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Author Topic: Jedi Padawan - Katan Rean  (Read 2252 times)
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« on: March 06, 2011, 06:52:13 PM »

A large explosion marks the end of a ship capsizing in space, with its desperate crew
staggering to safety of their escape pods. With only a few left to board, a few gave way
to their fate, sacrificing their own so that others may live. Some are crying in fear, cowering
to their deaths, such beings don't deserve the honor. They will live their lives in regret.
A young man was sent his way to the escape pod, not wanting to leave his father, who has
resigned to stay with the stricken ship.

"Father, please! I can't go on without your guidance! Listen to reason!" His father's
reassuring eyes calmed his heart, if only he knew how to stop time, this would be the
moment to use it. "Son, what good is an old man to his people, if he can not give even his
own life for others to live?"

Before he can say another word, he was pushed back to his seat and its harness locked
in place to secure its passenger. "I love you son." As the hissing sound of gas expulsion
increased with the pod moving away from the imploding ship, a cry of pain and a agony for
a loved one echoed into space. The glow of a hundred suns  blindingly covered the viewport,
and there was darkness.

The passengers where silent, still shaking from their predicament. Even if his father had
sacrificed himself, he would not allow it to fall in vain. He will bring honor to his father,
"I will be like him someday." The planet was a off the charts, any communication going
outside is being blocked by an interference within the planet's magnetic core. "Sir,
other life vessels are landing within three hundred meters distance from ours.
Should I form a rescue party?"

The captain is still quite stunned with the death of the admirral, which he learned to like
as a grandfather, is now dead. "Ah, yes. Form a search party of five men and collect the
survivors and rendezvous to this pod." Katan Rean was first to exit the pod, and others
with him followed suit.

"Lets make a temporary shelter here, we'll need those emergency packs out of the
compartments" he commands with authority, no one questioned or swayed from it. The shelter they
built was of the tent supplied in the emergency shelter kit, it was thougher than it looks,
made to withstand desert storms or blizzards.

For four days there's not one rescue party that came to their aide, they have to ration
their supplies meagerly. "Someone has to venture out to get help, am I not stating the
obvious?" one of the most pessimistic crew of the survivors is airing his usual rants.
"Yes, it is true. But who'd know whats out there? We can't let a search party go blindly
on a desert," Katan coolly replies. He wanted to go out there and look for help,
but he was being held back by fear of being lost.

He came to a conclusion, "Wait, I'll go. Whoever wants to join, pack up."
The search party has retrieved most of the survivors from the pods, but with the exception
of the 56th. "We couldn't find them beyound the three hundred meter radius, sir." The captain
can't force his men to search farther than the specified safe zones, "Alright, we have no choice.
Put the other ones on MIA."

Four journey the never ending sand dunes of this barren planet, they walk in a single file like
Sand People do, to keep them from waving off their tracks.  But one by one they fell, thirsting
for water. And soon, all that's left is this young man staggering on his feet, weak in his flesh
but strong in will. He has only one goal, to get help even if it cost his life.

His body ached, spasmed on the sand. Hungry, dehydrated, and deprived of shelter, only
death awaits him. He closes his eyes, calls out to his father, hoping to see him in his thoughts,
to let him know he has done what his father could have. Wishing he was with him that moment,
to die by his side.


A cold splash of water met his face, he was surprised to even feel water. He was sure to
be dead, dead in the desert sands never to be found again. "What are you doing here?
Don't you know venturing out here meant certain death?" a voice blast through his ears,
it was comforting.

He blinked his wet eyes, and saw an old man holding a canteen above him.
"Thank you for saving me," helped himself up with his elbows, quite weak and shaking under
his weight.  Extending his hand to help the lad off the ground, "What's your name, son?
You don't seem to be around this parts, more like a survivor of a ship crash I suppose?"

Drinking water like an infant hungry for its mothers bossom, he wipes his mouth with his sleeve
"Yes, I survived an attack from pirates on this planets subsystem. We landed here with escape
pods, we're the unlucky ones far from the drop radius. My name is Katan, sir."

