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Title: Unto The End (the other game that came out on Cyberpunk's launch day)
Post by: obliviondoll on December 11, 2020, 05:07:42 AM
So, this is a fairly small, pixel-art-y adventure game. It has swordfighting with interesting mechanics (of course that's going to appeal to me), and it looks really stylish in the exploration outside of combat too. The release date trailer has a bit of information from the husband and wife dev team about the game, so here, check it out! (

I've played for a few hours, and am having a lot of fun so far. (

I'd recommend picking it up on GOG or console, personally, because unlike Cyberpunk's epilepsy issue, Steam's been a health hazard for over a year and somehow avoided showing up in the news for it. I've been affected by it with migraines, and a number of people with epilepsy, vertigo and other conditions have also been unable to use the service, or struggling as a result of the update which Valve have taken steps to make WORSE instead of better - another deviation from how Cyberpunk was handled.