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Author Topic: New TOR Era T&P Characters  (Read 11422 times)
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For the Light of the Republic! (LS Points Please)

« on: June 11, 2015, 06:40:35 AM »

The Old Republic Era Training Character Sheet Template


Note: All military characters would be expected to have completed basic training. All Force users would be expected to have completed basic training which includes a basic level of competence in abilities such as Force Throw, Force Push, Force Jump, Force Speed, Force Sense, and Force Revitalise.  Ones they take to more naturally would be the "Standard" skills.  If you want your character to have more than basic competence in an ability, it must be noted in the abilities sections.  These would be "Enhanced" skills if they are more gifted at them or are more complex than your average skills. If they are particularly weak in a skill/ area, note it in the weaknesses section.

Name: (names should follow a non-Earth pattern, so avoid Steve or Sally, use Stev or Salle')

Race: (no immortal, godling, or omnipotent types.)

Home Planet: (no made up planets, stick to canon.)

Allegiance:  (Jedi/ Republic, Sith/ Empire, smuggler, bounty hunter, etc. All in the current RP will be Jedi.)

Rank:  (If you are in the military, this is your rank.  If you are a Force User, this is your this level of training eg Padawan/ Acolyte, Knight/ Lord, Master/ Darth. All in the current RP will be Padawans.)

Specialization: (If you are in the military this would be your specialization training.  If you are a Force User, this is your chosen path eg Jedi Guardian/ Sith Warrior, Jedi Consular/ Sith Inquisitor, Jedi Sentinel/ Sith Marauder.)

Age: (age should reflect experience and skill- we won’t accept 14 year old Knights/ Lords!)


Physical Description: (hair, skin, eye color; distinguishing features eg scars or tattoos; clothing and/ or armour.)

Personality: (include behavioral traits.)

Combat Training (and Lightsaber forms for Force Users): (all Force Users must note their primary lightsaber form, plus any additional forms/ combat training.)

Skill Specialization: (overall skill focus eg combat, telekinesis, healing, mind powers, etc.)

Standard Force Skills: (Padawans/Acolytes - 3 maximum.)

Enhanced Force Skills: (Padawans/Acolytes - 2 maximum.)

Additional Skills: (3 maximum, non Force skills.)

Weaknesses: (2 minimum.)

Studied Interests: (2 expert studied maximum, 4 average studied maximum, 4 total maximum.)

Weapons: (3 maximum.)

Equipment: (3 maximum- all Force Users would be expected to have “standard” issued equipment: food capsules, rebreather, commlink/ holocommunicator which counts as one. NOTE: no one in the current RP will be authorised to have their own ships, droids, etc.)

Special Possessions: (trinkets, momentos, etc.)

Background History: (2 to 3 paragraphs. Make it detailed.)
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For the Light of the Republic! (LS Points Please)

« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2015, 07:48:05 AM »

Name: Ikis Epecegu
Race: Twi’lek
Home Planet: Ryloth
Allegiance: Jedi Order
Rank: Jedi Master - Next in line for Battlemaster of the Order
Specialization: Jedi Guardian - Warrior Master

Age: 35
Gender: Male
Physical Description:
-Skin: Deep red
-Hair: None
-Eyes: Jade green
-Height: 6’5” with a very toned and muscular build
-Distinguishing features: Black tribal tattoos on his Lekku
-Clothing: Dark brown armorweave Jedi robe worn over the top of standard Jedi combat armor that has an armorweave under layer.  The armor is a nearly full set and covers his chest, arms, hands, legs, and feet.  The helps protect against glances and nicks from sabers and blasters.  He also has a more relaxed set of light and dark brown robes that are more traditional in Jedi fashion that are made of armorweave with which he wears a set of brown leather boots.

Personality: Ikis is kind and compassionate towards his friends and allies.  He has a gentle side, but it is not often shown.  He is also protective of those under his care.  As a lightsaber instructor, all these things can disappear quickly.  He is usually quite firm, though tries not to be overly harsh in achieving his lessons.  Towards his enemies he is usually fair, but will be relentless and give no quarter in defeating them if necessary.

Combat Training: Highly trained in all seven forms of lightsaber combat.  His expert training lies in Forms V and VI (more proficient at these forms with dual sabers but is also skilled in the use of a saberstaff).  His next most skillful forms are Forms IV and VII.  Above average skill in the other three forms that make up the basics of lightsaber combat.  His entire life as a Jedi he was constantly training to improve his ability with a lightsaber and the Force as he aspired one day to be named Battlemaster, which he is now next in line for.

Skill Specialization: Saber combat specialization with secondary in fighting telekinetics

Standard Force Skills: Speed, Strength, Jump, Saber Throw, Force Persuasion

Enhanced Force Skills: Lift/Move/Throw Object, Repulse, Stasis Field, Revitalize, Precognition(Advanced Sense)

Special Force Skill: Presence Aura(Lesser Battle Meditation) - Allows him to instill peace or courage in most people or creatures that he chooses up to 30 or 60 meters away.  Also helps with detecting a person’s emotional state, especially if they are trying to deceive him and also helps with the Jedi Mind Trick if it is relating to getting the person to do a peaceful action.

Origin of ability
This ability was brought about when he learned he could instill his own inner peace on others.  Despite how emotional he might get in a given situation, he found he could almost always return to a calm center.  To use the aura in a passive manner, it requires him to have physical contact for at least a couple seconds, a handshake or a touch on the arm or shoulder or another part of the body, to get a sense of them to allow him to blanket the people.  Passively means he can channel it at a lesser 30 meter range with very little effort for an extended period, 2-3 hours depending on the strain of other activity he is participating in.  The difference in time stems from the fact that negotiations at a table take less effort than a battle.  If he focuses and actively pushes the aura he can extend it to 60 meters and it can affect people who he hasn't had contact with.  This however is rather exhausting for him and he can only push the active aura for about 1-2 hours before needing rest.  It still affects those he has had contact with more easily.  If other Jedi sit in contact with him and help him channel it by providing their strength in the Force, he can push the aura, actively or passively, to a larger coverage radius and for a longer period.

Weakness of ability
However whether pushing the aura passively or actively, people can resist it if they have the willpower and are wholly against the feeling he is pushing out.  Though the fact that he is only pushing feelings of peace or courage makes it easier for them to accept it and less likely to resist it.  The peace feeling has less effect on Sith for obvious reasons and he has never had reason to instill one with courage.  To other Force-users, something is felt within the Force, like small ripples that can be seen on a still pond.  They may or may not know exactly what is being done, but can sense something outside themselves, and respond accordingly, whether that be accepting the feeling and using it to bolster themselves, or to reject it.  The touch factor also has a weakness.  He can only maintain the memory of the Force touch between sleep cycles.  After sleeping, he loses the memory of non-Force sensitive beings.  He can elongate this "memory" by skipping a sleep cycle for a day or two and simply using the Force to sustain himself, but eventually the negative effects of no sleep negate his ability to "remember" remember the impressions.  Beings that have more of a distinct impression on the Force, untrained Force sensitives, Jedi, Sith, Voss, etc. he can retain for a few days even with sleep, but eventually will lose them as well unless he has contact again.  The channeling of the aura, actively or passively can be broken of course if his concentration is shattered.  The active aura takes less to break concentration if he is in battle and is wounded more than just a little cut or burn.  The passive aura would take a disruptive mind force power being used or perhaps being near to an explosion that threw him around.

Additional Skills: Moderate freighter and light corvette pilot.  Above average sense of smell.  Somewhat decent diplomat.  His skill as a diplomat is mainly his ability to use his Aura to keep a peaceful atmosphere over diplomatic relations.  His experience mainly comes from that of being present for these talks while someone else is doing the talking, thus he learned what he knows from observing.

Studied Interests: Has learned about working on and repairing ship systems and other electrical systems.  He is fluent in Basic, the silent Lekku language, Ryl, Huttese, due to their commonness with his species, and also Bocce, and Durese due to their common use in the galaxy and his early learning with the Jedi.  He has also picked up some Bothese, Mando'a, Rodese, and Sullustese during his over two decades travelling with the Jedi.

