she's very loving and tends to quickly become very attached to the
few people she does like. Hesitant to kill, to a fault. She prefers to wound, even when killing would be the best course of action.

Studied Interests: Has studied the Yavin temples extensively, and has learned some about Massassi culture and language from cave
paintings and inscriptions, although couldn't tell you what any of the language means, she could easily identify it on sight. Took
an interest in studying anthropology at a young age, one of the reasons she chose to live on Yavin 4 after leaving the Jedi.

Languages: Is fluent in Twi'leki, due to her Twi'lek Jedi Master's insistance on teaching it to her, both spoken, written, and read.
However she can't reproduce the lekku sign language,although she understands it. She loves the language, so will speak it often.
Understands and speaks enough Huttese to get by, but cannot read or write in it. Understands a bit of Duros and Bocce from handling trade
disputes, but is not very fluent in either, and can't read or write them. Understands "astromech droid" enough to communicate with hers,
and most others.

Weapons: Her lightsaber: Single blade. A black hilt with a brown leather grip wrapped around the "grip area" and little square windows cut
into the emitter. Orange blade color. Also carries a GL-77 blaster pistol, mostly for hunting small game, but will use it in combat if necessary.
(Prefers her lightsaber, the blaster is mostly a last resort weapon.)

Equipment: R2-B8("Bait"), her astromech droid. Also a grappling hook and rope for climbing.

Special Possessions: Found an old Massassi pendant in one of the Temples. She keeps it because it's beautiful to her, although usually in a
pocket or pouch, rather than worn.

Background History: Canna Ardellian, was born on the jungle planet Onderon. Her parents were Vara(mother) and Devron(father) Ardellian, occupation unknown.
She was taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant for training sometime before her first birthday, as were most Jedi. When it came time to begin training
she was sorted into "Wolf Clan," along with a handful of other young initiates. Although she excelled at the early levels of Jedi training, the rigid
doctrine of the Order didn't usually agree with her. She hated shoes, and refused to wear them, often being scolded and made to put on her boots by
instructors and other elder Jedi. She found shoes to be too restricting, and prefered the feeling of her bare feet on the various surfaces of the temple
floors, both metal and ESPECIALLY stone.

Her initiate training was pretty standard for the most part, the only especially notable thing happening during the construction of her lightsaber.
Upon arriving at the crystal caves of Illum, the Force guided her to locating her kyber crystal. Upon attuning it to herself,
however, rather than turning blue or green, her fiery and rebellious personality caused the crystal to turn ORANGE. Which apparently never happened
before, or at least not for a long time. Upon constructing and igniting her saber, she immediately fell in love with the beautiful orange blade,
which she cherished. She used the blade to hone her lightsaber technique, her petite frame being perfectly suited for the acrobatic elements of
Form-IV, Ataru, which became her main lightsaber form, although she began introducing elements of Form-V as well, towards the end of her Padawan training.

She was always hot headed, and had a smart mouth since she could talk. This would lead to a lot of demerits and scolding, she would however pass her Initiate Trials with flying colors, and was taken by a young, Lethan Twi'lek female named Sienn'Vrei, who was initially attracted to the girl because her hair was nearly identical in color to the Twi'lek Jedi Knight's skin. Sienn had a more lax set of rules on dress and grooming, so usually allowed her Padawan to leave her hair down, and walk barefooted as she pleased, two freedoms Canna relished. Though initially required to wear boots during missions, Canna came to believe that direct contact with surfaces, especially organic ones, gave her a much deeper connection to the Force, enhancing her abilities.(It doesn't, she just thinks it does.) She also believes footwear to be largely unnecessary, aside from a very few hazardous situations/conditions, believes it is actually more Jedi-like to use shoes as the tools they are, rather than
everyday garments. Her Master couldn't see much fault in that and stopped arguing.

