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Author Topic: Galactic Civil War Characters  (Read 20754 times)
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« on: July 01, 2012, 06:54:03 PM »


Character Information:

Home Planet:
Allegiance: (Rebel, Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Civilian, Etc)
Rank: (if applicable) (also note if this is Navy or Army rank. When in doubt, check the Ranking System thread in the GCW section)

Physical Description:

Combat Training: (1 Expert Max, 3 Average Max, 3 Total Max)
Special Skills: (3 Skill Max)
Weaknesses: (2 Minimum)
Studied Interests: (2 Expert Studied Max, 4 Average Studied Max, 4 Total Max)

Weapons: (3 Max)
Equipment: (3 Max)
Special Possessions:

Background History: (2 Paragraphs)

NOTES: Skills may be added to or trained up during game play with Mod approval. Weapons and Equipment may be added to during gameplay as well, with Mod approval.
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« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2014, 04:40:06 PM »

The character sheets have been altered to remove the option for Imperial characters as we are all going to be stationed on or working with the Qanotha.

Additionally, though everyone knows it at this moment, it should be noted for future players that there will be NO Force Sensitive characters in the GCW Era RP. That is not to say that when/if we move past the GCW and into the NJO, you'll have to abandon your character. If that time comes, I'm certain we can discuss sensitivity and powers being discovered. It just means that for now, we are all regular people on the Qanotha.

Also note that (because of a diminished crew, characters will need some cross-training. That means that we'll have a kind of Wraith Squadron vibe in that some pilots will have to be part of ground crew, groundpounders may need to be mechanics too, and other such things.

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« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2014, 08:54:17 PM »

Race: Human
Home Planet: Alderaan
Allegiance: Rebellion
Rank: Captain of ground forces
Class: Combat Engineer

Name: Coren Lunelle
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Physical Description: left handed, 5’11, Brown hair with a few grays, bluish green eyes, neatly trimmed mustache and beard, average build, tired baggy eyes and some wrinkles around his eyes and mouth from the stress of the war.

Combat Training: 1 Expert: Demolitions, 2 Average: shooting, hand to hand
Special Skills: Fluent in many alien languages, strategist, leadership
Weaknesses: Struggles with alcoholism after the loss of his family, gets uncontrollably angry when Non-Alderaanian beings speak of the now destroyed planet
Studied Interests: Very talented musician , distilling and brewing

Weapons: E-11 Carbine, DL-44 Blaster pistol
Equipment: Anti-vehicle mines, satchel charges, two way comm connected to the Captain of the Qanotha
Special Possessions: Alderaanian flute, personal still and distilling supplies

Background History: Born to cantina owners on Alderaan, Coren led a simple, happy life. He learned the art of brewing and distilling, helping his parents make the various alcohols that the patrons enjoyed. He also had a deep love of music, learning the Alderaanian flute at a young age. He often would entertain the patrons of the bar with his music.

Soon, his family expanded. They sold their brews to systems around the galaxy. While on delivery, the Death Star approached Alderaan. One month after the destruction of his home, Coren returned to what was once his home. He had previously heard rumors of the Empire decimating Alderaan, but shrugged them off as spacers’ talk. Reality having set in, he left the floating dust that was the remains of the planet in search of the Rebellion.

Coren swiftly achieved the rank of Captain, leading the ground troops in the various missions that the men and women of the Qanotha would undertake. The stresses of combat soon took their toll, however. Coren was a heavy drinker, a borderline alcoholic. He has never taken a drink on duty, but off shift he can mostly be found in a glass of intoxication.

During one particular mission, the Captain’s squad was infiltrated by a shape shifting being. Getting Coren alone, the being known as Deirdre captured him with the intentions of bringing him to the Imperials to be interrogated. Having escaped, he sabotaged the ship and forced a crash. Feeling bad for the being, he pulled her from the wreckage, saving her life. He saved her life for a second time when he pushed her into a ditch to avoid a strafing run by some TIE bombers. In honoring her blood debt, the two on became friends. Coren continues to serve the Rebellion with his friend at his side.
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« Reply #3 on: January 09, 2014, 09:28:20 PM »

Character Information:

Race: Yarkora
Home Planet: Unknown (not mentioned)
Allegiance: Alliance to Restore the Republic (Rebellion)
Rank: Naval Captain (Captain of the Qanotha

Name: Hrental
Age: 137
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Standing at the average height for his species, Captain Hrental was six-and-a-half feet tall and was very imposing. He had short, tan fur covering his body accentuated by tufts of dark hair on his face and chest. He dressed in the typical fleet uniform, but preferred to keep his arms bare.

Combat Training: 1 - Average ship to ship fighting (Corvette). 2 - Average ship to ship fighting (fighter). 3 - Average with blaster pistol
Special Skills: 1 - Able to pilot Corvette if needed. 2 - Able to survive long periods of time without food. 3 - Very good memory.
Weaknesses: 1 - Untrusted by many who have had previous dealings with Yarkora. 2 - Secretive to the point of suspicion.  
Studied Interests: 1 - Expert study of galactic history. 2 - Average study of various starcharts. 3 - Average study of Imperial formations and attack patterns.