Weaknesses: Can be overprotective.  He has had previous missions where he has lost team members both to capture and death which has caused his overprotective nature.  He also occasionally has issue with guilt when losing someone, especially if he was supposed to be protecting them.  Sometimes can be overconfident, but has gotten better about this.

Weapons: Twin simple yellow bladed lightsabers with leather wrapped grips.  There are three controls on each saber, one is the on/off, one is a dual-phase switch to extend the saber, and one is a power adjustment to allow the saber to be turned down to the level of a training saber.  The hilts have just enough room to use two hands, but are more fitted to be used with one.  They also have an interlocking mechanism on the pommel to turn into a saberstaff.  He also has a third, shorter, 1-handed shoto lightsaber with an orange blade but the same locking mechanism as the other two sabers.  The shoto doesn't have the dual-phase switch, but the power on it can be adjusted down like the other two.  Any one of the three lightsabers can lock with any of the other two.

Equipment: Standard Jedi utility belt with long range holo-communicator, underwater rebreather, nutrient capsules, climbing line with hook, etc.  Small datapad.  Portable emergency medkit.

Special equipment: XS-Freighter - Valiant Light - Provided and modified by Jedi Order to be suitable for Jedi use.  Astrogation T7 droid, T7-R4, also provided for ship maintenance and running.  

Special Possessions: Necklace with wroshyr bark pendant.  Carved in the bark is the Ryl word Tiu, which means Peace.  This is a heirloom from his family line of Jedi.

Background History:
Ikis Epecegu was born on Ryloth, youngest child of three, just a couple years before Battle of Korriban and the breakout of the war with the Sith Empire.  His family line had been known for producing Force Sensitives but his parents feared having him tested as a child in case he was taken away for training, but by the age of four it became obvious he could use the Force.  His parents feared that with the return of the Sith Empire he would be discovered by them and so they found a way to contact the Jedi and have him picked up.

Years went by and Ikis trained hard.  He was always impressing the instructors with how diligent he was in training, though he would often push himself too hard or be reckless in his training. He discovered early on that he could manage to wield a lightsaber in either hand, and eventually two lightsabers, something he worked towards mastering.  As the years passed he excelled in lightsaber combat and discovered a latent ability to make beings immediately around him feel at peace or confident. The Jedi who brought him to the Temple, the Twi’lek Arboth, was now a Master and chose him as his Padawan.  Ikis’ training saw him and his Master serving in many battles. Their bond grew as “brothers” and they were an effective team.

Just shortly after Ikis turned eighteen, he and Arboth were involved in a large battle and got separated at one point during the fighting.  They met up again later, but just as they were marshaling their forces, enemy bombers swooped down on their location.  Arboth’s last act was to use the force to push his Padawan into a crevasse and block the entrance with a piece of tank armoring.  He was the only one who survived the attack, and when he crawled out and found his master he took the token his master always kept around his neck on a leather thong.  With the Sith forces everywhere he disguised himself and began his long journey home, laying low and slowly making his way back to the Core Worlds.  It took over a year, working from the Sith occupied worlds to the Unknown regions to get back inwards again.  At one point he acquired the tribal tattoos on his Lekku and a holdout blaster, and had to break down his lightsaber and sell its components to make ends meet.  When he eventually made it back to Coruscant he was welcomed back into the temple.  Believing that his time away had been his trials for Knighthood, the Council decided that he would meditate and train in the Temple to prove his readiness.

He did as they instructed, continuing in his learning with various Masters around the temple and immersing himself once again in the Force and its teachings.  He spent his time re-honing his abilities and joining in classes with younger Padawans, often assisting the Masters. He crafted two new lightsabers using twin yellow crystals he had discovered with the crystal in his original lightsaber and began specializing in dual blade combat.  On the date of his 20th birthday he was knighted and began going out into the galaxy, serving by assisting in negotiations and fighting the war against the Sith Empire.  Some time after being Knighted he was granted a ship to use and also a T7 astrogation droid for helping to run the ship.  While they were not "his", they became permanently assigned to him after it was seen that it was beneficial for his missions.  He has continued to grow as a Jedi, both in skill and rank.  After fifteen years as a Knight, dutifully serving the Order and the Republic during the great war and after it, he was elevated to the rank of Jedi Master and named next in line as Battlemaster of the Order.  This came following his help with the new Jedi Temple on Tython and helping to teach a new generation of Jedi after so many were lost on Coruscant.
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« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2015, 09:06:42 AM »

Name: Shayla Jaste

Race: Human

Home Planet: Esseles, but raised on Coruscant at the Jedi Temple

Allegiance:  Jedi Order

Rank: Knight

Specialization:  Jedi Consular

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Physical Description: short (5’2), medium build, lightly tanned skin, waist long platinum blonde hair usually kept neatly plaited, grey eyes. Armorweave clothing, dark brown tabard with antique gold edging over cream tunic with dark brown pants. Her half sleeve outer robe is mostly mid tan, bearing an intricate swirling pattern in antique gold with matching dark brown edging on the bottom, sleeves, front and hood. Dark brown midcalf Jedi boots. Two tone belt with cream edging, dark brown main and antique gold patterned buckle.

Personality: kind, compassionate, gentle. She usually speaks with a soft voice. Dislikes violence but has learnt to do what is necessary, however will try and find a non violent solution first. Has a habit of absentmindedly playing with her telekinesis, floating things around below knee height (which she finds calming) and levitating.

Combat Training (and Lightsaber forms for Force Users): Shayla is just starting to train her primary lightsaber form to be Form VI Niman. Has some ability with I, II, IV and V as she learnt them to be able to do form VI, decent ability with III Soresu as it was previously her primary form. Decent at unarmed self defense.

Skill Specialization: Very powerful Telekinesis.

Standard Force Skills: Force Empathy, Force Levitation, Force Jump, Force Speed.

Enhanced Force Skills: Force Repulse, Force Healing, Force Stasis, some ability with Force Shielding.

Special Force Skills: Force Throw, Pull and Push- extremely fine control to manipulate many small objects, she can make them move individually of each other or together as one. Can use currents in the Force to aid her telekinesis. Force Maelstrom- is very similar to Force Repulse except it requires more power to perform. It has the same effect as Force Repulse in that the user must gather energy and then release it outwards in all directions. It creates a shield of force energy that protects the user. The power sweeps up movable objects and beings and causes them to orbit quickly around the user before releasing the built-up energy in an explosion of debris and telekinetic energy (Sith often also release Lightning, however Shayla's ability does not). This ability is quite draining and is hard to do without some emotion and she hasn't learnt how to control it fully yet.

Additional Skills: Diplomacy, some basic medical knowledge.

Weaknesses: While she has an exceptional and almost unparalleled control over small objects with her telekinesis, she has limited ability with larger objects (torso size or larger). She has a habit of moving objects around absent mindedly using the Force or floating around with her Levitation, which some beings find disturbing. Her ability with other Force powers is very limited, especially Force Sense and most mind powers. As a Padawan and then young Consular she had a hard time dealing with her emotions and has had a brush with the Dark Side. While she has learnt to control those emotions they are still always there lurking in the background.

Studied Interests: Languages- as a diplomat she is fluent in multiple languages including Basic, Huttese, Durese, Bocce, Rodese, Sullustese. She has some ability to speak others including spoken Ryl, Mando'a, Bothese and can usually understand the gist of what beings are saying in other languages even if she doesn't speak it. Telekinesis- she is always studying different applications for her telekinesis. Of particular interest to her currently is Force Levitation which she can do but still has little control over and Force Shielding, something she has some ability with as she can manipulate telekinetic fields. Lightsaber combat- as a young Jedi Shayla detested lightsaber combat. After her first mission as a Knighted Jedi, this changed. She realized to protect others she would have to learn more about combat, and while not a star pupil she has dedicated herself to improving all her skills including lightsaber combat.

Weapons: light silvery blue lightsaber. Hilt has a silver shroud covered in the same intricate patterns that are on her robe, with the emitter and pommel both a mix of silver and black.

Equipment: Standard Jedi equipment: food capsules, rebreather, long range holo-communicator. Small datapad, medical kit.

