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Author Topic: Master's Cloak  (Read 1511 times)
Knight Lieutenant

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« on: February 24, 2011, 02:25:10 PM »

The planetary sun has risen from the north, as the people on it gather themselves for this days
work. Miana is no exception, as the only child of the Adkudar Clan she has to work to live.
Her father, a merchant in selling droids, would sometimes be laughed upon as a descendant from
Jawas. Which the wife took no heed, as the flower in a wilderness when he courted her,
loved her husband as much as her only daughter. She would wake up before everyone in the household,
arrange the clothing for her husbands work, and cook a hearty breakfast for the whole family.

"Dear, a letter of import has arrived this morning," tenderly speaking to his husband.
With straight stature "ah, that is this days request for export at the Colean region." he replied
holding his wife's weathered hands, "today will be a good day." The young Miana looks at both
smiling, she is content seeing her parents as happy. "Dad, can you take me there today?"
Messing with his daughters blonde hair, "of course!"

Unlike other children, Miana is very interested with gadgets. She took up her fathers liking to
tinkering droids and mechanical problems most will be baffled to solve, not her.
She would sit down the bench and gets to work, as if everything her father knew she knew without
being taught about the matter. "She's a natural with droid technology," as her proud father would
say to customers hiring her services for quite a sum for a young lady.

And one such customer paid something far more than what he bargained for.

Looking suspiciously at the stranger in front of his desk, he doesn't know if it was a test to
see his credibility by the guild of merchants. As they are famous for tracking down corrupt merchants
as one would call them. "Sir, I don't know what is going on, but this amount for an audience with
my daughter is bewildering." He lowers his hood to show himself, "a private conversation for
five thousand credits, was it too small? I can add more."

The merchant surmised that there's nothing fishy about the gentleman, "very well, it is granted."
Turning his back to call with his com link, "Miana, someone wants to talk to you privately, is that
okay with you?" A hard metal object hitting another can be heard through the receiver,
"Who is it dad? Is it the guild merchant's son, Maxwell?" she had a long crush on him.

"No dear, someone out of the republic came today, are you alright with that?"  

"Wow, they came all the way here just to see me?"

"And paid credits just to talk with you, I'll show it to you later."

"Okay, on my way!"

The gentleman stood to wait outside, getting his landspeeder ready. "Thats a new model for
the landspeeder DV-B! It's the fastest produced in this planet!" she admiringly touched its
gleaming surface. "We can discuss more about this when we grab a bite at the local restaurant."
Holding her small tummy, it growled from her energetic metabolism, "sure thing, sir!"

"Call me Smokie, short for Smokiewan!" he yelled from the sound of the wind blowing past their ears.
Giggling from such a weird name, "thats a funny nick name!" Grinning "oh, thats what most people
call me, they got used to it without laughing sick on the ground!" laughing as they went.

After having some shakes and deserts, this guy asked me with a straight face, I mean really straight.
When he took off his hood, I thought he was some Uncle Leonard type of guy. He looked pretty neat
though, kind of my type when I get older.

He then proceeded to question whether I felt something inside me while doing what I love best.
Of course I said yes! I love fixing those poor droids, they work hard for us yet never cared for!
He sympathizes with me, which I felt genuinely. There's something about his words being, warm.

I felt very soft and fragile inside, he is sending me something through words I can't understand...


"Miana? are you alright?" holding her shoulder up promptly to her seat. "Ah! I'm sorry I dozed off."
Seating at his own, he extends out a device she probably heard of only in stories.
"Do you know what this is?" She pounders at it for awhile, searching inside her thoughts. Unknown to
her that she was tapping the force to her will, with it, she does what others seemed impossible.

This made Smokie's straight face break into a smile.

"A lightsaber! One of those relic weapons my dad used to have as a collection!" with curiosity, memorizing
each angle by image to her mind. A sponge it was, it drew to the force to comprehend such a magnificent
weapon created by the jedis in her bed time stories.

"Thats nice to hear, what happend to it?"

"He sold it when someone offered a big price for it, he said it wasn't suppose to be
for sale. But he can't deny a good offer so, he gave in." sadly and with regret, she could have
shown it to Smokiewan to return it to its owner. She wanted to know more about him, perhaps it won't happen anyway. "Are you familiar with the force?" he asked with a patient smile.

"Yup, a systematic use of will power. Which I don't think I have as of the moment." she heard that
a person can jump three times their height without grav boots, and read other minds as well.
Teasingly he said "Oh, will you believe me if I told you that you can learn it?" Suprised, "really?!"
"Yes, you are your self a force-sensitive, you just didn't realize while fixing impossibly ruined
droids, you tap into the force to know how."

With eyes glimmering under the light, "can you please teach me how? Please!?"
With a sigh and laughter followed, "Of course, that's my purpose for coming here, to ask you personally
if you, would like to be learn more about your skill in the force."

"Yes! I want to! Can you teach me then?"

"Wait until we get permission from your parents, I hold responsibility for your safety."

They left the restaurant with beaming faces, especially the young lady with glowing red cheeks
"You should have told us earlier that you are a jedi master! We could have sent her willingly!"
Miana's father telling the jedi, "you could have saved that much credit."
The master was humble, "I'm sorry to be of bother, but the outcome could have been
different if I had introduced my self that way."

"Forgiven, you payed the end of the deal so, no offenses taken." waving his hand to Miana.
"Come dear, this gentleman had told me you are willing to become a jedi, I ask you again,
do you want to be a jedi?" With a nod, "yes please, I'd like to be a jedi, father."

Looking back at the jedi master, the father gave a faint sigh "very well, stay for a week to
prepare your self and mother for your departure. I'm sure you are not that in a rush to get her
off this planet, master Smokie?"

"Yes, she may stay for another week. I, on the other hand, have to visit another
planet near this sector for scouting possible recruits." Leaving a mark on his
cloak to retain a connection with it through the force, Smokie hands over to Miana his cloak.
"Take it with you while I'm gone to another planet, I'll be back in weeks time to fetch you."
With some tears flowing from her cheeks, "please comeback after this week Smokie."

"I will, and take care of your master's cloak for him. Alright?"

"I will!" and she bade goodbye, for now.

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Knight Lieutenant

Force Alignment: 7
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« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2011, 04:38:50 PM »

It is finished! This is for Smokiewan's request.

And constantly updated!
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Knight Ensign

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What's with the darkside points people?

« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2011, 01:13:54 PM »

Pretty wicked. I feel like Hagrid! Grin

Can't wait to read more.


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Knight Lieutenant

Force Alignment: 7
Posts: 243


« Reply #3 on: March 01, 2011, 07:26:32 PM »

Pretty wicked. I feel like Hagrid! Grin

Can't wait to read more.

I'm honored, appreciated your approval!

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