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Author Topic: Starshine (Prequel Trilogy AT)  (Read 725 times)
Liera Buraaisuh
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Mando'ad She'laar, Light Side Jetii

« Reply #15 on: March 15, 2021, 03:40:18 PM »

AN: I changed Shmi's age to 26 for this fic.

Chapter 6: The Temple (Part 1)

They spent the rest of the first day resting and getting used to the new living arrangements, with Liera running Anakin through a few simple exercises to keep him occupied while she and Shmi went over different programs she might be interested in. It was clear that both of the Skywalkers were good with their hands and machines, which Liera quickly admitted she was abysmal at. But if Anakin couldn’t become a Jedi he needed other options. The idea of being mechanics, and possibly a pilot for her son, appealed to Shmi.

“If you’re amenable I can have some of the placement tests sent to your datapad. It will give us a better understanding of where you stand when it comes to common education here in the core.” Shmi had given her a slightly searching look and Liera was sure to keep her emotions open and accessible to the worried mother. She in no way meant to say that the Skywalkers were unintelligent, they were very smart and resourceful, but there were certain standards that the core worlds expected of even the working class. Finding work would be very difficult if they couldn’t prove they had the credentials.

“If that is how it is done here then we will take your tests.” Shmi hesitated. “Is there a… consequence to failing any of them?” Feeling the beginnings of fear Liera set down her datapad and reached for the woman’s hands. Thankfully Shmi was more than open to her reassurance.

“No. There are no consequences. It will just show us what things you’ll need to be taught in order to make your new life easier for you and your son. There is no shame here, Shmi, no judgment. If you could have given Anakin and yourself this education I know you would have. But some circumstances are out of our hands.” Shmi smiled at her and gently reached over to brush some of her pink strands behind her ear, causing the teenage girl to blush slightly at the motherly attention and affection being shown.

“I understand this well. There are natural forces that none can control, and it is foolish to try. We cannot stop the suns from rising or a sandstorm from raging.” Liera smiled.

“No, we can’t.” She agreed. “But we can stop Ani from making a terrible mistake at least.” She pointed toward the kitchen and Shmi’s head whipped around to see her son stuffing his face with almost an entire bun. She let out an exasperated sigh before getting up to gently scold him, Liera laughing lightly to herself at the table.

The next morning things were still a little awkward but the Skywalkers were nothing it not adaptable and resilient. The two of them still found the water shower a little daunting, even if it was more utilitarian than the large bathing room the queen and her handmaidens had introduced them to earlier. They accepted the soft homespun clothing that was offered to them by the temple, more comfortable in it than the clothing leant to them by the queen. Liera herself was glad to have a second set of robes in her preferred soft browns and off whites. The comforting sense of home enveloped her and she breathed it in as she led the Skywalkers through another meditation.

Around mid-meal, while she was watching them go through their placement tests, she sensed someone approaching and met them at the door. An older initiate gave her a slight bow and she returned it. “The Council wishes to speak with you, if you have a free moment Padawan Buraaisuh.” They very well knew that Liera was currently not on an assignment, and they also knew she wouldn’t refuse a summons by the council. But the polite wording was appreciated all the same.

“May I ask what this is about?” The initiate looked past her into the room, at Anakin and Shmi who were sitting at the table.

“Give me a moment to become presentable and I will be right with you, Initiate.” They gave another small bow and stood by the door, focusing on the datapad in their hands.

Closing the door she made her way over to her room and summoned Guardian and Haven to her hands. Clipping them to her belt she turned to regard the Skywalkers, who were watching her in concern.

“I’ve been summoned by the Council. They probably want to talk about the strange phenomenon surrounding how I ended up on Tatooine and about you two. I’ll be sure to let them know your decision, Shmi, and speak about Ani’s desire to become a jedi.” She raised her hands placatingly when Anakin opened his mouth, frowning and giving off waves of anxiety in the force. “No one is in trouble and I will be fine. Our Council is made up of caring and responsible members of our Order who have the best interest of the Galaxy at heart.” The boy looked disgruntled but nodded, settling down into his chair again as his mother smiled at them.

“I’m not sure how long the discussion will take, but I will be back eventually. Hopefully before latemeal. I’ll see you two later.” Leaving the two of them to their own devices, Shmi would keep her son out of trouble, she left their shared quarters and bowed to the initiate. “I’m ready to go.” The initiate looked at her belt in something quite like awe as they put their datapad away and led Liera off into the temple.