Weapons: 1 - Blaster pistol. 2 - Vibroknife.
Equipment: 1 - Communicator. 2 - Datapad.
Special Possessions: Collection of letters kept away from all others.

Background History: Captain Hrental was a Yarkora through and through. No one outside of his home planet (which remained a secret) knew what his last name was or what he had spent his many years doing. What is known is that he worked in various unsavoury position throughout the galaxy before determining to right the wrongs he had committed. Fed up by his own crimes and those of other Yarkora, Hrental joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic in an effort to atone for his sins.

After joining the Rebellion, Hrental proved to be skilled in piloting various ships and in dealing with Imperial attacks. In time, he proved himself more than capable of the responsibility of Captaining a ship for the Rebellion and was tasked with leading the Qanotha and her crew. In keeping with his secretive nature, Captain Hrental preferred to keep the Qanotha separate from the majority of the Rebellion, and instead make guerrilla attacks against the Empire in secret.
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« Reply #4 on: January 09, 2014, 11:48:16 PM »


Race: Genetically Modified Human
Home Planet: None
Allegiance: Rebel
Rank: Navy Engineering Technical Warrant Officer

Name: Marik Thal
Age: 27yrs (25yrs as an adult)
Gender: Male
Height: 5' on all fours or 7' biped
Weight: 428 lbs
Physical Description: Heavily built, upper body is awkwardly unbalanced in ratio to body weight promoting quadruped locomotion most times, hairless, heavily scarred pale skin, very strong, slow and clumsy, wears prescription goggles and hearing aids

Combat Training: Expert grappling hand to hand, Average ship's guns, Average blaster
Special Skills: Mechanical systems, machinist, fabrication
Weaknesses: partially deaf, near sighted, reduced agility and running speed
Studied Interests: Expert chef, Expert engineering, Average communication, Average ethics, Average leadership

Weapons: Blaster
Equipment: portable technical multi-tool kit, communicator, data pad
Special Possessions: collection of spices, dried herbs, salts, peppers, etc. from around the galaxy

Background History: VX-387921 was born alongside a couple dozen other experiments within a secret Imperial genetics laboratory. The Imperial scientists were studying the potential of regression DNA modification, attempting to pull desired results from the deep layered code.  He survived the process long enough to know that he was one of the failures, but at least he was alive where as most all of the others died within hours to days after being removed from their birthing tubes.  While in his cell, awaiting his final day when they would dissect him in the name of the Empire, the facility was attacked by a Rebel commando unit.  Once freed he joined the Rebels, doing anything he could to be useful.

Trained as a Navy Mechanic he found he had an aptitude for machining and maintenance.  On his personal time he found a special affinity for food and cooking.  Pushing himself he accepted any mission he could, regardless of the risk and quickly found himself being promoted and advanced beyond his wildest hopes and dreams.

While he is clearly unhappy with being so far removed from his fellow humans, he is comfortable in his skin even when others are not, using humor to get through the tougher moments.

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« Reply #5 on: January 09, 2014, 11:59:04 PM »

Race: Human

Home Planet: Corellia

Allegiance: Independent smuggler, but often works with the Rebels

Rank: Captain (of her own ship)

Name: Belyra Vekraa

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Belyra is a beautiful redhead with long waist length wavy hair, either left out to hang down her back or roughly pushed back into a ponytail leaving a few sections of her shorter fringe to frame her face. She’s 5’9, with an attractively curvy body that is somewhat muscular and has dazzling green eyes. She wears a form fitting black flight suit that is suggestively undone at the top, with a dark brown tight leather jacket over the top left open at the front. She wears knee high leather boots that are the same dark brown as her jacket, with a vibroknife strapped to one. Two holstered pistols sit on the gun belt on her hips, along with a few pouches. She has a couple of light scars, one on the back of her shoulder and another on her upper arm as well as a vicious jagged angry looking red scar on her stomach, but they are almost always covered up. She is extremely self conscious of the scar on her stomach and very defensive about it.

Personality: quick witted, cheeky, extremely flirtatious, jokes a lot, very self confident. Very secretive and evasive when questioned. Lies easily and is usually a good actress. Very quick tempered and can get extremely defensive, doesn't hesitate to yell or swear at someone. Vain and is well aware of her good looks and how to use them to her advantage with men. Uses people without hesitation, is very untrusting. She can come off as being somewhat shallow, vain, self absorbed and greedy, but there is a bit more to her beneath the surface she just rarely lets it show. She does have some concern for others and dislikes what the Empire does, seeking to fight back in her own way. She prefers others to assume that she is uncaring however and that she is just in it for the credits.


