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Author Topic: Customer Service  (Read 401 times)
Knight Commander

Force Alignment: 603
Posts: 2566

May the force be with you! (give light side )

« on: May 03, 2024, 10:34:39 PM »

Hey Ya'll I just wanted to give a shout out to the live chat and customer service here at Ultra sabers. They helped me with my reward points and answered all my questions promptly and professionally.
 I've been a customer here a long time and I'm very happy with the live chat and customer serves here at Ultra sabers I think that they went above and beyond. Thank you to the Ultra Sabers Staff!

Sabers I own:                                           
 Graflex Tri-cree AB w/s & bronze buttons
 Consular CG w/s an silver foc
 Archon CG w/s an silver foc
 Prophecy CG w/s an silver foc
 Dorinian SRD w/lite s and AB foc
 Exile in CG w/s an silver foc
 Guardian in GB
 Aeon V3 in GB
 Dark Standard Issue BR w/vert grooves
 Dark Apprentice AB (Free)
 Sentinel LE V4 w/windows in SY
 Dark Sentinel LE V5 in AB (Raffle prize)
 Initiate LE V4 in GB
 Dark Initiate V2 in GB (free)
 Franken saber in VA
 Dominix LE V2 in BR (friend)
Wish list: Sound in my Guardian, Dark Prophecy BR

Knight Major

Force Alignment: 15
Posts: 355

« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2024, 11:24:06 PM »

Same experience here.

Stats (vitals)
Collection so far

Aeon v5 le in SRD with what used to be lite sound and sentinel v5 stunt pommel aka my night pommel, crashing now since I broke it AkA my old night saber

Azure Fallen diamond my main dancing saber

Initiate v2 stunt in orange cannot tell what one
Now with 40in night blade ultra edge heavy grade main sleep saber

Apprentice v5 stunt hot pink purely a daytime and disaster saber

Crimson Dominicide in BR lite sound
My number 2 sleep  saber

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