Stepping into the Council chambers she wasn’t surprised to see Master Jinn standing off to the side, arms crossed loosely in front of him. Next to him Obi-wan gave her a small smile and a polite nod. She smiled and nodded back before stepping fully into the room and regarding the council members. Only one of them was familiar and she had known him only as a Senior Knight. It was a little jarring.

“Masters.” Folding her hands before her she bowed from the waist, showing them the greatest form of respect she knew as she lowered her shields and allowed them to feel her freely in the force. There was a low buzz of approval from the gathered council members that was only made discordant by the slight annoyance coming from Master Jinn.

“I see that now we are in front of the Council you are being respectful.” Liera stiffened slightly at the reprimand from the Master standing nearby. Her confusion-offense-disbelief must have been strong with her shields down as everyone clearly picked up on it. She opened her mouth then closed it again, unsure if she should respond even as she released the less useful emotions into the embrace of the force after acknowledging them.

“Have something to say to this, do you?” Looking to a Councilor who was the same race as Yoda she bit the inside of her cheek before bowing her head slightly.

“I do, Masters, if you will permit me?” She felt their assent and turned toward the older Master, who was regarding her with a raised brow. “Master Jinn,” she began carefully. “I believe I explained myself quite well earlier when I told you that my manner was in no way meant to be disrespectful. I could not, and can not, in good conscience call you Master in the presence of two recently freed slaves. Their path of healing will be long and difficult enough without keeping them in that mindset any longer than necessary. If I were to have acted as I normally did in the presence of a Jedi Master they would have mistaken my respect and courtesy as something entirely different and would have become uncomfortable, closed off even.” There was a jolt of surprise in the force from the Councilors but she ignored it for the time being. “I respect your title and the wealth of experience you possess but I am a Healer first. I will do what is best for the health, both physical and mental, of my charges.” She paused for breath before deciding to just put it all out there at once. She was on a roll, might as well continue.

“That’s no excuse.” He tried.

“It’s not an excuse, Master Jinn, but a legitimate reason. And speaking of Anakin,” she knew her voice had become sharper as her anger flared but she didn’t care. “I would like to ask what you thought you were doing trying to make decisions for my charges without my, or their, express permission?” Another feeling of surprise but this time it was accompanied by confusion and stubbornness as the Council turned to regard Jinn.

“As the one who found Anakin I thought it best to have him tested as soon as possible.” Liera took a moment to calm herself. She really didn’t like the man but that didn’t mean she could lose control.

“You were not the one to find the Skywalkers. Anakin found me and brought me to his home first, where I offered to heal his mother. I was there days before your arrival, Master Jinn.” The man huffed.

“As a Padawan you do not have a say in what happens to the boy and his mother.” Liera couldn’t help the mix of indignation-amusement that welled up within her.

“I think you will find, Master Jinn, that I do. As a Padawan I would have passed the duty on to my own Master. If he were unavailable, like now, I could hand their case off to either a Healer or another Master.” Jinn opened his mouth but she quickly continued. “Someone that I trust or who the Skywalkers would agree upon. Shmi has made it very clear that she would prefer me to speak on their behalf as someone they both trust.”

“You are only a Padawan, surely that is too much responsibility for a sixteen year old?” He responded. Next to him Obi-wan shifted uncomfortably, his aura dimming slightly in a way that she found a little concerning.

“I am a Healer. I’ve also worked with the freeing and repatriation of slaves for over two years now.” Except for the seven month hiatus she had spent on Haasufeiliah learning more about her species and their use of the force she had been very active in anti-slavery organizations. With her Master’s blessing of course. “If my files are still intact you will find I also passed all of my mind healing courses with top marks and was given the option of staying permanently in the Temple as a Mind Healer.” For a sixteen year old Padawan that wasn’t something to scoff at.

“Regardless of how they were found it is clear that the Skywalkers trust Padawan Buraaisuh, as evidenced by their desire to share her quarters. Not to mention the fact that they refused to leave her side while she was unconscious. She is also correct that a Padawan may continue to be a guardian at the insistence of those who were found. Especially in the case of slaves who have recently been freed.” A Tholothian Master spoke up and Liera smiled at her appreciatively. She could sense a kindred healing spirit when the woman nodded at her in acknowledgment.

“What is it the boy and his mother wish to do?” Liera turned to the dark skinned male human. She could sense his curiosity and careful consideration.