Special Possessions: a worn, colorful loosely woven bracelet, clearly homemade by a young being. A more tightly well woven section, obviously made by an adult, bears three symbols- Tann, Smoo and Teeubo, the Twi’lek symbols for hope, blessed and treasure. They were given to her as a gift by a young Twi’lek on her first proper mission as a Knighted Jedi. Usually worn on her wrist, but during combat it goes in a pouch for safe keeping.

Background History:
Shayla was born to a working class family on Esseles. She was discovered by the Jedi Order at a very young age, already able to levitate objects from the time she was a baby and brought to Coruscant for training. As a youngling and then Padawan she was often restless and held back a little in her studies, having trouble controlling her emotions and with her training in Force Sense abilities as her skills were poor. Even so she always had a kind, compassionate and gentle nature. She hated any form of combat or violence, and put little effort into her lightsaber training. Her innate abilities with telekinesis only improved as she grew older, and as a Padawan she discovered that she could use the force to levitate herself. Floating meditation came soon after much to the surprise of her instructors and master. During meditation she discovered the ability to detect seemingly erratic currents and patterns in the Force and use them to aid her telekinesis, allowing her to control even greater numbers of objects at once.

Her Master, a human Ruu Desem, was very strict and followed the Jedi Code exactly. He was a healer and diplomat, believing that there was always an alternative to violence and that the Jedi were there to serve by helping others, not by fighting wars. While a kind man himself he believed that emotions made one weak, and Shayla often had a hard time trying to control her emotions to his satisfaction. He also didn’t appreciate her habit of floating things around for her own amusement. Her master taught her what he knew of healing and diplomacy, given she had some affinity for both. He was killed by Sith while she was still a Padawan during a humanitarian mission, something she had a great deal of trouble coping with at the time.

Shayla was Knighted less than a year after the Sacking of Coruscant and spent her first few years helping at the new temple. On her first proper mission as a full Jedi she was captured and tortured. The inexperienced, gentle, sheltered and naive young woman couldn't deal with the treatment, and in her attempt to protect herself and another captive gave in to the Dark side and killed her captors using the Force. In the process she discovered her telekinetic ability responded to her emotional state and unlocked the ability to use Force Maelstrom. It was a wake up call for Shayla, who decided that in order to protect and serve the galaxy as she wished to she would have to put aside her dislikes and learn to properly control her emotions, her telekinetic abilities and master saber combat.  

Now, after a few years of hard training and missions and with the help of her friend and mentor Ikis Epecegu (who was on the same mission she was when captured), she has improved her lightsaber and general combat skills and is working towards Form VI Niman. Her telekinetic abilities have improved and she has learnt how to use Force Repulse though she still hasn't learnt how to control Force Maelstrom.
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« Reply #3 on: June 30, 2015, 08:20:11 AM »

Name: Vellik Eris
Race: Human
Home Planet: Coruscant
Allegiance: Jedi Order
Rank: Padawan
Specialization: Jedi Consular

Age: 14 1/2
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Somewhat short (4’11”) and lean.  Pale skin with bright blue eyes and short sandy colored hair with a thin padawan braid draped over his right shoulder.  Wears a light green tabard over a sleeveless cream colored tunic, pants slightly darker than the tunic and light tan boots.  Also has a traditional dark brown robe but rarely wears it preferring light colors.

Personality: Kind and compassionate nature, friendly, outgoing and very sensitive to what other people are feeling.  Strongly dislikes fighting and doesn't want to cause harm to anybody, though he will defend himself if there is no other way out.

Combat Training: None prior to joining the Jedi.  Currently working towards proficiency in Shii-Cho.  Limited hand-to-hand combat ability if the need arises.

Skill Specialization: Mind Control

Standard Force Skills: Telekinesis (weak), Force Empathy

Enhanced Force Skills: Mind Control, Force Fear (lacks control)

Additional Skills: Discovered a love of nature when he finally got off-world and developed a proficiency in scavenging/foraging for food, medicinal herbs, etc. 

Weaknesses: Lacks a strong telekinetic ability.  He can move small objects but only in a general direction, does not have good control.  Accidentally discovered a talent for certain darker abilities due to an encounter with the Dark Side.  Mostly he keeps these powers buried but his fear that they may re-emerge causes him to try harder to keep his emotions in check, which he sometimes struggles with.  His dislike of violence holds back his progress in lightsaber combat.

Studied Interests:
Mind Control – Having a strong dislike for combat, he prefers to manipulate his way out of potentially dangerous situations.  He discovered the ability as a young child and has grown more powerful under the tutelage of his master and continues to hone his ability. 

Diplomacy - Began learning diplomatic skills from his master.  He disagrees with his master's  tendancy to use mind control techniques to further negotiations, preferring to aid the other parties in reaching an agreement on their own.  Although at this early stage of his training he is more of an observer than active participant. 

Weapons: Emerald green lightsaber.  Hilt has a wooden sleeve grip engraved with an intricate leaf pattern.

Equipment: Holo-communicator, food capsules, underwater breather, data pad

Background History: Vellik was born in the undercity of Coruscant where he spent his childhood years living with his parents, both lower class industrial workers, and younger sister.  He had always had a deep sensitivity to those around him, whether it be sensing someone’s emotional state or just being able to sense their presence within a certain area.  His sensitive nature and small size, he was always the smallest kid in his age group, made him the subject of ridicule and bullying.  One day at school, the seven year old boy became the victim of a particularly brutal bullying session in which he incurred a black eye, split lip and bruises on various parts of his body, he shouted out for them to leave him alone putting all the force his small frame could muster behind the words.  To his great surprise, the beating ended and the assailants went on their way.  In the following days he found that he could influence other people’s actions, in a very limited way, simply by telling them what to do.  Vellik had heard stories about people who were found to have special abilities, and that they were often taken or sent away from their families, though he didn’t know why.  Not wanting to leave his family he chose to keep his newfound ability a secret, only using it when absolutely necessary.  A few months after his ninth birthday he was suddenly overwhelmed with feelings of fear, anger and pain.  He didn't know where these feelings were coming from, but he knew something was wrong and needed to find out what.  He found a holonet report detailing an army of Sith warriors that had attacked the Jedi temple, destroying it and killing many Jedi.  Vellik didn't know why this event had effected him so greatly as he didn't know anyone involved and was far removed from affairs on the surface.  Not far enough removed however as his undercity district eventually fell under gang control.   

One day, at the age of thirteen, Vellik was walking down the street with his younger sister, when he suddenly had a feeling of danger growing inside of him.  The kids were quickly surrounded by thugs from a local swoop gang.   He waved at them and 'suggested' that they should leave them alone, but it didn't work.  Two of the gang members dragged his sister off to the side and the other two threw him against the wall and began to beat on him.  Hearing the cries and screams from his sister, Vellik was filled with panic, fear and something else he had never felt before, hatred.  He had never wished harm on anyone before, but now he was unknowingly digging deep into a part of himself he didn’t know existed, and he wanted to kill these men.  The attackers suddenly stopped beating the kids and turned on each other.  After a brief battle three of the men laid dead in the street and the fourth disappeared into an alley.  He checked on his sister, who was beaten but still alive, and then looked at the three men lying in the street.  Suddenly he was struck with the realization and horror of what he had just done.  What made it worse was that he didn’t even know how he had done it.  Afraid of what he was capable of and possibly hurting someone he loved, Vellik decided to leave home in search of the Jedi temple, hoping he could find something there to help him control his power.  As he was scavenging around the ruins of the temple he sensed a vague shadowy presence.  After a while of exploring the ruins, the presence growing stronger, a hooded figure revealed himself to the boy introducing himself as a treasure hunter looking for Jedi relics.  Sensing Vellik's potential for using the Force, and his fear, the figure offered to take him somewhere he could learn to control both his power and emotions.  He agreed to go with the man and they soon after departed Coruscant on his transport.  During the trip Vellik learned the so-called treasure hunter was actually a Jedi Knight name Siv Tovar and was on a mission to retrieve Jedi artifacts to return to their base on Tython.           