"Not anymore, you're the lucky one. The name's Renule, good to see you in one piece,"
shaking hands felt very welcoming to Katan, Onda then moved to the direction of a speeder
bike and motioned him to ride on. "What about the others? They're out there waiting for
someone to save them! We can't just leave them there."

"Katan, did you even remember what way you came from?"
Looking around him, he could not see a speck of his foot print anywhere. He then had to let
go of the thought of his comrades abadoned, there was no way he could find them anymore.
He resumed to his seat and they drove off to Renule's home.

The place was unlike he had ever seen, a cave it was, with lights rigged on the walls
illuminating the whole area. There is a kitchen beneath the steps that leads to a wide living
room, that has a seiling high enough to be a hangar for a ship. Tables and sofas are spread
out articulately, decorated subtly yet fancy.

"Be comfortable as you wish, no one has come to my home for a long time." Still wondering how
the old man managed to acquire such belongings, "Thanks, how come you lived alone in the desert?"
Still making a sandwhich from unknown ingredients, "There was once called the jedi order,
I was a member of that order, a jedi elder to be exact, but then the enemy of my order, the siths.
Came and hunted down all jedis to be ecxecuted from the face of the galaxy."

Having felt that they share the same fate, being alone and vulnerable. He thought of
staying along with the elderly man, to have a companion while he sought help from the
others he was with on his fathers ship.

"If you don't mind me staying, sir, I'd like to keep you company while I ask for help."
Handing a warm sandwhich, he swayed his head "that, I allow. Stay as much as you like,
but asking for help is something I already forgotten." "Why?" looking puzzled at Renule,
"wasn't there any civilization out there that can help us?" Turning his back to return and
take his part of the sandwhich, "there is, but off world communication was cut off years ago."

Having to stay with the eldar, Katan then grew a fine curiosity with the jedi ways. How
come they are enemies with the siths, and how they manage to live a life of solitude.
What the force is to them, and how they let it guide them.

Looking up into the blue night sky, quite an interesting phenomenon in this planet. Total
darkness does not exist, as the bright star behind them shines through the planetary circumference.
"I'd never thought that my fate would be this, stuck on a planet, yet, giving me a purpose to live."

"The way of the force is misterious, no one knows what it holds for them." holding out a
crystal to Katan, Renule admires its green, twingkling surface. "This is the last crystal I have,
in case I have the honor of a padawan. It is yours to build a lightsaber of your own design."
Taking it, and holding it up to see the glow of energy inside. Katan closes his eyes to feel it,
to transfer his thoughts, be it hope, fears, or dreams.

"I like it. Thank you, master."
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Knight Lieutenant

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« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2011, 08:08:42 AM »

Another one from the deviantart commission!

Luc ar
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« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2011, 02:57:25 PM »

 i just finished reading al the storys you have made
and i have to say it again
i realy love you work  Grin
can't wait for the next one Wink

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« Reply #3 on: March 07, 2011, 03:43:17 PM »

I like it! Reminds me of the way people used to think of things before the canon history of the Old Republic was written up, when all anyone had to go on was a couple lines from Obi-Wan and a whole lot of assumptions. More mysterious that way, more... adventurous. Smiley

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« Reply #4 on: March 07, 2011, 04:13:36 PM »

Thank you guys, the first Star Wars movie was the basis of this story.
Except the protagonist wasn't really a force sensitive, he just trained
to be a jedi swordsman.

Well, that's what the client told me. Cheesy

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« Reply #5 on: March 07, 2011, 09:01:29 PM »

Another good story wasd! I'm not really a fan-fic guy, but I always enjoy reading yours.

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« Reply #6 on: March 07, 2011, 09:41:02 PM »

Another good story wasd! I'm not really a fan-fic guy, but I always enjoy reading yours.

I'm touched, thank you Darth Raze.

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