“Other than to not be separated? Shmi was looking about becoming a mechanic, although she is far from self sufficient or healthy enough for the workforce. Anakin, on the other hand, wants to become a Jedi.” She could feel vindication from Master Jinn and refrained from giving him a look. Whatever satisfaction he got from her words meant nothing compared to what Anakin wanted. “From what I understand he has strong visions, primarily in the form of dreams, and has seen himself becoming a jedi for as long as he can remember. I won’t lie, he is very powerful, enough so that meditating with him on the force gave me a nosebleed.” There were concerned looks from all around but she ignored them. She was fine.

“Master Che reported that he healed your broken bonds without any knowledge of mind healing or the force.” She nodded.

“I currently have a very strong mental bond with him at the moment, one he forged entirely himself by taking the remains of my previous bonds and fusing them together… somehow.” Even she had no idea what exactly he’d done. “I believe that he is too strong and has been using the force subconsciously for too long to be left alone. Without training I believe it’s only a matter of time before something goes spectacularly wrong and he uses the force in a way others won’t be able to ignore, or that he himself won’t be able to control. That doesn’t even begin to touch on what would happen if a Darkside cult or Fallen Jedi were to find him without any protection whatsoever.” There was an obvious jolt among the councilors at her words.

“These are alarming claims. What experience do you have with such things?” Liera blinked in confusion for a moment.

“Master Paldrel, my own Master, was a Blademaster of the Order and was often sent to confront Darksiders and Fallen Jedi. His standing mission was to root out the last splintered remains of the Brotherhood of Darkness.”

“The Brotherhood has long since been dealt with, Padawan. It has been centuries since we’ve found any evidence of their existence or the existence of their successors.” She nodded, accepting their words easily.

“Of course, Masters, although that may take my subconscious some time to fully accept considering the circumstances. I still believe that it would be best if Anakin at least had some training, in shielding and control if nothing else. Once they are more settled I feel that an Educorps tutor would be good for the both of them.” She shook her head. “Because let’s not forget; his mother is also force sensitive.” That seemed to stir the council a little.

“This is true. Although she has a way of hiding this fact, does she not?” A Quermian master commented.

“She does. I can’t imagine what she’s gone through that suppressing her presence, and that of her son, became a commonplace tactic to protect them both.” She let her distress at the very thought of what they had suffered out into the force. She could hug her two new favourite people later.

“Believe, I do, that training young Skywalker a danger would be.” Master Yoda stated. Liera frowned as the focus in the room shifted to the elder councilor.

“As I said before, Master, I believe he’s just too strong to not be trained and besides that he’s already wakened to the force. Leaving him defenseless would be a danger to a lot more people than training him to control himself. His mother can’t keep him contained much longer, he’s already like staring at a supernova in the force.” Next to her Jinn cleared his throat and took a small step forward.

“Councilors I believe the Padawan is correct.” She looked at him in surprise, as did most of those in the room. “I believe the boy to be the Chosen One. I’d like to offer to… tutor him.” Everyone looked to Liera and she had to carefully release her frustration as she turned toward the large man.

“No.” Everyone stilled at the simple declaration.

“I beg your pardon, Padawan?” She squared her shoulders at the incredulity in his voice and stood as tall as she could, which wasn’t very tall but she was trying.

“I said no, Master Jinn. Shmi does not trust you around her son. As her representative I am telling you; no.” There was a feeling as if the very force itself was holding its breath.

“On what grounds? Am I being accused of misconduct?” The man asked her, voice deceptively light.

“Master Jinn, did you not notice that Shmi has no husband, nor has she mentioned Anakin’s father in any way?” The man frowned. “She is a younger woman who has been a slave for many years, ten at the very least. I will not discuss the realities of her situation but she has a clear and obvious fear of men, especially older men. And you, Master Jinn, have a tendency to tower over anyone who is not of a similar height.” The man blinked at her for a moment before his demeanor shifted. Finally a look of understanding flashed in his eyes and she breathed a sigh of relief.

He was starting to see the bigger picture.

“Believe, you do, that become a Jedi this boy can?” Turning to the female councilor of Yoda’s species she nodded.

“He has the potential and the right mindset. He wants nothing more than to help people and has a very kind heart. With careful healing and therapy, as well as private tutoring, he could become an exceptional Jedi. And masters, he has already shown an interest in healing. The galaxy could always use more healers.” The Tholothian councilor, the one she figured was also a healer, smiled at her.

“Would you take him as a padawan if you passed your trials of knighthood?” Her mouth fell open slightly in surprise.