After arriving on Tython, Vellik was brought before the Order.  They realized the potential in the boy but his fear and lingering hatred that he tried to hide were of concern to them. Nevertheless, they agreed to take him in and over the next six months Tovar, who specialized in Force Sense and Mind Control abilities, worked exclusively with him to learn to control his emotions as well as teach him the ways of the Jedi.  He did not allow anyone else to work with the boy citing that it would stunt his progress and advancement with the Jedi Order.  At the end of the six months, at 13 ½ years of age, Vellik was officially made padawan to Tovar, who took special interest in his darker abilities as it showed that the boy had potential for more than just the pacifistic tendencies of many other Jedi, and focused his training heavily on cultivating those abilities.  Vellik spent the next year as padawan improving the power and control of his mental abilities and learning the basics of lightsaber combat, although his progress in the latter was stunted due to his dislike of fighting. 

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« Reply #4 on: June 30, 2015, 09:34:19 AM »

Name: Cya-pau-rylo

Race: Cerean

Home Planet: Cerea

Allegiance:  Jedi of the Order

Rank:  Padawan

Specialization: Jedi Consular

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Physical Description: 1.8 meters tall (5’10”), 70 kilos (155 lbs), tall cone head with waist length dark red hair (most often in a single braid). Pale pink skin. Most common clothing is sturdy jumpsuits in dark green or blue. Padawan robes as required. No rings, simple earrings, and a small necklace with a kasha crystal shard.

Personality: A natural calm and happy personality, yet studious and/or serious as needed, rarely angry. Will join in group discussions, but rarely start them, unless asking a question.

Combat Training (and Lightsaber forms for Force Users): Primary – Shii-cho, learning Form II & III

Skill Specialization: Healing

Standard Force Skills: Force Sense, Telekinesis, Animal Friendship (calming only)

Enhanced Force Skills: Force Healing, Morichro (as aid to healing only)

Additional Skills: Basic Veterinarian skills, tracking, meditation

Weaknesses: Pacifistic in nature, Follower – no command skills

Studied Interests: Basic physiology – average, basic psychology – average, Galactic History – average, zoology - average

Weapons: Lightsaber with Kasha crystal, yellow in color.

Equipment: Jedi Utility Belt, Surgical Kit, Medic Kit

Special Possessions: Collection of avian feathers, carved Kasha Crystal (family heirloom)

Background History: Cya (as she was called) had always had an affinity for animals, and they for her. At an early age, she would wander the forests and plains near her dwelling, often accompanied by various animals. None of the animals ever harmed her, though many would bristle and/or run if others approached.  She aided her family unit by assisting the veterinarians tending the flocks of Aryk. She was the one most often asked to bring in the wounded animals as they were calmest while she assisted. This is where a visiting Jedi recruiter, looking for Force sensitives, found her. The recruiter watched one such procedure and realized that she was using the Force to calm the animals, but not control them, and would remain at the animal’s side in a light trance, aiding the vets in their work by monitoring the animal’s life forces. She admitted to her abilities when confronted and her family reluctantly allowed her to depart with the Jedi.

At the age of 9, she entered into training at the Kamparas Jedi Training Center, with a concentration on the healing arts. She balked at learning to fight at first, barely enough to continue her studies. Her Animal Friendship ability was slowly growing, yet controlling the beasts remaining extremely difficult for her. Her use of the Morichro ability to assist with healing was severely monitored as it could prove deadly if not controlled correctly. However, her natural powers of concentration, often enhanced by a Kasha crystal, were slowly meeting the Masters approval. Strongest in her Force abilities, her natural leanings aided her growth in the healing arts. However, while she understood that Jedi must learn to defend themselves and others, her combat skills were not increasing with the rest of the padawans. She worried that the Masters would send her away regardless of her abilities, but felt that she could be true to the Jedi code only if she was true to herself first. The Masters understood her desires to be a healer and sought ways to facilitate her growth in all areas of the training.

Then, at age 12, Master Shaari Tuul, a female Togruta, selected her as her padawan. Continuing Cya's studies in the healing arts, Master Tuul steered her into first Form II, then Form III style combat training. During both Form I & II training, her combat skills were adequate but mainly defensive, with little success in attacking whenever openings showed. She did show promise however when introduced to Form III Soresu. Seeing the improvement in her skills, especially in Form III, Master Tuul contacted Cya's family and requested a Kasha crystal for use in a light saber. With the addition of the Kasha crystal, she was able to achieve a meditative state even during combat. Her defense was immensely strong and could outlast most opponents, ultimately disarming them with minimal injury. This allowed Cya to further her skills, especially in the defense of herself and others, and proved the boost she needed to rejoin the level of her contemporaries.
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Name: Drahcir Arcos

Race: Human

Home Planet: Nar Shaddaa

Allegiance:  Jedi

Rank:  Padawan

Specialization: Jedi Sentinel (in training)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Buzz cut (black hair), the beginning of stubble growing to be an eventual beard, dark brown eyes, generic Padawan Garb – usually a bit sloppily thrown together, Not extremely tall – around 5’8” with an average build.

Personality: Guarded, defensive, but overall a good guy with a fascination in history and relics. Dry humor and pointed wit. To an extent greedy, but very aware of this trait and does his best to keep it under control.

Combat Training: Dabbling in the first three forms with extra attention placed on Form II: Makashi. He wants to develop skill in Niman/Jar'Kai

Skill Specialization: His overall focus lies in combat, though he likes to think mind powers and persuasion are his strong suit.

Standard Force Skills: Force Strength, Force Speed, and a weak Force Jump

Enhanced Force Skills: A strong Mind Trick ( that he struggles with not using for his own gain and a poorly developed Psychometry ( ability that is currently unreliable, but shows promise for being quite powerful and useful to his archaeological interests.

Additional Skills: Blaster use, Computer use, Navigation

Drahcir’s force abilities, although showing great potential and power, are severely limited by his ability to concentrate and connect with the force. For example, his Psychometry ability is quite strong, but can only be used with any detail after several hours to days of meditation. This made it ideal for the examination of force relics, but impractical for things like tracking unless it concerned a situation where time was not a factor of importance. His Mind Trick, though potent would fatigue him if used more than once over the course of several hours. His difficulty in connecting and concentrating with the force seems less to do with being disciplined and more so to do with a block on his mind – either self-imposed or from an outside source. Oddly enough the limit on his abilities have much less effect on physical augments, though his endurance in using the force can be questionable at times if he’s having to push himself. In addition to these limits, Drahcir carries a large sense of envy of others abilities and his patience is easily tested if he feels others are flaunting their abilities for no real reason. His insecurities fuel his desire to learn, but also can limit his ability to progress.

Studied Interests:  Expert knowledge of archaeology/history regarding Force Relics (or a developing knowledge acceptable for a Padawan) expert survival skills, and a beginning interest in languages beyond Galactic Basic.

Weapons: One full length yellow lightsaber.  He has been borrowing and using a small green training shoto saber that he’s working to wield during learning sessions, though in actual combat he falls back on single saber for now.  A small blaster is kept hidden in his tunic.

Equipment: Standard issued equipment with standard utility belt and a satchel of archaeology based gear.

Special Possessions:
The small blaster kept in his tunic belonged to his adoptive father on Nar Shaddaa and is the only object he has from that time of his life. He was left a modest sum of republic credits from his mother, no doubt from his father’s questionable exploits, but hasn’t accessed it since being on Tython.

Background History:
   Drahcir was adopted by a smuggler’s wife on Nar Shaddaa around the age of three and has no memory of his family prior to this. He admired his adoptive father, believing his smuggling was exciting and adventurous. However, he rarely saw his father as he was often off world; it wasn’t until the age of 6 that he was able to go on the occasional “safe” job. By the time he had turned 7 he had visited many of the planets in the Outer Rim. At the age of 8 his father was captured, tried, and incarcerated for life – leaving a bad taste in Drahcir’s mouth feeling abandoned. Shortly thereafter his mother died of an unknown illness, likely stemmed from a lifetime on Nar Shaddaa. After some time on his own and fending for himself, his future Master caught him trying to sneak into a gambling den, likely trying to steal from the intoxicated patrons who frequented it. She sensed his potential and asked him to join her as she traveled around working on various archaeological projects she headed.

