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Author Topic: Meow - Hello  (Read 92 times)
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« on: May 13, 2024, 10:07:28 PM »


I'm Lizzy. I just purchased my first saber as a memorial to my oldest brother. He instilled my love of Star Wars and the complexity of the world (in more ways than one.) He passed in 2020 and as part of my inheritance, it was decided by my parents that I get a custom lightsaber in his honor.

Looking forward to the combat of life without him. And of course my super awesome saber. O:-)

GNU David (for any Discworld'ians)

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« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2024, 03:27:08 PM »

Hello and welcome to the forums,
 Sorry for your loss but what a great way to honor him. I hope that you love your saber and share pics of it when you get it.
Hopefully it will bring happy memories of your brother every time you turn it on!
There's nothing like turning on your saber and hearing that sound, It puts a smile on my face every time. MTFBWY!

Sabers I own:                                           
 Graflex Tri-cree AB w/s & bronze buttons
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 Archon CG w/s an silver foc
 Prophecy CG w/s an silver foc
 Dorinian SRD w/lite s and AB foc
 Exile in CG w/s an silver foc
 Guardian in GB
 Aeon V3 in GB
 Dark Standard Issue BR w/vert grooves
 Dark Apprentice AB (Free)
 Sentinel LE V4 w/windows in SY
 Dark Sentinel LE V5 in AB (Raffle prize)
 Initiate LE V4 in GB
 Dark Initiate V2 in GB (free)
 Franken saber in VA
 Dominix LE V2 in BR (friend)
Wish list: Sound in my Guardian, Dark Prophecy BR

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