“Oh, Force, no! Need I remind you, masters, that meditating with him on the force earlier gave me a nosebleed? I am far too sensitive to take on his training. By the time he is ready to become a padawan his presence will be strong enough to suffocate me.” She shook her head sadly. “No, masters, I am not capable enough to be his master and I’m not certain I would be the right one for the job anyway. Anakin is strong in the Unifying force, which I am practically blind to. My skills lie in the Living force.” For some reason this seemed to be a surprise to many in the room.

“It is good to see one so young who is so wise to their own faults and weaknesses.” The Thisspiasian master said with a small smile. Liera ducked her head, cheeks heating slightly at the praise.

“Jedi Healers tend to be more practical than the more reckless ranks of knights, even our padawans.” The Tholothian councilor said in approval, a smile playing at the corner of her lips. Liera couldn’t help but grinning in response. It seemed that the dynamic between the warriors and the healers of the Order hadn’t changed at all in the seven hundred years she’d been… away.

“What do you intend to do now, Padawan?” Liera sobered quickly.

“I would like to continue on as I was before I was… sent here. I want to finish my advanced healers certifications and eventually undergo my trials of knighthood.” The councilors shared looks with one another and she could feel their presences mingling in the force as they held a silent conversation. Out of respect she lowered her eyes, allowing them privacy she knew they would not have if she were to stare at them.

“Very well, padawan. We will test the boy and see where he is mentally and spiritually, taking into consideration his past as a slave. You will undergo the advanced padawan trials so we might place you with a new Master.” She bowed at the waist, lowering her head in gratitude.

“Thank you, masters, I look forward to completing my training.” Before she could take her leave she was stopped by a voice.

“Padawan Kenobi, why don’t you escort Padawan Buraaisuh back to her quarters? Master Che has not completely cleared her health yet.” The redheaded padawan blinked at the council for a moment before glancing to his master. Jinn smiled and gave him a small nod.

“Of course, Master Allie. Councilors, may the force be with you.” Obi-wan bowed politely before turning around to smile at her. “Shall we?” She smiled in return and the two of them left the council chambers together.

Liera Buraaisuh
Knight Officer

Force Alignment: 32
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Mando'ad She'laar, Light Side Jetii

« Reply #16 on: March 15, 2021, 03:41:17 PM »

Chapter 6: The Temple (Part 2)

Standing outside the council chambers she looked up at the redheaded padawan. “You don’t have to escort me if you don’t want to. I know my way around.” She said gently, seeing how he was a little distracted.

“Ah, well, I… if you don’t mind I would like to visit Lady Shmi and Anakin to see how they’re faring.” The older padawan said, slipping his hands nervously into his sleeves. Liera smiled.

“Of course I don’t mind! I’m sure Ani and Shmi would love to see you.” The redhead smiled at her as they began the long walk back to Liera’s shared quarters.

Although neither of them spoke during the walk it wasn’t a silence filled with awkwardness. Both of them were occupied by their own thoughts and before they knew it they were coming up to the door.

Before Liera could press the control pad the door whooshed open and a streak of pure light barreled into her. From inside the room they could hear a chiding ‘Anakin!’ from Shmi. Liera laughed and hugged the boy back.

“Liera! You’re back!” Finally noticing their guest the boy gasped. “Obi-wan!” The redhead chuckled.

“Hello again Anakin. Might I come in?” He motioned toward the doorway. The boy grinned and nodded eagerly, grabbing her hand to drag her inside first. She shared an amused look over her shoulder with Obi-wan, who was silently chuckling, before allowing the blonde to drag her inside.

“Oh, I wasn’t expecting a visitor.” Looking up at Shmi she could see the woman standing there a little uncertainly. “I should make tea.” Obi-wan gave her a bright smile and a small bow.

“Please, don’t go out of your way on my account. I just came by to see how the both of you were doing.” Shmi’s shoulders loosened and she returned the bright smile with a slightly shy one of her own.

“It’s no trouble. Please, come sit down.” Liera blinked. Was that… affection in Shmi’s voice? Before she could look into it further Anakin tugged on her hand to get her attention.

“Yes?” She asked him with an amused smile. The boy reached into his pocket and shoved the object into her hand, as if afraid it might be seen. She can feel a jolt of power through her arm and bit down on a gasp. It was clear from touching the item that this was something Anakin had put a significant amount of time and effort into, and she hadn’t even seen it yet. Opening her hand she looked down at the white object and traced her fingers over the lines carved into it. They had been touched up with a bit of dark staining, to make them stand out more. She was surprised to find the lines looked eerily similar to the tattoos on her arms. Looking down into his face she saw the seriousness of his expression.