Physical description: Hair dyed dark auburn and kept tightly plaited back out of the way the majority of the time. Features otherwise kept the same, sometimes leaves herself looking a bit more dirty from working on ships than she normally does and doesn’t worry about getting rid of bruises etc as quickly (to make her attractive features a little less noticeable.)

Usual clothing: black combat boots, black tank top with dusty brown coloured looser fitting armour weave pants and jacket, worn black and dark blue torso armour (fairly flexible, tough enough to disperse an indirect shot from a regular blaster pistol or stop a knife slash while still allowing a degree of freedom to move), matching worn black and dark blue bracers, black gloves, black utility belt with twin holsters strapped to her legs. Weapons: twin model 434 heavy blasters, retribution carbine kept in a scabbard on her back when not in use, boot sheath with vibroknife and a second vibroknife kept on her belt. When not in full armour Elayne will wear looser fitting clothing to hide her curves rather than her customary tight clothing, often tank tops or t-shirts with cargo pants, or loose fitting coveralls if working on her ship.

Personality: Elayne is a bit quieter and more reserved than Bel. She rarely flirts with others and doesn’t strut or show off her body. She is less temperamental and more level headed than the feisty smuggler usually is. She is more respectful of authority and rank and will tend to address people by their title or surname, rather than the overly familiar first name basis Bel uses. She is less joking and more serious, and less evasive when questioned. Regardless, much of Bel’s personality still shines through. She will choose the jobs she wishes and is a thrill seeker and risk taker so long as it is on her own terms. She is a little more accepting of orders but still doesn’t like being bossed around and will speak her mind if she thinks it is necessary. She masks her voice differently to how she does with Bel, deeper without its usual huskiness and lacking her Corellian accent.

Combat Training: Excellent shot with her dual pistols. Average at hand to hand combat.

Special Skills: Skilled pilot. Skilled starship mechanic (especially knowledgeable about Corellian transports, not as proficient with other manufacturers). Proficient at using stealth to get out of a situation.

Weaknesses: Her wise cracking and flirty ways can sometimes help her talk her way out of a situation, but sometimes get her into a great deal of trouble. She has a bit of trouble with authority, and doesn't like being told what to do. She recently got a bounty on her head in Imperial space which restricts her movements. Due to a combination of her profession and past events she has severe trust issues, and likes to be in control of a situation at all times.

Weapons: 2 model 434 “DeathHammer” heavy blaster pistols. 1 vibroknife.

Equipment: YT2400 light freighter. Has been modified for smuggling. Comm-link. Small datapad kept tucked inside her jacket.

Studied Interests: Languages of other species- has decent understanding and ability to speak Huttese, can speak and understand phrases of many other languages but isn't proficient in them. Starship modifications.

Background History: Belyra Vekraa, or “Bel”, was raised on Corellia. When she wasn’t helping her extended family with their small cargo transport company in the warehouse, she was out on one of their ships. As a result she has a decent understanding of starships and their mechanics, especially small corellian transports and is a skilled pilot. She also learnt a decent amount from multiple alien languages. When she was older she started shipping out and working under others, and found she loved the thrill and pay of working as a smuggler. She eventually worked her way up to gaining her own ship, a CEC YT2400 light freighter "Wagtail's Shadow" modified with even heavier armor and weapons, and more than a few hidey holes to stash illegal goods. Though she doesn’t have any real loyalty to anyone but herself, she doesn’t share much love for the Empire. The recent bounty she got has forced to flee from Imperial space and go to the Rebels for assistance.

Her choice of profession has helped train her abilities to defend herself, and she wields her two DeathHammer pistols with ease and accuracy. In close quarters she’s not afraid to use her knives or fight using hands and feet and she has quick reflexes and movement. She’s outgoing, quick witted and flirts easily. She learnt early on that men were attracted to her looks and she uses that to her advantage, not above using her assets to get what she wants. If that doesn’t work as planned, then she’s not above using lethal force to get what she wants either. She is extremely secretive and keeps her true past to herself, often evading questions or easily lying about things when asked.

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« Reply #6 on: January 10, 2014, 12:43:14 AM »


Race:   Human
Home Planet:     Naboo
Allegiance:     Rebel
Rank:     Lieutenant Junior (fighter)

Name:     Jerima Krist
Age:     28
Gender:     male
Physical Description:     5'9". A lean build, perfect for the cramped quarters of a fighter cockpit. He has pale skin, with  short dirty blond hair, and a clean-shaven beard. His eyes are brown, with barely visible eyebrows. He has a firm mouth, which often appears to be frowning.

Combat Training:     1. Average fighter pilot 2. Average mid-range rifleman 3. Average training with close range weapons such as vibroknives.
Special Skills:     1. Slicing 2. droid repair 3. quick thinking/problem solving (the type of problem solving that results in things being temporarily held together by duct tape and zip ties)
Weaknesses:     1. Often naive 2. reacts poorly to what he perceives as unjust criticism 3. Tendency towards pessimism/jaded (it often can be juxtaposed with his naivete, resulting in somewhat illogical views on things.)
Studied Interests: 1. Excellent musician. 2. Average speaker of some alien languages 3. Occasional poet 4. Average cook/chef.