   Master Syren Artho, a Twi’lek woman with a pale lavender skin and dark blue-black eyes, took Drahcir as her official Padawan learner when he was 12 years old, though she had been indirectly teaching him the ways of the force prior to this on their travels. Master Syren is known for saber skills, wielding a saberstaff with a deep blue hue. Master Syren shares Drahcir’s interest, if not being the direct cause of it, in history and archaeology. She often encouraged him to study and pursue those interests giving him access to any Jedi History information she could, as well as, accompanying him in the archives on Coruscant. On their first official project as Master and Padawan she gave him his first set of archaeology tools. By way of luck Master Syren and Drahcir were off Courscant during its sacking, working on a project together. When the new Jedi Temple was to be built on Tython, Master Syren saw it as perfect opportunity for Drahcir to develop his archaeological skills while unearthing questions about the origins of the Jedi. This meant that Drahcir was able to witness a large portion of this new temple’s construction and gave him a close affiliation with the planet – something he hadn’t felt since Nar Shaddaa.  

   As previously established, Drahcir’s force abilities are subpar under most measures, except for his ability to augment his physical abilities, because of this his focus is primarily that of lightsaber combat with a good ability to block blaster fire and excellent dueling skills, for his age, thanks to his fall back on Makashi. His time looking in the Jedi archives for ancient force relics was, subconsciously, a desire to find a way to enhance his own abilities, hoping to receive the recognition he feels he deserves. His insecurity and this entitlement, though largely kept to himself, have gotten critique from Masters and are a subject of past ridicule from peers. He often struggles with wanting to keep his archaeological finds for himself. He was once caught trying to pocket a rare crystal found within a tomb. Master Syren disciplined him for this, but kept it a secret from all others.
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Name: Willax Thylac

Race: Nalroni

Homeworld: Celanon

Faction: Jedi

Rank: Initiate

Specialisation: Jedi service corps/ AgriCorps

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Physical Description: 165cm, 66Kg. Reddish/Golden fur graduating to buff on his chest, stomach, arms and legs. Dark brown and white band running along each side of muzzle and across eyes, dark brown stripes across lower back and tail. Clothing cream under-tunic and jedi pants, light brown over-tunic, cream and green AgriCorps cloak, dark grey belt and Nalroni sandals.

Personality: Humble, humorous, polite and gregarious. Willax has the Nalroni ability to instinctively understand the motivation of beings of most species; he is able to speak well and has some promising skills in negotiations.

Combat training: FormII Makashi, Form III (learning)

Skill specialisation: AgriCorps

Standard Force Abilities: Force Jump, Force Push, Force Speed

Enhanced Force Abilities: consitor sato (force plant control), Force Cloak (exhausted after use).

Additional Skills: basic slicing, droid and starship maintenance, learner pilot.

Weaknesses:. Does not give off much of a presence in the force leading some to assume he is not force sensitive. While he is comfortable with having served in the AgriCorps many lower ranking Jedi tend to look down upon AgriCorps members. Urban Nalroni feel uncomfortable around him due to his unusual ‘primitive’ markings.

Studied interests: Droids and Machinery (starting to study Mechu deru but cannot use it as yet), Ecological sciences (particularly Botany), Languages Basic, Nalroni, Durese, Bithian some Ithorian phrases.

Weapons: Lightsaber (green) crafted for him by his Ithorian AgriCorps mentor.

Equipment: Utility belt, data pad with a botanical encyclopaedia, droid repair and slicing kit.

Special Possessions: clear lightsaber crystal kept in a small pouch. Provisional starship licence.


Willax was whelped the eldest son of a fishing family on an Island off of Celanons smallest continent Desetur. From birth it was obvious that he was different, he had unusual fur markings for a Nalroni and seemed able to pre-empt situations and conversations. Despite this he was accepted by his small village and fitted into the rural Nalroni way of life.

When Willax was aged four an undercover Jedi recruiter and her padawan gained permission to leave Celanon city and test infants in some of the planets more remote locations. During her travels she found four force sensitive pups including Willax. The four Nalroni were sent to Coruscant and admitted to the temple as initiates. Willax was a fairly unremarkable student, notable only for the fact that he did not seem to give much off much of a force presence. Often beings would not realise he was force sensitive and sometimes would not even notice he was present. At the age of 11 he undertook the initiate trials, he had an average understanding of the Jedi code, was above average in lightsaber duelling, and had an average control of the force. However as he did not give of much of a presence within the force he was not selected by any of the Knights or Masters looking for a padawan at the time.

 The Council of Reassignment considered his case and as no suitable master was willing to take him on, Willax was assigned to the Agri Corps. Willax stayed at the temple on Coruscant working with an Ithorian Agri Corps. Knight and learning about ecology, machinery, droids and how to control plants through use of the force skill consitor sato.

Willax had only been in his new role for a few months when the Sith attacked Coruscant. Willax and the Knight he worked with, Ixxith Bobab were visiting a research centre not far from the temple at the time. In the aftermath of the battle Ixxith was captured but the Sith overlooked Willax. It was at this point that that Willax discovered he had the force cloak ability, which was why other beings did not feel his presence strongly in the force.
Ixxith and a number of other AgriCorps staff were held prisoner in the research facility they had been working in but Willax using his new found ability was able to cloak himself in the force, knock out a Sith Guard and open the cells. The effort was so exhausting that Ixxith had to carry him out and Willax remained unconscious for many hours while the ArgiCorps members commandeered a shuttle and escaped to Correllia.

Ixxith and Willax stayed on Correlia until the Jedi re-established themselves on Tython. After this had occurred they then ventured to Tython to return to the AgriCorps. On arrival were given a series of missions aiding in repairing the agriculture, infrastructure and ecosystems of planets damaged during the war. After surviving one particularly dangerous encounter on Taris. Ixxith recommended to the Council of Reassignment that Willax should be given the opportunity to re-sit the initiate trials with the view to him becoming a Padawan if a willing Knight could be found. Ixxith declined to take on Willax as a Padawan himself as the Ithorian was due to take up a position on the Council of AgriCorps Masters.

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Name: Das Kol.

Race: Human

Home Planet: Corellia

Allegiance:  Jedi

Rank:  Padawan

Specialization: Jedi Sentinel

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Physical Description: 5'3", Thin frame, Dark Brown Hair (short at the sides, long on top and brushed over to the left side), Simple black Tunic with Grey Tabard and Grey Obi, Dark Brown belt and boots.

Personality: Calm, Loyal, good under pressure, but doesn't like to see colleagues pushed around or having a hard time.

Combat Training: Has had some hand to hand combat experience as he lived in the lower levels for a time.. Now at the temple is progressing well with Forms I and III (exceedingly skilled at rebounding blaster fire), and Form V is the future goal.

Skill Specialization: Mind Trick, Das used to use it on the streets unbeknownst to him..

Standard Force Skills: Force Pull, Speed, Force Concealment.

Enhanced Force Skills: Mind trick, Psychometry.

Additional Skills: A calm talker. Would be good on stealthy missions as Das has also learnt more conventional methods of concealment to compliment his Force powers.

Weaknesses: Tends to be a little hard on himself at times as his Force abilities (apart from the above) have very slow progression. Das' enhanced skills can wear him down quite quickly. 

Studied Interests: Das has a keen interest in Jedi artifacts and Sith lore, mostly due to his temperamental Force power of Psychometry (it comes and goes).

Weapons: Lightsaber (white blade) - Cut at an angle at both ends -

Equipment: Standard Jedi Gear, food caps on belt, two pouches containing re-breather and grappling hook. Comlink/Holoprojector.

Special Possessions: Wooden necklace which belonged to Das' Mother.

Background History: Das Kell was born into nobility on Corellia. His father was known for making rash business decisions and sadly Kai and Selna Kell were murdered by enraged associates. Wanting to keep Das safe from any further 'problems' the Family's Minder Olun Tommsk hid Das and managed to escape to Coruscant, leaving behind the Kell name and the wealth which went with it. The two hid and survived in the lower levels of the city with the changing of Das' name to 'Kol'

Olun was an old but wise Human who taught Das how to survive, aswell as telling him stories of the Jedi and Sith. Olun sadly died shortly after the sacking of Coruscant, Das was 10 years old. When Olun died he gave the boy a wooden necklace which belonged to Das' Mother. He still wears it today and draws strength from it.

