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Author Topic: What's Next for U.S.  (Read 825 times)
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« on: January 25, 2011, 11:59:02 PM »

I'm here with the fabulous stars of the Ultra-Sabers company, and they've (hopefully) given me their time to talk for a moment about what their fans can expect in the coming year. Gentlemen, thank you.

First question is, obviously, one you probably get pretty often: After you've caught up on the number of orders you've recieved from this latest RGB sale, what will your next promotion/discount be, so that we can plan our purchases accordingly? I know a few people have been caught off guard, either buying before a discount (D'OH!), or not knowing about one they'd like to take advantage of in time and not being able to save up enough money. Any chance of a prophecy sale? I ask, of course, for the readers, and not out of any self interest in that lovely, drool inducing saber... No self interest at all.

Next up, is there a chance of any old sabers making a reappearance, maybe as a sort of classics/collector's line? What causes sabers to go out of production? Are there any sabers on the chopping block this year that we need to rush to get before they're gone? If you say Prophecy, this interview is over LOL.

Third, anything you can tell us about new models coming up? That's something I'm sure is near and dear to the hearts of the US enthusiasts. Perhaps a particular series, like ones based upon the seven forms of saber combat?

Also, is it possible that a US product could eventually be produced with a mid-grade sound board, for instance, one that just provides a hum when turned on and nothing more? The 150 dollar sound boards are slightly out of some peoples price ranges.

Fifth, I think interchangable parts and belt clip offerings have been mentioned, would you care to elaborate on that? What models might these be provided for?

Finally, just how many ultra sabers are sold per month? And more importantly, how many of them are red as opposed to the light side colors? We Jedi need to know what we're up against, after all!

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