Canna and Sienn went on many missions together, and eventually their relationship morphed into more like sisters, rather than Master/Apprentice. Sienn was adamant about teaching Canna Twi'leki/Ryl from the get go, making sure the girl learned both components of the language, although it would be anatomically impossible for her to reproduce the unspoken component, she understands it fluently, and compensated by responding to it in a subtle "Code" of mannerisms. For instance scratching her left wrist is "yes" scratching her right is "no"... things that would seem like mindless fidgeting to all but the most astute observer. This silent language came in handy often during missions. The two communicated in spoken Ryl often, as did Canna with Twi'leks in general, impressing both Jedi Aayla Secura, and Senator Orn Free Taa at different points, although only Secura(and other Jedi) were in on the "code".

The duo's final mission together would be as part of the 200+ member Jedi Assault Team during the First Battle of Geonosis. Although both survived to return to the Temple, Canna was severely injured by a droid's flame thrower. She recovered quickly, thanks to bacta, but the injury still left a nesty scar. While recovering she decided that she was going to leave the Order after she was healed. This came as little surprise to Sienn, who had known all about her Padawan's continuing frustrations with the Order, as well as the bureaucracy of the Republic. Some of which were concerns she also shared with her apprentice. Canna's last straw was the outbreak of the Clone Wars, which she believed no good would come of for either the Jedi or the Republic itself. She also balked at the idea of the Jedi being commanders of the Clone Army, believing that was not only an improper use of the Jedi, but also went against everything they believed in and were taught from a young age. She had asked Sienn to come with her, but the Twi'lek, although supportive of her Padawan's decision to not go through with her trials and instead exit the Order, believed that was a bit drastic and radical, so refused the invitation. She wished her friend luck, however, and deep down hoped they would see each other again soon, as did Canna(her attachment to her Master was a point of contention between bot Master and Jedi  Council alike, this being one of her grievances with the Order). She was granted possession of her droid, R2-B8 by the Jedi Council, as per her request, although they denied her possession of her issued starfighter to go along with him.

Her and "Bait" as she affectionately called the droid set off from Coruscant to find a place to settle. Initially she intended to go to her home planet,
Onderon and settle into agriculture there, perhaps finding her parents. However upon that planet declaring on the side of the Separatists, she knew that wouldn't be a good, or safe place to settle. Her lifelong interest in anthropology eventually led them to settle on Yavin 4, to study the Massassi ruins as well as the jungles themselves. She built herself a small, modest hut near a river not far from the largest of the temples, where she lives off the land as much as possible, although Bait calls for supplies, such as power packs for her blaster as well as fuel for the generator that keeps him charged, to be delivered from time to time. She initially intended only to spend a month or two studying the ruins, however she has come to love the planet, and considers its jungles her home. She doesn't ever intend to leave, at least not if she can help it...

That's pretty much what I had in mind for Canna. Not the outfit, obviously, but face and hair. Just add the scar on the right cheek.
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« Reply #3 on: October 24, 2019, 03:20:15 PM »

Name: Tal Koris

Race: Human

Home Planet: Krownest

Allegiance: No real allegiances but works for the Hutts fairly often

Rank: Freelancer

Specialization: Urban Combat

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Physical Description: just under 6 feet tall, tan skin, blonde hair, weighs 65 kilos or so. Left hand is a silver prosthetic (Armor) dull red Mandalorian armor with dark blue accents on the knees, shoulders, and cheeks(left shoulder plate is purple). Armor covers chest, gut, collar, back, knees, shins, and cod. Large grey ear sail, Black undersuit, black ARC style kama with red trim, (out of armor) black tunic and pants, with brown leather boots and a brown leather belt and holster (Westar-35), brown leather jacket.

Personality: somewhat soft spoken, tends to crack jokes at the worst times, easily riled, Chaotic neutral.

Combat Training: raised in Clan Wren so he has somewhat extensive hand-to-hand skills and is a strong marksman.

Skill Specialization: hand-to-hand combat

Additional Skills: his time on Krownest made him into a talented hunter and tracker, somewhat competent pilot.