At 11 years old Das had gotten good at hiding in the shadows and making a living by picking pockets. A Bothan, Jedi Master Lannan Dza'Vri was searching the lower levels for artifacts which had been stolen from the Great Temple when it was attacked by the Sith a few years previous. Fate had it set, as Das tried to pick Dza'Vri's pockets. Das had touched the Bothans lightsaber and unintentionally had a vision "You're a Jedi!" he said, "you're an adept" the Bothan replied softly, "Come with me.."

The two travelled to the Jedi Training Centre on Kamparas and Dza'Vri entered Das into Jedi training as an Initiate.

It was only a year later when Master Dza'Vri took Das as his Padawan, the similarities in interests is what swayed the Masters choice. Over the last 2 years at Kamparas, Das has become a fast learner of Lightsaber combat but still has alot to learn about the Force. Das spends alot of time in the Centres' archives learning about the Jedi artifacts and Sith History.  Although sometimes learning of Sith ways is frowned upon, Das is staying true to the teachings of the Jedi. Das has a big heart and a strong mind.

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Name: Alecs Varin

Race: Human

Home Planet: Corellia

Allegiance:  Jedi Order

Rank:  Padawan

Specialization: Jedi Guardian

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Physical Description
-Hair: Dark Brown Hair, Traditional Padawan short haircut with long braid extending from his right ear
-Skin: Fair
-Height: 5'8" muscular build
-Eye color: Steel Grey
-Distinguishing features: Dragon tattoo with the head and legs around the top of his left eye and tail ends at his left cheekbone.
-Clothing and/ or armor: Reinforced Traditional brown tunic and pants, High topped brown boots, Jedi light armour, brown hooded cloak

Personality: Personality: Alecs has a soft, charismatic nature and comes across as the kind of guy has never seen a fight in his life, He is calm and collected. Once a fight breaks out however his persona completely changes. In a fight he will fight with a calculated practice and will risk life and limb for those he considers his he trusts.

Combat Training: Form II (Main) and Form V (Shien) (Working on), Limited knowledge of blaster and unarmed combat styles.

Skill Specialization: Combat and Battle Tactics

Standard Force Skills: Force Revitalize, Speed and Sight

Enhanced Force Skills: Alter Environment, Force Doppelgangers

Additional Skills: He has experience working with star maps and interstellar navigation

Weaknesses: Alecs is a proud man and this often gets him into trouble when he cannot put his pride aside.  He also finds it incredibly difficult to trust anyone who he has only recently met.  Alecs had several bad experiences with betrayal when he was younger so is very reluctant to share any information with anyone.

Studied Interests: Alecs spent a lot of his spare time studying past wars and battles of many planets, therefore he has memorised many battle strategies and how to counter them. He also began training with blaster pistols and unarmed combat before joining the Order and decided to continue those forms and is working on his own style of both

Weapons: Lightsaber (Sunrider's Destiny teal blade) and a small blaster pistol.

Equipment: Retractable piton grappling hook that can hold 1000 lbs with belt attachment clip,  Utility Belt containing standard issue food capsules, rebreather, and holocommunicator

Special Possessions: A jade pendant which is carved with the same dragon as his tattoo.

Background History:
Alecs never knew his birth parents. He was given to a group of mercenaries as payment for their services he was told from an early age. He was at first unaware of his Force Sensitivity and lived his early life among the band of Dragon Tongue Mercenaries.

Alecs was trained to shoot and brawl with the other recruits as soon as he could hold a gun and spent much of his spare time in the group’s small library or honing his swordplay skills with his friends Rutok and Varen. During a routine training exercise in the depths of Coruscant when he was seven when he discovered his ability to enhance his awareness with Force Sight to find the other team's flag and capture it with the help of the older recruits. This earned him the title of being the youngest person in the group with the dragon tattoo of leadership.

It was against the will of many of the leaders of the band to allow Alecs to leave the group and join the Jedi Order as many of them saw him as a valuable asset since they had taken many losses on treasure hunting and escort missions because of the group’s contract with the Republic. He gradually managed to convince the group leaders to let him go with the help of Rutok and Varen who were knew that Alecs would be able to learn more there than with the group.

Two months after getting his tattoo the decision was made to allow Alecs to go to the Temple on the condition that if he failed he would return to the group. Alecs was one of the oldest initiates to take the test at seven and a half, the exam he was given was a mental maze which he passed by calling on his new found Force Sight to get through it. After passing the exam he quickly learned to develop his abilities. Alecs spent the next three years training and catching up on all the skills he would require in his life as a Jedi. He began with simple meditation and Form I velocities, then moved on to more advanced Force and lightsaber techniques.

When Alecs was 11 he was taken in by his Master Lumiya Sella and didn't know what to expect from his apprenticeship as he kept to himself for the first few weeks, but she eventually wore him down he began to put his trust in her and learn from her. Some time later when Alecs and Lumiya were arriving back to Coruscant after a training exercise the jumped in to encounter Sacking of Coruscant.  Quickly reversing course away from the Sith warships they stayed off world during the crisis. Taking refuge on nearby planets, they waited until the Republic regained control of Coruscant. After returning to the ruined Jedi Temple, Alecs and Lumiya were a part of the relief force helping to rebuild and restore order.

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Name: Kol Thomon

Race: Human

Home Planet: Ruusan

Allegiance:  Jedi Order

Rank:  Padawan

Specialization: Sentinel

Age: 16

Gender: male

Physical Description: A young male around 5’8” very fit for his age, as most Padawans are. He has short cut dirty blonde hair, that’s more buzzed on the sides and a set of deep blue eyes. A few scars could be seen on his well-tanned chest and upper arms from his life in the wilds, but they could not be seen while wearing standard Jedi robes. He is wearing standard Padawan attire tunic, belt, and pants, save for opting out of wearing a Jedi cloak and hood. His boots are also made of a tougher material that standard Jedi ones and have grip on the bottoms for better footing.

Personality: Outwardly he seems lazy, especially when it comes to his training. After his time living in the wild he finds life at temples pretty boring. He is very talkative when it comes to his peers, always willing to tell stories of his time in various jungles or frozen wastelands with a large smile on his face. He has a very indecisive demeanor and seems to slack on most aspects of being a Jedi.

Combat Training (and Lightsaber forms for Force Users): Primary style: Shii-cho. Has begun learning Soresu since returning to Tython.

Skill Specialization: Survival/tracking

Standard Force Skills: Magnifying the Senses, Force Agility, Force Speed

Enhanced Force Skills: Life Detection, Force Tame

Additional Skills: Wilderness survival, tracking, hunting.

Weaknesses: Oversleeps (Hasn’t mastered Force Revitalize to the level Padawans should.) Very indecisive. Often late.

Studied Interests: average Jedi war tactics, average zoology, and average Galactic history studies.

Weapons: One standard lightsaber powered by two blue Adegan crystals allowing for activation while under water or in heavy rainfall. The size of the hilt and large amount of grip suggests it is for two hand wielding.

Equipment: Standard Jedi equipment. Hunting/Survival equipment (Ropes, flint to start fires, small traps, vibro blade knife, etc.)

Special Possessions: A journal with the name of his late master written on the cover. He doesn’t share any more information about the subject.

Background History:
Born in Ruusan and taken to the Jedi Temple at the age of four, Kol does not remember of a life before the Jedi Temple. His life as an initiate was overshadowed by the Sacking of Coruscant; surviving on the wit of one of his instructors Kol and 6 other initiates escaped after the first attack. Able to board a transport vessel and getting away, the last image Kol saw before the ship went into hyperspace was an armada of Sith ships coming out of hyperspace. He took and completed his initiate trails in the Jedi temple on Alaris Prime at the age of 13 with ease and eagerly (by his standards) went to meet his new master. A jedi knight by the name of Pon Loor, a Kel Dor guardian, was standing to meet him and had been for the past 40 minutes.

