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Author Topic: Saber out for repairs =(  (Read 575 times)
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« on: March 24, 2012, 09:02:42 AM »

       I'm am sooo having withdrawals and I still need to ship it out for repairs... I already have to fight my youngest to use his Prophecy while mine is out of commission. But all is well. made contact with deep and just need to hit fed-ex on Monday to send it out. I have to admit it took about a week to get a reply. Then I realized My E-mail might of got lost in his inbox from all the build up from being away at the Con. So I sent a friendly reminder yesterday and got a reply by this morning. (Sorry if I seem impatient Deep and Thanks !).

      This was my issue. My saber was fine for about 2 weeks. then the LEd started acting up. I'd shut the saber off but the FOC color and AV would stay lit. So I took the ends off to look inside to see if there were any bare wires. nothing that I could see, but I found it a little difficult to stuff all the wiring back into the hilt with the quick disconnect. after I did this the saber worked fine, until I went to take the batteries out. I couldn't get the pack out far enough to get to the batteries. I'm thinking i might of did something taking the MLS out to tangle the wires.

      So I've learned something....If your going to get a hilt under the 12in mark, you might want to be sure of the color you want. Because US is pretty generous with the extra wire in the upper part of the hilt.   (not a bad thing mind you.)     And being only about 2in of space between the MLS and power button makes it a VERY tight fit for the QD wiring and connections. Just one more thing for someone to consider when looking into a buy.

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