Weapons:      1. Salvaged E-11 rifle 2. Dl-44 pistol 3. Vibroknife
Equipment: 1. comm unit 2. data spikes/cylinders 3. datapad
Special Possessions:     1.R2-N3 astromech droid 2. a lute

Background History: The son of a Naboo Security Officer and N-1 pilot, Jerima grew up around ships, blasters, and a general air of distrust of the Empire, after its founding. Despite his father's repeated attempts to convince Jerima to join the Guard, Jerima preferred tinkering with droids and computers, which gave him experience both with fighting and slicing. His father, Luc, died in Queen Apailana's uprising, further tainting his view of the Republic-turned-Empire.

Jerima, deciding that he could not stay on Naboo with it being so dominated by Imperial soldiers, left the planet and eventually joined up with the Rebel Alliance. Despite his initial resistance to flight and combat training, he picked them up rather quickly and was posted to the Qanotha.
(Will be updating History at a time when I can make words better.)
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« Reply #7 on: January 10, 2014, 05:59:48 AM »


Character Information:

Race: Human
Home Planet: Kuat
Allegiance: Rebel
Rank: Pilot (Lieutenant Junior Grade)

Name: Daeron "Dar" Sandor
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Thin but athletic, stays in shape.  Slicked back, mid length hair and blue eyes.  Weighing in at a solid 135 pounds, stands at 5'9" tall.

Combat Training: (Expert) Fighter to Fighter combat maneuvers, Blaster rifle/pistol training, Basic hand to hand combat training.
Special Skills: (Expert) Starship Maintenance, (Average) Astromech Droid Maintenance, (Average) Blaster Rifle Marksman (not a sniper, just good with favored rifle)
Weaknesses: Extreme Elements (hot, cold, humid, arid), Issues with authority (based on morality of orders given and how well he knows the officer in command), Can't stand to have piloting skills questioned (sometimes over confident)
Studied Interests: (Expert) Advanced Fighter to Fighter Combat Maneuvers, (Average) Planetary Travel Lanes, (Average) Hyperspace Trajectories, (Expert) Starship Engineering and Maintenance.

Weapons: KX-60 Blaster Rifle, DL-44 Blaster Pistol, Vibroblade (short-blade 4 1/2")
Equipment: Hush-98 Com link, Standard Survival Kit, Starship Maintenance Tool Kit
Special Possessions: R-Series Astromech Droid (R2-D9), holo-projector (images of family),

Background History: Daeron comes from a middle class family on Kuat.  His father was a proud worker of Kuat Drive Yards and inspired Daeron to become an engineer and pilot.  After the empire took control that is when things changed in his life.  The death of innocent people for the "greater good" seemed ok at first....but then the over confidence in the Imperial troops grew.  Daeron saw too often troopers excersizing their "authority" in all the wrong ways.

Taking his knowledge of starships, he left home to join the rebels.  He had heard his father speak of them frequently, he had also heard his father talk about the Empires push for battleships of all classes as well.  Knowing there was a war brewing, Daeron knew he could be a valuable asset to the rebel cause.  Becoming a pilot and devoting his skills to the Rebels has so far proven to be a good choice.  Daeron can only hope the war will not yield any more casualties or destrucion than necessary.  But he will do what is needed within his idea of necessity and morality to stop the oppression.
His issues with authority have kept him from rising in the ranks as well. Fortunately the Qanotha and her crew needed mechanics and pilots.  So along with the other remaining crew members Daeron has made the Corvette his new home.

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« Reply #8 on: January 10, 2014, 06:59:15 PM »


Race:       Shi’ido ('ido)
Home Planet:    Lao-mon
Allegiance:    Rebellion
Rank:       Warrant Officer
Name:       Deirdre
Age:       119 years old
Gender:    N/A
Physical Description(s):
Shi’ido: 6’,  granite colored skin, deep set black eyes, body shape adjusts regularly
Human: 5’3”, Female, long dark red hair, fair skin, green eyes, athletic build
Nautolan: 5’11”, light blue skin, black eyes, left nostril pierced, slightly muscular for a female Nautolan
Mirialan: 5’9”, medium green skin, blue eyes, short, choppy black hair. Tattoos differ slightly every time it takes the Mirialan form
Dashade: 6'7", green and red skin, battle scars down both arms, black eyes
Combat Training:    Explosives ordinance (expert), blaster pistols (average), short blade combat (average)
Special Skills:      Shapechanging (mastered 4 forms, other forms are often imperfect mimics), skin folds (is able to keep equipment hidden within its body).
Weaknesses:   Fixation on protecting Captain Coren from harm, fixates on curiousities easily
Studied Interests:   Dashade Culture (expert), diplomacy (average), slicing (average), hyperspace theory (average)
Weapons:   Modified DH-17 Blaster (enhanced scope and barrel), Vibro-knuckles (modified for DaShade hands), Vibro-dagger
Equipment:   Commlink, rapelling kit, stun restraints (restraints that could electrocute the wearer)