His new master was not pleased with his new apprentices’ lethargic behavior, so the self-proclaimed “Jedi Survivalist” took Kol to some of his favorite jungles and wildernesses in the galaxy to temper the young Jedi. One of his most notable destinations was the newly rediscovered planet of Tython and its many tough wildernesses; as his master was called to help defend the settling Jedi from the harshness of the forgotten world and its jungles.  It soon became clear to Pon that Kol had a gift for sensing life forms around him, able to find edible plants and easily hunted animals with ease. What animals he couldn’t hunt were somehow draw to his presence and actually aided Kol out of many of the early months of his training.

After a year and a half of trying other planets from the deserts of Tatooine to the frozen wastelands of Hoth, Pon was forced to realize that the wilderness was Kol’s element and his training method proved little results. Kol’s master began to take him on standard Jedi missions of diplomacy and patrolling. Unfortunately Pon Loor was also out of his element here, and when the two Jedi ran into a patrol of Sith warriors Kol’s master lost his life to allow him escape. Stuck on border planet in Sith territory; Kol survived living in the wilderness for nearly half a year, trading fresh caught animals until he had enough currency to smuggle himself out and into Republic space.

Now back on Tython in the grand temple Kol once saw as only a collection construction sites and tents. Without his own master he was placed with other Padawans in group teachings.
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Name: Pau Karboth

Race: Human

Home World: Corellia

Allegiance: Jedi Order

Rank: Padawan

Specialization: Jedi Consular

Age: 15


Physical Description
-Height: 5' 9"
-Weight: 150
-Hair: Dark brown, cut short
-Eyes: Brown
-Skin: Slightly tan
-Clothing: Standard mixed light and dark brown Padawan robes, Brown leather finger-less gloves, thick brown leather wrist wrap on right wrist
-Armor: none
-Distinguishing Features: Half of his right eyebrow is white

Personality: Pau is very quiet, preferring to let his actions speak for him.  When he does speak, it is always straight and to the point.  He is a compassionate man, always willing to help those in need.  He prefers combat as a last resort, preferring to find less destructive solutions to situations, but when he must fight, he holds nothing back.

Combat Training: Proficient in Form III Soresu, with Form II Makashi as a supplement that he is working to learn.

Skill Specialization: Telekinesis and Mind powers

Standard Force Skill: Speed, and Revitalize, Telekinesis(Lift/moving objects)

Enhanced Force Skill: Telekinesis(Push/Pull), Mind trick

Additional skills: Was taught basics of ship piloting and navigation in shuttles and small transports by his master

Weaknesses: Phobia of serpentine creatures, also has difficulty hearing

Studied Interests: Decent musician, specifically stringed instruments, average ability with leatherworking

Weapons: One single-bladed lightsaber of a streamlined, but otherwise standard design, with a green crystal, and leather wrapping on the hilt.

Equipment: Standard Jedi Belt with standard contents, small datapad, hearing enhancer

Special Possessions: His gloves and leatherwrap, because he made those himself, and an onyx ring this mother gave him when she gave him over to the Jedi temple

Backstory: Pau Karboth was born in a spaceport town on Corellia 18 years after the Battle of Korriban.  He was born to Van and Erza Karboth, simple jewelry vendors on the streets of the spaceport town.  When Pau was three it was discovered he was force sensitive when his mother found him levitating one of his toys.  At first his parents were hesitant to give him up to the Jedi, believing the Jedi life to be too dangerous and not wanting their son to have his life carelessly wasted.  However one day some local criminals decided to rob their shop, and Pau's father was killed fighting back.  Left almost penniless Pau's mother struggled to support herself and Pau, eventually working as a cook in a local cantina.

One day when Pau was four a Jedi stopped into the cantina.  This Jedi was on her way traveling back towards Coruscant and had stopped at the station to rest and refuel. This Jedi could sense something was troubling Erza, and eventually Erza told her about her situation and how she got there.  When Ezra mentioned Pau and his force sensitivity, the Jedi told her that she wished to meet him. So after closing time Erza brought the Jedi to her home and introduced her to Pau.  Pau connected very well with the Jedi, who introduced herself as Master Vor'zalo, and confirmed that Pau was indeed Force Sensitive.  Vor'zalo then offered to take Pau to the Jedi temple, where not only would he have a better life, but also learn how to properly use his Force abilities.  After giving it some thought Erza eventually agreed, seeing that Pau wouldn't have much of a future if he stayed with her.  As Pau was preparing to leave his mother pulled him aside, said the usual motherly goodbyes, and gave him a small onyx ring that belonged to his father to remember them and his previous life by.  Pau said goodbye to his mother, and left with Vor'zalo to the Jedi Temple.

Pau and Vor'zalo traveled to the Jedi Temple on Kemparas for training.  There he joined other students for Initiate training.  Not too long after it was discovered that Pau was partially deaf and so he was provided with a hearing enhancer and also taught to read lips.  Unfortunately while he was still getting used to having to wear the hearing enhancer one day he wandered too far into the woods and encountered a snake den.  Thankfully they weren't poisonous, but he still got bit a couple times and since has had a fear of them.  After this event he became more diligent about wearing his hearing enhancer though.  As he trained through the years sometimes he would take Artisan lessons from Master Vor'zalo.  This spurred his interest in leatherworking and also after watching musical instruments be crafted by other Artisans he wished to learn to play them, taking particular interest in stringed instruments.  Some years later, after the Sacking of Coruscant, when he turned 12 and came of age to become a Padawan and Master Vor'zalo took him as her apprentice after passing the trials.  She took him out in the galaxy and taught him more of telekinesis and mind abilities, and also to pilot a starship.  More recently there was a call for Master Vor'zalo to come to Tython to assist with the new temple and so the pair came to call it their new home for now
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Sith Lord. Dark Side Points wanted.

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Name: Lord Vyral (formerly Saul Delrin)

Race: Human

Home Planet: Dromund Kaas

Allegiance: Sith Empire

Rank: Sith Lord

Specialization: Sith Marauder

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Physical Description:
 - Height: 6'1"

 - Weight: 230 lbs.

 - Appearance: A muscular build with short black hair, green eyes, and slightly pale skin. He adorns his face with red Sith markings signifying his status as a Sith Lord. He also has a scar on his right shoulder from one of his former colleagues at the Sith Academy after a lightsaber training session turned more violent then designed and almost took off his right arm.
- Clothing: Wears black Sith robes that reach down to around mid-calf and underneath is a thick set of armored greaves, bracers, and chestplate that is mostly black with red highlights. He also sometimes wears a helmet with a mask that is meant to intimidate his foes. The mask has the same colors as his armor with the red markings on the mask matching the markings on his face.

- Personality: Cold, malice, and calculating. Lord Vyral very rarely warms up to anyone unless it is someone that he considers worthy. He will also very rarely address anyone unless it is a superior that he is obligated to talk to or one of said superior's allies. *Secret* He also has an ambition to see the utter destruction of the Jedi Order, the Republic, and to make the Sith Empire the one true power in the galaxy with him as Emperor. 

Combat Training: Expert Form VI: Niman in the Jar'Kai(Two Bladed) variant, Adept in Form V: Djem So to counterattack, and Adept in Form II: Makashi for lightsaber on lightsaber combat.

Skill Specialization: Expert Swordsmanship

Standard Force Skills:

 - Force Speed
 - Force Strength
 - Force Pull/Push
 - Force Grip

Enhanced Force Skills:
 - Force Rage: Greatly improves strength and speed.
 - Force Confusion
 - Saber Throw


Additional Skills:

- Expert Deception: Being able to hide his true intentions from all but the most skilled of people,Vyral lurks in the shadows until it is time for his plans to come into light.

- Strategist: Learning about tactics and strategy in Korriban, he excelled in his talents to plan out a tactic that would make sure that the mission was a success at all costs and no matter the body count.

Weaknesses: If under Force Rage too long he will go berserk, attacking all that are in front of him, ally and foe alike. After the force rage subsides he becomes greatly exhausted. Unable to trust a lot of people around him, he prefers to be alone for the most part unless a mission dictates otherwise.

Studied Interests:

-History: Wanting to get a vast knowledge on the events of the past and of the present Lord Vyral likes to read up on the history and current things happening around the galaxy.

