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Author Topic: HISTORY OF ULTRA SABERS (picture gallery of past sabers)  (Read 62254 times)
Ziran Le
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« Reply #135 on: August 22, 2014, 04:41:30 PM »

I've looked through these a few times but I always seem to find one that I missed.

I want a Kestrel!  It's like a Liberator, but in initiate size.  The Liberator is such a great hilt anyway, but a short version for spinning?!  Yes, please!

UltraSabers : 7
Prophecy V3 (GB w/Obsidian), Liberator V3 (AS with yellow filter), Dominix V3 (GB), Standard Issue V3 (FO), Aeon LE V3 (VA - Wife's), Dominix LE V2 (BR - Son's, 5yo), Dark Init. LE V2 (CG - Daughter's, 8yo)

Want: Archon, Bellicose, Graflex, Chosen One, new V4s

Master Artorius Vidnyl
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Suns of the Force

« Reply #136 on: September 29, 2014, 08:31:04 AM »

Back in my day all FOUR (yea, there were only 4) hilts were made from PVC and painted. There were two types of blades, Heavy and regular. And sound? It came from your mouth.

History of Ultrasabers is one of glory and joy.

Oh wait, am I back on this thing again? (I never really leave)

Knight Officer

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« Reply #137 on: October 03, 2014, 11:53:42 AM »

Under the FAQ section on the site it says that they will bring back a saber if you can get 249 people who want it as well.
Anyone else want the Libby VI and the Tempest back?
There must be 249 of you out there...somewhere... Grin

Forum Emissary
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« Reply #138 on: October 03, 2014, 01:51:35 PM »

Under the FAQ section on the site it says that they will bring back a saber if you can get 249 people who want it as well.
Anyone else want the Libby VI and the Tempest back?
There must be 249 of you out there...somewhere... Grin

Tempest no, I don't think I would buy a PVC saber, but that Liberator looks nice. 

I felt a great disturbance in the force as if millions of nerds cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

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Knight Officer

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« Reply #139 on: October 03, 2014, 05:29:09 PM »

True.  And a double sided Mantis would be close to the Tempest.
I like the old Libby most.

Knight Sergeant

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Light side points, please and thank you!

« Reply #140 on: December 17, 2014, 09:14:59 PM »

Sweet! Thanks for taking the time to do this. It's nice for us noobs to see the foundations of the UltraSabers we enjoy now.

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Prophecy:Sunrider's Destiny
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« Reply #141 on: December 23, 2014, 08:05:01 AM »

I finally made it through to this thread and was amazed by the work put in by Moderator Big Boss.  Searching and finding all the pics and youtube videos of past saber designs was a daunting task and he did an amazing job.  

Its awesome to see how the company has grown and being able to see the evolvion of the sabers makes me want to design a few myself.  I was wondering if anyone else noticed the similarities of #24 - The Ephesian to the new saber shown in the Episode 7 trailer.

If you havent noticed it you need to check it out, it looks pretty dang close.  I think someone needs to get some royalties on that saber design.

I know I quoted his whole thread, but it really is pretty epic, so we should all go back through it and see how things have progressed.  Im so sad that it took me so long to buy my 1st saber.  I would have loved to have one or more of these classic designs.

Man this thread took me forever! Cheesy Original Author was MKXIII of the FX-Saber forums, but he hasn't been online for several years! I have updated  it since it was very outdated and found new links/pics and saved them to my photobucket because most of the links were no longer working. Plus i have added newer sabers to the list. Also be aware most of the sabers i have listed are not in alphabetical/dated order and the dates listed are not exact.

 Its nice to see UltraSabers past and present sabers so we can see how far they've come from opening up way back in 2005; enjoy! Smiley


(Past sabers currently Unavailable)

E-Series (PVC)

* Apprentice
" never found a pic and i have never seen one but i know it exists lol Grin "

* Dark Apprentice

* Dark Initiate
"same as Dark Apprentice except it came with a 24inch blade"
* Tempest
* Tempest Initiate
"same as Tempest but has 24inch blades"  
** Dominix V1 (Aug, 2008)    

** Phantom V1 (Sept, 2008)
* Phantom Initiate V1 (Sept, 2008)
"same as Phantom except it came with two 24inch blades"

* Initiate V1
* Youngling Slim Initiate
"Note takes a 3/4 inch blade not a 1 inch"

* Legacy

** Malice

** Archon V1 and  Nemesis

** Sentinel

* Omen

E-Series (Metal)

* Aggressor

** Elder
"First metal saber in the e series line up"

* Elder Staff

* Proto-Elder Staff
"This was the prototype elder staff with a quick-disconnect coupler,very few were made. Also Ignore the other sabers in picture 2."

