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Author Topic: Happenings since i was last here  (Read 332 times)
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« on: January 14, 2020, 03:11:20 PM »

A hell of a lot has happened since I was last active, but here's a few highlights, in no particular order

I fought cavalry, as in legit fought not just stood there whilst they rode around us. I was part of the nutters who volunteered to leave the safety of the scylthron (circular infantry formation, can't hit a flank if there's no flank) and advance on the cavalry, spears and shields raised, stabbing as we stepped to drive off the horsemen. It was a good day.

Became group head for my local re-enactment lot, mainly for being the one person too stubborn to give up. I now have members and have possibly got bookings for local shows

Left residential care work. And words cannot fully express how happy I was to leave that job. it cost me my social life, my relationship, hindered my hobbies, destroyed me mentally and left me a broken shell. But I escaped onto much better things and now I may be making less money (the only thing I miss from that job), but I'm me again.

Was a manager for an education project in south wales, and was dam good at it. F*CK you teachers who said i'd never be anything. sadly that ended thanks to Brexit and council incompetence.

Now working as an admin in a Prison, doing work/education allocations and handling equalities. Doing a good job too, as in I've already helped improve the prisons recording, monitoring and generally improved the departments functioning, (this comes from the governor). So hell yeah

had the best order I've ever been given in re-enactment. I was told to 'clash' the events organiser (clash=run into and hit like a freight train), who has a thing about making us stand around on parade in the sun AFTER fighting, which when it's 30C+, you're covered in armour, and just been fighting for half an hour, is not fun. Needless to say this man......flew

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