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Author Topic: Clone Wars RPG Dega/Elrood system  (Read 411 times)
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« on: January 18, 2020, 03:18:49 AM »

::Darj Rummun, Duros Pirate::
::Abandonded mine site 4-Z1, planet Dega, Elrood Sector::

Darj looked at the rusting hulk of an ore processing plant that perched on the opposite side of the huge open cut mine, it looked like it might topple into the pit at any moment, plenty of other scrap mining equipment was already had, Darj had seen it as Meelo was coming in to land. Stretching his muscles against the heavier than normal gravity Darj shielded his eyes from the dust, the wind here was hot and corrosive and Darj could smell the harsh chemical pollutants blowing from the slag heaps that littered the planet. It seemed odd that it was only this morning that he had been sitting in his favourite booth in his favourite cantina back on Kidron looking out through the dome at the seemingly endless swathes of lush green jungle.

Then Aysix had brought a message from a spice dealer, a Gamorrean from Lanthrym. Apparently the Hutts wanted to contact Darj, and asked if he could meet their representative at the usual place on Dega. So Darj had organised with Meelo a female Sullustan pilot he knew, who owned a Z-10 seeker to run him over to the meeting on the abandoned planet. The Duros had decided to take his trunk and equipment as he may well be needed to head on to Lanthrym or Torina after the meeting.  Darj had been dealing with the Hutts for about six months now, but he was not working for them directly. Mostly buying in spice and distributing it to other planets in the sector and selling back Coynite weapons and armour. With the occasional raid on Radell Mining ships organised with local smugglers and pirates. This sounded like something different however.

Darj glanced away from the processing plant, back to Meelos ship and at the huge trackless ore hauler, striped of anything of value, that towered above it. Both were glowing red from Degas red sun which sat perpetually close to the horizon at this latitude. High in the sky another glowing dot appeared, this one rapidly grew in size however, and it’s shape soon resolved into that of a Ghtroc freighter. It was not a ship Darj recognised, it was clearly well armed and maintained however and as he watched it landed some fifty meters away throwing up clouds of pulverised mining dust as it did so. The boarding hatch of the strange ship was lowered, and four figures emerged. Two of them, a Twi’Lek and a Gammorrean headed over towards Darj, while the remaining two, a pair of Vodran remained by the freighter.

Darj watched the Twi’Lek as he approached, he was tall and thin with orange skin and tattooed leks and very sharply dressed. The Gamorrean was Grruab the spice dealer from Lanthrym and Darj nodded to him. Grruab grunted in return and the Twi’lek bowed slightly.

“My name is Umot” the Twi’lek said with a smile, his voice had a cultured core worlds accent, that seemed out of place in this wasteland “and you must be Darj Rummun, my employer was very pleased with your last shipment of weapons, disruptor rifles are not easy to come by”.

Darj returned the smile “he payed a good price for them but if he is hoping for more he will need to wait a for a couple of months, as you say they are not easy to come by”.

No, I haven’t come all this way for disruptor rifles” Umot replied. “My employer has need of a group of skilled individuals to locate something for him, and we thought that your skills may be….advantageous….in this instance. Naturally you will be well compensated.”

Darj’s first instinct was to refuse, he had no need of an employer but then he knew that the particular Hutt in question had a huge amount of credits. Perhaps a one off contract, he thought. “What is the thing that needs to be located? and how generous a compensation are we speaking?” Darj asked.

For that you will need to speak to Jabba, step aboard and we shall take you to Tatooine now”.

 Darj didn’t like the sound of this but the sudden noise of a ships engine starting made him spin around. While he had been speaking to Umot the two Vodrans had headed over to Meelos ship. They were returning now with what looked like Darjs trunk. Meelo was clearly visible at the controls of her ship as she took off, Darj could see she was laughing.

Hmmm” said  Umot watching the Sullustan leave “It seems you have little choice now unless you would prefer to stay here” the Twi’Lek added kicking a stone into the gaping mine hole only meters away.

