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Author Topic: Raining masters  (Read 1414 times)
Kaiden Shardsbane
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« on: February 10, 2011, 06:22:43 PM »

Sorry it's a bit short.  Tell me what you guys think.

   Dark clouds hung low over the city, unleashing torrents of heavy rain onto the few people who dared to venture from the shelter of their dwellings.  They scurried across the streets, darting from place to place to avoid the wet.  Dominating this cityscape rose the Jedi Temple, imposing in it’s looming towers and huge pillars.  And atop this monolith, a small doorway led onto the immense roof.  Just a small maintenance hatch, really, but today it opened for two Jedi, who climbed out and stood on the grey, wet durasteel.
   “Master, why must we practice in this pouring rain?”  Asked the shorter one, a human padawan of about fifteen years.
   “Because you need it.  And because it’ll be fun.”  Torin Dol said, his voice amplified by the mask that kept him alive.  He held out his hand, reaching through the force, and his lightsaber flipped up from his belt to land in his palm.
   His padawan also drew his lightsaber, the blue cascade of energy annihilating the raindrops that fell into it.  Then they were dueling, the blue blade clashing and fizzing against the bright orange one.  He struck upwards, slicing towards his student’s stomach, but his orange blade was swept to the side, and he redirected the energy of his attack into a block that smashed into the blue arc that came at his shoulder.  Then he spun around and lunged, stabbing his saber forward, where it was again deflected, and countered.  They went back and forth several times like this, falling into a rhythm that only forms between master and apprentice, always close but never touching each other. 
   Torin walked slowly as he fought, keeping his feet steady instead of his usual acrobatic leaping.  He didn’t want to slip on the wet metal when they were going this fast.  Their blades accelerated, blurring as they spun around the Jedi.  And then they were at the edge of the roof, balanced precariously at the brink.  Torin crouched, ducking under a kick from the younger warrior.  Then he leapt upwards, flipping backwards over the edge, laughing aloud as he fell below the roof level.
   Turning over, he saw his student follow, diving over the side and continuing the duel.  In freefall now, the rain seemed to stop, falling at the same rate as the two Jedi.  The water drops glittered like the tiny crystals in the glow of the sabers, before they dissipate in the blades’ heat.  Their sabers flashed, and they tumbled over and over, weaving a web of energy between themselves with their blades.  The building flew past beside them, blurring as they neared the ground.
   Torin glanced down, and deactivated his lightsaber as he slipped out of his cloak, revealing the antigrav pack on his back.  His padawan did likewise, and a second later the packs self-activated, slowing their fall to a safer speed.  Looking down, Torin chuckled and angled his fall so that he landed in the midst of a cluster of unsuspecting younglings.  He struck a heroic pose and touched down, startling them.  They jumped back at the strange sight of a Jedi falling from the sky.
   “Now that’s how it’s done!”  He exclaimed, catching his cloak as it fell and swinging it onto his shoulders.  Puffs of steam rose from his mask as he panted for breath, curling around his goggles.  Several Jedi nearby shook their heads, chuckling at his antics.  The younglings laughed nervously, and scurried off.  His padawan jogged up, breathing hard from the exertion of the duel.  Torin turned to him and clapped his shoulder proudly.
   “That was good.”  He affirmed, “Good enough that I’ve decided we’re done for now.  Go do whatever you kids do for fun.”
   His apprentice bowed quickly and headed back into the temple, grinning.  In his rush, however, he forgot to catch his cloak, which fluttered to the ground near the entrance.  Torin shook his head and scooped it up, slinging it over his shoulder as he waked towards the gateway.  But as he passed between the pillars, an ancient voice waylaid him.
   “A bit old for that, you are getting, hmm?”  He turned to see Master Yoda leaning on his cane under the shelter of a tall statue.  Torin went over and stood by him in the statue’s shadow, watching the Jedi go about their business.
   “Maybe, Master.  Maybe I am.  But what are we to do?  These kids need some excitement.  And we all know how exciting meditation is to a youngling.”  He laughed, remembering when he was a padawan.
   Yoda chuckled, and Torin bowed before walking into the temple.  A few young knights jogged past, carrying grav-ball gear, and Torin fell in beside them with a joke.  They laughed, and tossed him a set of gear as they climbed the stairs to the grav-ball courts.

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« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2011, 03:57:08 PM »

Hehe, good luck with the grav-ball!

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« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2011, 12:19:47 AM »

I love a Jedi with a sense of humor. Grin Very nicely done, Shardsbane! Keep it up!

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Darth Luran
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« Reply #3 on: February 22, 2011, 02:30:27 PM »

Everything I read that's written by you I like. Good job and keep it up. I want to hear more. Smiley

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