-Archaeology: Whenever around on a planet where Vyral knows there has been ancient Sith activity he likes to go out and try to find ancient artifacts, tomes, or trinkets from the past.

-Politics: Knowing all too well of the politics of the Sith Empire with its Dark Council and of course the Emperor himself, Vyral studies the politics of the Empire in hopes of learning how to ascend the ranks.

Weapons: Vyral uses two matching black lightsaber hilts with red highlights all along the body of them. The emitters are windowed and the blades are red with both of them being the same length.

Equipment: Sith utility belt with Long range holo-communicator, food capsules, re-breather, datapad, and lightsaber repair kit.

Special Possessions: A sith holocron that holds glimpses into the history of the Sith between the time of the Great Hyperspace War until the Jedi Civil War that Darth Revan and Darth Malak were a part of.

Background History:

Born on Dromund Kaas, Saul Delrin was sent off to the academy on Korriban when he was only five years old by his parents in hopes that he would become a great Sith Lord. Once there he started studying greatly in strategy, politics, and the history of the Sith. He also enjoyed his studies into the artifacts and ancient tomes of the Sith as he felt they would hold great power.

Shortly after his graduation from the Sith Academy at the age of twenty-two he was appointed as the apprentice to a human master, Lord Locus. During his lightsaber training with Lord Locus, he picked up a favoring for the style of Niman, and in particular the dual wielding style of Jar'Kai. With his skills constantly improving, Saul felt that after a few years under the tutelage of Lord Locus he saw that his master was holding back his chance to become lord.

Having heard rumors of a traitor to the Empire being on Korriban, he saw this as his chance to prove himself. Approaching the man and seeing that it was the Academy student that gave him the scar on his shoulder he went into a blind rage and slew the man. Impressed by his apprentice's efforts, Lord Locus saw no choice but to give him the title of Lord Vyral and send him out upon the galaxy. Feeling free from the chains of a Master, Vyral decided he would go to the Dark Temple on his return trip to his home of Dromund Kaas to do some meditating, even against the dangers he was told.

Once entering in the temple he started hearing the spirits of the former Sith Lords that were buried there. Feeling that he was losing his sanity and control of himself. Fighting off the ghosts of the past with both body and mind he went into a vault  type area of the temple and found an old looking holocron. Disturbed by the spirits, Lord Vyral felt like he should distance himself from people and fits of rage welled up within him. Leaving the temple changed, he now journeys in hopes of one day becoming the Emperor of the Sith and bringing a golden age back to the Sith Empire.

"The Jedi shall fall. The Republic will crumble. And I shall rule the Sith as the new Emperor of the Galaxy!" - Darth Vyral, Dark Lord of the Sith.

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Sith Name: Lord Arias
Original Name: Korv Ras
Race: Human
Home Planet: Naboo (raised on Coruscant)
Allegiance: Sith Empire
Rank: Sith warrior (former Jedi Guardian in training)
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Description: Average height, 5’6 with close cropped black hair and seemingly permanently sun-tanned skin. Deceptively muscular for his lithe frame. Has a blade scar under his right eye from a childhood training accident with more scars on his left forearm. Disdaining the robes and tunics of both the Jedi and Sith orders, he can usually be seen wearing a black pilot’s jumpsuit.
Personality: Initially reserved and quiet his friends (of which there are very few) get to see that he has a biting sense of humor. He speaks rarely, and when he does his voice is deep and powerful. His temper is short and explosive and was a constant source of trouble for him during his early life among the Jedi, as he is extremely unwilling to accept defeat or criticism from people who haven’t explicitly earned his respect, this resulted in multiple and entirely unnecessary fights against fellow padawans during his early training and a propensity for getting into fights and intense arguments with members of the Republic Military that didn’t immediately obey his master and him during missions. Has a predisposition for ruthless pragmatism and savagery in pursuit of his goals.

Combat Training (Lightsaber Forms): Proficient at Ataru with moderate familiarity with Djem So and hand to hand combat, likes to mix kicks, punches and shoulder strikes into his saber techniques
Skill Specialization: Lightsaber combat.
Standard Force Skills: Force Speed, Lightsaber throw, Force Jump, Force Strength
Enhanced Force Skills: Force Wave, Force Wound, Projected Fighting(Not fully proficient at this and unable to project his strikes very far or keep it up for long without exhausting himself)
Additional Skills: A good pilot with small fighter craft, the result of extensive time spent on the frontier with his master where their missions occurred in space almost as often as on the planet.
Weaknesses: Very little control over his temper, utterly terrified of anything even vaguely spider-like.
Studied Interests: Deeply fascinated by droids and has a rudimentary understanding binary and bocche though he cannot speak either for the obvious reason that he doesn’t have the capacity.
Saber: War Glaive hilt has the Sith pictograph representing the concept of truth carved into the pommel and a crimson blade.
Blaster: D-416 Rampage Disruptor
Equipment: Standard Sith tool belt with rebreather, long distance communicator, flashlight and grappling hook. Also carries a small but powerful blaster that he purchased after fleeing the temple.
Special possessions: None, left all his possessions behind on Coruscant.

History: Korv was born on Naboo to a solidly middle class family of artisans who gave him up to the Jedi when he was 5 in 3662 BBY. He trained with the other children at the temple on Coruscant for just under 4 years before his aggression and propensity for conflict brought him to the attention of a wandering Zabrak knight named Uhran Haa. With Haa, he traveled to the outer colonies on the frontier of the war between the Republic and the Empire, initially being kept away from the battles themselves until he was 12 when his master permitted him to participate in skirmishes against the Sith forces. His first lightsaber kill came when he was 13 in a skirmish aboard a research station in the outer colonies. It shook him, but less than he’d expected it would, though he never admitted the fact to anyone. He was out on a mission with his master when the Sith sacked Coruscant and while the news angered him, it also made the young man suspicious of the Jedi Order and the Republic. Either they weren’t strong enough to win, in which case they needed to do more and fight harder, or they were too soft and indolent to do even the bare minimum to win. It was then, that he began to question his loyalty to the order.

Korv never managed to reach his knighthood, despite his skill in combat. Held back because of his ferocious temper and accompanying arrogance, the young man chafed at having to watch his peers accepted into the ranks of Jedi knights. He resented them and his distrust of the Order only grew as time and again he was refused the trial. Attempts to plead with his master resulted only in admonitions to be patient and mindful of his feelings. The one time Korv worked up the courage to ask Haa about his concerns regarding the Order and the Republic, the older Jedi smacked him down. “There was nothing more important than stopping the Sith” His master claimed, admonishing the young man that if he could not find peace and solidity for his convictions then he would never face the trial. The crisis point came three months later on a mission with then Master Haa when his master used the force to influence the minds of the opposing leaders in a planetary conflict to force them to stop fighting and start negotiating a peace settlement. Though it resulted in a completion of the mission with minimum loss of life, the use of mental influence sickened him and he resolved to leave and pursue his own path. He was barely 19 years old at the time.

Barely a week after that fateful mission he fled the temple leaving a message for his master stressing his belief that the Jedi were deceiving themselves and the rest of the galaxy about their nature and that he felt the Republic didn’t deserve their protection. Eventually finding his way to the Sith world of Korriban, he submitted himself to the Darths and the Lords, discarding his old name and taking on the name of Lord Arias once his apprenticeship was complete. He doesn’t trust the Sith, and views the empire with hatred and suspicion. Yet he is able to justify serving the Sith by the simple fact that the Sith do not conceal their ambition to rule and conquer. He firmly believes that the Republic and the Jedi are no different from the Sith, but they have concealed their sickness behind layers and layers of rationalizing to convince themselves they’re the good guys. While he built himself a new saber to replace his old one, he relied on his blaster and combat Force abilities to protect himself until he was ready to serve the empire. Though his apprenticeship is less than a standard year in his past, he is eager and ready to fight in in the ranks of the Sith Empire. Unlike many of his peers, he is not motivated by personal ambition but his fanatical quest to see the Republic and most importantly, the Jedi Order, brought to ruin. When that is done, or if a more efficient method of fighting the Jedi presents itself, he has no compunctions against the idea of backstabbing the Empire to pursue the fight to cut away the lies.

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