Weaknesses: EMP weapons can render his left hand useless, he experienced some trauma during the Death Watch’s raid on his home and certain things can spark a small panic attack in him. Not really a weakness per say but will often mix Mando’a into his basic and not realize it and leave people confused

Studied Interests: Mandalorian history and culture

Languages: Basic, Mando’a

Weapons: Westar-35 pistol, custom Verpine Rifle, and a short knife in his right gauntlet

Equipment: Helmet has a detailed, although small, sensor suite, and has an advanced communications array inside the ear sail, comm pad built into left arm, food capsules and ammo in his belt. Grey and red Mandalorian Fang fighter.

Special Possessions: his left shoulder plate was taken from his dead friend’s corpse and Tal wears it as a tribute to him, his rifle used to belong to his father, but it was given to Tal on his 18th birthday

Background History: Tal Koris was born and raised on the planet Krownest and was trained in combat in the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Soon after he turned 18, the Death Watch came to Krownest looking for recruits, Only a few Members of his clan decided to join and Tal was not one of them, but once the Death Watch knew who was joining them and who wasn’t they called in an airstrike on Tal’s clan’s camp, and while everyone was disoriented the Death Watch went through slaughtering everyone that wasn’t killed in the airstrike. Tal, his best friend Kavo, and a few others managed to regroup and fought back, but in the end Tavo and the others were killed and Tal was left alone with three members of the Death Watch, a fight broke out between them, Tal emerged victorious but he took a severe blow to his left wrist that damaged many nerves and required the hand to be replaced. He now has a prosthetic hand, but it is rather low quality and can easily be disrupted by EMP’s as he was leaving the scene of the battle later that night, he found Tavo’s body and took his left shoulder plate as a tribute to him, he wears it to this day. His clan has since begun to rebuild but it will be a few years until they are back to full strength. Nowadays he does solo bounty hunting work, mostly in service of the Hutts, but will take other jobs if it can interfere with the Death Watch’s operations.

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« Reply #4 on: October 24, 2019, 07:36:05 PM »

Name: Shriah Tharn

Race: Human

Home Planet: Corelia

Allegiance:  Neutral

Rank:  N/A

Specialization: Bounty Hunter/Mercenary

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Physical Description: 5'11” tall. Fair skin, black shoulder length hair, green eyes. Slender athletic build. Her hairstyle changes with any given situation, but is mostly worn down and loose.When in the field she usually wears a fitted black bodysuit underneath form fitted charcoal gray armor, which in turn is underneath a rusty brown duster coat. During her down time she usually wears Black knee boots, tan form fitted pants, a blood red button up shirt, she may or may not wear a similar duster to the one she wears over her armor.

Personality: Cold and calculating. She is not one for small talk instead she prefers to watch and listen, only feeling the need to interject when she finds it necessary or is spoken to directly.

Combat Training: Excellent marksmanship. Above average hand to hand. Average ability with knives and swords.

Skill Specialization: battle/combat tactics

Standard Force Skills: N/A

Enhanced Force Skills: N/A

Special Skills: mechanics, spaceship piloting(Starfighters and fireghters)

Additional Skills: She is knowledgeable in the use of traps and explosives

Weaknesses: Stubborn. Severe trust issues from her upbringing, resulting in her not trusting anyone.

Studied Interests: Interrogation and torture.

Languages: Fluent in Basic, Huttese and able to read Huttese quite well. Knows enough Bocce and Durese to get by most of the time

Weapons: Two matched blaster pistols a Verpine Shatter sniper rifle, and a vibroblade sheathed into her right boot.

Equipment: Full set of body armor, thermal detonators, standard equipment for a Bounty Hunter/Mercenary, including spare magazines for the Verpine sniper rifle. A heavily modified HWK-290 freighter(once belonged to her partner)

Special Possessions: N/A

Background History: Shriah was orphaned at a very young age and spend most of her formative years going from foster home to foster home. At 14 years of age she got her first taste of killing as she killed her foster parents, after enduring two years of brutal molestation at their hands. After this taste, she found she had taken a liking to it. After leaving her foster home she scraped by on the streets by doing odd jobs for small amounts of pay. With these jobs Shriah, always seemed to find a way to kill her targets. This continued for another two years until her penchant for killing attracted the attention of a bounty hunter, called Deacon, who had been hired to tracker her down and kill her. Deacon however, upon seeing how young Shriah was, decided to train her to improve her growing skills. Tentatively, Shriah accepted his offer. While she remained Deacon's protege and partner until his death two years ago, her brutal upbringing never allowed her to fully trust him. After Deacon's death she took his ship and belongings and started taking contracts on her own. She prefers contracts where she can have desecration on whether or not to kill, as in her words “It's easier to deliver a dead bounty than put up with a live one.

