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Author Topic: What Game Are You Currently Playing? (Non-spoiler thread)  (Read 6421 times)
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« Reply #135 on: June 22, 2020, 09:27:10 AM »

Theres two types of CoD players,

1) those who win

2) and those who MOTHER ******* STUPID *** CLAYMORE USING ***** NOOB TUBE PEICE OF ****

As far as I can tell from your descruiption youre the former  Wink

Thanks, man. I have lobbies where I lose too but have always say "good game" no matter what. There's just so many toxic players now, they either curse you out because they're losing or they're ego-maniacs because they won. I mute everyone but friends now since I stream anyway but even off stream, I mute them.  No need to hear all the toxicity from them.  It's a game, I like to have fun, air out my stress, and just play. Some people get so angry, it's quite funny.

Is it great to have a wife into same thing your are . when my wife and i play MMO she is a kick ass DPS'er makes me work hard keeping her crazy butt alive ( im her healer )

Thanks.  It's good to be married to a gamer that's for sure. Buying consoles and games do cost twice as much so I'll happily pay the cost for the boss Smiley

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