Darj sighed “Very well then, I’ll come to Tatooine, but in case you were wondering there are always options you know.”

Umot tilted his head questioningly and Grruab the Gammorrean growled.

Darj spoke into his comm link “it’s ok Aysix you can stand down looks like we have another desert planet to visit” high up in the abandoned ore hauler there was a flash of silver and a few moments later the droid emerged at the lower hatch rifle in hand.

Well done” Umot laughed “you are just the sort of being we need, now lets get back aboard, out of this wind and have a drink”.

Darj followed the Twi’lek and the Gammorrean towards the freighter with some reservations, at least no-one had tried to take his weapons, he thought trying to cheer himself up.

Rough Knight
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Force Alignment: 15
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« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2020, 08:13:37 PM »

::Darj Rummun, Duros Pirate::
::Ghtroc 440 freighter, Aratrato, near Tatooine::

The soft shudder of the ship dropping out of hyperspace woke Darj immediately. For a moment he simply lay in his bunk, trying to remember where he was. When he eventually decided to move, it was a very cautious process, his head ached, his stomach felt nauseous and his tongue felt as rough as a Morvaks back.

Darj got up and looked around the first mates cabin. It usually belonged to one of the two Vodrans but Umot had ordered the Vodrans to bunk in together so that Darj could use it for the trip to Tatooine. On the furthest bulkhead a mirror was mounted and the Duros carefully shuffled over to it. He peered at his reflection, his eyes were a bloodshot murky brown and green in appearance and his skin looked considerably greyer than usual.

Ugh, how did it come to this?” he muttered to no-one in particular.

“I believe your condition is due to your organic proclivity of poisoning yourself with Twi’Lek liquor in an effort to alter your mental state” Answered Aysix who until that point had been standing silently in the corner.

Darj began looking through his trunk for some skin oil and eye drops without answering, so Aysix continued.

“Do you not remember this” Aysix added and commenced vocalising a recording from several hours earlier.

{“The first mates name was Zaw-gon
had a temper like a Gorgogon!
five times a day, fine tunes he’d play
on his re-pro-duc-tive or-…”}

“Enough Aysix! Shut up for kriffs sake
!” shouted Darj.

The last thing Darj needed now was hearing himself and Umot drunkenly belting out the lyrics of The starship Veremus while Grruab beat the rhythm on the messroom table.

“That’s funny Darj, at the time you remarked that you were just warming up, in fact you stressed that point a number of times. Would you prefer “Asteroid Green” or perhaps “The Dying Spacer” Then?” Aysix relied in an innocent tone.

“I would prefer quiet, that’s what I would prefer”

With a sigh Darj stepped through the side door into the sonic shower, that was shared with the crews bunk room on the other side of the bulkhead.
After a few minutes in the shower and a dash of pure oxygen from one of the life support canisters, the Duros felt considerably better. He re-entered his cabin and began to get dressed.

Aysix, what sort of cargo do you think this ship is carrying” the Duros asked.

“I wondered when you would get round to asking” the droid replied “ this ship has at least fourteen hidden compartments and considering recent ports of call that it’s astromech informed me of, my calculations suggest the most likely cargo is credits being transferred from Lanthrym to Tatooine and ourselves of course”.

“Yes, I thought that most likely as well” Darj replied.

 There had been a moment the previous night when Darj had been standing in the refresher, that he had wondered if he and Aysix could overcome the four crew members of the Aratrato and steal the ship. The thought had passed however and Darj went back to drinking with Umot and Grruab. In a way it was a relief, as Umot had been an excellent host, not that the whole trip had been a drinking binge however. Initially they had had to do a tricky series of rimward jumps to a location near Lasan, to avoid customs ships and republic patrols. Then they had a long spinward jump to a spot between Ryloth and Wrea before turning coreward again and jumping parallel to the old Corellian run all the way to Tatooine. That was the easy part so Umot had opened a case of Twi’Lek liquor.