Deirdre left her planet at the age of 60 with her mentor, B’look to study other species in the galaxy. It quickly became enthralled with the many different species that they encountered and began to become disgusted at the Shi’ido’s unstable body. One of the first species that B’look wanted to study closely was the Dashades. They came across a small, isolated colony of them in the Outer Rim. This was the first form that Deirdre was able to master after observing the Dashades for some time, before the two were able to infiltrate the colony. From there, they both learned a great deal about the culture, and Deirdre became fond of their blood debts. It found honor amongst some of the most potentially horrifying creatures that it had ever met.  
After spending 15 years studying the Dashades and integrating themselves into their culture, the two decided to move on to other areas, studying more diversified cultures and Deirdre continued to work on its shape changing abilities, eventually mastering a human form and preferring to stay within that form at most times, as it was simple to maintain and recall. They became interested in the Galactic Republic and began a new life within it as traders. During the Jedi Purge B’look was killed after being mistaken for a Jedi after it was seen during a shape change. Stuck on Corellia after the purge, Deirdre’s true origins were discovered by the Imperial Intelligence and it was recruited into the agency. During this time, it was trained as an assassin and spy. It further developed its shapechanging abilities to master a Nautolan and a Mirialan form, preferring to keep to the female version of the humanoid species as it could gain the trusts of other humanoids easier in the more attractive forms.
Eventually Deirdre was tasked with infiltrating Captain Coren Lunelle’s squad in order to capture and return the Captain to Imperial space for interrogation. It successfully infiltrated the squad and was able to isolate itself with the Captain on Ryloth, where it changed to its Dashade form and overpowered the Captain, capturing it. During transit the Captain escaped and sabotaged the ship, causing it to drop out of Hyperspace and crash land on Far Qasqi. Coren pulled Deirdre out of the wreckage and tended to its wounds. Over the next six months, the two had to form a peace in order to survive on the frigid world, both honor bound to not harm the other lest they both parish from the harsh world. Six months after the crash, Coren was able to repair and activate the distress beacon. Unfortunately the Imperial’s intercepted the transmission first and sent a squad of TIE bombers to destroy the wreckage to ensure no secrets that Deirdre had were to escape the planet. Deirdre assumed that the squadron was a rescue squad until Coren saved it’s life again by pulling it into a ditch before the first bombs exploded. Shortly after the Bombardment began, Red Squadron was able to destroy the TIE bombers and rescue the two.
Bound by honor, and it’s love for the Dashade culture, Deirdre swore a blood debt to Coren as his protector, and servant. Coren ensured that Deirdre would be able to enter the Rebellion military and is now serving as a Warrant Officer under Coren, specializing in infiltration, and sabotage.
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« Reply #9 on: January 10, 2014, 07:25:18 PM »


Character Information:

Race: Human
Home Planet: Alderaan
Allegiance: Rebel
Rank: Lt, Senior Grade

Name: Dav Antilles (No relation to any of the various Antilles of fame)
Age: 22 (almost 23)
Gender: Male
Physical Description: 6' 1" Tall with shoulder length brown hair, worn tied back. Brown Eyes. Very lean and skinny, with little fat or muscle on him. Though he is stronger than he looks, it is not by all that much. He isn't usually the best about shaving.

Combat Training: Fighter Pilot, Beginning Hand to Hand Combat Study, Basic Small Arms Training
Special Skills: Writer, Natural Pilot, Has a Head for Random Facts and Trivia
Weaknesses: Prone to Anxiety (showing in upset stomachs, hands shaking, etc), Poor Self Discipline, Overactive Humor, Not particularly Athletic
Studied Interests: Galactic History (Clone Wars Era / Early Imperial Era Focuses) (Above Average), Music (Average), Starfighter Design (Average), Antiques (Expert)

Weapons: DH-17 Blaster Rifle, Fighting Knife, demilitarized ARC-170 Starfighter (rear cannons deactivated, torpedo launcher removed)
Equipment: comlink, R2-Q9 astromech droid, Flight Kit
Special Possessions: a prized fur lined nerf leather flight jacket, Alderaanian ocarina (musical wind instrument), hand made sketchbook

Background History:

Dav did not stand out as a child, with friends or in school. He was fairly personable and well liked, but not popular. He wasgenerally recognized as a 'nice kid, ' though his teachers often reprimanded him for a lack of effort and motivation. He exhibited intelligence and potential, but a decided tendancy towards laziness and procrastination. Homework often went late, or missed completely, while on the other hand test scores were generally solid. If not for his reputation for honesty, many of his instructors would have suspected him of cheating. Driven by friends and family, he would often end out applying himself just enough at the crucial points of a semester to pass his classes. This has been recognized by some to be a pattern for Dav, who will often run his own course at his own pace unless properly maneuvered by others to apply himself. Privately, this has lead to personal insecurities. Dav often wonders about his own self worth, and how much he has let those depending on him down.