She does have other siblings but she has no idea of their existance due to her very young age at the time of her parents deaths. Her eldest sibling a sister 15 years her senior, was taken by the Jedi, her older brother, 14 years her senior, is a soldier in the Republic.

Her Brother, Jagar, is aware of her existence but since the children were split up at the Orphanage, he has no idea of the whereabouts of his younger siblings. Her eldest sister, Shayera, being a Jedi and given their stance on family ties, she does not know that Shriah exists.
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« Reply #5 on: November 12, 2019, 04:32:36 PM »

Name: Jakyr “Smug” Mippen

Race: Human

Home Planet: Glee Anselm

Allegiance: Smuggler

Rank: “Captain”

Specialization: Smuggler/Con Man

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Height: 1.83 meters (6’).
Weight: 81.65 kgs (180 lbs)
Hair: Longer (about 6”, or 15.2cm), slightly disheveled, black.
Eyes: Green with flecks of brown.
Skin: Lightly tanned.
Body: Toned and muscular, but does not have a lot of bulk.
Clothing: Black cargo-style pants. Light gray or cream/offwhite long sleeved shirt. Tan leather jacket with green highlights. Tan combat boots. Utility belt.
Other Miscellaneous: Grease smears on clothing and skin.

Personality: Extremely smug but charismatic. Has a good sense of humor, but he does not show it very often. Seems like a natural leader, and able to make difficult decisions.

Combat Training: Expert shot with blaster pistols. Proficient close-quarters combat (combat knife and hand-to-hand). Average shot with blaster rifles.

Skill Specialization: Smuggler/Con artist

Special Skills: Disguise and infiltration.

Additional Skills: Light freighter pilot (though good enough to be able to fly almost any ship if he needs to).

Weaknesses: Cannot swim. Can seem distant and out of touch with other people. Has almost no team experiences.

Studied Interests: Slicing. Weaponry.

Languages: Galactic Basic, Huttese, some broken Mando’a.

Weapons: Twin DC-17 Hand Blaster Pistols, Combat Knife, A280-Blaster Rifle.

Equipment: Utility belt with Medpac, food rations, ammunition clips and battery packs for pistols and rifle, and a commlink. Basic slicing kit.

Ship: Modified XS Freighter named the “Smiler”. Modifications include upgraded laser cannons, faster hyperdrive, cockpit replaced with a YT-1300 cockpit, and hull painted green.

Special Possessions: Personal journal and “Captain’s Log”.

Background History:
Born on Glee Anselm. Family moved regularly (rumor was that his parents owed the Hutts and were on the run), never spent more than 1 standard year in any location. Usually less than that. Father taught him infiltration tactics, and mother taught him hand-to-hand combat and Blaster handling. At 16, his parents were both killed (rumored to have been killed by Aurra Sing, but no confirmation on this), and Jakyr started working on Corellia as a mechanic/laborer. Occasionally he would find a job on a freighter, where he would attempt to learn to fly. Once he had enough credits, he purchased the Smiler, and began hauling cargo. The legal jobs were not common enough, and did not pay enough to keep up with the maintenance and upgrades that the Smiler needed, so Jakyr started smuggling and scamming. He realized that the skills taught to him by his parents made him good at these things. He will always choose a “legal” job over a “not-so-legal” one, and by doing this has managed to never get caught.
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Truly, she will be strong- A luminous being is she

« Reply #6 on: November 26, 2019, 10:01:02 AM »

I cleaned up this thread a bit. Please keep this to approved character sheets ONLY. All other posts go in the Out Of Character thread. If you want to add a picture please let me know and I will add it to your sheet.