Darj, now dressed headed back out to the ships lounge. When he got there he was glad to note Umot looked suitably under the weather also. The Duros looked up at the overhead viewport and saw a yellowy orange planet looming close by. It would not be long until they had to land.
“I won’t be staying long once we get planetside” Said Umot, “Grruab has some business in Mos Eisley and we will be leaving you and him there, I have organised a speeder to get you to Jabbas palace. You will probably be best off leaving your equipment with the shipping agent across from the docking bay, if you excuse me I prefer to land the ship myself”.

Darj returned to his cabin and packed his gear and it only seemed minutes later that he Grraub and Aysix were walking down the boarding ramp. “Go and wait in the cantina next to the shipping agents” Umot called from inside the ship “your transport should be here within an hour.” With that the boarding ramp began to close and Darj and Aysix walked across the street towards the shipping agents store. While Grraub with a parting grunt headed off in the direction of the centre of town.

Rough Knight
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Force Alignment: 15
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« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2020, 09:48:32 PM »

::Darj Rummun, Duros Pirate::
::Rum Jungle Cantina, Mos Eisley, Tatooine::

Darj sat under the awnings at the front of the Rum Jungle cantina and swirled the contents of his bottle of ale. Things had been simple enough at the shipping office, the being that ran it was a female Duros about 10 years older than himself. Darj, in his typical style, had turned on the charm and gained a 15% discount while storing his equipment there and the shipping agent had also thrown in a pair of tinted Duros sized goggles that would prove handy on this dusty planet.

With a little bit of spare time before their expected lift arrived, Darj with Aysix following walked over to have a look at the small market next to the cantina. There were probably about twenty shabby stalls, creaking wooden trestles with local produce, trinkets and largely useless odds and ends. Darj went to a stall that was selling cloth, it was run by a elderly human slave, and after a short amount of haggling Darj purchased a simple tan headscarf and bantha leather band to hold it in place.

Aysix who had be scanning of the other stalls observed the headscarf in evident distaste “Darj you have paid 218% of the market value for that item you realise”.

Darj looked at Aysix “well if it saves my head being burnt by these suns it will be worth it” he replied “come on Aysix lets go get in the shade in the cantina”.

“before you do that I would recommend you purchase two items from that Jawas stall” Aysix said, indicating toward one of the stalls on the opposite side of the market.

Darj looked over towards the Jawas market stall, on it was a mountainous pile of droid parts mostly rusted and some looking positively ancient. Darj was interested none the less and within a short time he had located the parts that Aysix had spotted. They were clearly very old but not particularly corroded, “these are HK series aren’t they Aysix” Darj asked in Durese.
“that is correct and the Confederacy of Independent Systems are paying a considerable amount for HK parts” was the droids reply also in Durese.
 After a some haggling with the Jawa stall-owner Darj was able to buy the parts for just under a hundred credits. One part seemed to be part of a forearm and the other some complicated and partially enclosed circuitry fitted to a piece of back armour. Neither was large but as Darj did not fancy carrying them around he took them back to the shipping office and left them with the rest of his equipment before heading to the Cantina. Aysix went to talk to some astromechs and that were recharging from a GNK doid nearby.  The droid was in what could best be described as a pleasant mood having remarked that the HK parts should bring upwards of a 950% profit when sold offworld.

The Rum Jungle it turned out was run by an Ithorian, the front part was largely open and there were a number of plants growing inside which seemed to help cool the place. A few assorted aliens sat around at the various tables and at the back half a dozen Ithorians clustered around a small water feature and yet more plants in a much darker section towards the rear of the cantina. Darj was not particularly in the mood for strong liquor after his previous nights efforts so he contented himself with a local ale which he drank under the awnings at the front of the cantina so he could keep an eye on the road while he waited for his lift.

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