Dav was lead to join the Rebellion by something of a fluke of happenstance. His family dealt in antiques, owning a moderately successful smaller scale business based out of their home system of Alderaan. Upon graduation he went full time in the family business; learning the necessary skills in cataloging, shipping, and selling the valuable and not so valuable treasures of history in which they dealt. Over the course of the next four years Dav spent a turn working at nearly every aspect of the business, gaining a functional knowledge of the industry without really becoming an expert at any particular single aspect. Towards the end of this time, he began to overcome some of his laziness, and developed a good reputation with his customers as a thorough worker. He began to take on more responsabilities, becoming involved in the purchasing and shipment of a percentage of the family inventory. It was during this period that Dav learned to fly, breaking in on the family freighter. It was these skills, combined with his father's penchant for bidding on Imperial Center auctions (regarded as some of the best in the core worlds) via holonet, that saved his life. He was returning from Imperial Center with a semi-stripped down and demilitarized ARC-170 starfighter, purchased by his father at auction, when Alderaan was destroyed. The Empire had made a fine example of defeating the Rebellion; killing his family, most of his friends, his business, and everything he knew in the process. Or very nearly. Not only did Dav come to hear of the Death Star's own destruction shortly after that, but one piece of his former life remained to save his sanity and give him direction. His fiancée had been flying with him, along with an astromech, R2-Q9, in the family freighter. At first, he survived by consoling her, and pulling together in their shared loss. It was easy to grow close, having no one left but each other to turn to, and without a counselor in the galaxy who could understand their pain better than each other. Eventually, they came to make contact with other survivors, and while attempting to resettle and salvage the remnants of the family business, found themselves struggling to maintain their pacifist roots. Aware that they were not alone in their feelings among their few and scattered countrymen, they eventually made contact with the Rebellion and enlisted, contributing the remaining family fortune and the freighter to Alliance service. Dav went through the available fighter training, showing an apptitude for the smaller craft he had not exhibited to that extent in the larger, slower freighters of his past. Keeping his fighter and astromech as final momentos of carefree days, he accepted assignment to the Qanotha. When not called into combat, Dav serves at odd jobs around the ship helping out (albeit reluctantly) at whatever jobs he is called to do, be they cleaning, handling cargo, KP, or whatever needs to be done. Despite his laziness, he is steadfastly loyal to those he considers friends, and will not knowingly neglect anything he considers to be an important duty.
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Character Information:

Race: Human
Home Planet: Tatooine
Allegiance: Rebel
Rank: Pilot (Y-wing), Lieutenant Rank

Name: Kellam Styg
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Physical Description: 5'3" Stocky. Brown hair that tends to hang  in his eyes, brown eyes.

Combat Training: Expert Pilot, Average Blaster Pistol, Average Hand to Hand
Special Skills: Mechanic, Scavenger, Quick Reflexes
Weaknesses: Cocky, Superstitious, Loudmouth
Studied Interests: Starship Maintenance Expert, superstitions and religions of various worlds, fabrication and design of ships.

Weapons: Westar-34 blaster pistol, survival knife.
Equipment: Survival pack (basic first aid, rations, etc), comm-link, small datapad  
Special Possessions: A slender chain with a small polished silver disc. Whatever image was stamped on the disc has long ago been worn away. He considers it lucky.

Background History:

Kellam Styg was born to a small family in Mos Eisley.  His mother and father worked as shop-owners, selling scrap and spare parts.  As a youngster, Kellam helped  by sorting useful inventory from junk and would often hang about the spaceports and collect "discarded" parts.  They worked hard and lived a quiet life.  When he was a teen his parents fell ill and died, unable to afford to import the needed medicine.  Distraught, Kellam sold the business and took to gambling and booze.  Six months later on a whim, he used the rest of the money and bought a battered old Clone Wars era Y-wing with the intent of traveling the galaxy.  However, after inspecting the ship after purchase, he realized that weapons, shields, and the hyperdrive had been stripped.  He was now broke and still stuck on Tatooine.

All was not lost however, as flying the old ship was second nature to him.  Eventually, he decided to use his talent to entertain the remote population as a barnstormer, flying dizzying and dangerous maneuvers through the many sandblasted rock formations on the planet.  He was regarded as a talented pilot and showman and it earned him a fair amount of credits but it was to be short lived.  One day, while sharing drinks with one of his friends ( who unknown to Kellam happened to be a rebel recruiter), Stormtroopers burst into the cantina to arrest the rebel agent.  Quick to jump to a friends aid, Kellam flipped the table and threw a chair, which hit a pair of Trandoshans and sparked a huge barfight.  The Stormtroopers got caught in the middle and in the confusion, Kellam and his rebel friend escaped.  As payment, the rebel took Kellam along when he fled Tatooine and he was recruited as a Y-wing pilot for the Rebellion.