“It’s a piece of japor. I carved it for you. It’ll protect you and bring good fortune!” She could sense this was something very important to him and smiled gratefully for the gift.

“Thank you, Anakin. Will you help me put it on?” His presence brightened as she leant forward and presented her neck. He took the piece of petrified wood back and with his tongue sticking out of one side of his mouth he carefully tied the necklace around her neck so it was easy to slip over her head in case she needed to take it off again. Stepping back he gives her a pleased nod and she smiles.

Taking her hand he leads her over to the couch to sit between her and Obi-wan as Shmi finishes with the tea. “So what happened? Am I going to be a Jedi?” He looked between them, practically vibrating with excitement. Obi-wan let out a small chuckle.

“I believe that it is Liera’s news to tell.” She huffed playfully at him foisting the explanation off on her but she understood why he did so.

Coming out of the kitchen with a tray of steaming mugs Shmi set them down on the table before noticing the necklace. She looked mildly uncomfortable for a moment before carefully reaching over and tucking it beneath Liera’s tunics. She pressed her hand over where the pendant sat, looking Liera in the eyes. “Keep it near your heart.” Her words had a solemnity to them that spoke of a tradition long held. The necklace was not meant to be seen by others, it was something personal to be kept secret. Liera nodded solemnly in return.

Once Shmi was seated Liera explained that Anakin would be tested to see if he could be trained as a jedi. “But it’s not a certain thing, Ani, I want to make sure you know that so you don’t get your hopes up too high. I think you could make an excellent jedi in the future but I’m still only a padawan.” The boy frowned slightly, kicking his legs as he sipped at the warm beverage, sweetened with honey.

“I feel like I have to become a jedi… or something bad will happen.” The blonde said with a concerned frown.

“Even if you don’t become a jedi there are a lot of professions that will allow you to help other people. You could become a doctor, for instance. That way you could help the sick, the injured… former slaves.” Obi-wan’s eyes were sad but honest as he looked down at Anakin. “If you learned how to be a surgeon you could even remove their chips. I think that would be very admirable, even if you didn’t become a jedi.”

The room was quiet for a moment as Anakin thought over Obi-wan’s words.

“Do jedi healers get to learn that sort of thing too?” Liera chuckled and placed a hand on his head, ruffling his hair slightly. He squawked and pushed her hand away with a pout.

“If I finish my advanced courses I’ll be able to do basic field surgery and if the chips are somewhere easy to reach I would be able to, yes.” Technically she could do it now but without the right knowledge she was afraid she would activate the chips by mistake and lose her patient. She would rather learn how to do it properly before even trying. “But it is very dangerous to try without knowing what you’re doing.” Anakin sat quietly again.

“What sorta stuff do I have to learn to be a doctor?” She let out a sigh of relief. At least he was entertaining the idea of other options.

“Biology, mathematics, organic and inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, and physics. You’ll also want to look into language and cultural courses as well. Some cultures are against certain types of medicines due to religious reasons, and as for language- not every sentient is going to understand Basic.” She thought about it for a moment. “If you want to help with the repatriation organizations I’d look into law courses too. So you can defend your decisions in court and explain sentient rights to your patients properly.” It was a lot, she knew from experience, but she knew someone like Anakin could do it if he really set his mind to it.

“It sounds like a lot, but the classes usually take anywhere from ten to twelve years to complete. You’re very intelligent, Anakin, so I know you would be able to do it if that was what you chose.” Obi-wan said with a reassuring smile. The blonde looked down at his cup before looking across at his mother.

“If that is what you want to do, Ani, I’ll support you. Always.” Smiling he set his cup down on the caf table and hopped off the couch. He grabbed Obi-wan’s wrist and tugged on it gently.


“Can you help me with my tests?” Obi-wan chuckled and stood.

“I can only do so much, the tests are meant to help you.” The boy rolled his eyes.

“I know that! But it’s easier when someone else is there!” As he was pulled away Obi-wan looked back at them. Liera gave him a cheeky grin and a wave while Shmi gave him an encouraging smile.

The rest of his time visiting was spent with Anakin at the dining table, explaining what he could and giving the boy encouragement when he faltered. Liera could feel Shmi’s careful interest as she kept an eye on them, still a little anxious in their new environment. Liera offered to help her cook and the two of them spent their time talking about different recipes.

It was a relaxing evening after the excitement of the day and Liera fell into bed at the end feeling as if everything was going to be alright.

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