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« Reply #7 on: January 17, 2020, 03:17:52 AM »

Name: Darj Rummun

Race: Duros

Home Planet: Brentaal IV

Allegiance: None but anti-republic after the recent invasion of Brentaal

Rank: Previously “First Mate” of Pirate frigate Thallastran

Specialisation: Pirate/smuggler

Age: 32

Gender: Male
Physical Description: At 2m tall Darj is of middling height for a Duros, his skin is a blue/grey colour and like all Duros he has red eyes with horizonal pupils, no hair and no nose. He is of the typically slender build of his species, but muscular in a wiry, athletic way.  By Duros standards Darj is considered quite dashing or handsome, which is something he cultivates with his personal grooming and dress style. When on board a ship Darj frequently wears a tailored light grey shirt and brown trousers, often covered by a dark green shipsuit, hand crafted leather boots, and single bandolier. When planet-side or if boarding a hostile ship he wears dark green chest, torso and thigh armour and gloves over his regular clothes often covered by a long grey fitted happabore leather trench coat.

Personality: Most beings find Darj to be, humorous, gregarious, quick witted and free spirited making him hard not to like. He laughs easily and likes to be the centre of attention. He enjoys engaging others with his numerous amusing anecdotes and stories (a common Duros trait along with his exceptional memory). This friendly demeanour however covers his hard, calculating, ruthless, opportunistic and even treacherous side. Darj has survived for a long time amongst some of the roughest pirates in the galaxy and while he would prefer beings to like him he is quite content to shoot them in the back if need be.

Combat Training: No formal combat training but has been a smuggler/slaver/pirate for 15 years and has seen considerable action.

Special skills: Co-pilot/Navigator and weapons system operator small to medium ships.

Additional Skills: ship boarding and raiding (close combat fighting), droid and ship repair.

Weaknesses: Vain and susceptible to flattery, greedy and self-serving, wasteful with credits.

Studied Interests: Droid modification and slicing.

Languages: Dureese, Basic and Bocce

Weapons: ACP Array/Scatter Gun, LL-30 Blaster Pistol with scope, Vibro Knuckler

Equipment: Spacers trunk with changes of clothes, breathe mask, Bandolier containing spare ACP cartridges, Chest, torso and thigh armour. Satchel with assorted detonators, (ion, thermal, sonic), commlink, holoprojector. Modified 3PX series protocol droid A6-PX.

Special Possessions: Darj is not particularly sentimental and discards most things when they become unfashionable or worn. The exception to this are droids that he has owned, the current one being A6-PX who he refers to as Aysix.

Background History: Darj was hatched the eldest of five larvae on Brentaal IV, his father worked at a local salt extraction plant while his mother worked part time in a droid dealership (from where Darj gained an interest in droids).
Growing up in the open arid spaces on the surface of Brentaal, Darj never had much time for rules. He would more frequently be found racing swoop bikes across the salt lakes than attending school. While his parents did not struggle to make ends meet, nor were they wealthy and at a young age Darj took a liking to the status symbols and accessories of a wealthy lifestyle. At the age of 12 he was first arrested for stealing a holo projector from a market stall. A year later he was arrested again joyriding in a stolen speeder. Finally after a string of misdemeanours at the age of 15 he was caught slicing the security system of a goods warehouse and sentenced to 3 years in prison.

Given the option to go to jail or sign on as an indentured spacer for one of the local shipping houses for a period of 5 years, Darj took the later and began a career in starships. For two years he lived the harsh life of a crewman on a tramp freighter with a brutal captain, loading ore from asteroid mines in the Neshig sector. After the drunken captain of the tramp freighter beat one of the other indentured crewman to death Darj deserted the ship during an unloading stop on the planet Berri. By this time he had become quite skilled at piloting and navigation and he quickly picked up work as a crewman on a smugglers ship.