* Enforcer
"note this one has been customized with tape by it's owner"

** SS(0riginal)  (Nov, 2008)
"hilt made from steel rough finish"

** Rifter  (Feb, 2009)
 "Hilt is made out of  Zinc plated steel "

** SS/SI  (Oct, 2009)
"Hilt made from steel, now has a nicer finish"

** SI Aluminum  (May, 2010)
"Hilt made from aluminum"

E-Series (PVC/ Metal)

* Vagabond

* Vagabond (Dark)
* V1 Manticore
* V1 Manticore (Light)

Lee-Ahm Jinn's signature series (PVC)

 "1-of-a-Kind" Unique Sabers "these were PVC customs made by Lee an Ultra employee and sold on the fx-saber forums,  these sabers range in various styles  from an actual light saber scythe! to a pink and and baby blue colored dominix!!!  Shocked  Shocked  Shocked

Here are his best creations

#24 The Ephesian
has a 36in heavy dueling blade and two 8 inch blades.
it has 3 emitters, and they can each be a different colour!
(this is the BIGGEST saber ultrasabers has made. It is pictured with a Dominix for size.)
(the blade is retracted to it's shortest length. The blade length is the same as the Dominix.)

#36 - Darth Death Scythe
 Almost 9 foot tall (The top portion is the size of a Dominix!) Ultraedge, Red

#44 and #45 Double Saber
Small saber - Green, Large saber - SRD, both midgrade blades

E-Series (PVC/ Non-lightsaber weapons)
These sabers were also made by Lee-Ahm Jinn
* Light Tonfa (2009)
* Light Kamas (2009)
"Note that these kamas have be customized by owner, they are originally plain black"
** Light Yari/Spear (2009)
 "Note it has been customized slightly with paint and shortened by the owner it is originally all black "

* Grievous Spear (2009)

Stunt/Sound (Metal)

* Arbiter V1(Original)
"Note it has been customized with black tape on the hilt"

* Bellicose v1 2010  
* Kestrel 2009

* Liberator V1 2008?
"Note that its switch is located on the pommel and not on the upper part of the hilt like most sabers and the current liberator model."
* Prophecy V1
"Note that it has a plug not a threaded pommel like the newer prophecy's"
* Standard S3
"Note saber has a blade plug unlike the S3 FX which as a pommel and the S3 was available in silver finish as well"

** S3/Stunt FX
* Wraith V1 2008
"Switch is in the pommel"
*Wraith LE 2009
"Switch is in the pommel"

* Wraith V2 (2010)
"Switch is in the pommel"
" Note it has recharge port and blade flicker"

* Mini Wraith/light Dagger
" switch is in the pommel"

** RattleSnake 2011

DarkSide Customs (Metal)
* Bane V1(2007-2008?)
" Note it's pommel has more sound holes and red screw is smaller unlike new Bane V2 plus it's heavier than the newer bane "

* Imperial Knight 2007
"Emitter and pommel are MHS compatible"
* Mini-Lords (2007)
"Made from the winning design submitted by users on another lightsaber forum during  the Ultra Sabers design your own saber contest"
* Oppressor V1(2007-2008?)
 "Note it has a MHS Silver emitter and Silver pommel unlike new oppressor V2, essentially this was an over lord with an MHS oppressor emitter that was made especially along side the over lord back when the overlord was made in yearly runs. "

** Oppressor V2  (2009)    

**Redemption (2010)

* Nihilus/Visas Marr (2007)

Ultra Blasters
"they were essentially modified nerf guns repainted to look like star wars blasters "

(Currently Available sabers)
 Check the review section/announcements on the forums and  the Ultra shop

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Own: Lost Gray, Obsidian V4, Tri-C AS; Fulcrum, Obsidian V4, Tri-C AS; Nickel-plated Guardian, (Emerald), Obsidian V3; Arbiter, Obsidian V3, GB; Archon V3 Tri-C FO Obsidian V4; Manticore, Obsidian V3, VA; Phantasm V4, BH; Dark Sentinel, BR; Dominix V2, RGB; Dark Initiate V2 x3 (BR, CG, GB); Initiate LE V2 x2, CG.

Want: Bellicose, Prophecy V3

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Look sir, Droids!

« Reply #142 on: March 19, 2015, 02:45:51 PM »

I've owned a couple of Aggressors (green and orange) for a long time, though I recently gave them to a friend's kids, and an original black SS with a Silver blade. I transferred the SS's parts into an Aeon V2 not long ago, but I still have that big heavy black hilt.
Both Aggressors had d-rings installed on the end caps, and I had brass thumbscrews in place of the standard blade screws to make removing the blade quick.
The orange Aggressor I had weathered with Miracle grow after protecting random parts with bits of tape, which gave it this vivid, somewhat blotchy blue green weathered look aside the copper, which I let dull out nicely as well, and I had given the grip more traction with some leather textured red-brown colored strips of duct tape, after which I sealed it with a spray of matte sealant. I'll try to see if I can get a picture of it (I never thought to and it's now 200 miles away).

