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Author Topic: The Tale of Ridian  (Read 1200 times)
Darth Luran
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« on: February 25, 2011, 07:56:36 PM »

Just a little experiment. I was bored with a story stuck in my head so this is what happened.....

   "Good Lord boy! Keep that up and you'll soon rival Bosha!" said Rakhota as he watched his young padawan re-arrange all the pillars in the garden with the force. It was a beautiful day outside the Jedi Temple.... "It seems only yesterday we first met. I was astounded at the power you had at your age. We all were...... You know, in all my years, you've surpassed anything I've ever seen. Master Rajj and I were talking the other day and......."

   "Master, could you please stop talking? It throws off my concentration."

   "....we..oh, sorry boy... I'm getting old; old people ramble. I remember when I was just a little padawan. Master Kreeji would be pound of me now that I've got you to boast....."

   "Master you're doing it again..."

   ".....there were...oh damn...I'm sorry, Ridian. That’s enough for today anyway. Go get your robe and I'll meet you in the courtyard and we'll grab some food."

   "Alright master....."

   Ridian ran through the halls to his room to get his robe.

   “Slow down boy!” yelled a few of the older Jedi masters as he passed.

   Master Rakhota slowly walked to the courtyard giving his beloved padawan enough time to get to his room and get back. His hair long and graying, he thought of his old age, and of his student. Nine years has he kept watch over this boy. The boy will turn sixteen in three months.

   Ridian saw his master waiting for him in the curve of the door. A smile erupted on his face and he ran to meet him.
They returned and said good night to each other and Ridian headed off to bed.

He had trouble sleeping. He was haunted by dreams of sadness and despair. He could hear screaming, and the color red...blood?.....pain...hatred...morning....his master in a new place, unfamiliar....he awoke, full of anger, but quickly regained composure.

   He hurried down to meet his master but kept his dreams to himself. Visions of the dark side are not good, and he knows this.

   "Ah Ridian, come here boy, I've got something to tell you. How would you feel about visiting a planet? We'll leave about midday if you'd like."

   The thought of last nights dream suddenly occurred to Ridian.

   "Ridian? You ok, boy?"

   "...Oh..." Ridian just realizing the dazed look on his face" .....Yes Master.......I'm fine.."

   " Are you sure? You know you can tell me anything....Ridian......"

   " I know master, I....I'm fine really....."

   "Alright, boy........You want to go?"

   ".....Yes Master....I'll go"

   " You don't want to go?"

   " yes...I want to go ..Master...... I'll go get my saber and my things..."

   "Alright, meet me back on the flight deck, we'll take my Starfighter just for fun, ok?"

   "Alright Master"

   Rakhota watched his Padawan run back to his room. He felt a disturbance in the force, yet he paid no attention. He was far to worried about a sudden leak that arose on his ship.

   Ridian returned with his saber and his gear to the flight deck and waited patiently for his master to fix the problem.

   "Master, where are we going?"

   " Oh.....uh..." Master Rakhota jamming a wrench in a socket while holding up a few more wrenches in the air with the force " We're going to Coronet City, on...uh, Corellia. For a guarding job. Senator Reshma's going to head a council meeting the day after we get there. We're going damn! (Oil spraying into his face, and immediately wiping it off)...we're going to protect him for a couple days until he goes back to Coruscant."

   He jumped down off the ship. "Alright, all done. Ready to go?"

   "Yes Master."  

They loaded up, closed the cockpit and went out into space. Shortly outside the atmosphere, they linked up to the hyperdrive ring and shot out into the stars.

   They arrived in the afternoon on Corellia. They saw the last glimpses of the sunset before docking. Unpacking their gear, they saw two familiar faces walking towards them. Its was Master Ra-Tej and his padowan Gord Aj-Hul. Ridian often played with the boy after their training; Ridian was two years older than the boy, but he was skilled for his age. His master was also very skilled and long time friends with Rakhota.
   "What are you doing here!?" screamed Rakhota across the landing pad, " There's enough old geisers on this planet now that I've arrived! Haha!"
   "We've come to attend the council meeting." said Ra-Tej walking closer, "What are you two here for? Certainly not the council meeting, never seen anyone less enterested in politics than you my friend!"
   "Well, kinda," explained Rakhota, now shaking hands with his old friend, "We're here to protect Reshma until he leaves."
   "Ah, the old bodyguard job, always ennjoyed those"
   "And, " continued Rakhota " I wanted to get Ridian out of that damn training room for a little while. Boy's strong, but we all need a little vacation at some point... You know, I need to ask you something. Uh..boys, why don't you whatever it is you guys do."
   They minded obediently. Rakhota took Ra-Tej around to the front of his Starfighter.
   "...There's something wrong..."
   "Well, something's troubling Ridian. I noticed it just before we left. We can both agree that he's got powers way beyond his years. Lightyears ahead of where we were at that age. There were subtle shakes in the force when I asked him if he wanted to come here, but even stronger disturbances immediately before we left. Something's wrong and he's troubled by it. I can sense his feelings, but he won't tell me anything..."
   "...Rakhota, he's just 15. If he wants to tell you he'll tell you. If not, leave his thoughts alone. He proba.."
   "You don't know him like I do," interupted Rakhota, "This boy is so powerful, it sometimes frightens me! If he only knew about the power he posseses, it could be...!"
   "Keep it down Rakhota!" advised Ra-Tej, fearing what might come next...
   "Let's just say, with these new troubles, and his uncontrollable power...I fear the worst."
   "Look, you both need to just take things easily these few days. This job will be easy enough, and you two can relax a bit. It looks like you both need some time out of the training room. If you need me, I'll be staying in the 24th district. Just let the boy cool off..."
   "I guess you may be right...
   "Ridian's a good boy. Take him around 4th district, show him the sights before Reshma gets here and you have no time for fun."
   "Alright, I guess we'll see you at the council meeting."
   "Goodbye friend," Ra-Tej turned and shouted, "Come Gord, we must make it back before it gets too late!"
   With that, the boys stoped playing and ran back. Ra-Tej and his padowan left for their room, and Rakhota and Ridian took their things to the room and went out to sight see before Senator Reshma arrives later that night.

There will be more to come if anyone likes it.
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[((____(_____(o___([[.....................Liberator Staff........................

Darth Luran
Knight Sergeant

Force Alignment: -1
Posts: 84

« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2011, 08:44:20 PM »

Really trying to finish this story. I've started multiple stories but this is the one I like most so I'm running with it. Like it, don't like it? Oh well, it's got more to come and it gets better soon......

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[((____(_____(o___([[.....................Liberator Staff........................

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