Personality: Kellam is cocky and a loudmouth which gets him into trouble.  He is fiercely loyal to his friends however and will back them up without hesitation.  Loves to play games of all types and is sarcastic.  He can often be seen rubbing his pendant when stressed or worried.
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Character Information:

Race: Human (raised by Tusken Raiders)
Home Planet:Tatooine
Allegiance: Mercenary currently under contract with the Rebel Alliance
Rank: Trial Chief Warrant Officer

Name: Ezekiel "E" Qualls
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Physical Description: 5'10" 175 lbs extremely lean build. Dressed head to toe in Tusken Raider Gear.

Combat Training: Expert Gadeffi Wielder, Average Hand to hand combat, Average markmenship
Special Skills: Extreme condition survival skills, Animal husbandry
Weaknesses: lack of emphathy with other human/near humans, can fall into binge drinking
Studied Interests: Guerrilla Warfare tactics, Military Combat Training

Weapons: (3 Max) Gadeffi, Rebel issue rifle, blaster
Equipment: (3 Max) Data pad, long range comm link
Special Possessions: None

Background History: (2 Paragraphs)

Ezekiel was born in a Tusken Raider villiage, his adoptive father a full blood Tusken Raider and his mother a human slave they had stolen from a neighboring town while she was with child. Ezekiel was raised amongst the Tusken Raiders and became well know for his ruthless and exective Guerrilla tactics. At the age of 30 Ezekiel became leader of the tribe and routed a local Hutt forces taking control of the palace.

Ezekiel and his warriors became for profit Mercenaries until the a Hutt double crossed them and Ezekiel lost all but 5 of his men at the hands of the Empire. Ezekiel and his remaining warriors sought vengance against the Hutt and while the Hutt did die, so did the rest of Ezekiel's men. He has taken a paid position with the Rebels to seek vengance against the Empire.
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Race: Ke lDor
Home Planet: Dorin
Allegiance: Civilian now, Rebel soon.
Rank: none (currently)
Name: Hentor Kulric
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Physical Description: He is rather short for his age. While most of his companions are around almost 6 feet, he is just over 5 feet tall. He is easily and often mistaken for a 12 year Keldor, instead of a 17 year old one. He wears simple clothes, a tunic, pants, belt and boots, all neutral colors.

Combat Training: 1 expert- Very well versed with a blaster, he is a great shot. 2 average, hand to hand combat.
Special Skills: Hacking and sneaking.
Weaknesses: 1. His size, it usually hinders him in most situation, except when sneaking.2.  Doesn’t know how to listen to leadership, he acts outs. 3. Feels guilty over his parents death, and blames himself, and has nightmares over it occasionally.
Studied Interests: 1 – Average understanding on the mechanics of ships and flying. 2- Average understanding of Communications. 3. Average understanding of multiple alien lanuages.

Weapons: Small blaster and a vibro knife.
Equipment: Comm Link and lock picks.
Special Possessions: 1. A small pocket watch, left by him from his father. 2. A locket, left for him by his mother.

Background History: Hentor was born to a semi rich family on Dorin. His parents were high in power. Hentor received training as a young boy, receiving basic stealth training as well as light weapons training. His parents were concerned, however, when he stopped growing at the age of 12.
Shortly after his 13th birthday, his home city was invaded by Imperial troops and his parents were killed. Hentor, using his stealth abilities, was able to hide away from the troopers. After they left, Hentor ran to them, and they died in his arms, both giving him a memento. Hentor  felt extremely guilty for his parents death, and blame himself. He was taken to an orphanage. He couldn’t deal with authority well, and he ended up running away. For 4 years he ran away, studying a lot along the way, until he found out about the rebels. He tried lying about his age to get in, but they denied him entry. Angry, and unable to listen to their authority, he snuck aboard the Qanotha, trying to prove them that they made a mistake.
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Race: Human
Home Planet: Mandalore
Allegiance: Rebellion
Rank: Sergeant

Name: Kalli Acklay
Age: 36
Gender: Female
Physical Description: 6’ tall, muscular and stocky build, rugged attractiveness, one third of her hair shaved by her left ear, the rest is pulled back in a tight bleached blonde braid to her shoulder, medium bronze complexion, curving scar down her left cheek, many scars across her body, dark green eyes, generally stoic

Combat Training: Melee Expert: specializes in spear and staff (expert), Blaster Rifle proficiency (avg), Blaster Pistol proficiency (avg)
Special Skills: Fluent in most prominent languages, jungle/related camouflage, weaponsmith
Weaknesses: protecting the weak/defenseless/oppressed, yearns to die honorably on the battlefield, diplomacy
Studied Interests: Armor smithing (expert), Ship building (avg), Metallurgy (avg)

Weapons: Wooden bo staff with a core of Beskar, spear, and blaster rifle, most likely shoved through holding straps across her back piece when not in use
Equipment: Black and Rust color scheme Mandalorian Beskar’gam set, personal commlink and small emergency med kit on her belt
Special Possessions: Leather choker with dull brown gem around her throat

Background History:

Kallie Acklay, who goes by Acklay or Sgt Acklay grew up in an especially aggressive clan on Mandalore, learning her combat specialties young, eventually focusing on the staff and spear. From her first years as a  Mandalorian warrior, she learned to innately defend the weak and defenseless, that to die honorably was the greatest achievement of the mando’a.