Over the next six years Darj worked on a variety of ships from bulk freighters and modular conveyors to slavers and spice and gun runners. Almost inevitably this led him to enlist on a pirate ship operating first out of Laakteen Depot and later more broadly in the Colonies region.  The freedom of the pirate lifestyle suited Darj well and his quick mind and excellent memory helped him progress and become skilled and valued in his new trade. Amongst others he served with the notorious Abav Ghart and the Void Demon gang.

Darj could pilot most ships, navigate, operate weapons systems and carry out on board repairs, he could also lead boarding parties or planetside raids. After serving on a number of ships Darj became the first mate on a pirate frigate, the Thallastran, for 18 months the ship and its crew caused havoc throughout the D’Astan, Halthar, Noonian and Cademimu sectors. Eventually the Thallastran was hunted down by republic cruisers and was forced to flee. Severely damaged the surviving crew abandoned their ship near Celanon. Darj, along with the protocol droid A6-PX boarded an escape pod and after using a considerable amount of credits to bribe the local Nalroni security forces took passage on the first transport leaving which happened to be heading for the core worlds.

Now a hunted fugitive with a price on his head Darj made his way from the core worlds to the remote Elrood sector where he took refuge on the planter Kidron.
Darj remained on Kidron for almost two years mostly trading in stolen or smuggled goods. More recently, with the Thallastran all but forgotten against a backdrop of Galactic chaos and open war and with his bounty lapsed, Darj has begun to work with local smugglers based on Kidron, Lanthrym and Torina. He has also participated in the occasional pirate raid. Darj is considering leaving the Elrood sector to possibly sign on as a privateer with the CIS.

Model: 3PX

Name/number: A6-PX (Aysix)

Owner: Darj Rummun (restraining bolt fitted)

Time since manufacture (age): 29 years

Location of manufacture: Affa (Cybot Galactica factory)

Class: type 3 droid (protocol)

Programming type: Masculine

Appearance: Dark Silver/Gun Metal casing, standard external appearance C-3PX droid, 1.65m tall. Casing usually dull, seldom polished but not dirty.

Personality: Aysix has not had a memory wipe in at least 9 standard years, together with various sensor and software modifications that he has undergone his personality is considerably different to that of a standard 3PX droid. Aysix has a laid-back personality (for a droid), with an unexpected sarcastic and independent streak. He is resourceful, courageous and loyal to his owner but is also pragmatic when it comes to self-preservation. Aysix can easily become frustrated with other droids particularly ones that are inflexible in their programming. He can also get frustrated with sentient beings when they attempt tasks that have little probability of success.

Primary function: Non-human/Cyborg relations (similar to the 3PO series but built for the non-human market).

Secondary function: Identifying shipping types, cargo types, cataloguing and optimising shipping manifests.

Skills/abilities: Aysix can communicate in 4.1 million languages (somewhat less than the original 6 million he was programmed for). He has been reprogramed to be able to rapidly scan and assess cargo types and values and track the markets for various types of goods. He is also able to handle weapons and is adept at using the DC-15A rifle.

Modifications: Aysix has had multiple program modifications and overrides that have increased his skills in cargo and shipping identification at the cost of some of his original translation/protocol programming. He has also had his scanning and sensor equipment upgraded and targeting systems added using parts taken from various military droids.

Weapons: DC 15A blaster rifle

Equipment: Spare gas cartridges and charge packs for rifle, self-repair kit and spare mini powercells.

History: Aysix was constructed on Affa by Cybot Galactica in 7928 (49BBY). His first registered owner was Virilines shipping of Duros and his recorded use was protocol and shipping manifests. In 7946 (31 BBY) he was sold to the Celanite Merchants guild of Celannon and registered as a ship based logistical droid. Shortly after the ship he was allocated to was lost presumably taken by pirates. Not much is known of A6-PXs history from that point until 7954 (23 BBY) when he escaped the damaged pirate frigate Thallastan along with his new owner, Duros  Darj Rummun. Since then A6-PX has assisted his owner selling stolen and smuggled goods principally in the Elrood sector.


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