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Author Topic: The “Canon” of Darth Lamia Octavia  (Read 1203 times)
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Darth Lamia Octavia [Dark/Grey Force Assassin!]

« on: February 19, 2020, 12:43:56 AM »

Hello, all!

I’d like to share something. You’ve probably heard me talking around in small bits and pieces about my Sith character that I’ve created (Darth Lamia Octavia), and probably have noticed it on my signature. Without going into TOO much detail, she’s from an AU I’m working on that started as a simple idea of “what if Palpatine never existed?” and later expanded to change the rules of the Force altogether and essentially “start anew” with the history and development of the galaxy. Henceforth, I’ve called the AU “Galactica Nova”.

However, what I’m more interested in getting from here is feedback on a rare type of Sith throughout this universe called the Augustian Sith, and their most important person to both their survival and downfall, Darth Lamia Octavia (or, as her full title would become, Holy Darth Maior Lamia Octavia).

The Augustian Sith formed (or, at least had their first experience recorded) around the time of the Sith Empire’s formation. It was also around this time the forging of a lightsaber wielded by the founder of the Augustian Sith, thus dubbed the Holy Relic, occurred. This group was primarily notable for their existing Sith ideology: “Only through experiencing and administering all of the pains and horrible things of the Galaxy will you truly know the Force.”

Due to this ideology, the following was very low, but still extremely loyal. Many members who wanted to join had a desire to join, but through their training, ended up committing suicide or dying in the process of training. Follower counts were at the height of only a few dozens.

However, as leaders began to change (many leaders having been said to lived over 1000 years), and the Holy Relic was passed down, growth among extreme Sith cultists managed to grow the power and influence of the Augustian Sith. Soon enough, they became powerful enough to gain influence over contemporary Sith, with accounts being reported in the tens of thousands of members.

After even more history that isn’t inherently relevant, enter Marianna Paltrotui, a young prodigal Jedi.

She was trained well in the Force, having been given a green saber at the beginning of her training, and was known to be one extremely well attuned with the Force. She would have been set to becoming a Jedi Master in no time.

However, due to attacks on the temple during a dispute by the Force Sect of Grey (a group of grey Force users), she would go to burn the temple through a force flash fire due to the grief over the loss of her master and other known Jedi allies and self defense required to survive. Afterwards, she swore off the Force and took up the name “Vagabond” in order to conceal her identity.

The Vagabond was well known in a few systems as a powerful bounty hunter, with a nasty rumor spreading about her: supposedly, she carried a dangerous lightsaber, but none lived to tell the tale. The lightsaber in question is one she named “The Trophy” - an esteemed, elegant, and well-kept yellow saber she stole from a target who happened to be filthy rich with expensive weaponry. She would be scouted out by the leader of the Augustian Sith at the time, Darth Maior Lamia. After an eventful encounter, Darth Maior Lamia turned out to be the only one to live to tell the tale of The Trophy, and extended her hand to make the Vagabond her apprentice.

Soon after, she became known as Apprentice Darth Lamia Octavia, the eighth to take up the Darth Maior’s name. The seventh and sixth were still alive, but by the time Lamia Octavia could have Lamia Sextus, he was killed by Lamia Septima. Lamia Octavia took up the path to being trained, and gained a deep orange blade she named “Retribution”.

After several battles and trainings and encounters, she learned many things about the history and the practice of the Augustian Sith. Feeling they were too powerful for the rest of humanity, she sought to kill the person hunting her for her life- Lamia Septima- as well as her master, with Lamia Octavia later realizing that she was the first to do so in a few thousand years to actually follow the Heirarchy of Tens (more on that if you’d like me to explain) properly, making her a Holy Darth.

As she overtook her master, she gained the Holy Relic for herself.

Thoughts? Comments? I’d love to hear them.

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« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2020, 03:49:41 AM »

I like it, there's a lot of good fan fiction in this forum.

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Light side points please.

« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2020, 07:21:40 AM »

Hey rosaferri!  I love the AU concept, but this might also be a great 'background' story to run with.  I could easily see the Mak'Tor clashing with one or two of these Augustian Sith...   :-)

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« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2020, 01:34:23 PM »

Agree with Karm, interesting concept of a small but fanatical group going out of there way to suffer to grow, largely oblivious to the evolution of the rest of Sith culture and its politics across millennia I'm guessing as they just do their own thing. I guess the obvious question to me is their philosophy “Only through experiencing and administering all of the pains and horrible things of the Galaxy will you truly know the Force.” is straight forward but then what?  Once they 'Know the Force' what is the next step, or is the goal simply to know the Force the end in and of itself?  Either way could lead to intriguing differences in the approach of some of the Maiors...some might be reclusive flagellants, others wading into every war they can find.


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« Reply #4 on: February 20, 2020, 10:01:33 AM »

Love it! Been considering making a similar post for one Darth Vansi


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« Reply #5 on: March 06, 2020, 02:48:51 PM »

Hi rosaferri, welcome to the FanFic Forums!

I love the idea of a "pure Sith" sect, completely separate from the Banite line.  Your worldbuilding is wonderful!  I really like the concept of the Augustian Sith, not to mention the Vagabond.  I would love to read more!

Hey rosaferri!  I love the AU concept, but this might also be a great 'background' story to run with.  I could easily see the Mak'Tor clashing with one or two of these Augustian Sith...   :-)
LOL Karm I was just thinking something VERY similar...

...but with the Vhal'Dan  Wink

I hope that you consider making an episodic story here, rosaferri  Smiley

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