My Green bladed Aggressor had some ridged rubber grips running the length under the ring with the switch, cut from an old doormat, glued on then secured by a 4-5 O-rings in the ridges. Before I did that I polished it up till you could see your reflection in it and immediately used a very high gloss sealant. It was shiny.

I took the risk of cooking my SS and the only modification I made was to the batteries; It came with a 3x AA battery holder, at the time I had a ready supply so I replaced it with a holder that held 3x 1/2AA batteries (for 9 volts). I did do the math and added a bit more resistance in series with the led but it still was quite a bit brighter and looked very good with the color disks in it. To facilitate quick changing I had a thumb screw for the blade, and I had replaced the endcap plug with something a bit easier to pull out and kept the extra color disks in the hilt. (iirc it was a sanded down 'not child proof' medicine bottle cap.

After I lost my ready supply of 1/2 AA's I put the old AA holder back in place. (A friend worked at a place where they used them heavily and replaced them after they ate past their 'fresh' voltage and fell into their nominal 3 V range. They lasted a long time in my saber still.)

E-Series Aggressor, CG
E-Series Aggressor, FO
E-Series Steel Standard Issue, AS (parts stripped)
Customized Initiate V2, AS (internals from SSI + regulator and Li-ion)
2 Dominix V2 RGB w/Coupler

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(LS Please)

Lord Raváge
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Ki tsimsima tuti mazo Galactic, Nu qorit dudnims!

« Reply #143 on: May 07, 2015, 02:45:54 PM »

Name: Lord (Darth) Raváge - Sith Order of The Rock Czars
Lightsaber: Dark Initiate LE v3 (Blazing Red)
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Galaxy: Milky Way
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Continent: North America
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Greetings to you all.

I stumbled my way to this thread and am also flabbergasted by Moderator Big Boss' sheer effort. Shocked  I cannot imagine the time and dedication spent scouting the plethora of YouTube videos and photos of former designs. If I had the resources, I would consider designing them as well, so kudos to those who do this for a living (or hobby).

Technology has really progressed to the point where I'm pleased with my decision to return the Ultimate FX version and pull the proverbial trigger on my 1st UltraSaber.

I look forward to meditating on many of your posts here and perhaps will see some of you at The Rock Czars' future appearances.
In the meantime, see my signature below for a complimentary "Star Wars HD Theme" background download link.

Please enjoy the >>> Music in HD <<< .

May The Force Be With You All!

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a true warrior fights to protect

« Reply #144 on: August 27, 2015, 10:12:43 PM »

credits for the hard work to put this up.

still new. it's great to see the history and evolution to where it is now.

who's scruffy looking?
own: Dominix V4 GB, Sentinel V4 sunrider's, Aprentice LE V4 VA X2 (staff). Liberator SY, dark SI AB, dark initiate LE CG, dark initiate BR stunts. dark Sentinel LE in FO OB lite sound Malice w/ V4 sound, Emerald. Crimson curved Reaper AS OB lite. Diamond Raven, Chosen One V4 sound, emerald

Zren Tobas
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« Reply #145 on: October 27, 2015, 11:45:43 PM »

I would like to see a Legacy V3 made and returned, I like the design of that one, still a Rattlesnake return, and a Vegabond return. I think these could all be re-made =] Any votes for these 3? Would make great light side lightsaber additons even though the Vegabond could go either way too though

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Wishlist: Liberator EG, Dark Prophecy PO, Azure Dorinian DVA

[/url]SW1 by joshgarcia07[/url

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What's hard to understand about swish swish stab?

« Reply #146 on: February 02, 2016, 01:07:41 AM »

Looking through the list of PVC sabers I think I own one of the sabers not listed. I thought it was an Initiate, but it appears that it's not. Anyone got anything on this? Takes a 1" blade, rubber O-rings all around, pommel was a piece of plastic that was forced into a threaded PVC tube (a piece recently broke off that cap), and slanted emitter. Bought in 2006, I remember it's that year because my father bought it for me and my brother in 6th grade with 36" blades. Brother hit me in the forehead so hard with his, I had a shiner that lasted three weeks that made it into the school yearbook.


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36" Green Obsidian v4 Consular
36" Green Obsidian v4 Consular

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« Reply #147 on: March 31, 2016, 03:06:48 PM »

This is an excellent thread. Great idea to keep an evolution archive 

Grey Owl
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We don't like Star Wars, we live for Star Wars.

« Reply #148 on: May 09, 2016, 09:02:12 PM »

Where is the old overlord?

Knight Captain

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You underestimate the power of the dark side

« Reply #149 on: May 17, 2016, 05:30:31 PM »

Great history lesson go job

Guardian CE W/Obsidian V4 - Guardian Blue
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