During their nomadic travels, she witnessed first-hand the oppressive and dishonorable actions of Imperials and their governing. Not divulging information on how Kalli eventually came to the Rebellion, alone and volunteering to fight against the Galactic Empire, she was taken on as a corporal - a soldier through and through. After many successful missions Acklay was promoted to Sergeant, but due to a lack of political knowledge or interest, she fell through the cracks for promotions over the years. Eventually finding herself stationed on the Qanotha, she can be found doing the generally deplorable manual labor around the ship, content to be of use mopping or cleaning when not repairing weapons, practicing her combat forms, or going about her duties.

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Character Information:

Race: Bothan
Home Planet: Bothawui
Allegiance: Rebellion
Rank: Specialist (Army) - Infiltration and Marksman

Name: Tharu Tyy'n
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Physical Description:
• Brown fur (body) - Tan fur (face)
• 148 cm (4'10)  tall
• Lean
• Pointed ear (left ear half the size of the right)
• Braided sideburns and goatee (slightly greying)
• Cybernetic left arm

Combat Training: Expert marksman; Average slicer; Stealth combat
Special Skills: Infiltration; Reconnaissance; Physical Dexterity
Weaknesses: Scared to death of flying, space (etc.) and will keep to himself (generally asleep) onboard, most of the crew won't realise Tyy'n is aboard until its time to disembark; knows only Bothese and just enough Basic to get by (often left behind if conversation deviates from those languages)
Studied Interests: Average (encroaching on Expert) computer and communication encryption/decryption

Weapons: Modified Clone Era DC-15x Sniper Rifle; DL-44 Blaster Pistol; Fingertips of cybernetic arm can deliver a powerful electric shock
Equipment: Datapad; Survival Gear; Cybernetic Arm (multiple attachments and functions, and compartments along the arm)
Special Possessions: "Karka" {suspiciously lucky} scope, kept on a necklace when not in use on the rifle - a token from his first mission, as it was the only piece of equipment that didn't get smashed up in the crash landing made after being shot out of the air during the assault.

Background History: (2 Paragraphs)

Born on Bothawui into an unremarkable clan and family, Tyy'n joined the Bothan Martial Academy at the age of 14, just before the end of the Clone Wars, with the hopes of joining the Bothawui Defence Force. Disheartened by the abrupt end of the War that crushed his dreams of a military career before it could begin, Tyy'n worked hard to eventually become an instructor of the Academy, specialising in reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, often working in tangent with the SpyNet, training tactics and weapon proficiencies to their operatives.

When the Rebellion started, Tyy'n had no interest in joining; he only wanted to defend his people. This changed when the Empire placed a figurehead governor and a garrison of stormtroopers in the capital:
Tyy'n was caught snooping around, looking to see what the Imperials were doing on Bothawui. The squad of stormtroopers that caught him out shot him in the shoulder and left Tyy'n for dead. On Death's door, Tyy'n was discovered by an unfamiliar bothan who helped him escape and tended to his shoulder. Left with an amputated left arm and a fire in his belly, Tyy'n thanked the stranger and became a stowaway on a random freighter with the intention of finding the Rebellion.
The freighter, after taking rough ride through hyperspace, crashed on Druckenwell, during which Tyy'n's left ear was ripped in half. Fleeing and emotionally scarred, Tyy'n found a medcentre where his ear was cauterised. Using the only funds he had, Tyy'n got fitted for a cybernetic arm, fashioned by BlasTech.

From there, Tyy'n, reluctant to head spaceward, bought passage to Corellia in exchange for being part of the cleaning staff. Unfortunately, the craft was yanked out of hyperspace and raided by Imperials on suspicion of smuggling for the Rebellion; Tyy'n, already suffering from anxiety, hid while the ship was thoroughly disabled by turbolaser fire. The Imperials boarded the ship, and killed the crew. Badly damaged, the ship was left to drift in space. Hours later, Tyy'n came out of hiding. Shakily, he made his way to the cockpit and transmitted a distress signal. A Rebel cruiser, searching for the ship and the cargo it had been stripped of, came to the aid.

Tyy'n immediately joined up with the Rebel Army and quickly demonstrated his skill as a marksman and infiltrator, and took an interest in encryption. On field missions, Tyy'n continued to have terrible luck in aircraft, further solidifying his anxiety around anything with an engine larger than a repularlift.

Despite this crippling anxiety related to spacefaring, Tyy'n was brave soldier in the field and, ironically, had nerves of steel, even in the face of overwhelming odds (so long as his feet were on firm ground).


GCW RP - Bothan Spc Tharu Tyy'n

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