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Title: Dominix V5
Post by: vileangel on March 18, 2022, 05:47:35 AM
First of all, I got my light saber in _3_ days. THREE days. Not three days after they built it. Three days after I ordered it. Talk about fast! So much praise for their shipping!
Second of all, the Dominix V5 is a work of art. It's elegant and beautiful. I got solid black. Had the covertec wheel added on and the clip. (so nice to holster it like that) I also got the blade plug, which is a great idea for when you have it "off." (blade removed) It adds to the aesthetic.
The functions are easy to use. The sound is great.
The hilt design makes for a great grip. I LOVE the length of this beast. It's 13 inches with the pommel. I'm going to customize it with a ring on the end, like a Chinese broad sword and it will be even longer. Superior strength and maneuverability with the length. Can't wait to spar with it... I mean the blade is tough, it can take a whack.
The Adegan silver color may seem like just "white" to everyone else... but as a Gray Jedi, it looks perfect to me. And the light up switch and slits in the hilt just give it a movie like functionality.

I was never one of those people who wanted a light saber. Sure, it's neat... but it wasn't "real." But with Ultra Sabers, it's as real as it can be. You can really use these things to spar. Owning this makes me feel like a kid again. I am super thrilled.

All in all, I am both impressed and honored by Ultra Sabers. I will NEVER send my business elsewhere.

Now, to ensure you know this is an honest review and not just mindless praise... I will point out ONE thing I think could be better. The claws on the business end should be pointed the other way. The sharp ends of the claws are pointed towards your fingers. I don't see it happening, but you could slip and jam your fingers against them. Like I said, probably never happen... but I think it would look nicer too. So maybe V6 can turn them around?

All in all... THANK YOU Ultra Sabers!

Title: Re: Dominix V5
Post by: For Tyeth on March 18, 2022, 06:40:27 AM
Hello vileangel,

Congrats on getting your new saber at lightspeed! Ultrasabers have been known to deliver sabers in less than 12 parsecs (or three days!).

The claws are held in place by two devices called "Roll Pins". They are like a stud that is split down the middle and tension forces the two halves of the pin to press outward - when inserted into a hole the pin expands and grips inside the hole.

Luckily the claws can be carefully prised off using a screwdriver then flipped and pressed back into position. Here is a YT video showing how it can be done. (

I'm quite proud to say I was the guy that discovered the pins and how the claws were attached (though I did say retention screws at first!) (

Hope this helps and maybe you can post some pictures if you do the conversion (if you haven't noticed the members here like photos of sabers  ;D)

Title: Re: Dominix V5
Post by: MavRick on March 22, 2022, 10:27:16 PM
Yes, I also agree with this. I don't own a V5 but if I did I would defiantly flip the claws.  ;)