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Author Topic: Helpful hints for creating TOR T&P Characters  (Read 2599 times)
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For the Light of the Republic! (LS Points Please)

« on: June 08, 2015, 12:56:50 AM »


Well, here is where those of you interested in the Old Republic RP are gonna start.  This is a good reference area, especially for Jedi Characters you'll be making.

These characters are going to have a lot more room to breathe than the GCW characters, because of the major differences between the two times.  However, that means that we'll have to pull the strings a little tighter on some other aspects.  If we list something, especially an ability, and we don't give a link, please reference it with Wookieepedia.  More links may be added later to help reference things faster.  So, here's the basic rundown:

Name:  Names should follow a non-Earth pattern, so avoid Steve or Sally, use Stev or Salle'.

Age:  Make your character fairly young.  A young padawan, or a soldier just out of basic.  A young padawan would be in the low to mid teens, but upper teens isn't too bad.  If you are going to make a padawan out of his or her teens, it should be explained in the backstory that they got recruited or came to learn the Force later in life.

Homeworld:  No made up worlds, keep it canon and something that can be looked up and would make sense that you came from there. If it is an unusual or little known world, provide a wookieepedia link.

Race:  Ok, here is where some things get fun.  Almost all the usual races are open to play, because they're all over the place.  Just be careful playing someone really off the wall, as we'll be watching very carefully for those races to be played accurately. And please try to avoid Chiss or Vong.  No immortal, godling, or omnipotent types.

Faction:  For this first run we are all going to be Jedi of the Order, but that doesn't mean your main character can't be Sith or that later there won't be a T&P for Sith or other factions.

Rank:  In this first instance, pretty much every single one of you will be Padawan(or Acolyte if we were doing Sith), but this would be your rank in a military organization too if your character was that.

Specialization:  Until they graduate to full Jedi (or Sith) they won't have an actual specialization, but it would be what they are working towards based on their talents.  In a military outfit this would be your combat or support speciality.
Jedi Guardian
Jedi Consular
Jedi Sentinel

Appearance:  Include height, weight, hair/skin color, significant notes of physical appearance, tattoos, scars, and common clothing patterns, etc.  Go ahead and give us a good look at your character, we want specifics.  If you're playing a character who is part of an organized group, do try and keep their clothing close to the uniform of the group.  I don't want Jedi running around in Mando Armor, alright? When describing clothing, let us know what colour they are, patterning, etc- don't just write "standard Jedi robes"- back in the old republic era that's a pretty broad description, even for the clone wars era it is fairly broad given the large range of colours (or tones of colours) and styles we see.

Weapons:  During this first run when we're all Jedi (or even later with Sith), a lightsaber is obviously going to go here.  If you have something else it will probably need an explanation and would need approval by the GM first, as Jedi typically don't carry weapons like blasters.

Other equipment:  Again normal use items

Special equipment:  This includes droids (by arrangement with GM only), custom weapons, dangerous stuff, etc.  As Padawans you likely will not have anything listed here.  Though in later RPs this might be where something like a ship(though not many will be granted something like that).

Personal items:  Give your character something special to hold on to!  This can be mementos, trinkets, etc.(a lucky shoelace, or a Floonorp made of tractor parts).  These could include items left elsewhere, like in their room.

Fighting style:  This is your character's lightsaber form and what they will be leaning towards.  Bear in mind Form I is considered the basic and II and III are offshoots based from need for saber to saber combat and defensive combat.  Forms IV - VII are what a character would likely be graduating into as a more advanced Form that suits them.  You will probably have 1 form that is your basic and another that is the one you will be learning towards.  If you are a non-Force user character this would be your combat speciality and preferred weapon type.
Form I: Shii-Cho
Form II: Makashi
Form III: Soresu
Form IV: Ataru
Form V: Shien/Djem So
Form VI: Niman
Form VII: Juyo(NO Vaapad)
(Note: Vaapad didn't exist until the Clone Wars era when Mace Windu helped create it.  Until then there was only Juyo.)

Skill specialisation: in a word or two this describes what skills your character specialises in, for example combat, healing, telekinesis, strategy, etc. PLEASE don't just write several different skills down here, that is what the force ability categories, additional skills and studied interests categories are for!

Standard Force Abilities:  Something new that B1ondeange1 and myself have considered is different levels of power.  The basics are that, the basics.  They are often things that one learns to do to boost themselves.  Things like Telekinesis skills, Force Speed, Force Strength, Force Jump.  I think we're going to have these Padawans start with two, but depending on what we see, we might go for three.  Obviously a non- force user character will skip this section. Please note, don't just list a broad area like "mind skills" or "telekinesis"- both are huge areas of expertise with multiple different skills under them, you need to specify WHICH mind powers or WHICH telekinesis skills your character has.

Enhanced Force Abilities:  Force abilities that require a good bit more skill.  Things like Force Stasis, Force Healing, Force Empathy, etc.  Padawans might have one of these that they are learning, and perhaps a second.  We shall see what the character submissions bring and if we might need to add more.

Additional skills:  Those that make sense, any expert or significant mastery must be approved.  These would be things like languages, diplomacy, ship piloting or repair, etc. Be specific- if you character is multilingual, then what other languages do they know? What class of ships do they know how to pilot? Can they repair droids, weapons, speeders, or ships? Your additional skills should be supported somewhat by your background, eg if your character has spent all their life in the jungle and never left their home planet, we wouldn't expect them to be an expert ship pilot and mechanic!

Backstory:  Two paragraphs of your character's history.  Keep it realistic and fairly low-key.  You are not The Chosen One, and you're not Thrawn.  I don't mind it if your character got in brawls back home, or even got beat up by some troopers for acting out, but if I see that your character took on a squad of troopers and won, expect to be rewriting this.  Start with some foundation of how the character started, where they have been, and where they are in life as a whole...include some personal details to sell the story.  With non-force user characters this can be quite a varied thing.  With Jedi, it will depend when they came to the Order.  Many are brought on fairly young, so keep that in mind when writing. Make sure you include any specific dates, for example if you are a Jedi then when were you brought to the order, when did you become a padawan, when did you become knighted etc?

The exact character sheet template can be found here: MAKE SURE YOU ADHERE TO THIS AND IT'S GUIDELINES!

Good luck, and if you have any issues contact myself or B1ondeange1
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For the Light of the Republic! (LS Points Please)

« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2015, 06:54:51 AM »

OK, we have an actual TOR RP T&P Character sheet. 

New TOR Era T&P Characters

For those of you who have already submitted character sheets, thank you. Please rearrange your character details into the new template but don't resend it- we will provide you with feedback soon (hopefully within the next few days), then you can make any edits to your new sheet and resend it through.

If you don't have anything yet, please use this to craft yours.

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