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Author Topic: EXCITED!!!  (Read 584 times)
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« on: May 13, 2012, 11:04:09 AM »

Hey guys!

So I just had to post something about whats going on because I cant keep all of it in Cheesy

First of all, I am VERY VERY anxiously waiting for my surprise "bonus" prize saber to arrive, it's like grab bag anxiety x10 lol. Whatever it is I am sure it will be an amazing saber, as is anything that is US related

The second thing is that I am in the midst of getting all the parts for my stunt saber projects. I decided to scrap the econo sound idea and add Illuminated AV's and crystal pommels to all of my sabers instead. I just didnt feel like I would be comfortable with adding toy sound effects into high quality sabers.

Anyway, I am OVER THE TOP excited for all of this to develop and I will do my best to post an adequate amount of pics/reviews of everything Smiley My summer has been made and I just barely started it!


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